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  1. The old garage was sinking from poor construction, and was crap, and was becoming wasp city from all the poor construction. And it was small, so going from a 20x22 to a 24x24 (largest I can get in my municipality (Can't have a garage bigger than my home ) This is always true!! I did also start buying hoses for it that it needs for oil/trans lines
  2. Soooooo... What an eventful day. I got my garage knocked down, the starter completely quit, and all sorts of electrical gremlins in the Roadmaster. I think I might just take apart all the main wiring and test it 1 by 1. The Corvette LT1 starter, which makes a cool sound, was special order, I couldn't wait for special order, so I just got the regular boring LT1 Starter for Caprice, Roadmaster, Fleetwood, and maybe Firebird/Camaro. It was cheaper with my brother's discount at O'Reillys with Lifetime warranty. Now, with my garage being gone, my jackstands, good jack, etc was all in storage... So I just used my shitty jack that I left to move the Vulcan around, lifted the RMW, and used leftover bricks to support it. Super easy to change out, I think I had that starter out and in within 10 minutes. I wish I could do an oil change that fast on my T-Bird... So I did also get the new ICM. And well, I fixed one issue, folks might remember Sean decided to WOT the wagon, and well, at high RPM, it coughed, threw a Service Engine Soon light, and acted weird. I noticed it was always high RPM. So, I changed my ICM out, and well, now I can WOT that thing all day long, but now I have 7 codes coming up... Soooooooo, that is going to be fun to fix lol. All other bugs are worked out too with the interior. And, with spring being here, no more salt on the ground, I now have the 95 T-Bird insured, and ready for the road. I find it funny, out of all the cars I own, the 95 T-Bird is the most reliable car I own. No check engines, no weird faults, just get in and go. Sure my PS Pump needs replacing, and has that wonderful 4.6L Valve stem failure. But, it still drives. I need to finish up on some things, I want to take that on a road trip, I've never taken a road trip in my T-Bird. Just such a delight to drive though. That'll be my new daily for now until the new garage is done, and I can put her under the knife to fix the remaining crap (Valve stem seals are good excuse for PI Heads)
  3. The Land Yacht needs a new starter. Apparently putting a Corvette starter in makes it sound more badass and awesome. Might do that
  4. Lol! Everyone seems fascinated by it like they should be. It's how Ford should have built the Taurus in the first place
  5. Proper way? Remove all the headliner fabric, fill in the cut with something, perhaps cardboard and glue it in. Then apply new headliner fabric to have one beautiful continuous piece. I say they owe you a new headliner...
  6. That is good to know, because I really did love my Focus, just hated that worthless transmission. And with the new version of Sync, I know folks who know how to unlock Navigation However, just because it has a turbo doesn't mean you should worry. EcoBoost applications have proven themselves as long lasting as long as you do basic maintenance. And being in a salt belt, you'll probably lose your car before you lose your turbo. I also might bet that EcoBoost 1.0 Focuses aren't going to be under the $8k price range yet. I am too lazy to research this.
  7. And having ridden in a Fusion, it's a nice car, so I would say go that route. Of course if you're willing to look outside of Ford, I will say the 4 Cyl Impala was the most impressive large sedan I've ever driven in terms of economy, size, and modest performance. It definitely had way more powerful than a 4 Cyl Mustang LX
  8. Really? I would assume it is decent.
  9. Avoid the Focus/Fiesta with the dual clutch crap transmission. Go with a Fusion if you want Automatic transmission. But if you're willing to take manual, a Focus/Fiesta should be nice
  10. The Endeavor's Service Engine Soon magically fixed itself and turned off. Had an EVAP Leak, and I tried to resolve it, and it came back, but I guess now it's fixed. However... Like any old car. Something got fixed, and something else broke. I can no longer use the tailgate window. The plastic hinge broke, it's not horrible, but I probably shouldn't open it. And it looks like the same style with a Taurus Wagon with the Torx screw that looks corroded on and probably will destroy the window upon removal...I'll have to start soaking it in penetrating oil to hopefully remove it carefully and replace it. And the ebay assholes want $40+ for it. I don't think it is worth that. So I'll wait until I see an Endeavor in a junkyard.
  11. No such thing
  12. Well, on Highway I always use Cruise Control. I thought I was doing so damn well on the Mits. Went down to Indianapolis to visit some friends and decided to take the Mitsubishi as it doesn't have a flaky ignition system, and it is clean. I drove to Indianapolis, had about a half tank, was proud actually, cause I was around 220 miles already. Drove back, had a 1/4 tank when I was less than 100 miles from home. Filled up, did the math... 20 Mpg. The Roadmaster was getting 25 on highway... I was in shock lol. And EPA says 15 for City for both vehicles actually, and I normally get 14 in the Endeavor, and that's also ragging on it going to/from work and always using the "manual" mode to do a proper downshift and go into the gear I want to pass slow people. Just found it interesting how horrible it did lol. Think next road trip, hopefully my Roadmaster is fully ready and I can take that instead.
  13. Let's play a game! No cheating... Which is worse on fuel? 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor AWD 3.8L V6, or 1994 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon with LT1/5.7L V8?
  14. I say do it! My Roadmaster is pretty damn quick with the LT1 with a shitty OptiSpark... Can only Imagine a Country Squire with an LS V8
  15. I put new wipers on it! My wife decided to just let the wipers just be nothing but torn rubber... I drove it and used it, "Oh yeah, forgot to mention, don't use the wipers!" lol... And really, with the RainX, really never need to use em much.