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  1. 2nd? Lol thanks for the service Devin and welcome Sean!
  2. They were on for about 5 yrs and 100k miles. Took off to put on my custom springs from css. $80 obo Text for pics 952807338nine
  3. Pics finally! Not exactly sure on price. I have them listed on tcca for $100 shipped obo..
  4. Nvm! Css will refund me when I send back the springs! So basically I have front eibachs for sale.
  5. No I don't have new pics yet.. but they are maybe 1/16 lower than the pics..
  6. I have my front Eibach springs for sale, approx 100k on them, and a set of custom made Coil Spring Specialties 2.5" front drop springs with less than 200 miles on them (literally the exact same drop as my Eibach's gave me. Coil spring specialties is being a dickface about it and won't remake my springs for free, so I'm trying to sell both sets to pay for my 2nd custom set from CSS. No idea what to charge, I paid $250 shipped for the CSS springs, obviously won't get that much for em.. Offers? Ill try to get pics of the EIbach's, they are a bit rusty but I will clean em up and paint em be
  7. After this weekend I'm pretty open to dates, I work Apr 11, Apr 25 etc (every other sat) so those weekends are not going to work for me as there's usually house crap to do on the Sunday I have off. Thoughts? May 2? East Bethel? Ive never been to that yard. If I have some $ and feel up for it I'm looking for outback suspension for my legacy......
  8. Any thoughts on where to have the meet? Traditional southern meet complete with Upull run? Or closer up north to errrrone else?
  9. Welp the cherry bomb rusted out and broke, catching a bump in the road and damaged beyond repair and for now my car is pretty much straight piped, just the front cats on each bank and piped all the way to the back. Obnoxiously loud right now but will have to do until I get it back out in spring and put something in there. Just contacted coil spring specialties, $246 for 2.5 inch drop springs in the front, I will just end up strut tab cutting in the rear if needed to even it out, as I don't really want to cut the "priceless " eibach's. Also need to order a pair of tires for the pegs as o
  10. im in! so sick of winter! Just went to go start the taurus sitting in my buddies back yard and thought to check back here and start a "lets get a meet going thread" Just learned my "street" is actually a private drive due to some lawyers and associations years ago so I can park on my street whenever I want, may go get the taurus out soon!
  11. excuse my mistake, kilo ? and crap, I work the 16th.. We also are potentially closing on our house the 15th, so end of August is shot for me. Oh well, we could have another fall meetup in DL, Ive never been past Alexandria.
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