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  1. 1989 Ford Thunderbird Supercoupe

    Hey all, I thought I posted a for sale, I was wrong, just gonna copy everything from TCCoA Hey everyone, Due to financial constraints, I need to get rid of one of my birds. The one that was my grandmother's, that has to stay with me, I can't see myself selling that, but the fun and exciting SC, I need to sell. This SC has 130k miles, it drives amazingly well with its 5 Speed manual transmission. The previous owner had put on the Cervini's fiberglass hood, had the supercharger rebuilt, lowered it, put a custom exhaust on it, had some ignition components replaced, belt tensioners replaced, motor mounts replaced at one point in time. The things I had done to it in my ownership: New Alternator (2016) New rear calipers, parking brake cables (All 3 pieces, the handbrake cable, and 2 cables going to right and left rear caliper) (2016) Repaired electric seatbelt for driver side (2015) Fresh oil change as of 6/1/2017 at 130k miles 5 Quarts Motorcraft and Motorcraft Oil filter Replaced power driver seat base (2017 - This came from a 1997 Mercury Cougar from a junkyard, it functions beautifully still) A/C System - Replaced O Rings for compressor as old ones were leaking. Fully recharged with R-134A And runs nice and cold (2016) Replaced camshaft position sensor (2015) Rebuilt Ignition Control module (2015) Mirror Switch (2017) It does have a Kenwood CD, AM, FM, and Auxiliary input stereo in 50x4. Just a basic head unit. It does not drip any oil anywhere. Carpet is in good shape, seats are ok, typical wear for an 89 leather seat. It does have some rust for being an 89, rockers probably have it the worst, but still solid. Undercarriage is pretty clean with minor rust here and there. Strut towers are good and solid. Front tires are good, the rear tires need replacing. I did make a video highlighting the car for those interested: Additional pictures can be viewed here: http://imgur.com/a/flusO Make a fair offer and it is yours! I am located in Streamwood, Illinois.
  2. A code 12 I see is a loss of voltage, I would check with Fuse 24 under the dash for the RCM. If you have a multimeter, the easiest way to check a fuse is with Key on, test for 12 Volts on both sides of the fuse by probing the top of the fuse on the metal part and test all fuses for a complete circuit.
  3. Drove the Supercoupe today to do some small errands. Connected the battery, turned the key, fired right up as if it was just driven yesterday. Still for sale for anyone interested!
  4. Congrats!! I am glad to see a proper transmission in it. I decided that when it comes time for a new vehicle, my next new(ish) vehicle will be an EV. For now, I have a stable fleet with the Pontiac, Mitsubishi, and the summer cars... So it'll be long after I graduate.
  5. Motorcraft OEM Battery Warranty

    Yep, personally I have had great luck with batteries from O'Reillys, and they are generally cheaper too. Already gotten 3+ years out of a few easily.
  6. I can tell you, a 1995 Steering wheel WILL fit on a 2005 Taurus. Now issues you might have: SRS and Cruise Control differences. Might be possible to wire the airbag in, and it might work, or it might deploy, or set an SRS error code. Best recommendation, test it all in a junkyard if you can find one that has batteries laying around. If you can power up the car, and test the SRS system in person, that's the best.
  7. I think I used 1 and a half to dye mine darker, so I would say about 2 to 3 to be safe. Do it in light coats is what I did.
  8. EVAP & CAT Issues

    If you recently pulled your battery, or recently cleared your diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), you'll get that. Like shelbyracer said, just drive it. Do a bit of city, a bit of highway, and it should clear after a week to OK or throw a DTC.
  9. To my knowledge, it does not, it should be by the RCU and the Power antenna.
  10. For wiring, I would probably just put 1 of the harnesses away. Wrap it in some electrical tape and hide it, and then modify the other for the LED Brake lamp. As for a resistor, I am not aware of any such thing.
  11. On my 95 T-Bird, I used a carpet/fabric spray dye and so far it's working pretty well on its rear deck. Granted, I was simply darkening it from the sun fading, but it did a good job. I bought it at O'Reillys I think.
  12. You'll have to interrupt it at the antenna itself. There are four wires. 1 is ground, 12VDC all time, 1 is a signal wire, and 1 is 12VDC when in Acc/Run. You need to interrupt the wire between the RCU and Power Antenna. Should be Pin 2 of the antenna, Red/Pink color. Maybe put an override switch between the two when you want it down or up.
  13. Ahh, yeah you would need the pedal assembly and switch basically. Grab as much wiring harness as possible to simplify the install. I'll have to fix my write up because Photobucket is a bunch of assholes sadly. But it wasn't a hard project to do. I am almost positive you'll be able to do the swap relatively easily.
  14. To my knowledge, yes. The Gen 3 and Gen 4 have the same pedal setup. However, I Do not think the Crown Vic parts will work in the Taurus/Sable platform. Also I can't speak for the brake booster being different. I don't imagine it was, but best way to confirm is to try and fit it at a junkyard to see.