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  1. I serviced the 6f50 trans on my Flex last weekend. This weekend I swapped it to the new Motorcraft Yellow coolant from the Orange Dexcool. Ford says this yellow coolant dramatically increases water pump longevity in the 3.5/3.7 engines. Only time will tell, but for $30 and a few hours of time I feel like it was worth it. Currently at 27654 miles. I don’t regret my purchase at all. Now I know why the folks who have them, keep them. Jeff
  2. So, a lot has changed in a week or so. I wound up letting my Fusion go, even though, I had literally just customized it and made it something unique and very nice. I needed something larger and an elderly couple traded in a like new 2019 Flex SEL a few weeks back. They bought it new from our dealership and it had always been serviced by us. 26k miles, pretty hard loaded, one minor accident(coca cola truck grazed the passenger fender). I saw the damage before it was repaired. Put a new fender on it and it looks as new again. Otherwise, was a pristine example and in the right colors. I h
  3. I decided to do a little upgrade tonight on the Fusion. All the new Fords are coming with the iPad style screens. So, I had to go aftermarket to get one, but it uses the Ford APIM and AC circuit board so it retains all the factory options plus adds many many more like surfing the web/watching videos and is made to install and look like a factory piece. It was a little pricey, but it’s way better than the sync 3 system I had. I paid a little extra for a 3 year warranty so if it breaks or I break it, they will repair/replace it for 3 years. It responds quickly and the audio is just as crisp
  4. Well, I’ve received my tangerine and black interior kit. Here’s to hoping it looks good! It’ll probably be about two weeks before I can have them installed as we sub out our interiors. Also, tomorrow I’ll have a steeda intake kit coming to install. Today, my poor Fusion was hit with hail(up to slightly over quarter size). I have found two dents, but I’m sure there’s more. I’ll be lucky if I don’t find more. Really do not want to have to file an insurance claim.
  5. This week, I added a Steeda front strut tower brace and the Steeda 1” rear solid sway bar to my Fusion. It definitely feels like it handles much better at speed than it did. Slowly, but surely it’s coming along. My leather interior kit will be here in three weeks. I picked the final colors after I was sent samples. Tangerine body with black perforated inserts. I think it’ll be 🔥. Jeff
  6. I decided to upgrade my interior to leather. I normally have only owned cars with leather and I got such a good deal on this car with rebates that I just figured I’d update the seats. Normally I would choose something factory-like, but I’ve seen some of the new Rolls Royce cars with outrageous interiors and decided to try that on for size on my Fusion. I chose orange leather for the main body with a black perforated insert to tie it all back into the rest of the interior. I may have to have the door panel inserts done in orange too, just to make it cohesive, but I’ll decide that once the s
  7. Thank you sir! It really does set the car off some vs stock. I like having a car that is uniquely mine. We’ve been getting winter weather lately so unfortunately I’ve been driving it on the salty roads. We rarely get weather that requires salt. Last time was over 7 years ago. I’ll have to clean it up really well after all this moves out. Jeff
  8. I decided to do a few upgrades to my Fusion. I upgraded the wheels to 18” TSW wheels with the factory size 235/45/18 Goodyear Eagle Touring tires. Then, I removed the front bumper cover and added the titanium grille, led fog lamps, and the chrome lower trim. I was able to figure out that my car was factory wired for fog lamps. Only thing is the instrument cluster indicator is not enabled, but otherwise they work fine. All I had to do was switch the master switch to a switch with fogs and purchase the appropriate bumper harness. I also took the time to install a dual horn set from a 2016
  9. I ordered an OEM spoiler for the fusion and it’s currently at the paint shop. I’ll be getting that installed soon. Also, just today I ordered the full chrome honeycomb grille for a titanium fusion and also the chrome trim for the lower front bumper that sits just below where the fog lamps go. I am still undecided on trying to install fog lamps on this car or not. I will make that decision before I remove the front bumper to put the new grille in as that will be the time to change the harness out for a fog lamp version. I may go ahead and put the harness in as the fog lamps can be added a
  10. Are you trying to get the screen to work to play video? If so, that wire is just looking for a ground. You can ground it to your chassis ground. Of course it will play video at any time if hooked up that way. The parking brake ground is used to limit the use of playing video while driving as it will only allow video when the parking brake is engaged. It is highly illegal to play video while driving. So, know that before you choose to tie that wire into the chassis ground. It will work that way though.
  11. Well, my ram drove off with its new owner yesterday. They told me it would go quick and it did. I hope he treats it well and it treats him well! I’ll miss it, but my pocketbook thanks me for saving some $$$ right now. My fusion now has 180 miles on it and has been great. I’ve had it a full 7 days now. It drives how I remember my 2014 driving. I really dig the auto dim headlights. I seem to use that the most around here. I bet most people think that auto dim headlights are a new feature, but it was actually pioneered and introduced by GM in around 1954. It was called Cadillacs’ “Autro
  12. Since the truck market is red hot right now and I really wanted to save some $$$ monthly, I took the opportunity and traded in my truck for a 2020 Fusion Ecoboost in Iconic Silver. I got the final number today on paper and it cost me 936.00 to drive my ram for one year and 8k miles. Pretty good, I thought. I never really used it as a truck so I decided I really didn’t need it as badly as I thought when I first purchased it. This fusion has co-pilot 360, big radio with nav, and other various stuff that makes it feel like a very well appointed car. Much more options than my 2014 Fusion had
  13. Not much to report. I’m at roughly 8000 miles and still going great! I finally got my dash emblem installed. I think it looks pretty good. Glad to see that the forum is back up and going again! Also, I’m now working for Ford at my local dealer, Glen Sain Ford as a service advisor. So far I really love it! I’m having a great time and since I know most of the folks there it seems like it’s always been family. I’m still working(for now) a few nights a week at OReilly for extra money, but looks like I really likely won’t need to. I should have made this move years ago! This was the first
  14. In the picture of the glovebox door you will see a Laramie emblem present that I removed because my truck is a tradesman and therefore wouldn’t have a glovebox, let alone an emblem. I think it looks spartan without the emblem so I contacted a bespoke emblem manufacturer and gave measurements and photos. I commissioned a bespoke emblem that could’ve been something similar to what would’ve came from factory. I used a dremel to cut off the raised Laramie lettering from my base and smoothed it with body filler. I will be wrapping that base in chrome vinyl wrap. On it, I will affix this custo
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