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  1. You can always return the starter and get Corvette one later :-)
  2. Guy on YouTube, Eric O from South Main Auto in NY does a great job for automobile repair videos. He's done a couple of Tortoise ones before. Just recently he put out a couple on a 2004-7 Vulcan with vacuum leaks. He shows the common vacuum leak points. Gives you a lot of great info. Very entertaining. It's two videos, about an hour. But I'm generally glued to watching for an hour. Very helpful and useful stuff:
  3. Awesome glad Dorman makes one.
  4. Shitty workmanship . Wow. Sorry Sandy. Brian there is one company that does do replacement glass. Two actually. One in the U S. one in Canada. I'll get those names for you.
  5. Safelite cut my dashboard on my 2000 Taurus. their glass is made in China more and more these days - cheap quality too if you look at the waves and imperfections. so not recommended.
  6. What was that?
  7. There is a spot on driver side that leaks. It's described on Taurus Club. my aunt called water doctors for my cousins 09 Escspe . They fixed it. Franchised company - they do good work. http://www.waterdoctors.com/usa/pennsylvania.htm give a few of them a call based on locality to see if they can fix it.
  8. I love how this requires no shift kit or anything like that. You may wear the U joints out sooner, but U joints are easy to change out and it's much more satisfying to drive.
  9. Wait until you have to do an alternator. The bank 1 is e-z. Leave everything connected to the plenum. Zip out the upper plenum bolts. Shift/move the plenum a couple of inches and plenty of room.
  10. Why are you changing out COP? If it isn't misfiring its fine. Spark plug wires are similar - unless they are arcing out, they are fine.
  11. Works for me. taurus Transmission are not great either. AOD was great - so long as pressure cable grommet didn't fall out, it would last a looonnggg time. the 6F35 is junky and clunky - maybe Ford will figure it out on next gen Fuze? my day starts at 615-630 every workday...
  12. Well I picked it up from the Transmission shop last night. All done. So far seems to drive just fine. Transmission wise. it pulls to left when accelerating. It's straight if coasting or braking. Both front wheels have a little play at 3-9. Gota figure out if tie Rods or lower ball joints. It was too dark and late to check which one last night. Needs endlinks. Struts and springs seem fine. Same with Control arms, seem fine. this 2000 Taurus Duratec is NOISY. So much road noise. Guess I forgot what it's like.
  13. The 6F35 is "pretty reliable"? Ahahahahah. You gota go Google it!
  14. 66 - nothing new - storage locker haha 89 - Driving it a lot. Fuel pump went from barely audible to super loud - so after rolling over 190k I guess its about done. At WOT you can feel it misfiring probably from running Lean. 90 - Paul has helped me out a lot with getting the Signature seats built up with power lumbar and recline. Super happy. Kevin was nice enough to offer to help me figure out wiring and soldiering to make the seats work. They also have under seat lights - an option I think the 90-92 TCs had. So wiring that up - and seats will be done. Just have speakers, radio, amp, woofer to hook up. 03 Black - need to pressure wash carpet, then hook up factory tweeters, and reassemble interior. Gota figure out power steering EVO issues as well as why the cooling fan is always on - even hvac off.
  15. Happy Birthday present for you Zach! wow that's yummy sounding - aged naner