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  1. Sure you didn't pull a transmission out of a lawn tractor or a Hyundai Accent?
  2. I think out of all the cars I've owned. The Buick's concert sound is my favorite.

  3. They're 14-16 year old rims? Tbh they look good for the age, and with a little work can be made to look like brand spanking new if I wanted. Sadly, the 95 Taurus will be going away very soon. So it won't get the opportunity for this.
  4. Love is parking next to another B Body I would love to take their hood
  5. Now that I know those were Dave's rims. Gonna have to take care of em!!
  6. Sad part is, I always wanted those to throw those on my 05... And now they're on a car that is a ticking timebomb.
  7. Yep! Originally they were to go on the 95 Wagon after I did its conversion, but it too suffers from the brown rust
  8. I bought a table for my car. Greatest purchase ever. Goes on the bottom of the steering wheel and it'll support a heavy laptop. Also, for those who remember the Buick, it no longer smells inside. Smells like a normal leather car. And I've been too busy to pull the interior and do a full detail on the interior. Think it just needed some good airing out. I generally leave the windows cracked in the parking garage too for extra airing out.
  9. I did some weight reduction to the wife's Sable. I wonder how easy it would be to get a Texas flood Taurus/Sable... Gut every inch of it, thoroughly clean it, and assemble with what I got...
  10. Free is the best. Shame that is will be going to a crusher for the van though.
  11. Now when I see a car taking up multiple spaces, and I can squeeze into their spot with my Mitsubishi, I do! I don't even care if I make it so they can't get out. When it is a nice car, I make sure to try and squeeze next to them on purpose. Even if there are 5000 other spots. Sadly, with the Buick I refuse to take that risk. And with the T-Birds, I just park far away, but still in 1 spot because I am not an asshole.
  12. Oh I love the looks I get when I pass people. People also assume it's a slow tank, so I notice people will always go into a lane next to me. Only to see that I can haul ass. Since the road I normally commute on is a 1 lane road with passing in the oncoming lane. I have to pass quite often, and the scary part is the wagon will take off like a bat out of hell when I give it moderate gas, and I think people can't believe they got passed up by a rotten looking wagon due to the neglected woodgrain. Also, with the way I drive, I got a modest 19 Mpg with 80% of my drive maintaining about 60/65 with stops here and there. So 1 Mpg better than the Endeavor
  13. I point out that it's easy to park, because generally assholes who have smaller cars, can't seem to park them. I am not sure why it's hard to pull into a spot. Especially with stalls that are at 45° Angles. Now if a stall is at a 90° Angle, it's easier for me to back into it than to pull into it. Half tempted to print out those coloring sheets to encourage 3 year old kids to stay within the lines, so maybe it might help them park and put it on their windshield. However, I found out that Parking Services will ticket anyone parked like this. So I don't want to leave any notes to minimize my involvement with anything.
  14. Yep, the 94-96 GM B Body cars have an LT1 in it, and mmmm, the power it possesses always impresses me. I have to remind myself the vehicle weighs about 5000 Lbs, and it flies like it weighs nothing. I honestly think it's faster than my 95 T-Bird (Which, the LT1 pushes out 260 HP Stock, and the T-Bird is 200 HP with it's 4.6L) figured the weight differences would help, but the LT1 doesn't seem to care. This is the first time I've truly taken it out after ironing out remaining issues since taking it to IL, and damn am I in love. Also in love with bench seating as it's comfortable to chill in the front, stretch out, and do homework between classes lol