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  1. I saw this on the Internets.
  2. Ford cheapened out on everything on the Gen 4 towards the end. So in 2005 Ford already decided to axe the Taurus lineup, and only kept it going for 2 more years to finish up inventory as fleet only. The 95 was way better equipped and built, sadly rust here destroys anything. But I've seen Vulcans last well over 200k long as you keep up with maintenance and don't go cheap on parts for them.
  3. Congrats!!!! My boss isn't too happy, as we are going to be 3 people short with an already understaffed IT department. My commute is now from 30 minutes to an hour for school. Quite frankly, not my problem. Had the company taken better care of me, and offered better incentives to stay, I wouldn't have thought about leaving IT, but when you got someone who can fix virtually any issue, and pay em as much as the guy who can't even use a Windows Registry or do simple hardware diagnostics... Means I was doing double duty... Thankfully, with me commuting and having my wife's insurance, my tuition isn't terrible. By the end of school, my student loans will be about the cost of a brand new base model Ford Taurus SE. Not terrible thankfully. Hopefully I am able to locate a good part time gig, or go back to doing side IT setup for businesses.
  4. Back to school! Decided IT sucks, and I have applied to many IT type jobs in the last few months with zero bites. So rather than going forward with IT and going deeper in, going in for a degree in history with teacher licensure to become a teacher. I start Aug 28!
  5. I put my two week notice in tomorrow at work.
  6. Might have to see what my school schedule looks like.
  7. I have an urge to get a canoe now...
  8. Fun fact, I have 2 Thunderbirds, a Taurus wagon, A Roadmaster Wagon, an Endeavor, and a V92C Motorcycle. And technically, the title of my wife's car is in my name, so I have 7 vehicles total. Take it from me, you can never have too much Once you sell your Taurus, do you wanna buy a Supercoupe?
  9. Picnic table appears as if it will work across all 4 generations of Bulls, and I could put it up in my attic. Police Speedometer is just cool to have, I would probably mount it somewhere.
  10. The Taurus LX transmission cooling line rusted through, so I did a quick replacement of that. I have decided I am going to clean and fix up the Taurus Wagon and attempt to sell it. I've seen much shittier cars sell, it has cold A/C, has warm heat, it has problems, but I've again seen worse for more. I think the distributor is failing, as it stalled out, and it was not sparking. I replaced the TFI module with a new Motorcraft when it began stalling out initially. I figure I would sell it with the picnic table removed. I would love to take the police speedometer out, but I threw my OEM one out... So I guess it is going with. Rear power windows are both dead, moon roof works. Brakes need a bit of work. But it's a beater. Should be able to get some handy person a reliable cheap car to get a year or two out of it. Perhaps more.
  11. I might have to take a look at the Hyundai section in junkyards. Not a bad looking mirror. And good! Thought you were playing chicken with your Hyundai lol
  12. That mirror looks nice, what did it come from? Also why does it look like you are going to drive into that oncoming car at 40 Mph?
  13. Oh my mind has been going long ago lol.
  14. Been driving the Supercoupe a lot lately, I remember why I loved it... I am such a car hoarder...