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  1. For what it is worth, if you wan to stop with a open throttle: 1. Drop the transmission in N (don't pull the lever, just slide it). 2. If is imminent danger (a tree, another car) PRESS THE PARKING BRAKE! It has a mechanical linkage to the rear brakes (to the discs pads) and is VERY effective. It might lock on you, so don't steer. The regular brake pedal won't be so effective if you loose the vacuum assist due to the open throtle (don't "pulsate" them, it will loose the vacuum even faster).
  2. Before you spend the money, check you local/state laws about modifications to original lighting equiment.
  3. Usually 100% usage is because you have a virus or malware. Free antivirus software is avail from Avast, Avira, MS (the best ones).Watch on what sites you go... especially the ones that give away "free" streaming or other "goodies". Totally agree. I don't need a phone OS on my computer... I might even consider to switch back to linux.
  4. Neah, too much trouble, need a hammer now? Back to the original question: I did get Moog with zerks and did grease them up (I have a grease gun). They are in there for some 80k miles already. Checked the grease from time to time, no need to add more yet.
  5. BOA: It was just a courtesy photo, not a requirement. I used to have it on my CC and debit card from them. Not anymore... Credit card use require just "authorized signature" on back. Me, as a owner of a credit card I have just the responsability of reporting it when it is lost. The rest is between the store owner and credit card issuer (VISA, MC, DISCOVER, AMEX). I never had a CC that say "see ID". Sure, some stores will ask for ID... If I am in a hurry and need what I bought, I am showing the driver license, if not... I don't.
  6. How? Drill a hole and push all those shavings into the teflon sheet inside?
  7. I did demolish the rear bumper of a Focus that did the same thing when I was driving my Explorer and didn't manage to clear my front (my ABS kicking). Unfortuantelly, the 21 yr old black chick (that was on the phone at the moment) didn't have insurace either, so I had to pay my "uninsured motorist" copay. I did replace myself a side marker and the bumper still has a small hole in the covering. At least I got some money back from my insurance.
  8. Kitschy. And illegal I think, even in Canada. Meah... red would be more aggressive My AAP has listed only: Mr. Gasket Front Coil Spacer Rubber Part No: 1285 . $14 but there are online codes to save money... There are none in stock around me, I would have to pay $9.42 for shipping. I wonder why is only "front"? LE: I did found out the difference on Mr. gasket site. The 1285 have one flat part and one curved one. 1287 have two curved ones.
  9. I want a couple of those too! Where did you get them, what's the size?
  10. Same deal was a couple weeks ago on newegg... Map is "lower 49 states" thou, not full North America.
  11. I bet he's hapy it wasn't driving a SmartForTwo or Fiat 500...
  12. Measure the voltage before start, cold engine. Should not be below 11.8V. PS: Gosh, when i saw the title, I was thinking that a "K" is missing...
  13. Tonight I was out in the yard in short sleeve T-shirt again. So much for the snow
  14. I got myself a nice Mercedes. Nobody dare to tell me where not to park!
  15. I am glad that is not like "back home" (where government just imposed a suplemental car tax to curb "global warming"):
  16. Main hobby - audio electronics. Others - photography, computer stuff (including games). What I did yesterday - modded my Denon player.
  17. Finally I can join the club. I had snow for a day, so... This is the picture.
  18. People won't belive others pain. Most cannot relate, unless they had that specific pain. I used to have big pains in my right leg joint. Couldn't walk normal - at work I needed to be up and down on ladders 9-10 hours a day (construction). Fixed the joint now (even took some shots with the medicine that was causing hart attacks ), and... I cannot belive my own memories of how bad it was back then. Let it be... stupid will be stupid no matter what. Be well! PS: My boss cannot pronounce my name and is saying it like your nick name. Didn't know that was a real character, till I saw your nick a
  19. SoCal is all about green electric cars, doesn't?
  20. Time to get dirthy and save the 150$... Radiator replacement is not so bad like it looks. You need warm weather (or a heated garrage) thou. You need some car ramps anyway, for future oil changes
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