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  1. Is anyone else having issues logging in with Tapatalk and viewing threads?
  2. thesavo

    2003 part out

    It's been four years and I have yet to replace the transaxle in my 2003 spruce green metallic clearcoat SES. I don't have current pictures. The vehicle is located at a friend's house. It has been started every couple of weeks to keep the engine up. The AXOD trans is shot. The fluid pump explode inside. The Vulcan engine is probably still good. It's a 2003 with 135,000 miles. I'll be headed over to the car in a few weeks to take some pictures. There was very little body rust when I last saw it. I have service records on request. It has sat outside for over four years.
  3. 96 only. Does yours have the clear center 97-99 deleted them and changed to reflectors. http://www.ford-taurus.org/taurusinfo/G3/index.php
  4. What year and engine? I'll get some diagrams. My hard method involves checking connections from the Fuse, back. Sent from Tapa talk. Because SEO.
  5. I've been struggling with the driver side front and rear brake calipers sticking on my Subaru Legacy Sent from Tapa talk. Because SEO.
  6. Parking brake auto release in drive, but not reverse. Odd isn't it? You typically reverse out of a parking spot.
  7. Gen 4.5 don't either, nor does my wife's, '08 mariner. The '04 towncar has an auto canceling parking brake. Sables used to have a auto canceling parking brake I believe. That may have been during the 1st Bush administration though. Last winter my sister - in-law' s boyfriend jumped in my wife's mariner and shifted from D to R to get it free of a snow bank. Because: plows. The P brake was on with a red light glowing in the center of the cluster. People that don't use it can't be bothered to check it when they set off in another vehicle.
  8. After installing defog wing mirror glass in the Taurus and the Legacy, I won't have a daily driver without them.
  9. Pulling the subframe bolt isn't tricky. It's a bit of a scary concept if your haven't done it before.
  10. Hey chart! I have been looking for a good way to get the stuck rotors off the 07 forenza. What do you all think of this method? It involves the caliper bracket holes and common bolt Hardware. It presses the rotor off. Has an anyone tried this? These rotors lack any service hole. Where you thread a bolt onto the disc and it pushes off the wheel hub.
  11. I use mine whenever I Park. My wife does the same. I miss my g4.0 that beeped in P or N and P! Brake == True.
  12. On a wagon. They had to try and make that an under performer
  13. The theft light is a red herring, much like communism. Your encoded key reader (PATS transceiver) is only at fault If it flashes rapidly. Like 3x a second. Your once per 2 second is nothing more than a theft deterrent. Please provide more info on vehicle. Age of car and age of battery. Does it crank at all?
  14. If you really don't care about making more keys your self, you now can go to most hardware stores and Walmart. They will clone your key to a new one. The PCM sees it as the same key. So you can't use it as a 2nd unique key for programming. Cost varies.
  15. There have been PCM tuning shops that claim to have the ability to disable PATS. I don't know if that is a fact or not. I would imagine having an engine that starts and runs might be required.
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