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  1. I put a hellcat spoiler on my Charger yesterday. Bought on eBay, but had a local body shop paint it for me. Total cost was about $125 including the purchase of the spoiler. I was very nervous drilling my brand new car, but it turned out really nice. Also, added a nod to the original Chargers by installing a modern Pentastar emblem on the right fender. Chrysler Did this to every Mopar product in the late 60s to mid 70s so I figured I throw one on, plus it has the pentastar engine so it's applicable. Just gotta get tint and the SRT8 wheels on it now. Jeff
  2. Jeff

    Done with Ford

    Here's my take on Ford and the main factor I ended up in a FCA automobile. I had every intention of buying a new Ford of some type when I could no longer trust the longevity of my Fusion after it's malfunction and repair. Ford simply wasn't interested in selling me a car. FCA had been sending me approval letters for months to tempt me into their showroom. I had thought about a Charger before, but was really looking to get back into a Taurus. My local dealer had no interest in selling me a Taurus. They didn't even keep them up front....they were way in the back lot. Was told you don't want any of these....they aren't very well equipped. Wouldn't even give me the keys to one to decide for myself. My first FCA dealer visit went about the same as Ford, but they just wanted big $$ down and to buy my trade super cheap, but they at least tried somewhat. I drove 20 miles to a bigger city(nearly 100k in population) and bought my new 18 Charger. I was in and out in two hours(that includes the test drive). I did put a measely 250.00 down and they gave me a fair offer on my Fusion(still had some negative equity). I tried to give Ford my business and they weren't interested, AT ALL. I'm still Loving my new Charger. The heft of it reminds me of my 09 Sable and it rides like a land yacht which I also like and it has that look. Took it on a trip to Little Rock and got 30.7 mpg cruising 70-80mph. There is a market for cool big sedans and people like me want to buy them. The Taurus could be cool if Ford wanted to invest in it.
  3. Dave, is this a lease as well? I like it, but Ive never been sold on that strange bird beak looking front end. If I see you in October, presuming we have a meet and you come, then we will have to go for a ride. I promise to shake the dust out of my floormat afterward. Everybody is buying mainly fancy Lincoln's and here I go and buy a Dodge. Jeff
  4. The rack and pinion went bad on the trusty old Impala. I've got the car loaned out to my sister right now and little did I know my 17 year old nephew has been keeping the tires hot driving it. I'm not too thrilled about that being it was my late mother's car and teens are usually rather irresponsible, but anyways last week he called and told me it was driving funny. Well, after 14 years and 170k miles it lost power assist on left hand turning maneuvers and also seemed to bind up some as well. So, that was replaced today with a trusty cardone reman unit and tomorrow it'll get a front end alignment done. I guess it'll go back to her house and probably spend the next month or so there. I haven't seen the car in a month so I'm going to inspect it before it goes back out there. If they are abusing it then I'm just going to bring it back home and he can walk as far as I'm concerned. Jeff
  5. Speaking of power....my little 1.5 ecoboost Fusion couldn't hold a candle to the Pentastar V6 in my Charger. I know it isn't a V8, but that Pentastar puts out V8 power(maybe not hemi power), but well above Fords 4.6 V8 found in all the panther cars and the F150. This car is what I missed about my Sable(that na 3.5 was no slouch either). So far, it says I'm averaging 20 mpg which is only 2 mpg less than the Fusion in city driving. It rolled over 500 miles yesterday. Wish I could've afforded the V8 Charger(only for the smile factor when my foot gets heavy), but in no way regret the car I chose and I do not miss the Fusion at all. Jeff
  6. First mod done to the charger today. On Friday, I ordered a taillight lightwrap by LuxeAutoConcepts. It came in the mail today and I applied it after work. I didn't go dark so I chose light smoke. It went on super easy and I was done in less than 10 minutes. I'll update with pictures tomorrow. Just enough tint to make the taillamps look good and doesn't affect brake lamp output hardly any since they are LED. Taillamps are unaffected. Still need to tint the windows. Jeff
  7. I changed out the factory fill oil in the Charger today. It had a week and 320 miles on it. When drained, it had the fine metallic debris you expect from a brand new engine during break in and I didn't want the circulate all of that for 3-6 months. I went back with a Mopar oil filter MO-349 and 5w20 Quaker State Advanced Durability conventional oil. It is one of only a few that had the proper Chrysler spec printed on the packaging and I want to adhere to the guidelines set by Dodge. I'll likely run this for 1500-2000 miles and then change it again. I change my oil often so I may stick with conventional on this car. Even though I work for a parts house, I purchased everything at Walmart because it saved me over $10.00 on the exact products I bought. Ten bucks is ten bucks. Jeff
  8. I don't think a v6 charger is going to win any races, but compared to my 1.5 ecoboost it will move. I had to really wind that 4 cylinder up to get it going. This car does it almost effortlessly. Driving it reminds me of my 09 Sable, only better. Also, yes we're all buying new cars....I thought that was weird as well. Jeff
  9. Well, after my ordeal with Ford on my Fusion and the fact that it was nearly out of factory warranty....after weeks of going back and forth over it in my head and still having the gut feeling to get out, I traded it in tonight and bought a brand that I've never had the pleasure to own before. I put a brand new octane red 2018 Dodge Charger in my driveway. With the incentives on the charger and the Chrysler Capital rates for first time Mopar buyers I couldn't pass it up. It's the V6 SXT model with some options less sunroof and leather. Has touchscreen radio, backup camera, parking aid sensors and all the standard stuff...that's about it. It has most everything I actually used on my fusion and none of the things I didn't. So far, really liking the room and ride of this barge. I know I don't own any Fords now so hopefully y'all won't kick me out and hopefully I'm still invited to meets and what not. Jeff
  10. Who all are going to Carlisle Ford Nationals this year?  Since we aren't having a meet this spring I'm thinking about going this year.  

    1. Kodachrome Wolf

      Kodachrome Wolf

      I'm taking the year off from Carlisle. May do more regional stuff or just hold out until the Fall.



      I'll probably go down on Saturday. 

    3. ShelbyRacer78


      I plan on going, 4th year out there.

  11. PDR turned out great! Only one dent couldn't be totally removed, but he was able to make it 90-95% better. Also, last year I put Monroe OE Spectrum shocks on (because that was all that was available aftermarket). I know I could've put motorcraft on, but I didn't. Well, finally Bilstein released shocks for the 2g fusion that are available in the United States. So, I swapped those mediocre shocks for some very nice Bilsteins. The Monroe made noise from day one. So far the Bilsteins are good and quiet. Jeff
  12. Jeff

    Motorcraft OEM Battery Warranty

    On my 14 Fusion, I swapped out the OEM battery for a group 48 Super Start Platinum AGM battery from OReilly. It offered the most cold cranking amps available and is still spec'd to fit the 2g fusion. 3 year free replacement. Nothing was wrong with my OEM battery, but it was going on 4 years old and I changed as preventative maintenance. Jeff
  13. Jeff

    Motorcraft OEM Battery Warranty

    Yes, on an OEM battery the bumper to bumper warranty is the only warranty offered. On retail battery purchases the battery warranty applies. Jeff
  14. Jeff


    Spotted my old car. It's went from near pristine to this in a year. Also, the lady that bought it has never registered it and it likely doesn't have insurance either I'd bet. That plate is registered to an 05 Escape. It's looking pretty sad.
  15. I was going to trade my fusion in tomorrow on a 2016 Dodge Charger RT in red. I was literally ready to do it. I was approved through Chrysler Capital and everything. Then the practical me kicked in and decided I really didn't need a payment like that and to keep what I have. So, I dropped the Fusion off at the paintless dent repair place to have about 6 dings removed because they've always bothered me. All but one were on it when I bought it. The final one was a crease put in my rear door by a co-worker and he offered to pay, but there was another ding on that same door and the PDR guy charges by the panel so I told my coworker not to worry about it this time. I think my whole ordeal with Ford sort of soured me on the car, but thinking about it...I still do like the car and enjoy driving it so I'm gonna do the smart thing and keep it, and it's really cheap payment. I'll post pics of the repaired spots after I get it back. He was confident it would turn out really nice. Jeff