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  1. It’s the same starter regardless of 3.0 pushrod. Methanol, ethanol or unleaded. 1, 2 or U engine code 8th spot. the 3.0 dual over head cam motor starter is different
  2. I have a set you can have. Email me nick986 at that google email address just pay shipping
  3. Knew a car that had it failing at 49k...so yes you should worry about it book...ford factory manual from eBay!
  4. If squeak is coming from the driver side of the motor suspect the camshaft synchronizer. Buy a ford one if you need it - Dorman is utter garbage. squeak passenger side - could be a pulley. be sure to do a good flush on your cooling system if it hasn’t been done in last 5 years.
  5. If the shifter is by the steering wheel, the part number is YF1Z-7E395-BA. It’s the same shifter from 1996-2000 models. Could get one used as well...
  6. Autozone sells a good brand with deeper splines. Company from Tennessee
  7. Swap away. Keep harness with car. Don’t use 05 harness on 03 body
  8. $25 each. All in great condition. Part number picture corresponds to wheel.
  9. Yes. Moog has a write up. The mount/sleeve breaks loose in the subframe and rattles.
  10. Check the strut rod bushing and mount in the subframe. Moog made a kit to fix the issue if that’s what yours is.
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