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  1. Rant: Went to Walmart to return the disgusting Stevia sweetener that I thought I can use. Opened a smaller pack, no way, returned the unopened big one. Well, there are four carts full of returned s**t there... lots of Halloween candies (not used), and, on top, two unopened pizza boxes (defrosted and warm), one shrink-wrapped pack of two egg cartons, another frozen meal (defrosted of course). I return my stuff and I ask what they will do with the defrosted stuff. Lady says "we trow everything away, don't worry we don't restock those". Well, great, my problem is that I will pay for those
  2. Changed on my Explorer the rear sway bar links and the front sway bar bushings. Front sway bars where replaced previously because the OE ones broke off. I think it has less sway now, but I drove it only around the block. I like that huge, safe feeling truck. Edie Bauer trim 5.0L V8, AWD, 4R70W transmission... Since I started the new job and had to commute 1hr daily, I drive it less, using the Sable instead.
  3. Well, you get what you paid for (said in his mind Hyundai's CEO)... to quote the article: "During the manufacturing process, metallic debris may not have been fully removed from the crankshaft. This problem can restrict oil flow to the connecting rod bearings, causing damage to the connecting rod. ... The vehicles in question are equipped with either 2.0-liter or 2.4-liter gasoline direct injection engines and were built between December 11, 2009 and April 12, 2012 at Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama."
  4. Plugged up a vacuum hose, just because I didn't like it.
  5. Well, this is what I did for now... plugged the hose. LE: Drove it home - in stop and go traffic. Brakes so much better! No check engine lights, runs smooth at every rpm.
  6. Well, that's better than in my house. I was notified today (when I got back from work) that my wife's car "needs gas". Yep, it's my fault...
  7. Well, I know there is not a flow. Because removing the oil cap or the oil dipstick changes the rpm. False air (not metered) enters trough that vacuum. However the point is that we have a vacuumed crankcase, not a positive air flow over it. You know, as in "Positive Crankcase Ventilation". Cheaper European cars will do that, but there are a lot of bad aspects to that approach. And, in that case, they don't need also a PCV valve (like our cars have), because in that case the PCV it's not functional. I am trying to understand what OTHER reason Ford would have to do that connection. Toda
  8. That's good, because you might need those defrosters in SC this time of the year
  9. Chart, it doesn't. Pull one of the hoses (from the front cover for example) and you will feel the air going "backwards" in respect of what you said it should do (correct in theory, like the arrow marked by me). This is because the vacuum from hose #3 (port AI) is so strong! In my opinion that hose it should not be connected there, it's a design flaw! Of course, I might be wrong and I am waiting for somebody to tell me a reason for that specific hose.
  10. Well, yes and no. The hoses on valve covers have arrows drawn backwards if compared to the present air flow. However for a classic PCV functionality, the breather air should flow as indicated by my arrows and exit trough the PCV valve: Hose #3, that leads to the vacuum distribution box (to port labeled A1 or AI), presently has the flow as indicated by my arrow, but is not present in any vacuum diagrams that I can find online. See chart, as it is now, the air doesn't flow as you expect. It is actually "pulled" out by the vacuum on those two ports and by the PCV valve and is n
  11. Hose #3 - that one seems wrong. What "flow" do we need? Brake Booster has it's own vacuum relief (plus a check valve at the connector to avoid releasing the vacuum "back"), AC actuators have their own vacuum relief... Canister purge discharge the gasoline vapors in the intake vacuum to be burned off... I saw today (on day light) that the PCV valve is connected on the underside of the intake manifold, on vacuum side (after the throttle plate), as it should be. This hose #3 is just shot-cutting the vacuum to the normal air pressure! I think I will experiment with restricting it.
  12. I have posted this on another forum, so I apologize for posting it here too. But maybe here will be somebody that can explain me something that bugs me - related to a 2001 Duratec vacuum and PCV. Basically I don't understand why is the vacuum connected to the intake flexible hose. Pictures below. In the "hoses" picture I have numbered the three hoses connected to the flexible tube. #1 - that seems to be the "breather" for the PCV system, brings in fresh metered air to the valve cover. #2 - that seems to be another breather for the other bank, based on the fact that is attached in the same p
  13. Today I finally replaced the power steering pressure switch. It was leaking massively trough the connector end. Now I have no more leaks and two and 1/2 quarts of Mercon V left in my garage (I was going trough them like nothing).
  14. I personally like pork chops, but hey, I don't judge others' tastes
  15. Well, you just learned that never-ever you should leave a underpaid and probably high guy to change your car oil. DIY. I have a few friends that ended up with stripped threads on oil pan, even on wheel studs, just because the shops don't care of who is working on those jobs.
  16. One of my work buddys came this morning saying that he hears a noise when brakes... Mitsu Galant. I helped him change the rear brakes just because I wanted to see a certain brake pad - that I am sharing with you here. Obviously he will need now a rear disc also... Caliper slider pins are bend and have mushroomed ends too.
  17. Aluminium mounts? You will send all the vibration and torque somewhere else and you will break something more expensive...
  18. 5-8F? Why you people are still living there? I used to live in such conditions when I was kid, teen, in my 20's. But not anymore, f that. This morning I was cold: 40F. Got to 50-60F at noon.
  19. Today I did replace both front wheel hubs - long overdue, but today was warm. At 186k they looked like they where originals. Growling noises are gone. PS: How much is usually the labor on those?
  20. Call your insurance agent/company. They will take a phone-recorded statement from you and your witness. In this way they will protect themselves from claims. Usually, if it was previous damage to that car is because it was in another accident, hopefully reported, and recorded against the VIN number of the lady car. Your insurance can get that information.
  21. Me: SE Virginia, Hampton Roads area.
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