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  1. Thanks for the info guys!!...Where can i get BIGGER pics as seen in v8sho.com?...this looks like a job me and a buddy of mine can do on a saturday....again,thanks for the info!!
  2. I've worked on cars most of my life and i hate to take it a garage.If i can fix it,i will..lol...The shop i took it to had the car a week and still they didn't know for sure what was wrong...they said the car was to old to put any amount of $ in it...i disagree and i don't think they really knew what they were doing and charged me over $ 300.00 to tell me that is was something internal
  3. That's the clip i was refering to....the one in the valve body,seems it is a fairly common problem.My tranny has no noise's and it shift's smoothly.
  4. Hi everyone..iam new here and iam having a tranny problem.I have a 1996 taurus wagon....halloween nite,the wife was driving the kids around our small town.When she came home she told me the "service engine soon" light came on.I checked the engine oil,water,everything seemed ok to me,until i drove to work the next morning on the highway.Then i discovered i had no OD,so i took it to a trans shop.They thought it was a sileniod.They changed the fluid and filter charged me $307.00 and told me it was something internal.Since then i have heard so not to good comments about this shop.So,iam wonderi
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