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  1. MY AX4N has a bearing noise this is the trird trans in this beast. i only put 22k on this trans ,i need to contact my ford dlr and see if im still covered for this repair, i have about 60 k on my car now .the trans was replaced around 3yrs ago,im hoping they will assist me . what do you think guys?
  2. i am speechless..........fricking gross
  3. hey does any one know how the door d/s door panel comes off of a 97 mountineer ? does it pop off like our cars? let me know thatks
  4. my bull will prob. never see snow ever again, now that i have the mountaineer
  5. i like the wheels on your wagon ! are they the caddy wheels you wrote about ?
  6. i too installed an HID kit a yr or so ago. work great. plug and play system . 8000k ,cost me about 40 bucks visit hidnation.com
  7. i have no clue what happened. but good luck with everything
  8. YUP a winter scare in october ,and nothing since then .....anyone know how hard it is to out lower ball joints on this beast >?
  9. now with my luck ,it will never snow again lol
  10. i just bought a 97 mecury mountaineer for the fleet AWD V8
  11. i have nothing to do at work so i finally wash my car !!!!!!!!! now im waiting for 6pm
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