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  1. Well I guess I can't make it after all. My girls car been down for almost a month, jumperd timing and messes up the valves. Last weekend I was in the process of putting everything back together only to find out the exhaust manifold was cracked as well. Sooo. I need to get it done this weekend. I haven't caught a break in awhile.
  2. Yes but he's just an Anthony. I am THE Anthony.
  3. Says who? I will put an honest attempt to make it this time. Looks good so far. Will have new mufffleersss
  4. So I got this beauty back in January and been on and off working on it since. Haven't really touched her in months though. When I bought it, essentially all there was to it was a running engine, but barely. All of the interior was out of it and in boxes, and most all the wiring, dash, vacuum lines, ac, etc was taken out and in boxes. So I have a complete car but in pieces lol. Ive installed the lights and the flip doors and had to figure out the vacuum lines for it, still working on the sequential turn signals, got a lot to do but my next step is to rebuild the engine, because finding the few
  5. I'm thinking that I'll take the cougar down this time.
  6. My sister should be on this forum and tcca. Need to make her post some of her camera pictures too! I'll post some of mine when I get home!
  7. I found the best performance mod with the Vulcan. Ditch it and install something more modable.
  8. The wiring came next though. I don't have all the details on the wiring that was done, my father did the main bundle while I did the sensors and lose ends, there was a lot of running things as well as deleting things. In the main control harness, there is only like 19 wires on the SHO, verses 40+ on the 2000+. So that was fun. To get an engine like this to work with ANYTHING, you need to pretty much build the engine environment to the point it can run outside ANY car all on it's own. This means yes, it's OBD1, not 2. Yes, you need the CCRM to control the Fans and fuel pump, not the PCM.
  9. So anyway guys. I looked back at this project log and noticed that most all of my pictures are not working, maybe its just me, IDK. I thought everything was on photobucket. So here's the project. Since I bought my Taurus back in 2009, I loved the look of it. It was curvy and not too big, but roomy for a 6'4'' idiot like myself. The windows weren't tiny like new cars, but they weren't huge like 80's cars. Basically, the car was the most proportional car that I know, nothing looks bad on it. But. I'm not a fan of slow cars. So I did my research and fell in love with the
  10. Lol that's not 'enough' power.......yet. I suppose its time to update this build log.
  11. I should be able to make it. I'll bring the 2000.
  12. Great meet y'all! Had a blast talking with everyone, hope to see y'all real soon! Hope I didn't leave any tools at Nick's. You'd think if you accidentally left something there for three years he wouldn't throw it out!
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