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  1. I ordered an OEM spoiler for the fusion and it’s currently at the paint shop. I’ll be getting that installed soon. Also, just today I ordered the full chrome honeycomb grille for a titanium fusion and also the chrome trim for the lower front bumper that sits just below where the fog lamps go. I am still undecided on trying to install fog lamps on this car or not. I will make that decision before I remove the front bumper to put the new grille in as that will be the time to change the harness out for a fog lamp version. I may go ahead and put the harness in as the fog lamps can be added a
  2. Are you trying to get the screen to work to play video? If so, that wire is just looking for a ground. You can ground it to your chassis ground. Of course it will play video at any time if hooked up that way. The parking brake ground is used to limit the use of playing video while driving as it will only allow video when the parking brake is engaged. It is highly illegal to play video while driving. So, know that before you choose to tie that wire into the chassis ground. It will work that way though.
  3. Well, my ram drove off with its new owner yesterday. They told me it would go quick and it did. I hope he treats it well and it treats him well! I’ll miss it, but my pocketbook thanks me for saving some $$$ right now. My fusion now has 180 miles on it and has been great. I’ve had it a full 7 days now. It drives how I remember my 2014 driving. I really dig the auto dim headlights. I seem to use that the most around here. I bet most people think that auto dim headlights are a new feature, but it was actually pioneered and introduced by GM in around 1954. It was called Cadillacs’ “Autro
  4. Since the truck market is red hot right now and I really wanted to save some $$$ monthly, I took the opportunity and traded in my truck for a 2020 Fusion Ecoboost in Iconic Silver. I got the final number today on paper and it cost me 936.00 to drive my ram for one year and 8k miles. Pretty good, I thought. I never really used it as a truck so I decided I really didn’t need it as badly as I thought when I first purchased it. This fusion has co-pilot 360, big radio with nav, and other various stuff that makes it feel like a very well appointed car. Much more options than my 2014 Fusion had
  5. Not much to report. I’m at roughly 8000 miles and still going great! I finally got my dash emblem installed. I think it looks pretty good. Glad to see that the forum is back up and going again! Also, I’m now working for Ford at my local dealer, Glen Sain Ford as a service advisor. So far I really love it! I’m having a great time and since I know most of the folks there it seems like it’s always been family. I’m still working(for now) a few nights a week at OReilly for extra money, but looks like I really likely won’t need to. I should have made this move years ago! This was the first
  6. In the picture of the glovebox door you will see a Laramie emblem present that I removed because my truck is a tradesman and therefore wouldn’t have a glovebox, let alone an emblem. I think it looks spartan without the emblem so I contacted a bespoke emblem manufacturer and gave measurements and photos. I commissioned a bespoke emblem that could’ve been something similar to what would’ve came from factory. I used a dremel to cut off the raised Laramie lettering from my base and smoothed it with body filler. I will be wrapping that base in chrome vinyl wrap. On it, I will affix this custo
  7. I added the ambient light group to my ram and also added the upper glovebox. I lucked out and found a brown upper glovebox kit on eBay for $100 which is a super good deal compared to the gray kit(my color). I bought the kit and when it arrived I disassembled the door and cleaned it extremely well with dawn and a scotchbrite pad and then applied adhesion promoter and the correct color dye for my interior. I also recolored the back panel in black and the glovebox insert in black as well(OEM color would’ve been grey). I also went custom with the insert and upholstered it which I thought gave
  8. So, my Ram has just over 6k miles on it now. Still a great truck! I’ve been trying to upgrade the looks some here and there when I find deals. Last weekend I found a set of black OEM fender flares on Facebook marketplace for $50. I drove about 40 miles away and picked them up. One had a small gouge, but the others were in fine shape. I repaired the gouged one using a plastic bumper filler kit. I did the bodywork myself and prepped all four for paint. I do not have anywhere to spray and really wanted these to look as nice as possible so I had them professionally painted. I only had tim
  9. Well, on Friday I picked up some old iron. 1968 Buick Electra 225 4 door hardtop. This is a one family owned car from new and was parked in 1992 when the parents passed away. It's going to need everything just from sitting around, but it's a beautiful car. 430 big block under the hood and a turbo 400 transmission. Odometer reads 19k miles and I'm inclined to believe that based on all of the OEM parts present under the hood and the factory markings still in place. I'll have more pictures soon after I do a little spring cleaning. I'm having tires mounted as we speak so that I can move it
  10. The one option I really wanted on this truck, but didn't get was hands free calling. I didn't realize it didn't have it until on the way home. I figured every new vehicle has this standard. Not so. I thought about buying a new radio, but that was going to be big $$ to get something that looked OEM. So, I did some research and found a few kits that integrate it into the factory radio. Mopar makes a kit and so does Rostra. I decided on a Rostra kit and managed to find a NOS kit (2014 manufacture date) unopened on eBay for $100 that is custom made to fit the Ram1500. Installed it today a
  11. Added 5" polished stainless iBoards to the truck today. They look nice, but not too sure how I feel about them yet. Also, dropped the factory fill Pennzoil at 550 miles and swapped to Rotella Gas Truck full synthetic 5w20. Had my local Ford dealer do it so it would be documented properly, plus $14 is pretty cheap and I didn't have to crawl under it. Forgive the dirty truck. I'm going to wash it tomorrow and then I'm going to add the factory splash guards. I have the tailgate assist kit coming in the mail so I'll install that next week sometime. That's about it. Jeff
  12. Thanks! I figured I'd get more reaction from buying a V6 than it being RWD. Working in parts, I'm seeing a troubling trend with the lifter and cam issues with the hemi engines. The pentastar seems to be pretty rock solid. Lots of 4x4s here too, but I'll likely never go off road in it. We also usually have pretty mild winters. I have my Buick if we get ice, etc. I've already added the higher trim grille insert, chrome handles, chrome mirror caps, tailgate assist, the Mopar chrome wheel skins, and I've got a set of 5" wide iBoards to install this weekend. The only giveaway that it's a tr
  13. Saturday, I said goodbye to my 2018 Charger after only two years of ownership and 9400 miles. I had done quite a lot to that car to make it nicer and to make it my own, but somewhere along the line I had fallen out of love with it. It sat for six months under my carport collecting dust while I drove my 98 Buick Regal GS daily. I've always wanted a truck and any time I've ever needed one I've always borrowed my dad's truck. I've always considered them as not affordable for me. Friday, a Chrysler dealer about 40 miles from me offered a 2019 Ram1500 Classic tradesman 2wd, V6 for $24,448. I
  14. Just an update on my old 09 Sable. Saw it sitting in front of the Dollar General today on my way home from work. Stopped quickly and snapped a pic or two. She's looking pretty rough these days. One of my friends reported that when they saw it last, the engine had an audible knock while idling. I feel bad for the car. I wish I'd have kept it now. Jeff
  15. So, a week or so back my Buick was totalled by an inattentive driver that didn't wait her turn at a four way stop. I was heartbroken! I cried over this! It's the nicest car in my fleet right now and I drive it all the time! She didn't seem to care much except that it scratched up her brand new Jeep that she had just purchased. I felt judged by her and the police officer that came and took the report that my car was of no value. I've already repaired the car and hung a new fender, bumper cover(cracked in center and fog lamp bracket tore small hole near bottom), grille mount panel(cracked),
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