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  1. I have my Taurus parts car I'm going to be taking apart soon and I'm parting out pretty much everything I can. It's a 2002 Taurus SES with 170K & the Vulcan and AX4N. Its a good solid running car with a few problems, but I do need a lot off to save my car and keep it going. Car was a corporate vehicle for most of its life. Deacently loaded with a few features. It has a rebuilt title, it was in a rear end accident a few years ago and bought and rebuilt, but done real poorly. The rear quarters still show signs of damage and parts of the trunk have white overspray in it. And the body lines do
  2. Hmm, that sounds like a good idea. I'm gonna have to do that with mine once I have the new rockers welded in. My jack points are perfect which seems kinda strange but other than that the rockers are pretty much gone. Before their welded in my gonna coat them in POR15 rustproofing, its really strong stuff and the same stuff I'm going to be doing the frame of my truck in. Then doing this on top of it should make hopefully rust proof rockers.
  3. Well I'm back after a long absence. I've done a few things to my car since I've last posted here. She's pretty much gone on the back-burner since I bought my project truck (Which is a huge pain in my ass....) I still have yet to fix my heater core, but I'll get to that later. I unfortunately haven't taken many pictures of her lately. Back in summer 2013 I installed a SHO lightbar: A couple of months ago while cleaning my car at work my right rocker disintegrated: And since then they have gotten worse, I'll try to get some better pictures to show how the cancer has st
  4. I've been distant lately, but I can't wait to see you guys @ Carlisle next year!

  5. Mine also does this, but its very faint & it goes away when I turn the radio on. Are the H & M buttons supposed to light up? Because mine never has.
  6. I actually have this same problem. I completely flushed & back-flushed my heater core (Also left coolant flush in it overnight) and its completely clean now. However, randomly I'll get some heat but not much. I have a vacuum leak somewhere, which also explains my high idle. I just have to find it one of these days. Do you get luke-warm heat if you turn the system on after the car is warmed up (Leaving it completely off at start up)? Because I do. It will only last for 10 mins if that.... If I start the car with it on I'll get no heat what so ever, even after its warmed up.
  7. I really had no choice on the tires, I needed a new set and the JY only had one Taurus with good wheels and matching tires. A 2002 blue one with the 5-spoke wheels. I really can't compain though, for $85 I got 4 good rims and tires that lasted for 5,000 miles. So far I'm impressed with my new General Altimax HP's. I'll see how they are down the road from now since they're still fairly new.
  8. I've noticed that it feels like it has so much more power since I've replaced the battery. (I know that the computer will retard the timing if its driven lightly to save gas, but I drive her hard somedays.) The idle has dropped since but it's still high, I even did the procedure to relearn the idle. I'm still gonna give it some time but with the heat loss it still leads me to believe that their's a vacuum leak somewhere.
  9. Its been a while since I've updated, I've got a lot done since my last post. I recently got new tires: General Altimax HP's. They have great traction in both wet and dry conditions, I've got to see how they are as they get more broken in. I only have about 200 miles on them. Not bad so far for $100 a tire. Recently replaced my IAC as I've gotten tired of the extremely high idle and jumping when shifting. When I would be coasting, she would accelerate uphill.... It's so much smoother now! Also replaced the aging battery with a new car-quest one. Now the entire system doen't dim while driving
  10. Thanks a bunch guys!! It really means a lot now that my car is a COTM! She's got a lot ahead of her, its been fun so far and a great learning experience. I wouldn't trade her for anything!
  11. Hey I'm back! I've gotten caught up between my senior year & working double shifts and I've let some things slip. First, I need to figure out this high idle issue. Ever since I've had the car it always idled high, but since the rebuild its gotten strange. My typical idle pattern used to be 1500 - 1250 - 1000. But now its 1500 - 1250 - somewhere between 1100 - 1250. I can still hear the idle drop but I don't really notice a difference on the tach. My gauges are still off, so I can't get an exact reading but its somewhere around there. I suspect its the idle control valve, but I'm not entir
  12. Hey I recognize that car! I actually like the fact that my car doesn't have cruse. While the Gen4 base radio looks cool, the Gen3 base radio just doesn't look right....
  13. I have the Viva 2's on the Taurus and they are the nosiest tires I probably have heard in my life. At 47-53 they make a ear piercing noise that rattles my panels. I'm gonna need to replace them soon since the insides wearing pretty bad & its starting to dry rot between the treads. The traction has been alright on them, but they break real easy in the rain with almost no gas. I don't even know how many miles are on them, I've only put on about 2K since I got them. They were really off balance at first, if I remember right it was somewhere around 2.0-2.5 on each tire when I got them balanc
  14. http://redassaggie00...bin-filter.html Here's a tutorial on how to do it on a 05-07 Five Hundred, which apparently doesn't have one but has the spot for it. According to this the 2008 Taurus has one & its probably in the same spot, minus the cutting tho. Looking around, a lot of sites say that the car doesn't have one & that the Ford parts catalog doesn't even have one... So you might have to do this mod.
  15. Thanks! There's still a lot work to go, the list never ends! I just got my LED interior lights & my clear corners today! (Sorry I'm not the best at taking night pictures...) The green footwell lights match the dash really well & add some more color to the inside! (Even though the pic doesn't show it very well) I replaced the dome light & my door lights with Cool White LEDs, now I just gotta replace the ash tray & glove box lights once I put the glove box light in. The clear corners light up amber despite the fact that there's a clear bulb in them... Still waiting on my
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