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  1. When I saw the pic, I imagined something between the Bull and the Miata. Interacial. I know, I am defective...
  2. I was behind him in my 5.0L V8 Explorer. I want one too.... Awesome, especially because I live in VA
  3. It reads "KEEP DRIVING YOUR HYBRID! NEED YOUR FUEL!" Sorry for bad quality.
  4. SoNic

    Dashcam Video

    Those are not mine - I am not that good at editing
  5. Touching and sad is that the family let them drive at that age. In some countries, medical fitness tests should be administred by authorized medics, every 5 years for renewal of driving licenses (for people over 40 yrs old).
  6. They have the same say like us about who is elected in public service. A big, huge, flaw of a democratic system that has no requirements to qualify people to be allowed to vote (besides age).
  7. Distilled water is better that "soft water". Soft water has a low amount of Calcium, and that is it. Distilled water, if is really distilled, has zero minerals.
  8. SoNic

    Dashcam Video

    A lot of people think that they are entitled to cut off the others. Just part of being stupid, I guess, is to disconsider/disrespect other people.
  9. SoNic

    Dashcam Video

    The videos don't capture the whole story. I do get in that peak traffic around DC a few times a year (coming south on I95). I cannot understand why people would do that to themselfs every day of their lifes... I had a couple job offers in DC for double what I make now. No, thank you!
  10. SoNic

    Banana Babies

    Awesome! It even says: "Diana's bananas". And obvious she has some chocolate bananas to sell!
  11. SoNic

    Dashcam Video

    It might be redundant post for member for "the other side", sorry in advance. What is driving me off the wall those days are the bad drivers. Or arrogant/inconsidderate. Or both. Because at some point I have been cut off by a lady turning left on green light and didn't have a witness that she didn't have green arrow, I just installed a camera on my dashboard. Is recording in "loop" some video footage. 1 hour, in 10 minutes increments, set up for no audio. Looking online for similar setups I did find this compilation of bad drivers - it's from Northern VA. I am living in SE VA, Hampton Roads
  12. Does it stop shaking when, at stoplight, you raise the foot from brake pedal? If yes - motor mount. If shakes less only when you give it gas - probably needs a tune-up (new plugs/ maybe wires, new air filter).
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