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  1. Just an update on my old 09 Sable. Saw it sitting in front of the Dollar General today on my way home from work. Stopped quickly and snapped a pic or two. She's looking pretty rough these days. One of my friends reported that when they saw it last, the engine had an audible knock while idling. I feel bad for the car. I wish I'd have kept it now. Jeff
  2. So, a week or so back my Buick was totalled by an inattentive driver that didn't wait her turn at a four way stop. I was heartbroken! I cried over this! It's the nicest car in my fleet right now and I drive it all the time! She didn't seem to care much except that it scratched up her brand new Jeep that she had just purchased. I felt judged by her and the police officer that came and took the report that my car was of no value. I've already repaired the car and hung a new fender, bumper cover(cracked in center and fog lamp bracket tore small hole near bottom), grille mount panel(cracked), horn set(bracket all smashed and one horn cracked), rocker molding cover(broke my original trying to remove it), repaired the fog lamp mounting brackets, and headlights. It looks as good as new. All in, just less than $200 to put it back using mostly used parts from a cream puff Regal GS I found in a local upull, some new rocker clips from the GM dealer, and two new aftermarket headlights. I didn't even file a claim because I didn't want the hassle. I guess I'll be painting it soon to make it all match.
  3. Congrats Brian! Garage looks nice! I miss having a garage. I do have a large carport, but there's nothing like a fully enclosed space. Hope all has been well.
  4. I didn't really take any pictures for this stuff, but I've done quite a lot to the Buick in the last several weeks. I located a good used supercharger and swapped that onto the car and the horrible bad bearing noise it had is now gone. I also replaced the valve cover gaskets while there since the rear one was leaking. Also completed a full tune up with NGK plugs recommended by enthusiasts for the SC 3800. Car runs superb now and has great response and pulls hard. I'm a sucker for good deals and I purchased a complete suspension and steering rebuild on RockAuto(mostly). I replaced all four struts with Gabriel Gaurdian struts $9.00 each(China & discontinued part number), all four strut mounts $4-7 each(Taiwan), new lower control arms $21 each(no name no country of origin likely China), new McQuay Norris tie rods $3-4 each (and made in the USA too)!! Rear sway bar links I had left from when I bought two sets by accident for the Impala, and front sway bar links I bought local for $3-5 each. Did brakes all around including a passenger front caliper and hose, turned the rotors, and mounted 4 new cheaper Chinese tires. I'm on a budget so this car can't get the nicest of anything, but will get the newest of something. I did all the labor myself so I could do all of this very cheaply. Now, it needs a paint job and an interior detailing and an alignment. I've driven this car daily for almost a month and besides being ugly, it's a great car and it has icebox cold AC! Is it bad I enjoy driving this old Buick more than my Charger? Jeff
  5. Dash going back in. Slow process since I only really have time during the weekend to mess with this car. Still need to pull the console out and get it done, and also pull the seats and carpet and take the door panels back off and get those done. I also need to power wash the carpet. The seats need some professional repair prior to recoloring them. I'll be having those sections repaired using vinyl(I suspect these seats may not be real leather anyway). Then I can recolor them and the interior should be done. Mechanically, other than an oil leak and tired suspension, this car is in wonderful shape. I have most all of the suspension parts waiting to go in. I got a killer deal on some Gabriel Guardian struts for $9.00 each on RockAuto. May not be the best, but the deal was way too good to pass up! Definitely better than the four blown struts it has now. More to come. Jeff
  6. I never knew you had inherited it! I love this place and what it used to be. More importantly, I love the friends it allowed me to make here. I tried getting involved with my states Mopar club, but it was nothing like what we had here and I just stopped going. I do miss how it used to be. I like the idea of transitioning to an all inclusive format and I'm also prepared to donate to help keep this place going. I hope to see the buzz return that seemed to vanish pretty suddenly a few years back. Im in on keeping it alive if that's the will of the people. You have my support!
  7. Figured since I put a refreshed dash in my Regal that while everything is apart I should refresh everything. GM never offered this version in a wheel, I don't think, but I quite liked it and thought it would really look good. It was originally all a similar shade to the darker color I used. The steering wheel backing cover is also the lighter color that's shown on the wheel. These colors are listed as GM Light Neutral and GM Medium Dark Neutral. Both interior colors I had left over from when I refreshed my 04 Impala and since I had the material what better to use! I have something similar in mind for the console/cup holder/console lid. These colors are not the factory offerings that the car was born with, but are similar and make the car look younger than it is, IMO. More updates to come! Jeff
  8. My Buick is ready for it's dash transplant. The passenger airbag cover was cracked on the original dash and it's integral to the dash and cannot be replaced separately. I found a cream puff 2005 Century that donated it's dash to the project. If that car had been console shift then I'd have taken the whole interior to swap. I had to redye the dash pad because the donor dash was gray. It is now medium dark neutral like the original. It only took about an hour or so the strip this dash out of the car. I was surprised at how quick it went. New one goes in tomorrow. Then the whole interior needs a refresh. Jeff
  9. Over the last week I've torn the Buick back down and replaced the water pump, main drive tensioner(including installing the upgraded aluminum elbow), fixed the fuel pump ballast resistor, added a new thermostat, replaced the pcv valve, replaced the idle air control valve, and mass air flow sensor and I recharged the AC. The car runs like brand new now and has had ice cold AC all week so far! My Impala sat for two years and leaked all the freon out, but has been good for three years now so I'm hoping this Buick will be the same. I have removed three of the four door panels to facilitate changing the window regulators so that the windows will work, but more importantly stay up without the need to use duct tape. I'm almost ready to register it and give it a shake down drive. Still needs a lot to be nice, but it's coming along. Sadly, I found rot under the rear door in the rocker. It was not just surface rust. I now have a 5" long hole in the door opening reveal. I'm scared to look behind the plastic rocker cover because I already know what I'm going to find. This car came from Missouri so it's not surprising really. Oh well, just a little more work to do! I'm already committed. Jeff
  10. I haven't posted about this car before, but about a month ago I acquired, via trade deal, a 1998 Buick Regal GS with the supercharged 3800 drivetrain, 159k miles. It's mainly sat in my yard for weeks, but yesterday I changed the supercharger coupler (was worn and causing a rattle/knock and likely why the previous owner stopped driving it), changed the engine and supercharger oil, replaced idler and tensioner pulleys as needed(three were bad), and put new belts on. Today after Easter service I tore down and put new front brake pads, caliper brackets(pins we're seized), and turned the rotors. I still need to do the rear brakes, rebuild the front and rear suspension, replace three window regulators, and get some new tires on it. Also, it's desperate for a paint job. It has that classic 90's GM white paint peel going on. I think it would look good wearing rosemist and I happen to have plenty to do it in that color so that's likely the way I'll be going with painting it. Despite its decrepit looks, It's actually pretty fun to drive! I've only taken it down the street since I've not registered it yet, but that blower noise is addictive. It has good bones and I'll have it turned around in no time, I hope. Jeff
  11. I added to my fleet last night. We needed a newer car to replace the 09 Fusion we had as it had 150k miles on it and was still mechanically sound, but everything else was falling apart. I went to Fletcher Dodge in Jonesboro, where I purchased my 18 Charger a year ago, just to look really and dream about upgrading the Fusion. I went inside and they had a single black 2018 Challenger sitting there with a big reduced sticker on it. So, needless to say I brought it home at a decent price(I thought) just a tad over $25k. Car had 88 miles on it and is equipped with the pentastar V6, optional 3.09 gear ratio rear end, paddle shifters, super sport package, premium cloth interior w/houndstooth inserts, heated mirrors, alpine sound system, 8.4 UConnect w/nav just to name a few. No moon roof, but that's fine by me. Sad to see the Fusion go because it was paid for, but happy to not have to worry about potential problems and it's quirks. So, I guess I'm just a Mopar guy now. Still love Ford, but never had much luck at my local dealer and, even though, I like Brian and enjoyed buying from him, I told myself I was never travelling that far again to buy a car! lol. Jeff
  12. My budget wheels came in the other day and I had them installed today. These are TSW Sonoma 19" wheels wrapped in Hankook Ventus 1 Noble 2 tires in 235/50/19. Sort of an upgrade from my stock 17" wheels. I'm happy with them, although, I'm not used to the look of them yet. Jeff
  13. That truck is still looking really nice! I'm sure those tires are more suited to the winter weather you get up there than street tires. I'm kind of glad I live in the south because most of the time we have mild winters.
  14. I removed the fake rear valance and tips on the Charger and installed the Charger Pursuit rear valance and got some nice 4" polished stainless tips for it. The tips are just sat in place for the picture. I'll have them welded on tomorrow. Also, a while back I had a Mopar vinyl decal added to the rear quarter. One of these days I'll upgrade the wheels. The car has been great. I'll have had it one year on March 8 and I've put 6500 miles on it so far. Jeff
  15. Brian I love the saddle color interior. It really sets it off beautifully!
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