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  1. Now... I can see the belt. Not broken or "jumped" teeth. So my guess was wrong - based on previous experience. When I did crank the engine, it spinned faster than usually (like some valves would be open) but didn't start.
  2. Thanks, I was confused. That's easier than I was thinking.
  3. Soo... how would I know at which one of the two possible rotations I am? Because only one of the rotations is the "right" one (compression on cyl #1).
  4. It is 2000 V6 2.5L. All the procedures of replacing a GOOD belt rely on timing markings when cyl 1 is at TOD. In my case, the belt is not good anymore so I have to know if the markings can still be used since two crank rotations can fit to that position.
  5. This is my wife's Hyundai Sonata V6 2.5L. Seems like every 35-40k miles the timing belt breaks. Fortunately, even if they say it is an interference engine, never did damaged the pistons/valves. Always happened in the driveway (like today). So, when I crank the engine it spins really fast. Now, all the timming is messed up. How do I align again the marks in this case. Firing order is 1, 4, 2, 5, 3, 6. Cylinder numbering is 1, 3, 5 by firewall, 2, 4, 6 by radiator. My plan: 1. Rotate the crankshaft until cylinder #1 is at top. 2. Rotate the camshaft gear on the cyl #1 bank until I get both
  6. That method is wrong. The new part might have the square of the oil pump in a different position or the teeth in a different position. At the install time, the INSIDE part will get rotated from what is on pic with no means of adjusting (unless you rotate the cranckshaft). So those makings of the OUTSIDE cardboard will be worthless in that case. The only thing that matters is the RELATIVE position (angular) between the little flag in the middle and outside window. That cardbord would be usable if can be roatated, not attached to that bolt like is shown...
  7. I was in the parts store the other day. I see a woman coming out from a Taurus, going straight to one of the 'Power Steering Fluid' no-name bottle and heads to the cash register. I say: "I hope you don't use that in your Taurus, it doesn't take that, it takes Mercon V, the transmission fluid!" She: "I don't know, it's squecking, I am scared to use something else". Me: "Do you have an owner manual to read what takes? Believe me, that's bad for your car! Ask even the counter lady, they must have it in the computer..." I pay and leave. In the parking lot, I see her coming out with that garba
  8. PureONE or K&N (only with online order codes).
  9. In Virginia was the same till last governor elections. New guy in office raised the speed limit to 70mph in portions that where 55-60 before (and people drove with 70mph anyway). Haters where saying that people will drive with 85-95mph now and will be a blood bath... Guess what, they don't. Most of them feel that 70-75mph is a "natural" safe speed and that's what they use. Everybody is more relaxed, traffic is more fluid because there are no jerks driving with "55 speed limit" coasting next to others that drive with same. No accidents because of that increase in speed - most of the accidents
  10. They really need to add a longer off-ramp (along with highway) with divider wall and posted reduced speeds in a progressive manner. But that is... money.
  11. I hope that you caled the police and filled the report. That will be an expensive fix (correctly, not bondo) and her insurance have to pay. Hope you don't have my luck - two women hit me untill now and none had valid insurance... Fake ones tricked the police officer.
  12. You can get some money from insurance based on the estimates and do it your self. Of course, the insurance rates might go up because of that... If you didn't file police report they will frown.
  13. I had the 1.9L in an '84 Escort. Impossible to kill, was climbing really high in rpm. Don't know how high, three speed auto, speed gauge was limited to 85mph
  14. Thanks, that makes some sense (for my future refference). In my case I didn't even take the caliper off, I removed the whole assambly (caliper+bracket) and replaced the pads in there (from inside the braket). I do that all the time, saves me unbolting the caliper bolts and let me grease the pins. Caliper was sliding freely.
  15. I always lube the slides where the pads are gliding in the bracket, but for some reason, the "outside" grease looks gets more dirt... Maybe because is ouside.Weird is that that's the side that is worn more... Disc gets more rust on that side (from sitting not used that much)? The inner side has that shield on...Outside is exposed and car has alloy wheels, with big spaces between spokes.
  16. Change the rear brake pads on wife's Sonata. Weird, the outside ones where worn more than the inside ones... ? I did lubricate the sliding pins again - they seemed OK.
  17. True. But in the Taurus manual the 5W is listed clearly as the start-up option for the widest range of temperatures.
  18. Why is so hard for people to grasp the fact that the SECOND number is the viscosity with engine at normal temperature (warm)? First number (5W or 10W) counts only at cold starts... You never want that to be 10W, when you have 5W at the same price.
  19. So... they still last despite your 15k miles, with regular on-sale, oil changes? Speaking about extended oil changes and paper filter media:
  20. The FL400S filter is not capable of lasting that long. Probably from 5000 to 7500 miles is clogged and you run with it open in by-pass. It's OK, somebody needs to support the auto industry, changing more often the cars (because of worn out engines). Personally... I prefer to change the oil at least twice a year (5-6000 miles).
  21. In your pic I saw only one. Is the other inside ?
  22. That's a good find. Many oils are labeled "5W30" but the measured viscosities are very different, especially on no-name brands. Example: 5W is related to the Viscosity @ -30ºC 30 is related to the Viscosity @ 100ºC Also I see that a few pack more molybden than others (Penzoil, Amsoil, Havoline, Royal Purple, Quaker State and... SuperTech). I add Molybden in my oil as "default".
  23. Acronyms are fun, but truthfully, I have more than 9 months since my last Sable repair (knock on wood). And that "repair" was replacing the brake pads.
  24. I drifted on heavy rain, on-ramp to interstate taken too fast, with baldy tires on rear (I had money only for front ones) overinflated "to save gas". At the end of several seconds of sliding sideways, hit a bump and... I was sliding backwards on merging lane, facing the incomming traffic. Enough drifting for me....
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