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  1. The 350 drivetrain I'm putting in was free. My dad bought this van 8 years ago and it runs and drives great and is super nice, but he never could get the title to it and refused to spend the fees associated with a bonded title. After I take what I want it's going to the crusher. This thing has the dining table, seat that folds into a bed, TV, window shades, the works. Shame to see it go, but it's time to move on and part of it will live on in my truck.
  2. I've disassembled some more stuff on the truck. I've also got most of my hard lines ran for my brakes. The front cap needed to come off anyway since it was rusty. It also helped facilitate finishing the brake lines without having to kill myself doing it in cramped quarters under the truck. I also purchased a donor cab that was super rusty. It's from an 85 Silverado, but was complete minus seat...so it will donate the dash, complete wiring harness, auto column with tilt, all interior trim, power window and lock parts, and AC parts to retrofit some amenities into my heater only base model custom deluxe. Doors are the same internally from 78 up so everything in the rusty doors should swap to my doors relatively easy just gotta drill the holes for the wiring to pass through.. Also, before I put new sheet metal on, a good running donor 350 engine and auto trans out of a 84 GMC Vandura will be bolted in the place of that mighty 250 I6 which actually runs really well...so I'm a tad conflicted on that, but really want that V8 sound.
  3. I got the entire front suspension and steering rebuilt on the truck. New inner and outer tie rods and sleeves, new pitman and idler arms, new LMC truck reproduction lower control arms(only ones available anymore), one new upper control arm that I couldn't pass up for 14.00, and one rebuilt upper control arm using new bushings and ball joint. I also installed the rear shocks as well. I just thought I'd get away cheaper by rebuilding all the control arms, but unfortunately the lowers were both bent and couldn't be rebuilt. All in all, I'm about 465.00 in parts rebuilding the front end. I did the labor myself so not too bad to have a 100% new front end. I received my new proportioning valve in the mail yesterday. I'm going to start running the new lines tomorrow and then rebuild my rear brakes on the weekend. I should have it stopping sometime early next week. I also swapped those 10" wide wheels and drag tires for more appropriate rally wheels with decent roller tires. Here's how it's sitting now. Nice and proper. I'll update more as I go. Still need to rewire the truck, pull the rear axles, install bearings and rear seals, and service the diff, and finally install the dash(I found a complete unit about 2 hours away for $100 and I pick that up next Saturday) before it's really road worthy or really worthy of being road tested. Jeff
  4. So, some of y'all may know that I purchased a 78 Chevy C10 SWB Custom Deluxe several months ago. Well, it was delivered Friday finally. The truck runs and drives, but has absolutely no brakes. Further investigation revealed a truck as tired underneath as it was cosmetically which I expected. I did the brakes and bearings( short of plumbing them in) on Saturday with all new parts, but the state of the chassis and suspension parts gave me pause so I ripped it back apart today and started over. All the control arms will be rebuilt and new everything for the front end too. I purchased everything just about on RA at a substantial savings on closeout items. So, while the truck may look terrible right now, it should drive as new. This is where I'm at right now... Still a long ways to go and then rinse and repeat on the other side. The truck is pretty complete minus a dash and some severely hacked wiring that I'll need to sort out. Overall, for an impulse purchase...I'm relatively happy with it. Jeff
  5. If it's a good battery you should be fine letting it sit that long. My 89 wagon sat for 7 months before the battery completely died.
  6. I got one of my new rear shocks installed on the 14 Fusion this evening. I waited too late to start so I didn't tear down the other side as dark would've overtaken me. I bought Monroe Sensa Trac shocks and bought the upper mount from my local Ford dealer. My only symptom really was a squeak from the rear shock during turning maneuvers and also at highway speed the rear of the car seemed to want to wonder some. I'll swap in the other tomorrow after work. The LH shock looked fine once removed....however my noise is coming from the RH side so we shall see if this fixes my very minor issue. It wouldn't be an issue if I drove with my radio up more often, but it's usually turned really low which is how I heard the noise. The wandering or loose feeling I noticed a while back, and it seems others have experienced this and new shocks fixed the issue. For less than $120 I'll take the gamble. The car now has 47k on it and is probably close to the suspension needing some attention to keep it riding like new anyways.
  7. Finishing life....it's the great white North. We all know what happens to the cars that live in the North. Jeff
  8. Almost all of the lamps are working in the Impala again. Very rare to see one with this many lamps still functioning. Climate control module went dark several years ago, but still functioned. Lately recirculate mode was intermittent and so tracked it back to an issue with the control module. Instead of going junkyard part, I opted to buy a reman unit so that I could get the illumination back. This nugget was a pretty penny, but really looks sharp all lit up. Now, if I can only find some good stereo buttons to replace my dyed ones. One day I'll have the lamps replaced in the radio too, but for now I'll just have to deal with the one that's out. I'll likely upgrade it to a factory radio that has retrofitted Bluetooth w/handsfree calling and aux port...seller on eBay has these available relatively cheapish and retains the stock look and access to the vehicle settings. A few weeks ago I treated it to new lower control arms, inner and outer tie rods, sway bar links, and an alignment. This car is still doing great...I've put about 5k miles on it since repairing the engine and just really enjoy driving it. I'm 99% sure it's faster than my Fusion too and way more comfortable with that cloth bench seat! Jeff
  9. So, I bought yet another vehicle. I surely didn't need it, but I didn't buy it because I needed it. I bought it to help someone out. My coworker is in his late 60s and recently got custody of his grand kids due to issues with their parents. Now he and his wife are raising a 3 year old and 13 year old. He needed to make some money rather quickly so I purchased the truck from him. He bought it new and was his daily driver until about a month ago. It needs the paint freshened up, but otherwise everything works...even the AC. It's a black 1995 Ranger standard cab, 2.3 w/ manual transmission 139k miles AND OBD2! Now, I'll be able to haul a few things. I've ordered all new lenses and assemblies for the whole truck. One fender will need painted (OReilly delivery driver hit with delivery truck twice and he replaced it twice but never painted the second one. Body is super straight....runs good. No check engine light, but I did buy a tune up for it for peace of mind and will be servicing the gearbox in the next week. I'm going to have the fender painted and have the upper cab and hood painted....then put a pinstripe on it. Got a set of black plastic Westin bed caps to tidy up the bed rails and a tailgate cap to match. My plan is to use it as much as I can and daily it in winter months. If I find I'm not using it then I'll likely sell it on and hopefully make a little money. I tend to try and fix them up as close to new as I can so if I lose money at least I helped out a great friend and co-worker when he really needed it. Jeff
  10. I sold my 54 Cadillac Coupe DeVille today. A factory AC car with all the options. It was between 70-80% done. Haven't touched it since 2011 or 2012. Kept saying next year....it was time to liquidate it. Buyer got a great car for a great deal. Over $17k invested. Let it go for $10k was asking $12k....didn't really have to sell. I promptly bought a 78 Chevy C10 SWB 6 cylinder truck to replace it. It needs just about everything, but parts are cheap. Will be doing a 5.3/4L60E swap on it. Otherwise will be stockish in appearance. I owe $2k on my mortgage so I'll probably go ahead and pay that off while I'm at it. Jeff
  11. Those pictures make me miss my Sable....only slightly. It's a beautiful car Josh! I do not miss the terrible fuel economy. I'm sure you're noticing that Betty is slightly thirsty....compared to your other Taurus cars.
  12. Sandy, File a claim with safelite if the can shop cannot make it presentable. They gave me zero hassle in fixing my car. Jeff
  13. Possibly. Depends on how many folks are planning on going. It's quite a ways for me. Jeff
  14. Nick, The windshield I put in my Impala is FY brand from China. I noticed on my Fusion it was branded FUYAO along with the Carlite stamp. I googled FY and they are one in the same company. So Ford is putting this Chinese glass in as OEM. It may be different quality.....can't really say on that. Safelite house brand is XYG....not sure who it's made by. Jeff
  15. Safelite were the ones who scraped and dented the pillar on my 09 Sable. They did fix it and gave me no hassle about it. I just didn't like the hassle of being without my car. They paid for a cheap rental too, though. I won't use them again most likely though because of it.