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  1. I've replaced it once with the current Alt (about 4 months ago more less), but the last time it failed the voltage spiked well over 14volts to 15+ and when it finally died it was not send more than 11volts and the battery light was always on and everytime I switch the key to On, at least the battery light will light up not like right now; that's why it got me thinking/confused.
  2. hey everyone! well, I really need clue on an issue that's currently going with my SHO; I hope I can explain this the best way possible. After taking care of some cosmetic interior issues I got a real problem... You know that when you move the key to the ON position all the indicator lights come on and when you turn on the car they should go off, well, my Battery/ALT light somtimes will Not light up when I swith the key to the On position. When it does that and I go check with my voltmeeter how much charge the Alt is giving at the battery posts it will only read 11.6volts and if I rev the ca
  3. I've done nothing to it... my SHO is still at the trans shop for warranty work I did bought though a new clutch for the Mustang as I can no longer drive it and I'm without a car right now, hope the new clutch gets here soon
  4. I know Ford improved the AXOD trans in the years that was/is used, but still.. it has been the Achille's heel for the Taurus/Sable/Windstar As I'm also trying to get my O/D gear to work properly after a complete trans rebuilt, I hope you can get your bull on the road soon.
  5. is there any way you can patch the hole in that bumper? so you can save the money of getting a new one.
  6. what kind of subframe bushings are those?
  7. Congrats!! I really like the way the subs and the air compressor box fit tightly in the trunk My sub box and air compressor are spread all over the place.
  8. It all points out to be the coolant tank and hose and it makes since it could have been damaged if the left fender got hit and it seems so since the color doesn't match the rest of the body, the blurry headlight and also the left side airbag got replaced/deployed.
  9. I installed a "new" radio in my SHO and also new wiring for the speakers. I wired the radio to the speakers directly and I'm not using the aftermarket amp that a previous owner installed, which I think is burnt, i will have to check it out and if it works I'll see how I can use it. Also I have to figure out how I can make a stock JBL amp(s) work to power up the stock subwoofer.
  10. I had a red 96 Thunderbird LX V8 a few years ago, I had it for about 3 years and it was one of the best cars I ever had. Very reliable, good on gas, plenty of power, way confortable and loved those LED tail lights. The things that I changed on that car in three years were: pair of front springs (one was broken), t-stat, spark plug wires, new spark plugs, oil filter gasket adapter and a set of new tires and the normal oil changes. You can later even upgrade that 4.6 with PI heads
  11. Found a pic of the lighted "M" for Sables. Looks neat. Looks like Ford was beginning to cut costs early in this Taurus/Sable generation by removing them.
  12. lately... not much, just got a rebuilt transmission that still kicks out of O/D... going back for warranty
  13. dropping the tank? ouch! if so I might as well buy a new fuel pump too.
  14. I'd like to see that... anyone have a pic of it?
  15. Yep!! some stuff is way cheaper down here than in the US and one of those is the labor cost (not charged by hours) and also some replacement parts. SHO specific parts are hard to find but you just have to look a bit harder or I'll just order them online from the US to get here and install them myself.
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