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  1. When I owned my 2000 bull, I had the alternator replaced by the local mechanic at 148k. However, the tranny decided it was time to go at 150k...so the new alternator only has 2k miles on it. Need to sell it, make an offer!
  2. Hey guys, sorry, been busy Planes been keeping me on my toes.. Its looking like the shipping could be something like $50-$75. Not sure if thts too much for ya'll, but let me know if anyone is interested all the same.
  3. I have for sale dual mufflers from a Ford Mustang GT. Perfect for modding out the Taurus! They are in great shape, just need to be clean. Make an offer, we'll see what shipping costs.
  4. Probably quite a drive for you, but this is 20 miles from where I am: http://maine.craigslist.org/cto/3085880151.html
  5. CJpilot

    Cd Player

    Hey, I'll take it if it will work with my JBL system
  6. Need a CD changer for the 1996 JBL system. I dont have much money to spend, but if someone has one or can get one let me know!
  7. I heard about this, but I didnt think it was this big of a deal. Im going to check this out first thing in the morning. Is it just me or do alot of people keep stating '05 as the problem year?
  8. Ok, ill try to figure it out some way. Is this the right speaker harness ill need? http://www.ebay.com/itm/METRA-72-5600-SPEAKER-CONNECTOR-HARNESS-FOR-FORD-VEHICLES-ADAPTORS-/360432679602?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item53eb763ab2
  9. Yeah, thats makes me happier too. And he told me I can go pull the instrument cluster once he is done with it...I want to frame it to show my kids one day. "...And here is the speedometer from my first car, kids..."
  10. Well, the day finally came. She had a good life, but the day had to come. My 2000 is off to a better place now...I hope. It has been almost 3 months since we really had a relationship, but its always sad to see someone you loved pass on. An ailment of the transmission is what took her from me...I tried to save her, but many more complications arose that made it impossible. She was an organ donor, giving new life to many others. The Spirit of the Bull will live on... On a serious note, I sold the following parts off it: Fuel Vapor Valve, to Obelisk on TCCA Headlights to 95Sable on TCCA Flo
  11. Sorry for the huge delay here, but another question. You all said the JBL would be compatible with the '05, but is it compatible with CD? In '96 CD really wasnt out in most cars I dont think...
  12. Oh no...oh god...please dont say that! I thought it was compatible with Gen3 and 4...right?
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