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  1. A list of VOLVO Wheels that is. I did this for the SHO forum guys a while ago, Figured you guys could use it as well. Here you guy's go: First, 17''
  2. Bought a Mazdaspeed 3, Sold the Track SHO, Working on the supercharged SHO and the wies SHO still needs nothing.
  3. It could be any one of the accessories making noise. Your best bet would be to pull the serpentine belt and try spinning the any one of them by hand. An example would be my wifes SHO. Her car was making a terrible whining/whirring noise at idle. It did it all RPM but the exhaust/road noise drowned it out when you were moving. I pull the accessory belt and tried spinning both the alt and A/C compressor by hand, the A/C compressor would barely turn and was making some terrible noises. Point is, do some investigating before throwing a bunch of parts at it. -Sam
  4. This happened a couple of weeks ago (before I joined the forum), but it was all done in one day. After 60,000 Trouble free Miles (Currently at 125,000) in my 2003 Nissan Frontier (4 Cyl, 5 speed) I figured it was time to show it some love. The shocks were pretty much blown all the way around so this needed to be addressed. Instead of getting stock struts I figured I would take it a step further. Start with a Stock 2WD 4cyl 5MT Frontier.... Install a bunch of cool s**t.... (Belltech Drop struts, Drop Spindles and rear drop springs). And end up with a 2900 LB Truck that handles like
  5. Sounds good. Do you happen to know off hand the centerbore of the Catera wheels?
  6. Any Vibrations at higher speeds? My only concern is that if you are not very careful about how you tighten the lugs that the wheels may not sit flush with the hub once they are all tigtened. I have considered doing this myself, but the idea of straining on of the wheel studs is not appealing to me. -Sam
  7. Its a Supercharger. Don't forget there is two types of Superchargers. Roots type (Like what you see on Pontiac GTP's and 03/04 Cobras and the like) and centrifugal blowers. Mine is a centrifugal. It really looks no different then most other centrifugal blowers on the market. Thanks! -Sam
  8. Thanks for the welcomes. The Tube in front of the intercooler is actually a intercooler sprayer. I can spray Nitrous directly in to the intercooler for a little more go. This will be removed however, I have no use for it. On the Gen 3 Subframe swap... For one, the Gen III Subframe is a little beefier. It has way better Control arms. The knuckles/hubs have bolt on wheel bearings instead of press on (easy job). You get rid of those stupid strut rods...etc. The steering becomes much sharper, Wheel hop is far less of an issue and the car just feels a lot more planted up front....And that is w
  9. You've redeemed V6 SHOwners in my eyes. :)

  10. There was no offense taken. I 100% understand where you were coming from as I have seen the "SHO IS GOD" mentality on SHOforum over the years. Luckily, many folks there as well as myself are quick to point out that no matter if its a Taurus GTR-SLK500-LMP200...Its still a Taurus. I've also edited my previous post 50,000,000 times because I keep finding more of his old posts, and cant stop laughing. Thanks for the welcome! -Sam
  11. Are you kidding me? Can you show me ANYWHERE on SHOforum where anyone has "Honored" your car ? The only place you post is in the group buy for the classifieds...and uhh...thats it. I've been on that Forum for 10 years, and check it daily, twice a day...probably more, I have never seen anyone "Honor" your car. But trust me, it has been talked about, just not in a way you would like. I would also like to assure you that you have never once on SHOforum posted any kind of figures, times...etc showing your car could "hang" with stock SHO's, because you know it can not. As does apparently everyone h
  12. Hello Taurus Owners. My name is Sam. Long time SHOforum member, Long time SHO owner. Quick and to the point. I <3 SHO's. I like seeing other SHO's go fast. I have a lot of experience with different Taurus/SHO suspension combo's and love offering advise for those who want to go fast. Here are some specs/pics of my cars. 1992 3.0 MTX (Track car). Full Bolt Ons. Coilovers. Quaife Diff. Gen III Subframe Swap Cams. Nitrous. 2800 LBS. + SO much more. Full specs HERE The car runs SCCA C-Prepared. It uses 275/40/17 tires on 17x9's on the course and 245's all the way around on the str
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