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  1. Well I guess I can't make it after all. My girls car been down for almost a month, jumperd timing and messes up the valves. Last weekend I was in the process of putting everything back together only to find out the exhaust manifold was cracked as well. Sooo. I need to get it done this weekend. I haven't caught a break in awhile.
  2. Yes but he's just an Anthony. I am THE Anthony.
  3. Says who? I will put an honest attempt to make it this time. Looks good so far. Will have new mufffleersss
  4. So I got this beauty back in January and been on and off working on it since. Haven't really touched her in months though. When I bought it, essentially all there was to it was a running engine, but barely. All of the interior was out of it and in boxes, and most all the wiring, dash, vacuum lines, ac, etc was taken out and in boxes. So I have a complete car but in pieces lol. Ive installed the lights and the flip doors and had to figure out the vacuum lines for it, still working on the sequential turn signals, got a lot to do but my next step is to rebuild the engine, because finding the few parts I'm actually missing is expensive and rare! But ive always wanted this car and I couldn't be happier to have found it.
  5. I'm thinking that I'll take the cougar down this time.
  6. My sister should be on this forum and tcca. Need to make her post some of her camera pictures too! I'll post some of mine when I get home!
  7. I found the best performance mod with the Vulcan. Ditch it and install something more modable.
  8. The wiring came next though. I don't have all the details on the wiring that was done, my father did the main bundle while I did the sensors and lose ends, there was a lot of running things as well as deleting things. In the main control harness, there is only like 19 wires on the SHO, verses 40+ on the 2000+. So that was fun. To get an engine like this to work with ANYTHING, you need to pretty much build the engine environment to the point it can run outside ANY car all on it's own. This means yes, it's OBD1, not 2. Yes, you need the CCRM to control the Fans and fuel pump, not the PCM. You need the 95's fuel pump and rails. You need it's exhaust and evap system. It's transmission. You need a donor car. Knowing this, you can get any engine to work in any vehicle. This takes a LOT of study, and without the proper diagrams, it's futile. I will write a whole writeup on how to do a SHO swap. Because I'd love to see others do it too. But without further delay, here's some more eye candy! God she looks so beat up! It's absolutely hilarious blowing the doors off of cars with a car that looks like a wreck, I was so tempted on never painting her. Eventually me and Brian discussed paint colors, and we finally landed on Kona Blue Metalic. So on my Birthday I went and got her painted. Personally, the paint didn't come out as much as I wanted it to, I just went with something cheap to cover her for now. It DOES have the metallic royal blue when the sun hits it, but you have to see it better in person. Sometimes it looks purple...and I hate that lol. I'm a SUCKER for cowl hoods, so I had to have one on her. It was my first ever fiberglass job so it really didn't turn out all like I wanted, I will rebuild it later, but here's her! It looks mean as HELL with that. I wanted a more rounded bulge like the Ford Falcon but this was the limits of an amateur lmao I cut out the lower grill parts, inserted mesh to match the top grill in the middle, the sides I will be adding fog lights later. So, there you have Lady Hearse in a nutshell. It really was a long project, but she's been up and running for about two years now! I will add more about how the project went, and all the fun adventures that led me here. [Lets not forget a flooded transmission, Nick!] But the insanity doesn't stop here. I will eventually get back to the engine, but first I need to build the car up around it. New rims and tires is a must, and BRAKES! Suspension, probably lower her a bit, no slamming. And then the interior, I need to get rid of grandma tan and get a better sound system. [My old one I moved to the bird since I drive it more] I want to do Cobra brakes on it, probably paint the calipers the same color as the engine. Rims will be 17's no bigger, something with brushed aluminum and black trim, sort of like the new SHO's. My goal is to make the car look like it came out of the factory looking like this. A modern touch on it, more or less, and not screaming "I've been modified!" To a Taurus owner it looks like that, but in the crowd it blends in pretty well. I still want to keep a sleeper mentality to it. No slamming, no rice, just as tasteful as I can. Once I make full circle back to the engine, I will be getting with the SHO guys to help create a monster. I will rebuild the internals, cam her, do the fuel system, and finally I want to supercharge her. Yes, supercharge her. I'm still researching RWD and AWD setups as well, as insane as I may sound NOW lmao. This is years down the road so no worry yet lol. Even if it's not the fastest car out there, it's still mine. It's still unique, and I still love it. I really love the looks on peoples faces when I pop the hood for them, and I can't wait to start entering it into shows. Mainly I want to thank everyone here and at that other forum over the years putting up with me and my silly questions. Everyone really has helped a lot with this project, and I've kept it a good secret for awhile just to surprise everyone. I've gained a lot of knowledge here! I'm hoping to show other communities now that the Taurus is not just a grandma's car anymore, it's tomorrows hot rod! That was the original idea of tuning cars back in the day with just family cars, and big engines! I'll be adding more as the project comes along, and stay tuned for an in-depth "How to SHO swap a Gen 4!" article! [i've actually been working on that on and off for months now! ]
  9. So anyway guys. I looked back at this project log and noticed that most all of my pictures are not working, maybe its just me, IDK. I thought everything was on photobucket. So here's the project. Since I bought my Taurus back in 2009, I loved the look of it. It was curvy and not too big, but roomy for a 6'4'' idiot like myself. The windows weren't tiny like new cars, but they weren't huge like 80's cars. Basically, the car was the most proportional car that I know, nothing looks bad on it. But. I'm not a fan of slow cars. So I did my research and fell in love with the SHO. The look of the engine was just simply art. But it's dated, and to today standards, mediocre. But I saw the tuning potential in it, and then I realized even though it has the same numbers as a modern economy engine, the engine is still factory made as a performance engine, so it just needs some extra, motivation. I learned about Project Pheonix, and found out it is all 100% possible to do a SHO swap in a 2000+. So, I began many many...MANY hours of research, and before I knew it, I had drawn out almost everything needed for the swap, wiring diagrams, vacuum routes, fuel, exhaust, etc. I was ready to roll. I began looking for a SHO, a 1995 ATX was my goal. 95 was the last year of the V6 so it's the newest, and the ATX had the larger displacement, and was able to convert to manual without too much hassle. Well unfortunately in Mobile, Alabama, there are not many, if any SHO's around. I've never even seen a jelly bean in person, much less a gen 2 or 1. So my project was on hold until 2011, when I moved to the racing capital, Charlotte, North Cackalacky. I asked a few questions at the first car club meet about my project, but I got the typical response of: "do you know how much it will take to do this swap?" "Just get a duratec!" I kept my actual ambition for the project under my head, because in my mind if I want something, nothing stops me, so save your breath when talking me out of things lol. I finally found the perfect donor shortly after, and begun my tedious journey of ripping apart that car and rebuilding the engine and subframe. Sadly, shortly afterwards my 2000 was in an awful accident. I thought my plans were all but ruined, I was fixing to rebuild just the 95, but then I realized that I could rebuild her, better than ever. So I brought her back from the grave, that's what the post has been about for awhile. I cant see my pictures so I don't know where I left off at. So I'll start at the actual swap part, and work backwards if I left out any information. One of the biggest help I got with the project, was my father. This whole thing is a father-son project of the weirdest level. You'd think a father-son project would be some old classic, but this is it! My father is retired, and he's smart as all hell gets with mechanical stuff like this, he taught me everything I know so I really wanted this to be our project. It's actually very interesting, there were times we fought about it, and tons of headaches. See, he knows all the classics, and his knowledge doesn't go into the electronic stuff, while I'm the opposite, I know quite a lot about how the computers and wiring goes, and how and why all the sensors do what they do, so without both of us, this project may not have went on at all. Without further stalling, here's some pictures of the engine in building: The untouched, virgin engine: When I brought her home for Lady Hearse to gawk at (Notice this is before the wreck): GIT OUTTA HERE VULCAN! YA AIN'T WANTED 'ROUND HEA! GIT! I can't find my pictures of me pulling the SHO, but at this point me and my old man make a 2x4 engine stand, and start taking the engine apart. Of course I would paint it, but my idea was a classic hotrod look, so I went with Ford Dark Blue from Eastwood paint for the intake and valve covers. Note you can see the engine in the back on its stand here lol Using the engine enamel with the activator gave it this incredibly deep gloss shine, you can't get that from a rattle can! I get asked ALL the time, on what PAINT did I use for the snakes, or how long did I have to polish them....the answer is NONE! There is no paint that will give a mirror finish, and no amount of polishing can make aluminum look like this. To keep with my original "hot rod" theme, I went with real chrome baby! Yes sir, I had them sent off for an acid bath and chrome plating! Here's a mostly done shot of the engine, notice the orientation of the intake manifold, mayhaps a sign of things to come? Now for the fun part, shoe horning it in the car. Believe it or not, going straight through the front made this task SIMPLE! I used the Gen 2 subframe because the exhaust on the other engine would not clear this one, so I will eventually switch back to the Gen 4 subframe when I have time for it. Remember, as I was building this car, I was also building the Organ Donor back into a Vulcan powered Taurus! [insanity, right?] A lot of people ask me about clearances with this engine. Yes, the engine bay is a little smaller than the Gen 2, but there is still space in the back of the motor as well as the front. The Duratec is almost the same size in width as this motor. This engine loves to twist with the torque but it never hits anything. Even with the giant intake manifold, the hood still closes perfectly on top, and there is no sign of rubbing at all that I've seen. It's almost as if this thing was made for this car.
  10. Lol that's not 'enough' power.......yet. I suppose its time to update this build log.
  11. I should be able to make it. I'll bring the 2000.
  12. Great meet y'all! Had a blast talking with everyone, hope to see y'all real soon! Hope I didn't leave any tools at Nick's. You'd think if you accidentally left something there for three years he wouldn't throw it out!
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