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  1. Hi everyone. So, when I was made admin, I had more time on my hands, I could take care of the forum, fixed a lot of issues. But, like all things, life is always in my way. With that said, I apologize for downtime. Our host doesn't have auto bill, but it is because our forum has always run on donations and we pay with Paypal to them. With that said, in our account, we have $2.90 left. That will not pay for another month of hosting. I will pay for a few more months out of my pocket, but if we don't see donations, I am sad to say we will have to say goodbye to TSOC. I don
  2. Interesting issue. I wonder if there is a bad ground somewhere? Not detecting something properly and causing the door to relock. I had that issue on a Mitsubishi Endeavor (Clearly not a Ford, but, a bad door jam ground made the world a living hell). I'd check those first to see.
  3. Something beautiful about a RHD Taurus. Congrats!
  4. Yeah.... First post, get a locksmith? Banned.
  5. That is one gorgeous truck and I hope you resurrect it. Looks like it'd be a sweet ride once done.
  6. Ooooh, a manual in a Colony Park would be amazing! Sucks that the transmission is being a pain, but glad to see it still around ❤️
  7. The CD Changers in Fords required an extra harness. The harness plugged into the RCU. It'll look something like the attached photo (This is for a factory 6 disc CD Changer). 10 Disc would be more aftermarket. You may need to see if they provided the harness to go from the RCU (Rear Control Unit) to your CD Changer.
  8. Hoping 2021 goes well as well. Need a change ❤️
  9. Nice! I saw that car posted on Facebook SHO group, I wanted it, but I have no money.
  10. Yeah, Chart brought up a good one, I know you mentioned vents work, but the blend door actuator could be a problem too. My 02 Sable had that go bad. Very easy fix generally. You could take the radio/climate control knobs out to see if you see it actuating when you change temperatures.
  11. I can't think of any reason not to, but seems like you checked all your other stuff. The only thing I would have done is watched to see how freely fluid entered/exited the heater core lines. But I am betting it's a bit cold to take lines off and take a garden hose to the system. Make sure fluid freely goes through radiator, engine, lines, etc.
  12. I personally have not, I would say it is plausible. I would assume you've flushed the whole coolant system out too?
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