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  1.  I think Photobucket did the right thing and fixed photo hosting again. So far they seem to be loading. I hope this stays because that was a terrible move for a car community such as ours. 

  2. The Official Dang Near Anything Thread

    https://www.dodge.com.mx/modelos/neon-2018/ Had no idea the Dodge Neon was brought back for Mexican Markets. Wow...
  3. Found this beauty that every Taurus/Sable owner will want in their driveway: https://utica.craigslist.org/cto/d/make-offer-rare-1987-taurus/6586056732.html Images archived here: https://imgur.com/a/sFVcjv2 For archive purposes the ad goes as followed: MAKE OFFER. This is a rare 5 speed manual transmission 2.5L Engine 1987 Taurus MT5 Station Wagon. Around 50,000 miles on a Ford dealer replacement rebuilt engine.One owner, purchased new. P/S. P/B. A/C. It had a power boost AM/FM/Cassette stereo front/rear sound system but the dash unit was removed for repair, speakers and cabling are still installed. Front bucket seats, mid split seat that drops for full "2 seater sports car" feel in a station wagon. This car rode nice, shifted smooth, and had 27mpg local and 33+ mpg on the highway. Low profile, took turns nice and tight. Wide sport wheels. Engine 2.5L Ford rebuilt replacement engine - this car had 6 year/unlimited miles warranty and suffered from the 2.5L 4-cylinder oil circulation issue that Ford had - never considered lemon law so the head gasket was replaced many times on the original engine until it could take it no more and Ford had to honor the warranty and replaced the engine at around 150,000 mile if I remember correctly. Now at a bit over 200,000 miles, but don't remember as there is a dead battery. So engine has around 50,000 miles on it. Was supposed to be a project car. Took it off the road at the beginning of winter years ago because of bad starter. Got the new starter and time to install it next season and the new starter was shorted. Got an exchange starter and never got the time to work on it. You can see by the pictures that rust has eaten it. Headlight acrylic is fogged and dirty but there is some fluid that clears old acrylic. Hood is left open because the latch was sticking due to age and didn't want it locked closed before repair. No doubt the CV boots are rotted. Front disc brakes and rear drum brakes. Rear drums are probably locked due to sitting awhile. Parked and never moved, so it is sunk in the ground. - !!!This car needs to be towed out!!! - The 5 speed was only offered for 2 years and discontinued. It can be adapted to auto transmissions by a knowledgeable mechanic.Good for a project car of your own or parting out for one you already have. I listed this as lowest rating "fair" but not salvage car, but obviously cannot be driven - yet. To filter out scammers, please respond with name, direct email, and phone# or your request may be ignored.Email through Craigslist with questions and/or your serious offer, and we can talk by phone.[/quote]
  4. Supercoupe is sold! :( Gonna miss it

    1. Brian_05_SEL


      Buy another Taurus! Or a Mustang. 

  5. The Official Dang Near Anything Thread

    I love old car commercials. This one being one of the most memorable making me yell "It's a Saturn!" as a youngin' every time I saw a Saturn.
  6. Gen 6 Taurus cyclone engine

    I would say close but no cigar. Unless you have means to alter the equipment, the ports look smaller on the Nissan and the bolts look spaced a bit closer.
  7. Gen 6 Taurus cyclone engine

    Sadly just because they look the same doesn't mean they are.
  8. Done with Ford

    Damnit, you figured it out!!!!
  9. Done with Ford

    In my case, the buying experience of the 2012 Focus was amazing. The dealer was great and treated me well. It was the support factor. I know now the Focus dual clutch transmission issues are resolved, even in my ownership there was a fix for it, but no dealer wanted to do the work. My dealer just gave me the runaround and kept flashing firmware at it or citing it as normal (Yes, it's very normal for a car to leak oil...), then I got involved with Ford Corporate customer service, they referred me to a dealer I have historically had a horrible experience with each time. They promised me they'd look at it first thing in the morning. When that promise fell short, that was a kick in the gut for me. It is sad because I wouldn't one day mind having an Explorer, those are nice and spacious, but I'd be scared knowing the dealerships around me suck. Kind of makes me hate the dealer model and wish that dealerships were owned by the company thus maybe more accountability (Maybe...) I still loved the style and features my Focus did have, it was a "wagon" variety, and I personally love wagon style cars I love my Vibe due to being a spacious little car, I love my Roadmaster due to being a large spacious car, and I love my Endeavor again, for the space it offers. I think people are realizing that sedans aren't the most practical things in the world. Try hauling a 50 Inch TV from the store in a sedan. Many times it'll take time to get it in safely, and if you brought any passengers? They are screwed. Having a wagon (whether it be a station wagon, CUV/SUV, or hatchback) has benefits of being able to perform, and Americans have a negative image with station wagons for whatever weird reason so they love CUV/SUV's due to their size. I can attest that my wife loves driving the Mitsubishi Endeavor because it is higher up, it is spacious, and feels more confident on the road with it. Sadly, in the market that exists now, things that aren't hot sellers cost companies money, thus why invest in it? V8's, RWD, Manual transmission, sedans, coupes, small cars, all things of the past. I loved how the Ford Focus was a compact car with features I would find on a luxury car such as heated seats and dual automatic climate control. But did people really care? Not sure. Ford isn't fully discontinuing these cars, just in North America. If demand comes back, they might bring it back. Bet you if Mustang demand ever begins to drop off, it'll be considered for the chop block too. And as much as we avoid politics in this forum, I'll just say that with certain displeasure of goods being manufactured in other countries (Mexico, Canada, other) I also feel Ford just wants to be able to minimize attention by shifting production of the lower volume/sales cost vehicles from other countries to just discontinuing them all together. Lets leave it at that without bringing names into it.
  10. Still looking beautiful!
  11. Done with Ford

    Up until August 2015, I have only owned Ford products. 2015 I bought my first GM (Oldsmobile). And I was loyal to Ford up until my Focus. Now I have a Mitsubishi, a Pontiac (Toyota), and a Buick. I do like Fords still, but I still have a very bitter taste in my mouth with my 2012 Focus. Quite frankly, the fuel economy I saw in my Focus I am getting in my Vibe, which to me is a much nicer car in all honesty. So really I like the Toyota in it. Hate to say it, but if I were to buy future vehicles, I'd strongly consider Toyotas now as I've heard the hype of reliability and ease of maintenance, and sadly, they were right. I bought a Pontiac Vibe since my inlaws have one with over 200k miles, heavily abused and neglected, and it still refuses to give up, and the body is still in decent condition. I've worked on it a few times and each time it wasn't the worst thing in the world compared to working on any Ford I've owned. However, I will say Ford is doing something that a lot of folks are doing: Abandoning the sedan/car. Mitsubishi is doing that by mainly offering SUV/CUV Options that sell, and one Econobox that one can buy and have a new car for cheap with great reliability. Ford as a business wants to make the most money, if money isn't in cars, just dump it and let someone else have that market. I see more Escapes, Explorers, Edges on the road than Fusions, Focuses, and Tauruses. I barely see a Taurus on the road sadly. Rewind about 15 years ago, I remember seeing Tauruses all over the road. I always wanted a Taurus because they had a beautiful design in the 80's/90's. It was a roomy practical car. The newest Taurus isn't the roomiest. It has that gigantic center console that takes away from some ability to spread out and relax on a long road trip. That deterred me from wanting one considering the price tag it came with. I hope Ford reconsiders, but they are not discontinuing the car worldwide, just here in North America where they don't sell as well and there is a flood of competition of other makes and models that are competitive. I think GM is dancing since when Ford discontinued the Ranger, they sprung back with the Colorado and took a market Ford abandoned and possibly got people to consider and like GM products.
  12. I personally redid my Thunderbird's headliner. I removed the headliner from the cardboard cutout, and used a wire brush gently to get it all off. Then, I found (shockingly) at Jo-Ann fabrics the right color and headliner. Got that and O'Reilly's sold the Upholstery glue that I heavily coated both sides, and it still looks great! The visors I think will be harder, those are stitched together, so you'd have to be good at sewing/making things. Gotta cut the old one off carefully, then cut a piece of fabric to cover it and all its many curves, and stitch it back together.
  13. Parts car options

    For total interchanability, the 2002 would rely on 2000-2003 parts, 2004 - 2007 introduced CANBUS systems and had different SRS, Computers, etc as they all networked. The 2003 and older didn't network. However, if you buy an 04-07, it's possible to swap the CANBUS stuff over, but you will need to swap most things in, or perform some crazy electrical work to implement different parts.
  14. Tore the Vibe apart today. Lately I noticed a rattle in the car. At first I thought it was something in a glove box, or center console. Then I decided to check, nothing. Looked in the simple places first. Nothing. I couldn't pinpoint the noise and it was when turning or accelerating/stopping harshly. Well, first I thought maybe something behind the dash. It sounded like a screw or piece of plastic. I couldn't find anything. Looked under the center console, nothing. Removed the blower motor to see if I could find anything in the HVAC box, nothing (That'd be an evil thing to do... Put something in someone's ductwork to rattle...) Nothing. I took it for another spin with all the plastics off, and realized the sound appears to be more on the passenger side. So, I decided to pull the passenger seat, then realized I have an audio amplifier under there, looks to be hooked up, so my Pioneer isn't bypassing the system probably. However, I found the damn culprit! There was a light bulb under that box. Looks brand new, not sure how it got there. It was right in that corner. That cutout is for the duct work for the rear floor vents that I had already removed looking for the annoyance. I think I took the car on many reckless drives around the neighborhood trying to pinpoint that. I was prepared to rip the whole car apart. Thankfully, I found it. Damn lightbulb was driving me mad. Now it's a silent car, and I got to practice taking the thing apart.
  15. Nice! Love the plate by the way!