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  1. Back when the salt didn't eat her alive yet.
  2. $165 shipped. Need this gone
  3. Out of nowhere my rear window will not go back up. It goes down just fine ONLY using the button on the passenger door, it will NOT work at all using the drivers door control. Obviously I'm wondering why it wont go up in the first place, but why would it be able to be rolled down only using the passenger button and not the the drivers door. Might leave a clue to where to look for the issue. Thanks guys
  4. What was that wired at? Pretty impressive for a Fi Q.
  5. Whats your idle voltage with that alternator? And what RPM do you idle at with the engine warm? Out of curiosity was that measured on a Term Lab meter?
  6. 1. Product: Freshly refurbished Mechman 240A alternator that will fit on an 02-05 Taurus/Sable with the 24v Duratec Engine 2. Specs: Mechman 4G Ford Alternator 3. Description/Condition: Used for 3 months on my Taurus and had it refurbished under warranty. Needed an alternator right away since it's my daily driver so I had to purchase a different alternator so I could send this one in. 4. Price: : $200 shipped --- Paid $350 new 5. Pictures:
  7. I had the same problem with multiple high output alternators. I would try what chart said by grounding the PCM wire. Either that or go back to a stock alternator =/
  8. Take off the negative terminal connection and use a multimeter in series to a solid ground and to the battery ground and test for current.
  9. Turns out my power steering pump is bad. Shop wants $400 for replacing the line and the pump. Is that worth it?
  10. My Index mark is where I drew in the blue line. Is that ok or could I get a smaller belt on it.
  11. Thing is that my stock alternator would idle at 14.4v. This high output alternator has a smaller pulley like your Lincoln does to make the alternator spin faster.
  12. Alright had shop put on a smaller belt. It is now putting out proper voltage while crusing. But when the car is warmed up and idling at 650 rpm my voltage drops down to 12.7-13v, then when I accelerate my voltage surges to 15.3v back down to steady a 14.4v. Whats going on here, I've been through 3 different high out alternators in the past few months and they ALL had low voltage issues at idle, some worse than others (~12.0-12.2v). Does the belt need to go down even a size smaller or is there something else at fault here?
  13. I'm taking this one to the shop lol
  14. I ordered the 02-05 tec alternator from them, unless they shipped me the wrong one. If it helps at all, on my previous alternator, a few occasions not too long ago it wouldn't charge right away after turning on the car. I'm wondering if there's something electrically screwed up in my car.
  15. How hard is it to replace the line? And whats the line even called?
  16. Just put a new mechman alternator in and when I turn on the car I get no output from it. Clamped it and got like 1-2 amps TOPS. Not sure whats going on here. Have my positive wire hooked up correctly. Only thing I can think of is that the belt is too big due to the smaller pulley, but I would think it would put atleast SOME power out. Any way to tell if the ECU plug is damaged? My bottom bolt wont go in either, could this have any affect what so ever? I would think that since Mechman birth tests their alts, it would be DOA. Any suggestions?
  17. There seems to be a lot of give where the goldish part the line meets the bolt. You think tightening that up would work?
  18. Was changing out my alternator and I think i screwed something up on my PS line. The line running next to the alternator got shifted pretty good, now I think its leaking where it meets the PS pump. What can I do to stop the leak? It's also leaking onto my exhaust manifold, is it a huge fire hazard? Where that bolt is, I think its leaking.
  19. Getting a refund for my rebuild and going to go with a mechman as soon as the funds are available
  20. The guy said I didn't have to change any pullys or belts. I realize it won't put out a ton at idle but 25 amps at idle? That's just wayyyy to low. I saw the same voltage when I ran my car without my alternator, which was around 12-12.2 volts. The mechman I'm looking at does around 110 amps at idle and it is a highout alternator.
  21. Didn't turn out good =/ Had a local guy rebuild my old one. Get hardly any output at ldle, and only clamped 150A from it when he said it should be 180A. I'm wondering if the guy would let me get a refund for the parts he put into it. Just getting sick of messing around with the labor putting in a new alternator every damn week. Saw that mechman has a 240A alternator for $350, had I seen that earlier I woulda just went with that. I bought an alternator earlier online from company X last month, and literally the same thing, no output at idle and clamped 170A from their claimed 220A. Is a good a
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