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  1. Picnic table appears as if it will work across all 4 generations of Bulls, and I could put it up in my attic. Police Speedometer is just cool to have, I would probably mount it somewhere.
  2. The Taurus LX transmission cooling line rusted through, so I did a quick replacement of that. I have decided I am going to clean and fix up the Taurus Wagon and attempt to sell it. I've seen much shittier cars sell, it has cold A/C, has warm heat, it has problems, but I've again seen worse for more. I think the distributor is failing, as it stalled out, and it was not sparking. I replaced the TFI module with a new Motorcraft when it began stalling out initially. I figure I would sell it with the picnic table removed. I would love to take the police speedometer out, but I threw my OEM one out... So I guess it is going with. Rear power windows are both dead, moon roof works. Brakes need a bit of work. But it's a beater. Should be able to get some handy person a reliable cheap car to get a year or two out of it. Perhaps more.
  3. I might have to take a look at the Hyundai section in junkyards. Not a bad looking mirror. And good! Thought you were playing chicken with your Hyundai lol
  4. That mirror looks nice, what did it come from? Also why does it look like you are going to drive into that oncoming car at 40 Mph?
  5. Oh my mind has been going long ago lol.
  6. Been driving the Supercoupe a lot lately, I remember why I loved it... I am such a car hoarder...
  7. See I figured they saw them Yankee Sumbitchin' Lincoln lovin plates, and thought, "Here's a rich Northerner who can afford the ticket!" Or that's how it went in my head lol. I just set my cruise control now. Now I have flown past NC Troopers... No issues. Of course, as I get older, I'm good about going speed limits now. Guess the older I get, the more I realize I don't want to give what little money I have to the government. Now I assume cops are everywhere lol. Oh and having a Buick, I feel like it's appropriate to go slow
  8. VA stinks, Speeding ticket for 74 Mph in a 70. I won't risk it.
  9. I appreciate the effort, but it looks small... I wouldn't mind seeing one in person, so when it does get built, I'll probably drive out to go look at one. Thought GM learned station wagons were a bad idea. Mid-$30k-40k - I can't see folks just flocking to Buick Dealers to buy em up. Needs to be in the $20k range, so it should have just been a Chevrolet.
  10. Oooooooooooh, I love that wagon! Very Japanese and simple. Also those controls look very Mitsubishi-like. Which isn't a surprise since Japanese cars seem to use all the same parts lol. Congrats on the beater!
  11. It was imported? Then I have no clue lol
  12. I am going to guess a Saturn SW1/2?
  13. I pulled constant 25's from SC to IL. Of course, I was babying the car the whole way due to the weak OptiSpark. I did not want the Service Engine Soon light coming on from hammering it. And little did I know, the spark plugs in that thing were nasty. So I think the two did not help it. I would love to see what it can get now with all the work Ive done to it. I am going to try very hard the next fuel up to be gentle the way I drive my blue bird to see what I can get for city/suburb driving.
  14. Well... I gotta stop racing the LT1... Fueled it up, an impressive 13 Mpg... I have been driving it pretty hard, and at times, putting that Corvette motor to work So current things the wagon needs to be near 100% perfect: Completely undercoat the bottom of the wagon to preserve the beauty Fix 1 rust hole that was from water leaking in that is now fixed Replace oil and trans lines under the hood Replace trans fluid and power steering Replace differential fluid Fix auto leveling system And I think I am going to just rebuild the remainder of the suspension to have fresh parts. (Tie rods, control arms, etc)
  15. Come to think of it... I did use the Thunderbird to jump the Roadmaster a few times before I had a chance to throw it on the charger... And shortly after is when my alternator troubles started to brew... And that was when the Roadmaster was having all sorts of weird issues where the alternator caused it to throw 7 codes.