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  1. There are Fits on FitFreak.net that hit 200K + miles with nothing but basic maintenance. There is even one guy with 07' Fit from Arizona. The car has 320K + miles and not a single thing went wrong with it. I loved my SHO and I'm looking for another one but I cringe every time I see just run of the mill Taurus.
  2. 2013 Fit, 21K miles - NOTHING ... And I'm shopping around for another SHO. 94 or 95
  3. Beauty... this is the kind of SHO I'm gonna get once I'm done with school and have a garage to work on one... Ahhh, just few more years and I'll be back in the SHO game.
  4. Anyone that pays 6 grands for a 14 year old Taurus must be crazy and its overpriced either way... Pretty clean thou, except the separating dashboard that is seen in almost every gen 3...
  5. The rental car blood runs through us
  6. I'm afraid not. It says 2.4L in his sig...
  7. Nice, 720lb/ft is damn a lot. I'm surprised 10 mpgs is possible in this thing. I mean the new Raptors gets like 11.
  8. Looks pretty damn rough. I bought '94 SHO (also white) for $2K and the exterior and interior was in perfect condition. That is ~ $500 beater... $900 is too much. I bet everything that could go wrong in a SHO went bad in this thing.
  9. OmmEGGA

    Parting Out 01'

    Yeah it's a Taurus. As far as the alternator goes, they go for that much used. Magnaflow goes to the junk yard unless someone wants to remove it locally. Pick up the UDP
  10. OmmEGGA

    Parting Out 01'

    SHO Source UDP (Bought it last year, color RED) - $70 + Shipping MAF - $10 + shipping DPFE ( 1 year old) - $8 + Shipping PCV Valve (FORD part, 2 years old. No cracks, excellent cond.) - $10 + shipping Alternator (about 12K miles on it) - $35 SHIPPED Headlights (L & R) Both in like new condition, no yellowing at all. Bought them last year. These are not original Motorcraft/Ford ones. Will sell these in pair ONLY. - $50 + shipping If you're looking for any other parts, let me know. Shipping from North Texas. Local pick-up welcome.
  11. Sure buddy... 100K mile warranty for powertrain only... any modern engine/trans. should make it to 100K without major issues, specially Hondas... As far as HondaCare I bought for the Fit, it covers pretty much everything, paid $975... it can also be transferred if I ever decide to sell the car before the warranty is up.
  12. Uhhmmm no. But I do have an extended warranty until 100K miles...
  13. 112 In a Vucan, 125 in a 94' SHO and 90 in a Fit Sport. I know that little Honda can do about 120 but I dont want to abuse brand new car...
  14. I doubt you gonna see any engines/trann for sale. There are relatively very few of these on the roads and they were most likely stored away for Sandy...
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