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  1. Youtube has tools that allow you to blur faces and sections of videos for names and license plates (could be used on the shop name on the side of the building.) Any complaints would have no real merit if identifying information is blurred!
  2. Pulled the rear speakers. Replaced a fuse I blew by accident. The car is now ready to go.
  3. Pulled the autodim mirror. Apparently I never planned to remove it. I had somehow managed to run the wires and the taps through a couple holes in the metal frame on the roof. The taps didn't want to come back out. And I had trouble getting the mirror off the windshield. Couldn't get the plastic cover off and had to use a hammer to gently tap the mirror off the mount. Ugh. Also tidied up some of the stereo wiring. Cleaned out the trunk, glovebox and center armrest storage. Just need to pull the rear speakers now. Other than that the car is ready to go.
  4. Both Taurii I have owned started their lives as rentals. Doesn't really bother me. I guarantee I have put my current car through far more hell than any rental driver.
  5. Pulled all of my aftermarket stereo equipment this afternoon (line driver, EQ, sub amp, PIE aux.) SonicDOOF™ is no more. Not sure what I will do with the equipment. Also pulled the front Pioneer speakers and put the factory ones back in. Going to do the speakers in the rear shelf tomorrow along with the autodim mirror. And all this was done after I disassembled the lawn mower engine for the THIRD TIME!!!!!
  6. As nice as the Ecoboost would be I think I will stick with naturally aspirated. Less things to break. And yeah, I'm avoiding any auto trans Fiesta/Focus like the plague. I had the chance to ride in an auto Fiesta; the transmission was not pleasant. Letting a computer control a manual trans does NOT make it an automatic IMO. Now I need to pull some things out of the car before I get rid of it. My custom stereo setup is coming out for sure as well as the autodim mirror. Not sure about anything else. I'm going to miss it. I've learned its behaviors and habits quite well in almost 7 years and a little over 100,000 miles of ownership. I have beat this thing into the dirt the entire time and it still keeps going. I will probably go through some mild withdrawal as I have become rather attached to it what with all the surgeries I performed on it myself. And all the trips to car meets. And everything else I have done with it. Maybe I should have a memorial service............................ ok, that's going too far, lol. I am ready for something newer though. Let the car shopping commence!
  7. Duratec engine. Newer design than the Vulcan which translates to better economy.
  8. Took the car for inspection and, as I expected, it failed miserably due to the rocker panels having gone missing from cancer. So I am now in the market for a used car. Looking at Fiestas, Focii and Fusions right now. Might end up with something else. I only have 5 requirements for a new car at the moment: 1. Budget limit of $8000, 2. Nothing older than 7 years. I will not take out a loan on something older than that, 3. Must be a 4 cylinder. Gas savings will be part of the car payment, 4. No trucks/suv's/crossovers or AWD. Sedan preferred but willing to go with a hatch, 5. Cruise control. I am willing to let this one slide but only if it's a screamin' deal. I have till the end of the month to find something. I am willing to drive several hours if a nice car is found. If anyone has any suggestions let me know.
  9. Oh dear. This will be interesting.
  10. I WANT ONE!!!!! That transmission is perfect for keeping the Vulcan in its power band.
  11. Since everything in the car seems to be affected I'm going to go with something large under the hood. My first guess would be a bad battery. Maybe one or two cells aren't up to par and are causing a bad voltage drop situation. Or maybe the alternator has a serious issue (unlikely though by the sound of it.) Perhaps the ignition switch has a problem. Or maybe the PCM has come loose and the screw needs to be tightened. Just some things I would look at to start chasing the gremlins down.
  12. Your Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS) is probably activating because your new key doesn't have the required chip (or if it has the chip it isn't programmed correctly.) When you use the new key and the engine stops does the "Theft" light start blinking rapidly? If it does then you need to get a PATS key (these keys have the large, black, rubber-like head on them.) It will be more expensive since it has a chip on it and will need to be programmed to your vehicle. A non-PATS key is only good for opening the door or trunk.
  13. I don't think he has an IMRC. His car is a 2002 and the redesigned intake was introduced in 2004. I was thinking vacuum leak too but a vac leak usually doesn't make the engine idle high. Maybe the idle air valve (or throttle) is stuck open? Or maybe the throttle sensor is bad?
  14. I passed 100,000 miles of ownership sometime in the past two weeks. I wanted to get a shot of the odometer at 169,995 but I forgot and didn't notice until I had passed 170,000. Oh well.