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  1. She SOLD it to you with that milage? People donate those 200k to charity My DOHC engine is doing just fine at 178k, so no worries there. Transmission... meah, depends of your luck. Mine crapped at around your milage. Rebuild it and good for another 100k.
  2. 1996 Sable. 178k miles - original engine (with spark plugs Bosch Platinum 4+ since 86k miles, new alternator and water pump - both at past 160k miles), rebuilt transmission at 86k. Shocks are "wooshing" at speedbumps but still pass the inspection.
  3. And 3.0L Duratec. Aluminium block and heads made Ford engineers to use plastic impellers.
  4. When my water pump impeller broke (Duratec engine), I drove it slowly some 10 miles and it overheat - just to the max of the gauge. Didn't warp the heads or burn the gasket, but it did overflow the expansion tank and also damage the T-Stat. You might be lucky that way too. For the wheels not to come off - that will be a problem with all the bolts and nuts under, brake system, coolant pipes... I have the same problem (rust) with my Explorer that was originally registered in Michigan. I am sworn not to buy another car from that rust belt, no matter how cheap of a bargain is. Airbag codes can
  5. Also there is one more electronic/electric module in the same area - the actuator for the bend door. That might be fried too.
  6. I did spend $2300 to rebuild the transmission (AX4N) at a transmission shop (Cottman Transmission). 6 years latter (and some 90k miles) and now sounds like the differential is gonna give up. If I knew better and go with a new Ford transmission back then... Oh, well.
  7. I think I was lucky when I bought the Sable and was a DOHC - didn't know the difference back then (2003). It's the first year of Gen 3 - 1996, at 177k miles. No major engine problems, just a transmission rebuild.
  8. Got the mirror today, thanks! I can't wait to see if it is working
  9. This how the Transmission Range Sensor needs to be aligned (with transmission in neutral) - align red and/or white:
  10. It's possible that is something wrong in the valve body. Theoretically, solenoids can be replaced with transmission on the car, it's just a lot to take apart to get there. If you didn't replace the transmisson filter by yourself it's unlikely that you can do the valve body by yourself. If I would be in your shoes, I will drive it like that - just the gas milage will suck.
  11. My Explorer compass has two modes: First for setting the magnetic zone (for example Michigan is in zone 9, eastern VA is in zone 10): Second for calibrating the compass:
  12. "Dinner rolled around about 12:50" "...the taurus i took home for dinner..." Dinner? I call that lunch.
  13. Here we are back to 72F today... T-Shirt mode ON.
  14. Would it fit a '96 Sable? Is powered by a harness (that I don't have)?
  15. Rest in peace Rudy. We all go there eventually, sooner or later, richer or poorer...
  16. Crap, looks like the snow from British Columbia comes this way! From 72F yestarday, will be 49F tommorow! Thanks, Vulcanator!
  17. Wow. I need to go to work now. In my short-sleeve shirt
  18. Hey, it still runs! Good cars, even if uglied (is that a word?).
  19. I just noticed today that one of my exhausts was lower that the other. Yep, all the rubber hangers are shot or missing. Bought all six of them to replace this weekend. I need to drive the Explorer meanwhile, don't want to loose one of my stainless steel mufflers.
  20. Gosh dude... why do you choose to live there?
  21. That is one of th emovies that we watch EVERY year around Xmas. Awesome flying car, that's why I got one
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