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  1. I have a spare popo speedometer. Want it? That way you don't have to buy another.
  2. I saw you in the sho getting on I-20 at two notch yesterday around 3:45-4pm. I was in the blue Lincoln you were in the sho
  3. 10,000 miles on an oil filter??? Don't agree - that should be changed a lot sooner.
  4. Never ever install a POS reman compressor. Never ever. New reman or New OEM if possible.
  5. Which crappy aftermarket compressor was used? cant you get an OEM one from rockauto still?
  6. The upper middle class and high society members do buy wagons. Walking around downtown Columbia, Charleston and Greenville SC in the super nice neighborhoods you see the German and sweedish wagons out and many of them are new or like new. There is a market there, granted smaller than crossover and SUV, but maybe enough of a money maker to warrant this. thr CTS wagon doesn't look bad - not sure what sales were like but maybe it'll work with Buick. Enclaves are popular.
  7. It really seems like you have some kind of vacuum leak. Have you done a vacuum leak test at home? Plenty of ways you can create smoke and use to find. Common on Vulcan - doesn't always throw a code, but causes random high idle. Egr o ring, iMrc gasket, plenum o rings, etc. or you have a broken cruise control cable attachment on the throttle body stud causing it to jam the throttle open. Pop hood take the plastic throttle body cover off. Look at the cruise cable as well as the throttle cable. Make sure both snap on to the stud and stay when you manipulate the throttle. Otherwise it'll jam the throttle.
  8. Hahahaha light em up. electric power is pretty neat. Even in high end golf carts you accelerate ahead quickly.
  9. That looks like the "let's make America great again" vehicle of choice haha. seriously nice truck. I'll race you in the 90 Town Car! I can confirm In stop light races a 90 TC will beat a 05 Sable 24v. Once I hit 55 though....the other party will win even with 3 people in the car...
  10. There was a dealer out in california known to chrome out the factory wheels when the car was new. Galapin Ford.
  11. Gary still has that wagon for sale! It's not out front but at his house. ince I get my vehicle acquisitions in line and see closer what I'm dealing with I'll keep y'all posted! on the crushed blue 03 I'll be moving some things to my new purchase. itll be easier to say what it comes with once I'm done.
  12. Not my house, not my problem LOL Oncr I get off what I want from it - the rest of it I was going to call a guy I know that hauls junk cars. You'll have doors, body, and frame. If someone here wants it - cage it and have fun. And it comes with. Salvage title!
  13. Ughhh that belongs in a hoity toity prius. Really Ford? Ugh.