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  1. I changed out the factory fill oil in the Charger today. It had a week and 320 miles on it. When drained, it had the fine metallic debris you expect from a brand new engine during break in and I didn't want the circulate all of that for 3-6 months. I went back with a Mopar oil filter MO-349 and 5w20 Quaker State Advanced Durability conventional oil. It is one of only a few that had the proper Chrysler spec printed on the packaging and I want to adhere to the guidelines set by Dodge. I'll likely run this for 1500-2000 miles and then change it again. I change my oil often so I may stick with conventional on this car. Even though I work for a parts house, I purchased everything at Walmart because it saved me over $10.00 on the exact products I bought. Ten bucks is ten bucks. Jeff
  2. I don't think a v6 charger is going to win any races, but compared to my 1.5 ecoboost it will move. I had to really wind that 4 cylinder up to get it going. This car does it almost effortlessly. Driving it reminds me of my 09 Sable, only better. Also, yes we're all buying new cars....I thought that was weird as well. Jeff
  3. Well, after my ordeal with Ford on my Fusion and the fact that it was nearly out of factory warranty....after weeks of going back and forth over it in my head and still having the gut feeling to get out, I traded it in tonight and bought a brand that I've never had the pleasure to own before. I put a brand new octane red 2018 Dodge Charger in my driveway. With the incentives on the charger and the Chrysler Capital rates for first time Mopar buyers I couldn't pass it up. It's the V6 SXT model with some options less sunroof and leather. Has touchscreen radio, backup camera, parking aid sensors and all the standard stuff...that's about it. It has most everything I actually used on my fusion and none of the things I didn't. So far, really liking the room and ride of this barge. I know I don't own any Fords now so hopefully y'all won't kick me out and hopefully I'm still invited to meets and what not. Jeff
  4. Who all are going to Carlisle Ford Nationals this year?  Since we aren't having a meet this spring I'm thinking about going this year.  

    1. Kodachrome Wolf

      Kodachrome Wolf

      I'm taking the year off from Carlisle. May do more regional stuff or just hold out until the Fall.



      I'll probably go down on Saturday. 

    3. ShelbyRacer78


      I plan on going, 4th year out there.

  5. PDR turned out great! Only one dent couldn't be totally removed, but he was able to make it 90-95% better. Also, last year I put Monroe OE Spectrum shocks on (because that was all that was available aftermarket). I know I could've put motorcraft on, but I didn't. Well, finally Bilstein released shocks for the 2g fusion that are available in the United States. So, I swapped those mediocre shocks for some very nice Bilsteins. The Monroe made noise from day one. So far the Bilsteins are good and quiet. Jeff
  6. Motorcraft OEM Battery Warranty

    On my 14 Fusion, I swapped out the OEM battery for a group 48 Super Start Platinum AGM battery from OReilly. It offered the most cold cranking amps available and is still spec'd to fit the 2g fusion. 3 year free replacement. Nothing was wrong with my OEM battery, but it was going on 4 years old and I changed as preventative maintenance. Jeff
  7. Motorcraft OEM Battery Warranty

    Yes, on an OEM battery the bumper to bumper warranty is the only warranty offered. On retail battery purchases the battery warranty applies. Jeff
  8. Spotted!

    Spotted my old car. It's went from near pristine to this in a year. Also, the lady that bought it has never registered it and it likely doesn't have insurance either I'd bet. That plate is registered to an 05 Escape. It's looking pretty sad.
  9. I was going to trade my fusion in tomorrow on a 2016 Dodge Charger RT in red. I was literally ready to do it. I was approved through Chrysler Capital and everything. Then the practical me kicked in and decided I really didn't need a payment like that and to keep what I have. So, I dropped the Fusion off at the paintless dent repair place to have about 6 dings removed because they've always bothered me. All but one were on it when I bought it. The final one was a crease put in my rear door by a co-worker and he offered to pay, but there was another ding on that same door and the PDR guy charges by the panel so I told my coworker not to worry about it this time. I think my whole ordeal with Ford sort of soured me on the car, but thinking about it...I still do like the car and enjoy driving it so I'm gonna do the smart thing and keep it, and it's really cheap payment. I'll post pics of the repaired spots after I get it back. He was confident it would turn out really nice. Jeff
  10. Those are great cars and are very reliable. Still pretty peppy too for what they are.
  11. I haven't posted an update because I was diagnosed with pneumonia Tuesday and am just now feeling well enough to post. I called Ford on Monday inquiring about my car and was told that they now know what's going on and that it's a very involved repair that they would not have time to do for a week or two(after having my car for now three weeks). He told me he would like to give me my car back and that they would contact me when they were ready to repair it. I pushed back and told them to just keep it until it's fixed and he said you don't understand I need my loaner car back so I can loan it to someone else and that it would not hurt it to drive it. Not feeling well I agreed and they brought my car to me and picked up their loaner car. So I've brought it home and it'll sit under my carport until they call me back or I call them. I spent my money with them and they messed it up and I just feel this situation is outrageous. I may call Ford or I may take it to another dealer to fix whatever it is that they did to it. Jeff
  12. I am not too happy, but I have to be courteous as they are one of my customers and I cannot get too sideways with them because of that. The service writer admitted that they had never seen a bad water pump on one of these engines so mine was the first and that "they'd get started on it and see how it turned out" and that "the repair looked to be rather involved since you had to remove the timing chain". I already knew all of that. That's why I didn't repair it myself since it had a warranty. I did call them Friday and he told me that they've went over everything and everything appears fine and they aren't sure what's wrong so they have called Ford for ideas and further clarification on a fix for this. I personally think it's out of time, but they say all indications are that the timing is fine.. I dunno, but glad I'm not on the hook for the bill. At least, I better not be considering it did not have an issue before other than a leaky pump and they messed with the timing bits during the repair. Hopefully, I'll hear something soon. I really just want my car back....then I'll decide if I want to keep it or not. Jeff
  13. I had a lovely visit with my car yesterday, but as soon as I started it this morning the engine light popped on. I went in the house and came back with my scanner and it threw out a P0017 Cam/Crank correlation B1SB. Per ProDemand this is usually caused by the timing being off one or more teeth. Looks like I gave them too much credit. So, they have it back and I'm back in a 12 Fusion for the time being, but this one is the 3.0 which is way more peppy than the last loaner I had. Hoping it doesn't take another two weeks to get my car back. I've been pondering on trading the fusion and I'm sort of keen on a 16 Charger RT in red that our local Chrysler dealer has out on the front line. Hmmmm... Jeff
  14. I got the car back today after Ford having it for 14 days(including weekend days) 10 business days. It looks as though they did a top notch job. They wound up replacing my water pump, degas tank and cap, and one wheels worth of lugnuts(because they were all swollen and I had replacements in the trunk already). They also installed my new serpentine belt that I provided them with which is a job unto itself. On this engine it should definitely be replaced before it wears out and leaves you stranded on the highway needing a tow(because there is really no way to change it roadside easily). That's one job I won't have to do or pay for done. There were some hangups getting the water pump and then I guess the first gasket they had was bad because they called all over town(including to me) to find one. When that didn't work they had someone drive a few hours away to get another one so that they wouldn't be down another day waiting for a gasket. I was getting antsy because it was taking so long, but I really didn't bother them too much. Just glad to have it back and extremely lucky that it happened when it did and that I had a warranty to cover it. Warranty expires in 10K miles and/or October 31, 2018. Hoping this is the last of the issues I have with it and hoping I don't have to revisit this on my dime during my ownership. Jeff
  15. Ive been putting it through it's paces since last Friday. It's actually pretty nice for what it is. A little basic option wise, but only has 73k miles. Looks like it's been my local dealers loaner car since 2013 20k miles and was an Avis rental prior to that(per the plethora of paperwork in the glovebox.). Looks to have been impeccably maintained going over it. Im actually thinking of recommending my sister inquire about it for my nephew. I'm sure it could be for sale and they are looking for a good car. This one is likely at ,or close to, the mileage where they may be looking to freshen up their fleet a bit.