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  1. I have. I'll post a picture of it tomorrow. Paint matches perfectly. I'll have to wash the car. It's all dusty and polleny now. Jeff
  2. I hit rain just past Atlanta and pretty much rained all the way home from there....except in Tupelo. I managed to find a break in the rain and took the opportunity to see where Elvis was born. Then got back on the highway bound for Memphis.
  3. Sam had bad luck with Dorman heater pads. He said they burned out after a day or so. I never had that problem with my 09
  4. Hey Dave! I enjoyed the weekend so much and visiting with everyone. I just apologize I held everyone up on Saturday at the barbecue place. I really wanna thank Anthony(Gentz) for unlocking the Nav on my car and letting me have a nav card so it would work. Thanks to Nick for always being a great host and for his help tearing apart that poor Impala at pullapart. Thanks to Paul for letting me borrow his tools and helping with the Impala as well. Kevin for getting mad at it and ripping it the rest of the way apart. Sean for filming cash Taurus in the snow and throwing things at the Impala to keep it distracted while we ripped it apart. Thanks everyone for letting me drive your cars. Sorry Dave for nearly taking out that tree with your Edge...glad you decided we might not ought to do that. And just a general thank you to everyone for being good people. It's hard to find a group as fun and good as we are. It was a most excellent time. I'm probably forgetting something. Can't wait to do it again. Oh and thank yewww Dave for just being you. I enjoyed our shenanigans.
  5. Would it surprise you if I told you the Ford part is less than $20 at the Ford dealer? I had no luck with Dorman on my Sable. I couldn't believe the dealer parts counter was cheaper than after market. Jeff
  6. Does anybody have Forscan that will be at Nicks the coming weekend? I ask only because I need my nav unlocked on my fusion.  I only have sync services nav, but there's a procedure to program nav using forscan.

    1. daveromanjr


      You can't just unlock nav, jeff.  You have to buy an $800 module.

    2. daveromanjr


      Oh wait nevermind it's do-able.  Cancel that thought.

  7. I think my Sable still had pollen on it from last spring at your place when I traded it in. No joke. I shall not be rolling my windows down this year. lol Jeff
  8. I purchased a spoiler for the Fusion tonight. I originally thought about installing an OEM one, but those are quite big and require drilling(they do look really nice though). I've drilled to install spoilers in the past and while I have no problem doing so....I just really didn't want to mess with it. I settled on a lip spoiler exactly like the one mmmfloorpie put on his Fusion. It's not big or flashy, but just enough to give the trunk some class and installs with 3M molding tape. I bought it on ebay pre-painted so hopefully it will match. I probably won't have it in time for the meet at Nicks. I think now all I have left to do is drive it for a while, but I've already done more than I started out to do...so I might just keep going. I really want the ambient lighting that comes standard on Titanium. Ford sells a retrofit kit....so maybe that will be my next mod. Jeff
  9. I've added in channel vent visors and husky liners to the Fusion. I got an excellent deal through keystone at work on the husky liners. 109.00 + tax for the front and rear set. Now I don't have to worry about tracking dirt in on the black carpet. I should've gotten these for the Sable. I also installed a Boomba racing blow off valve adapter. Now it makes noise! Since it's now venting to atmosphere it helps keep less blow by from coating the valves and creating carbon build up. I may install the Boomba throttle body spacer. I'm still on the fence on that one. 450 miles in and still really enjoying it. Jeff
  10. Dave aka Powdered Sugar( in the greatest southern drawl you can imagine) didn't get that nickname for nothin. Kodachrome could find himself with a promotion....never know. Jeff
  11. I would never run semi metallic pads of the d or mkd prefix. I MIGHT use the SM series pads if the SC or C prefix pads are not available. I run the commercial sales desk at my store and I only sell the d/mkd pads to car lots. All my repair shops by the Selects or Wagner pads because you don't see near as many come backs.
  12. I will probably look into it in October after my house is paid off. I will have a bigger budget to work with then. I did my first mod today. I'm going to start a new thread for the Fusion later tonight, but I did plastidip (duplicolor wrap) the upper grille matte black to match the lower. I left the chrome beauty ring because it looks better that way. Now I think the front looks cohesive with the wheels. So far I've put about 75 miles on it since Feb 15....still no regrets. I do have a question about maintenance that others with turbo cars can fill me in on. What type of oil should I run in this car? It's had motor craft semi syn since new, but shouldn't I run a synthetic to reduce the chances of oil coking my turbos? Thanks Jeff
  13. This is why I'm afraid to mess with it because it's a tiny engine. I will never race this car and for what I'll use it for I'd likely never need any additional power. The K&N cold air intake says it will increase HP and torque by about 8 HP/tq. I might do something like that....or the Steeda intake. Here's a few more pictures. Car is still dirty from the rain. Gotta get some weathertech floor liners for sure. Engine is nice and dusty. I'll probably remove the cover and wash it (the cover) and then put it back on...just to tidy it up a bit. They changed the oil for me. I popped in a new WIX air filter and cabin filter today. Both were OEM and cabin filter was way overdue. Jeff
  14. The 1.5 is pretty peppy for such small displacement. It's even better in sport mode, but mileage suffers. I am getting about 24 mpg city so far, but in sport mode it goes to about 22 from my testing it out this morning. The salesman led me to believe that you have to manually shift in sport mode, however, the trans shifts itself so long as you don't touch the selectshift buttons. I really like it and I don't miss the 3.5 in the Sable at all.
  15. I may once the warranty runs out. Jeff