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  1. I know, I know, I should have checked in sooner. But I have been incredibly busy storm chasing. Which is what I came to tell you guys about! First, it's nothing like the TV show, although I have met a team FROM the TV show. I have also been crazy busy taking all the training, both online and in person that I can get my hands on. I have acheived a technical certification in Basic Severe Weather Forecasting, and taken classes on Mesoanalysis, and Radar and Satellite Interpretation, as well as a bunch of fundamental stuff. And, I have chased. Oh, my god, have I chased. Been on 5 chases
  2. I know what you mean. The one I am working on has been neglected, however, maybe I can tie it off tonight. It's also an intermediate level module that has been a real b***h. Tim
  3. Thanks again, Trevor. You know, I am waiting to see some of your accomplishments. I know you were trying to do the Met Ed stuff. Tim
  4. Zorin

    Tornado Myths

    Regarding driving and tornados....a few tips from a chaser.... 1. If you decide to outrun the storm, be aware that that tornados can move upwards of 60 and 70 miles per hour. DO NOT ATTEMPT to outrun it on a parallel course! Drive as fast as possible at a RIGHT ANGLE! This puts you out of it's path completely. 2. If you DO get caught in a tornado in your vehicle, point the nose of the vehicle into the winds, and let the aerodynamics work for you. Head on winds tend to help push the car down, while crosswinds tend to help lift it. Fasten your seat belt, and lean to the inside of the ve
  5. Thanks, guys. This is just the beginning, too....since February, I have collected certs for NWS Certified Storm Spotter, Principles of Convection (3 of them), and this Severe Weather Forecasting class. There's more coming too. Tim
  6. Why an '81? Honestly, that was a s**tty year for GM, and all carmakers, really. The '81 Olds was the first year for the Computer Command Control system, which acted like s**t, they had the three speed 200 Metric trans, which acted like s**t, and the carburetors, being first year E2ME's and E4MC's had all kinds of issues. Cadi had the V8-6-4, and Ford had the Variable Venture, and the Japanese cars couldn't run unless they had 14 miles of vacuum hose under the hood. 1981......NOT friendly to the motor vehicle. Tim
  7. As some of you know, I have gotten into storm chasing, and I try to do my best at whatever I grab onto..... Well, there's been a LOT of online courses, and last weekend, there was a trip to Norman, OK for some actual sit in the classroom and take notes the jolly old school way. I took a class on Severe Weather Forecasting, and I wound up with...... This bad boy! In case it hard to read, I have achieved technical certification in Basic Severe Weather Forecasting. This place is pretty stringent on grading, so I must have done quite well to make the grade! I also went on my first storm ch
  8. LOL....some late props for Friday's bad weather....I'll take it! Tim P.S. I made my prediction on Thursday night.
  9. Man, I'm actually a little scared to chase in the Dixie Alley. Lots of trees, and hills....very very hard terrain to chase in....you may not know if you are driving right into one! Yeah, I watched the whole southeast get pounded....here's Friday's storm reports. Enjoy leafing thru. http://www.spc.noaa.gov/climo/reports/120302_rpts.html Tim
  10. Below the belt...... Tim
  11. Rusty, it has been an interest of mine for many years as well. As I said before, my truck will be outfitted with some neat stuff, to help make it both easier, and safer to do. I'm getting a mobile broadband setup for my laptop, and with that, I will have real-time NEXRAD radar in my truck, along with NWS updates. I will get a USGlobalSat GPS puck to integrate with my radar program to show my location, relative to the rotation areas in the storm. Of course, with tools like these, I can find where the hail is falling in the storm, and avoid it! There's some other stuff i want to get for my
  12. Have you ever reached a point in your life, and taken a look around, and noticed not what you don't have, but rather what has changed, and what you could now do that you couldn't before? It could be something as simple, as say a new truck. In my case, it is exactly that. Allow me to elaborate. For years, I have been fascinated by various weather phenomena, and living in south Texas, I saw no real shortage of good, powerful s**t, commonly referred to as tropical cyclones, LOL. When I moved to Kansas, one of the larger draws for me was that I was moving into Tornado Alley. But I couldn't D
  13. I'll throw down a shot after work for you! (Actually, it'll be a slam out of my shine.) Tim
  14. I gave up lint for Lent. All serious though.....I havent done the Lent thing......ever...come to think of it. Tim Sent from my Garmin-Asus Garminfone
  15. I've always been a beignet and coffee guy, myself. Tim
  16. And I sure miss the halcyon days of going to New Orleans with people I knew that were in it heavy. Best memory of Mardi Gras......the folks I knew were in deep with Krewe De Iris, and they needed an extra parade vehicle. How handy, I had my '91 F150 with me! Being the forward thinking type, I went to the bead store before the parade. I found out two things: 1. An F150 with the 4.9L I-6 and 4WD and manual transmission does a fabulous parade speed in low gear just crawling. 2. That truck saw more titties than my IROC-Z ever did, helped largely by the crazy asshole at the wheel screamin
  17. Zorin

    Tax Refunds

    I got a few bucks back. You know....enough for a sixer and a pizza. Tim
  18. I can tell you from working with local contractors....... That guy's insurance is going to get a breathtaking bill. Probably more than that car cost, honestly. Same thing happened here with a soccer mom in a SUV. The local contractor billed her insurance company something like 90 grand. Street work ain't cheap. Tim
  19. Good luck finding one. Even decent 98 Regencys are getting hard to come by. Tim
  20. Excuse me, you haters....... But if you ever DROVE a 1990 Oldsmobile 98 Regency Touring Sedan with it's FE3 suspension, 10 way power sport seats, and go-kart like steering, you would see the light. I'll have you note that this car used REAL wood....far from a crapcan. As far as GM's front drivers go, I honestly believe this car to be a masterpiece, ranking higher than the Reatta, or even the Allante in my book. If only the '93 model Northstar V8 with 300 HP was ready in 1990, and installed in this.....it would nearly be the perfect GM car. Uh-oh. Maybe I start looking around....pick up
  21. Ethanol is a very close concoction to moonshine. No lie. Tim
  22. Careful with that s**t. I bought some when I was in TN for July 4th, and someone doubted me that it was real. I huffed a mouthful out over a flame.....you should have SEEN that fireball! Tim
  23. This may not happen. Had a talk with the owner today. At this point.....I'm not sure what will happen. He more or less said I needed more education to progress. This is kind of a problem.....I'm happy to oblige....but Mike does the educating. Tim Posted from Garmin-Asus Garminfone
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