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  1. I might have tried that, but that hose's plastics were so brittle, that yeah, I did put a Dorman one on as that was only one available. Sadly also expensive. Does have 101k miles on it. But still could have been avoided with a traditional cooling system design.
  2. The Sable had to be towed home today. My wife calls me up saying the car is smoking. I ask how badly and didn't seem like fire smoke, so I told her to relax, maybe oil on the car, and I went and saw. I noticed radiator fluid everywhere however on the transmission. Get it home, fill it with some water as the tank was empty I notice right away it's seeping out the top of this stupid hose (Rant coming up) This damn hose just kept disintegrating each time I touched it. It broke from the upper radiator hose connector, the top, and connecting to the engine block. This is the stupidest fucking design I have ever seen for a radiator hose. I am tired of people saying parts for an import generally cost more, when yet I don't really see imports with this multi-hose. What was wrong with a thermostat housing on the engine block? And a single hose connecting to the engine? Fucking $120 part. I think I replaced all my Endeavor's hoses for much less! Either way, I am a broke college student, and my work sucks so badly they cut my hours as I am on a contract, and allegedly they didn't approve more hours. So money is tight, holidays suck, and just pissed away money on a new hose + a bottle of radiator fluid. And of course, both PCV hoses all disintegrated as well lol. I felt anything I touched on this car just fell apart under the hood. And just hit 101k miles. Plan is to find me a stick shift econo-box (Geo Metro, Civic, Accent, Corolla/Prism, something that'll do 30+ Mpg easily) and give the wife the gas guzzling Mitsubishi, and then try and sell her car. But for now, it's fixed enough to be reliable for a bit more. The rust isn't critical yet. Also, if you're in Chicago, Redmon's Towing was awesome with towing the Sable, granted it was all done through my insurance's Roadside assistance, but they were polite and courteous.
  3. Congrats on the 4Runner! Looks like an awesome truck!
  4. So my parents 2006 Ford Escape had a catastrophic failure of the subframe and body due to rust, so I decided to go with them car shopping for a replacement at Carmax. I learned something, I am honestly truly impressed with the Toyota Camry. Words I thought I would never say in my life. Why? Everything under the hood looked very straight forward to service. Alternator, battery, tuneup, belt, hoses, A/C, etc. It was all in easy to access areas. Then you get inside, and it's actually made for tall people front and back. With my back, I don't need to compress my spine to get into the back of it, and I appreciated that about the car. Seeing as the Sable is getting up there in rust, a Toyota might join the consideration list of prospective vehicles... I feel I am growing up massively. Oh and my parents settled on a 2015 Ford Fusion, it is a nice car, but to me the serviceability doesn't seem as friendly as the Camry, however it isn't my car to service
  5. I love Rock Auto, my crap came sooner than I thought. New rotors, new loaded calipers, all went together very easy, about an hour's worth of work. Took it for a test drive, seems to be good. Brake pedal feels a bit spongy still, I think I didn't get all the air out of there. I'll re-bleed it tomorrow maybe. I did this all after work, and already did over 14,000 steps at work replacing call center monitors, so just wanted to get the cores off so I can get them ready to ship back to Rock Auto. Also, I think I might need new rear tires soon, they're starting to become bald, cheap ass Goodyear Integrity tires. Rust is also starting to become more of a problem with the Endeavor, I hope I can get it to survive this season, so I can do a full DIY restoration to her in the spring. Still in much better condition underneath than the Taurus and wife's Sable.185k Miles and still running strong, when I did an oil change, I got most my oil back, so no oil burning, oil leaking, and looks solid underneath, I put full synthetic and a Mobil Oil Filter in so I can get about 7500 Miles + on the oil since I commute a hell of a lot more now.
  6. I need to replace the rear brakes on the Mitsubishi. Rear caliper is sticking, might be why my fuel economy has sucked terribly in it. For 185k miles, appears to be original. I have had more issues with disc brake than drum... Thankfully since no snow, I am back in the Roadmaster for now with its ABS Light. I suspect the sensor for the rear wheels, as that is what the B Body people say is common.
  7. I kept forgetting, but here's the last photo I have of the Wagon. Going to miss that thing.
  8. Posting was flagged for removal.
  9. Awesome! Was wondering where you went. Welcome back!
  10. Yeah, I would have felt bad too had I indeed sold it, and not even out of the neighborhood it begins having tons of problems. The Taurus will get fixed up a bit, be in better condition, then eventually junked
  11. 95 Taurus is GONE!!!! I am glad I donated it vs selling it. Started fine, and was a dream. Then I began driving it to my parents house so I had a ride back. About a mile away from my house, the car goes from quiet, to super loud. The exhaust rusted off at the weld between Y Pipe and exhaust. Whatever, I get to my parents, hit a pot hole, and the car begins to scrape. The rubber hanger that holds the exhaust pipe up failed, and the exhaust was now dragging, not even a block away from my parents house. Turned around, found a coat hanger in their garage and rigged it up to stay up, then as I was driving it to the school, the AXOD began to slip. Had I sold that, within 30 minutes I would of had a pissed off buyer On the bright side, the assistant principal of my old school was also a history major before he went into administration. And said if I needed anything to feel free to reach out, now I hopefully have an in when I am ready to student teach
  12. Could have been tuned differently for the Transits. As far as the Focus, IIRC it was shitty clutch packs Ford put in, which caused all sorts of issues. Before the recall was issued, I had non stop issues with my Focus, and just had enough and got rid of it. Wasn't worth the headache. I did enjoy that car, minus the clutch packs. It was the original batch as well. I would rather have a manual, or a conventional automatic transmission. I also hated when I needed to creep slowly, it was all or nothing with that thing. Always had to have a foot over the brake while 1 on the gas. I would consider another Focus in stick. (Focus ST? )
  13. Not sure, it is RWD and I know the PowerShit is a FWD application. So maybe a variant of it? The PowerShit is why I may never buy a new Ford again - Simply for all the issues my Focus had with it, and different dealerships just sitting around with a thumb up their ass. Even when it was leaking oil it was regarded as normal. The van did have some redeeming qualities, but overall, if I was in the market, I would take an Express over it in a heartbeat for the comfort since living in a van, comfort is king to me. And manufacturers are adding tech because people don't want to learn to properly drive. Really whatever happened to keeping things simple? Per Fake News, it will be mandatory in 2018 - http://money.cnn.com/2014/03/31/autos/rear-facing-cameras/index.html Also if we got into the habit of backing into parking spaces, it is safer than backing out of parking spaces as when you are pulling in you are aware of the surroundings prior to engaging reverse. But - Cars today are something I wouldn't want to buy. GM comes close to something I liked, but really a simple, but comfortable car is almost non-existent these days. I need to buy up all the panther and B Bodies when I become rich
  14. Drove a Transit 250 today! Hated it. There are some features I love about this thing. 1. Adjustable locking armrests. 2. Locking the rear doors open so when on a hill they don't swing back to hit you in the back when loading/unloading. That's really it. Why don't I like it? Well, this isn't my van, so the radio presets aren't mine. So, I had to use those Tune buttons, way on the otherside, which only advance 1 set (So if 90.1, pressing Tune+ goes to 90.3) Have to hold for over 10 seconds to get it to fast skip. There is also direct tune, where you can punch in the station. Seems like a great idea when on the highway. I have a shitty JVC unit in my Buick, and the tune feature skips between detected radio stations with a tap of the button. Would be nice in such a modern vehicle that pressing it would lock on to each station + or - of where I am going. If it does that, I guess I would need to play in the menu, which is annoying. The location of that tiny LCD for the backup cam - it is so far away, so either I have to try and over in the middle to see it, or just rely on the mirrors like the old fashion way. The transmission. It takes days to shift. "Oh, time to go to 2nd." And you feel every shift it does. Finally, it is loud, very loud in there. I think even louder than my E250 was. Even at 40 Mph, the windnoise was loud. Sad that Ford killed a better van for this thing. Much prefer the E Series to the Transits. It was also the Non-EcoBoost - but still pretty peppy for an empty van.
  15. I would have loved it, would have been a good donor body for my 95's rusty body. But I have too many projects myself as well. Maybe had I had some extra numbers in my salary, and a bigger piece of land (like Nick's) I might have taken it to do eventually. But my village bitches about every little thing I just want to minimize all my vehicles and be a "normal" person with just 3 vehicles to my name.