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  1. Some of you may know, but I bought a vanity plate from Arkansas for my truck. It took a while to get, but finally got it! Truck Norris is official! Also, I decided to do a projector headlamp conversion on it as well. After buying some OE style DEPO CAPA headlamp units, I purchased a conversion harness that was supposed to make them work. It didn’t. After more research I reached out to retroshop.us to inquire about their harness. They assured me that it would make my lamps function as factory so I dropped the $160 for their harness. It indeed worked! Now, I have factory projector lamps
  2. I bought a ruby red ecoboost mustang Wednesday. 2019, 13k miles, has 8” screen w/nav. Not super remarkable, but a nice, like new car. I had my 2020 Terrain SLT w13k miles (bought it with 9k miles on a year ago)that I didn’t use much and my good friend Larry needed to sell a car. I told him I wanted another Challenger and he suggested I look at a Mustang. They had this one, a grey one, and a GT. I didn’t want to spend GT money so I chose the ruby red car. I’ll have pictures up soonish. The only one I have is from earlier in the week. We had an ice storm that started Wednesay and my fi
  3. I do plan to keep MDS off. The work around to keep it off without tuning is to switch it to manual mode which deactivates MDS. You can set it to shift into any gear and it will still automatically shift if you don’t give it any inputs. I set it to gear 8 and leave it. Only downside is you have to reset it anytime you shift out of drive. I’ve been doing this pretty consistently. This truck came with a 10 year 100k mile warranty and I can’t do anything to void that. I don’t know that I’ll have it that long given my history with buying vehicles, but I do admit that I have a car buying prob
  4. Some stuff has changed on Truck Norris since I last posted. I got my flares(new aftermarket oem style) painted when they repaired the truck. Also got the upper glovebox(used), footwell lamps(used),and 20” replica machine faced wheels(new)installed. Wrapped in Goodyear Wrangler 275/60/20 tires. Only thing I plan on doing in the future is to install the touch screen 8.4 unconnect w/nav head unit. Really liking this truck even after having such horrible luck right out of the gate. It doesn’t even look like the same poverty sled Tradesman that I bought. Made my first payment yesterday. T
  5. Got my truck back late yesterday from the body shop. Looks just as good as it did before. Damage came in just shy of $5500. They had to replace the rad support, grille, headlight, upper bumper cover and support, left fender support, liner, fender, remove both drivers doors to repair the a pillar, and remove the bed to clear the entire cab side. They butt matched the hood and blended onto the front door which luckily I couldn’t pick out. I also had them paint my flares since they were painting the rest of the items. I’ll get those back on Monday. Three weeks roughly since the accident.
  6. Well, on my birthday my new Ram truck was involved in an accident and will require some work to look good again. I was not even in the truck as it was hit in a parking lot by a gentleman dragging a gooseneck trailer in an area where a gooseneck trailer does not belong. He wound up dragging the trailer into my, up to then, pristine as new 3000 mile truck that I had owned for 3 days total. I had to fight with his insurance, Farm Bureau, all week and had to threaten suit to get them to admit liability. Parking lot accidents are considered no fault accidents in Arkansas. I was not having tha
  7. I replaced the Flex today with another ram. This one is a 2021 Ram1500 Classic in Billet silver with the hemi! I have really missed my 2019 and when I saw this one come up with only 3500 miles and at a relatively good price, I snatched it up! I don’t have any pics of it other than the ones from the dealer. It was like old times on the drive home. The hemi felt a little more spry than my previous V6 truck, but I wouldn’t say it was surprisingly quicker. This one is certified so it comes with a 100k mile power train warranty too, which is great! Has the upgraded black cloth interior, line
  8. I serviced the 6f50 trans on my Flex last weekend. This weekend I swapped it to the new Motorcraft Yellow coolant from the Orange Dexcool. Ford says this yellow coolant dramatically increases water pump longevity in the 3.5/3.7 engines. Only time will tell, but for $30 and a few hours of time I feel like it was worth it. Currently at 27654 miles. I don’t regret my purchase at all. Now I know why the folks who have them, keep them. Jeff
  9. So, a lot has changed in a week or so. I wound up letting my Fusion go, even though, I had literally just customized it and made it something unique and very nice. I needed something larger and an elderly couple traded in a like new 2019 Flex SEL a few weeks back. They bought it new from our dealership and it had always been serviced by us. 26k miles, pretty hard loaded, one minor accident(coca cola truck grazed the passenger fender). I saw the damage before it was repaired. Put a new fender on it and it looks as new again. Otherwise, was a pristine example and in the right colors. I h
  10. I decided to do a little upgrade tonight on the Fusion. All the new Fords are coming with the iPad style screens. So, I had to go aftermarket to get one, but it uses the Ford APIM and AC circuit board so it retains all the factory options plus adds many many more like surfing the web/watching videos and is made to install and look like a factory piece. It was a little pricey, but it’s way better than the sync 3 system I had. I paid a little extra for a 3 year warranty so if it breaks or I break it, they will repair/replace it for 3 years. It responds quickly and the audio is just as crisp
  11. Well, I’ve received my tangerine and black interior kit. Here’s to hoping it looks good! It’ll probably be about two weeks before I can have them installed as we sub out our interiors. Also, tomorrow I’ll have a steeda intake kit coming to install. Today, my poor Fusion was hit with hail(up to slightly over quarter size). I have found two dents, but I’m sure there’s more. I’ll be lucky if I don’t find more. Really do not want to have to file an insurance claim.
  12. This week, I added a Steeda front strut tower brace and the Steeda 1” rear solid sway bar to my Fusion. It definitely feels like it handles much better at speed than it did. Slowly, but surely it’s coming along. My leather interior kit will be here in three weeks. I picked the final colors after I was sent samples. Tangerine body with black perforated inserts. I think it’ll be 🔥. Jeff
  13. I decided to upgrade my interior to leather. I normally have only owned cars with leather and I got such a good deal on this car with rebates that I just figured I’d update the seats. Normally I would choose something factory-like, but I’ve seen some of the new Rolls Royce cars with outrageous interiors and decided to try that on for size on my Fusion. I chose orange leather for the main body with a black perforated insert to tie it all back into the rest of the interior. I may have to have the door panel inserts done in orange too, just to make it cohesive, but I’ll decide that once the s
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