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  1. TaurusKev

    State of the Forum 2019

    zenriddles, how would we attract them? I haven't the slightest clue!!! Jeff, I agree, and yeah, I think it was more of a soft transition. The forum had so many issues, I volunteered to fix them (Registration problem for example) so Sean said I should be the new president. I do like that our community isn't a harsh community. I have been on other sites that get harsh when a member "leaves" the community by buying a different car. I've always been under the impression - If you take care of your car, and you take pride in it, I can respect it for what it is. SoNic - That's exactly the thing I am afraid of is the forum is a dying medium. Sites like FaceBook do make it easy... People subscribe to things they "like" but finding information is so hard on there. I know TSOC has a FaceBook page, but I have no idea how to run the thing lol. While I love the Taurus/Sable Wagons, they are generally rotted out here, or will rot out here due to design from the salt in IL. Makes servicing them a pain, and I am getting to the stage in life where I don't want repairs to take forever. With our community being accepting of other make/models, that's why I figured a general car club could maybe bring others back, or invite new people over. The other reason people generally joined car forums was for repairs, however, youtube has a wide variety of videos that people may just go to the Youtube page for help. Again, another example of social media replacing the days of the tired forums.
  2. Hi TSOC Members! Since I have inherited this forum from Sean, I have fixed the registration issue, and that was basically it. I am sorry. A lot of us Taurus and Sable owners have seemed to move on to other make and models. (Devin - Dodge, Sean - Honda, Me - Pontiac/Toyota, Buick) However, that being said, this forum also has shown a decline in population. I am not sure what to do. This forum has always been (Or should be...) an ad-free environment. Donations welcome to keep the lights running. I haven't checked to see how we look for finances either because it looks weird, so I need to work with Sean on that. That being said... I would like the community's feedback on what we can do. I thought about what if we just turned this forum into a car enthusiast forum. I know there are plenty of those that exist, but hey, what's one more, right? There are knowledgeable people on the forums, and there is good content already on our forum. Perhaps welcoming everyone in, regardless of what they drive, just as long as they take pride in their ride, could bring life back? I've also heard from others, do nothing. The Taurus/Sable nameplate didn't seem to gain traction with the car's reboot, and people (like me) are preferring cars with liftgates, not trunks. Many Taurus/Sable owners are getting rid of their cars, which is either they wanted something better, or the car was in poor health due to rust, mechanical operation, or other reasons where the car wasn't worth keeping. These cars then end up sold cheap to others, or traded in and auctioned off to buy-here/pay-here lots who sell them to people who have no credit, only to wreck the cars from there. The Tauruses that people cared about are the SHO's, and there is a dedicated forum for SHO Owners. Not much love for Vulcan, Essex, or Duratec Powered Taurus/Sables, and little interest in the rebooted Taurus that was discontinued again. And with that being said, that'd mean letting the forum die off as the lights are based off community donations, not advertisements. If we don't get enough in donations, can't afford to pay for Hosting, Domain, and the Forum Software (Invision). I'd hate to see that happen as there are a lot of great people on the forum, but forums seem to be a thing of the past. People prefer FaceBook or Instagram. While useful, today's social media sites make it hard to find useful information with tons of ads everywhere. I'm inviting all members of the community to weigh in. If you have good ideas, I could use your help. I inherited the forum when I became a full time college student, and honestly, I suck when it comes to creativity. I am open to any ideas and creativity from our members. For those who have great ideas - Positions of Moderators available!
  3. Rust repair is a hard thing. The cheaper shop may be cutting out the bad rockers, and putting new ones in, and they may or may not have problems. I did this to my Thunderbird WITH paint repair of the whole body, it cost me around $5500. Best thing is to ask to see any completed vehicles they have, or see if there are reviews posted online for them. Some body shops may have it down to a science that they are cheap. Others may not, so not sure what the pricing difference would be.
  4. Photobucket did screw some stuff up sadly. I wrote this so long ago and I am trying to find the original pictures and writeup, but have been unsuccessful so far. If you are confused about a part let me know, and perhaps I can try to explain it!
  5. Hey all. Since I got rid of my 1995 Taurus Wagon due to the severe rust... I want stuff cleaned out. I have the Vulcan V6 and AX4N in my backyard (All sitting on the subframe). It is free for anyone who has a way to get it out of my backyard. However, it has been sitting forever, so condition is unknown. At first I could not rotate the engine, but now it rotates just fine. It had around 101k miles if I recall, it has been sitting in my backyard since 2016 I believe, under a tarp. Location is in Streamwood, Illinois.
  6. TaurusKev

    Transmission temperature PIDS

    I am pretty sure that the 1999 did not support trans temp as OBD-II in those days were primitive.
  7. I have that same problem with motivation too. The Roadmaster wagon has some small leaks still, but compared to the last ones I did fix, they are much more tame now.
  8. TaurusKev

    Front Seat Leather Taurus Gen 5

    Sadly I don't think many of the Gen 5's are being parted out on forums. I'd suggest checking places like car-part.com to find a salvage yard close by to see if they have a good interior to harvest from.
  9. Yeah, I'd recommend trying to find a salvage yard one. Sometimes having a They-Pull such as LKQ can hopefully ensure the compressor came from a car that was holding pressure. Lots of After-Cheezy parts that you'll just be replacing the compressor again, or finding a faulty compressor. Like Kodachrome Wolf stated, they're sometimes cheap for a reason... Unless you get lucky and someone has stock of genuine Motorcraft and just want them gone lol.
  10. TaurusKev

    No Rust, 2000 Taurus Wagon, SE Michigan

    Terrible... Terrible news... Maybe we should turn this into the Honda Odyssey forum for you.
  11. Can it... Can it be given to TSOC? A non profit Taurus and Sable owners group? I would love to have that thing, give it a proper home.
  12. Oh wow, IN the rails. That sounds like fun. Glad you got it handled!
  13. I fixed the Mitsubishi Endeavor's bladder problem. Normally, people freak out about seeing a puddle under their car, but I was happy, since this puddle was from the A/C's condensate drain. The Endeavor's drain has the same issue of having a cheap gasket between the firewall and A/C Box, and as water dribbles out, it dribbles down, and goes right back into the cabin, and flooding the carpet. Same issue the Taurus and Sable had! But this time, the Mits folks had a fix. Solution was to make a new condensate drain, and that it leaves the cabin completely. Went to Menards and found a 3/8 to 1/2 Adapter, I cut off the 1/2 part, and had some old 3/8 Tubing, made it flat, then cut a hole on the bottom of the A/C's drain, plugged the old hole up with silicone, and now the new drain works great. Drilled a hole straight down the tunnel, away from the prop shaft, and zip tied it to the frame neatly so it's not a problem no more. I gotta say, one pro to drive by wire, pulled the accelerator pedal out and was able to work comfortably. Thankfully, since the A/C didn't work for about 2 to 3 years, forgot how long I've owned this beauty, but assuming it was a problem with the previous owner too as there was a bit of rust, but nothing terrible. I treated it with naval jelly, then sprayed it with undercoating, including the hole I drilled to ensure that doesn't rust up. So now fully functional A/C, and the drain should be fixed to not flood my car no more. This may work on the Taurus if someone wants to repeat it. Might look into it on the Roadmaster as it also has condensate issues. Why didn't all cars just do this method...