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  1. Can it... Can it be given to TSOC? A non profit Taurus and Sable owners group? I would love to have that thing, give it a proper home.
  2. Oh wow, IN the rails. That sounds like fun. Glad you got it handled!
  3. I fixed the Mitsubishi Endeavor's bladder problem. Normally, people freak out about seeing a puddle under their car, but I was happy, since this puddle was from the A/C's condensate drain. The Endeavor's drain has the same issue of having a cheap gasket between the firewall and A/C Box, and as water dribbles out, it dribbles down, and goes right back into the cabin, and flooding the carpet. Same issue the Taurus and Sable had! But this time, the Mits folks had a fix. Solution was to make a new condensate drain, and that it leaves the cabin completely. Went to Menards and found a 3/8 to 1/2 Adapter, I cut off the 1/2 part, and had some old 3/8 Tubing, made it flat, then cut a hole on the bottom of the A/C's drain, plugged the old hole up with silicone, and now the new drain works great. Drilled a hole straight down the tunnel, away from the prop shaft, and zip tied it to the frame neatly so it's not a problem no more. I gotta say, one pro to drive by wire, pulled the accelerator pedal out and was able to work comfortably. Thankfully, since the A/C didn't work for about 2 to 3 years, forgot how long I've owned this beauty, but assuming it was a problem with the previous owner too as there was a bit of rust, but nothing terrible. I treated it with naval jelly, then sprayed it with undercoating, including the hole I drilled to ensure that doesn't rust up. So now fully functional A/C, and the drain should be fixed to not flood my car no more. This may work on the Taurus if someone wants to repeat it. Might look into it on the Roadmaster as it also has condensate issues. Why didn't all cars just do this method...
  4. Just a hypothesis, but the steering wheel from a Crown Vic/Grand Marquis has the controls, not sure about fitment, but I at least theorized that Ford's controls were pretty standard across the board and should control the applications of the car. I never went further with this since I sold my Taurus. Would need to do a lot of modifications to do it.
  5. I have not, but if it is running rich, and you only cleaned your MAF, unhook your MAF and see if it behaves differently. Also, what are your Check engine code stating?
  6. That Forscan is awesome. Brian did it to my mom's Fusion SE. Was able to add the digital speedometer readout, and the detailed tire TPMS details. Before the Fusion only had an idiot light for low tire pressure. My mom (and I) when she bought her 2015 Fusion, we assumed that like most new cars, it had individual readouts fore the tire pressure, like my grandpa's 2012 Impala. Well, now she has both those enabled, and makes the car enjoyable. I have no need for a Forscan utility since all my junk is too old to utilize it
  7. TaurusKev

    Plug near shifter

    That is right!!!! I forgot that some Tauruses had their CD Changers up front.
  8. TaurusKev

    Plug near shifter

    Hmm, that is odd. Sadly I am not sure. I'd have to goto a junkyard and seek out another Taurus with a floor shifter and rip it apart to see.
  9. TaurusKev

    Plug near shifter

    I would assume that plugs in to the actual shifter for lights, no? Hard to tell.
  10. TaurusKev

    Which gen Taurus is the best ??

    The Gen 2 I did get running, but I donated it to a high school. It was too rusted I miss it, but, the rust took it away. I am sure it's been beaten up by a bunch of high schoolers, but maybe helped 1 or 2 students learn how to work on cars.
  11. Brakes are overrated! Just hit a tree to stop!!!!
  12. I agree. Too many computer displays on cars. I used to like them, but now they're more of a pain in the ass. My mom still can't figure out her trip odometer in her 2015 Ford Fusion. The more things get complicated, the more I miss good simplicity. Last night my stereo in my Vibe took a shit. I took it apart, and was shocked at how minimal it was... There really isn't anything to this stereo... I did fix it by resoldering it as betting one of the cold solder joints broke apart from vibration, but just shocked at how minimal it is. If it dies again, I'll try to find a Pontiac Monsoon radio with a burnt out display and replace the bulbs. Really don't need all those fancy features, I just want a damn working stereo. Oh, and the CD player is broken. I never used it before in the Vibe. Really disappointed in how cheap/shitty Pioneer has gone. We need a modern day Zenith, where the quality goes in before the name goes on.
  13. Did the timing belt on the Honda Accord. Once I got everything out of the way (Power steering pump, engine mount, crankshaft pulley...) the job wasn't bad. Getting that crankshaft bolt out... That was a nasty chore. The impact gun could not get it off after trying, and even getting a better impact gun as the one I was using felt tired anyway as it couldn't even remove a lug nut. New one, it had no issues removing lug nuts, but that crank pulley? Found out Honda has a special tool to help keep the pulley stationary, then to remove the bolt, back is hating me now. To simplify the belt install, I made markings on the old belt and pulley markings, removed old belt, transferred over markings to new belt, and simply ensured all 3 points lined up. Still got a full tuneup, find out which CV Halfshaft is bad, then just do a fluid change on everything.
  14. TaurusKev

    Charts fire

    Ouch, I am sorry to hear that Chart, glad you are at least ok.
  15. Nope, there is a separate Check Engine light, and it was burnt out. I ordered a few bulbs to replace the smaller burnt out bulbs, but this is what it looks like now: I find it cool that Honda put some lights above for a nice glow above: (This was bench tested, not installed in car) But the weirdest part, these look like Ford Part Numbers: Doing a quick search for a Ford cluster, I was right: Same style and everything