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  1. Happy Birthday present for you Zach! wow that's yummy sounding - aged naner
  2. :popcorn:
  3. Sorry to ask but want everyone to be aware. 1) rain is eminent for Sunday. Please pack/prepare accordingly. Temperature is down 20 degrees or more from the normal high. Dress warm and bring rain jackets, etc. 2) I don't have a lot of seats/places to sit. I have 5 chairs inside my home, 1 rocking chair, and a couple of camping chairs. If you have a spare- please bring along. with the weather - I have one "bay" on the gravel under lean to if you have any repairs/work. I can pull out 66 and make room for one more. The garage is jammed packed full. I can also pull car out of carport at house. So I really only have room for 3 work stations out of the rain. hopefully rain will subside and people won't have to worry about when/where to work. Just please plan accordingly. look forward to seeing everyone!
  4. Hardee Har Har
  5. It is yellow here
  6. Bonfire Saturday night - definitely. Weather permitting
  7. Sounds like you have a tire for a full size spare. Dont put 1 new tire on your Centennial. It's best to drive with a matching set of four or at least a matching set on the fronts/back.
  8. Door ajar switch stuck on a door. Shoot some white lithium grease after you shoot some WD40 in to each latch. Open close doors. Issue should be fixed.
  9. Every speaker was converted to JBL. Sorry it didn't work out.
  10. Would you like another JBL RCU? Think duraSEL has one.
  11. You can post whatever you want :-) cmon now we aren't like that at TSOC
  12. Thanks a bunch Bull Geek. I used an OBDII scanner and got a P0761 code, can you translate that for me :)

  13. 96-99 Taurus with DOHC motor or SHO motor? means a transmission issue internally. Need to get it scanned.