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  1. Can't beat that hopefully it continues to do its job.
  2. Three
  3. I have a set of "down pipes" that someone welded to an h pipe. Bolt and go clamp mufflers on and enjoy. not aware of any down pipes with flanges. Any custom exhaust place can fab some up using the cat as a template. nice to hear you are cruising around in a 96 Town Slab!
  4. I wonder if you can do some kind of reprogramming of the EIC? any visible issues on circuit board or the copper lined plastic panel on the back?
  5. Ahahahah some 95-7 Executive Town Slab. I love the stick on badges, the score in the airbag for centering the logo. poor car.
  6. Well that's good to hear it went home. your car was cross posted in a lot of places Josh. Price was reasonable too. its going to a good home - and at a certain price point on obscure, rare cars - for car people, that's more important sometimes than squeaking an extra few bucks out of a sale. So congratulations on the sale :-)
  7. Please respond within if you're planning to attend. These meets continue to be fun, enjoyable and people are traveling long distances to attend - let's have another one! Saturday 10/7/2017 General plan is for those arriving Friday Night/Saturday, we can hang out at the house, tinker with cars and what not, general BS. Maybe go downtown for a pic next to the worlds largest fire hydrant. and hang out there. We'll find some local BBQ place to eat. Maybe even go to a bonus junkyard if time permits that's 30-45 min from my house! Sunday 10/8/2017 Sunday 9-930AM, meet at the junkyard. Pull A Part. 5702 Monticello Rd Columbia, SC Then cruise back to my house. Get some pizza, and other assorted food/drink and hang out. Tinker with cars, BS for the remainder of the afternoon. Go to Lizard Thicket for dinner Sunday night (a local only chain restaurant with at least a dozen locations around Columbia). Anyone whom has attended the meet before has enjoyed. There are hotels all near me that are in very safe locations, very near to me, and very near the interstate. The Days Inn is not recommended per others that have stayed there before. The Comfort Inn and the Holiday Inn Express are however just fine. If you have any food or drink or anything you want to help out, chip in on or contribute - it would be really appreciated :-)
  8. Just weld some on! or get some pre assembled struts from KYB or junkyard.
  9. 12/2003 and newer built Taurus and sable lost rear bar. its scary how hacked up people can make things under the hood. Wiring going in wrong places, clips broken etc. wow. dollar store clearcoat for repairs. Just wow. anyways at the price you paid who cares haha. Congrats!
  10. Honestly - how bad is the paint? Is the clear starting to fail on horizontal surfaces? I didn't think it was too bad but it's been a few years. if you repaint - I'd stick with original color because then your jams will all be the correct color already. That red isn't a bright vibrant - seemed closer to a darker red with nice metallic flake. Black of course will show every speck of dirt!
  11. The lights on my 1990 Town Car were better lights than my 2000 tortoise. The 2003 town car lights beats all of them.
  12. I have a spare popo speedometer. Want it? That way you don't have to buy another.
  13. I saw you in the sho getting on I-20 at two notch yesterday around 3:45-4pm. I was in the blue Lincoln you were in the sho
  14. 10,000 miles on an oil filter??? Don't agree - that should be changed a lot sooner.