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  1. Lol, I can't wait to see how this one turns out too
  2. You drove a convertable anticipating having the top down the whole time. Clearly your fault.
  3. The beauty of Southern Snow is it goes away pretty quickly... Northern snow sticks around. I feel bad that the Roadmaster has been exposed to salt Also, on the topic of iced tea...
  4. The Moldmaster and I made it home! That car is a great highway cruiser. Really had a great time meeting everyone and had tons of fun. Thank you again Nick for inviting us over! Btw, +1 for having meets with good weather
  5. Hi you, do you remember me. I think we had some convos about antifreeze.


  6. Mmmm, 3 Little Pigs in my tummy
  7. lol, Is South Carolina different from North Carolina BBQ? However, I want all 3, and I also will need to get Bojangles while I am down there.
  8. I shall be there too. First meat I can attend
  9. I see no reason for a tech to take a car home tbh. Even if they had to test drive it, they could have test driven it during work. And even if it was for testing purposes, they should have left the vehicle in the same condition or better. I would at least speak to a service manager to see if that is standard operating procedure for their techs.
  10. As much as I hated the ergonomics of my manager's 2012 F-150, it pulled a good 20 Mpg according to the fuel computer. That's not bad for a full sized truck. Even if they gave us those, and put a camper shell on it, that'd be amazing for our department. But nope, old unreliable vehicles that sit for weeks at a time before we need them. I mean hell, I was still in school when that truck was brand new. And it always has some sort of breakdown within 6 months. All brake lines have been replaced, all brake hardware, tires, fuel pump, blower motor resistor, starter, alternator. I don't think I've ever called it in for preventative maintenance. Generally it breaks down and they do the PM too for more money for them. And being a fleet vehicle... I know it has not had an easy 17 years of life. But the engine burns no oil or leaks, and the transmission still shifts very smoothly, that's the only thing dependable on it, everything else is just old and raggity.
  11. I read that most 2500/3500 GM Trucks had it. I was confused at first as I imagine a 5.7L has tons of vacuum, but it's about the space saving. It works great, when it worked. But sadly, when my power steering went, it did take my brakes with it lol. It was real hard to stop that beast. The sad part... That 2000 GMC Savana 2500 has seen better days. It is a 17 year old truck. As a fleet vehicle, it never saw care such as undercarriage washes, so the thing is very rusty. They will likely spend $1500+ to service it, and how much longer till something else breaks. That van gets a whopping 10 Mpg on a good day. My E250 got 7/8 because it had all the ladders and weight in it. This is stripped. I don't truly need a vehicle that big. They should invest in a Transit Connect or City Express for our department as it'd be MUCH more efficient on fuel, and due to being a newer vehicle - Probably be only going in for preventative maintenance vs. constant failures. I can't imagine it is cost effective to keep these on the road. But apparently they have the budget to service em vs replacing them. This is why I hate big companies.
  12. I am murdering power steering systems lately On Thursday, I took my work van for a spin to get lunch. When I get half way to my destination at a stop light, my brake pedal began to vibrate. Thinking it was ABS, I rebooted the van and it still was doing it, yet my brakes were working fine. So I ignored it. I take off, and it begins to whine loudly. Power steering whining. Yeah, I murdered that. Didn't do nothing, but just all gushed out of the reservoir. I got to my destination, ate, then examined. I discovered GM did some weird getup where the return line passed through the master cylinder. I think for the Hydroboost. Not too well versed in GM Power steering systems, but anyway, this is what it did: Well, fast forward to today. I took my Mitsubishi to a site at work since my van died, my coworker's van is a disgusting heap of a van that will give you a disease, so... I wanted to be safe and took my truck. When I got lunch, I saw what looked like what I thought was oils around my cooler, but thought it might be water from a puddle. So I ignored it. Drove back to my shop, no issue. Go home and I start noticing my steering going weird. Then, when I was close to home, I begin hearing similar power steering squeals. My Endeavor's Power steering system gave out. But unlike work, I have to pay to fix it, it did appear my power steering cooler, which was really just a pipe, had failed. So, I could have bought an OEM one, but looking at it, why did I need all that stupid pipe? Bought a generic kit, and installed it in 20 minutes with only a pair of vice grips. To reference: And what I ended up doing: I did bend the fins trying to get that all in, I'll unbend them when it gets warmer out. I just zip tied them all in place, took it for a spin, power steering feels MUCH better actually. And I think my system has been leaking for a few, because I just realized there are spots all over my driveway toward the front. But it finally got worse. For 182,000 miles, not bad. And the entire job took about 20 minutes to do. I love how easy this truck is to work on. But damn, I go through two power steering systems in 1 week. I wonder if it was the same/similar issue with my work van with the pipe rusting out.
  13. I had a good month selling garbage on ebay. I have been a bit scarce lately on everything Internet. Normally I come on just to watch TV since I've been so exhausted from work.
  14. Any check engine light? Generally a rough idle could be due to needing a tune up, 46k at 2014 seems young for needing a tune up though.