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  1. Looks like they are screwed in... dang it.
  2. How do you usually remove those vents? It's a Hyundai, but I assume they are all similar...
  3. I was looking at taking the dash out, it's an extensive job. Is there a recommended glue for this? Maybe I can reach with a long vacuum tube attached to the nozzle - if doesn't solidify too fast?
  4. KYB Monomax on the four corners of my Explorer (AWD V8).
  5. Dash trim getting dislodged from under the vents - this is not a Taurus, but I had seen the problem on many cars. If I push it back in, it comes out, like it is "shorter" than what it used to be. What can be done?
  6. Well I decided to post here again... Just to say that I didn't have to do anything else to my 2001 Sable Wagon but an oil change. It just keeps driving me to and from work on one hour long commute, 20 minutes being in stop and go. Knock on wood.
  7. Careful with those speed traps, use Waze. On a 70mph limit, at 79mph you get a free pass, for 81 you can get a reckless.
  8. Just don't give "jumps" to people and don't try to jump your car either if you have drained your alternator. Jumping can damage the older-style regulators. Empty alternators can damage the rectifiers.
  9. I did too the rears shocks and front struts on my wagon. It was like a new car, especially the front not scraping over the smallest bumps in the road. I am sorry I didn't go Gas-A-Just on rear, I matched the fronts... Strut-Plus has Excel-G shocks: SR4009/4010 and 344434.
  10. Tires will dry-rot even if not driven, so the "miles" question has to relate to the time too. Like how many miles you drive per year... Don't expect a tire to last more than 10 years (some manufacturers insist on 6 year limit), even when you drive it just 1000 miles on every year.
  11. Replaced the transmission pan with a drain-able one on my Ford Explorer.
  12. I was rushing and didn't think to take the bolt out and check the thread size (metric probably). A bolt with Allen hex would be protruding only just a few 1/16 out! Not easy to find but not impossible either. I think. Now I have to wait for 30k miles or so.
  13. At the end, when he pulls it out from the bay, the engine dies in the parking lot. Clutch too tight or driver error? PS: And no, I don't think they are aware that are filmed. And anyway it doesn't matter, the consent is required to be published on Youtube. Or to film in private spaces.There is no need for consent only when files are for your personal use only and filmed in public spaces (as a dash cam on public road). As I said, don't know what the rules are in NC, but if one of the guys sees this on youtube and complains, it can be taken down.
  14. The title of the movie says "Vehcile" . Also, I hope you got permission from those people to post this, not sure what NC laws say about it.
  15. That's how mine was looking anyway with the old weak springs. You have paid to make it look like that? Joking, your spring rates hopefully are strong enough not to bottom-out like I was.