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  1. Reduced to $4,400 2000 Ford Taurus SE Wagon.Recent CARFAX report and extensive repair history.112,000 miles, mostly highway.Came from Georgia in 2015, penetrating oil applied to prevent rust.Leather interior, seats 8 with a flip/fold center console up front.Lots of custom features and finishes.Cold A/C, Hot heat, working cruise control.Remote keyless entry and keypad-code entry on driver's door.Dealership-installed remote start.SunTek self-healing UV-resistant film on front and rear bumpers, and headlights.Runs and drives great, very reliable.Selling because I bought a newer model
  2. Yeah, they sell spray paint specifically for fabric. If you use that, it should work out fine. You could probably find it at JoAnn Fabrics or Michaels... both of which ALWAYS have a coupon available online, and you can show it on your phone at check out, you don't need to print it. http://www.joann.com/coupon/ https://www.michaels.com/coupons/ Or, since I see you're in Chicago... there are a TON of art supply stores there (at least near downtown), you could call up one of them and see what they suggest.
  3. Ok, that was how I was hoping it worked. That's what I plan on doing, just wasn't sure where that wire was, and if it ran up to the dash or not.
  4. You shouldn't need a resistor. I did the exact same thing on my Gen 3 (although using an LED brake light off a miscellaneous spoiler) Just like Kevin said, wrap some electrical tape around one socket and just wire up the other socket to the LED strip. If you have the wiring connector from the Gen 4, it's super easy just power to power, and ground to ground. Here is a pic of mine, before, and after I painted it flat black to blend in better...
  5. Hmmmm crap. I was worried I would have to do it way back there.... Yeah I have a little toggle switch that I put into the adjustable-pedal delete plug, so I'll have a master "Off" switch on the dash that prevents the antenna from going up. From what I understand, the antenna gets a power signal to stay up, and when the signal is off the antenna goes down. So if the switch I install is on (connected) the antenna will work as normal, and when switch is off (interrupted) the antenna will stay down no matter what.
  6. I am wanting to add a switch on the dash that cuts the signal for the power antenna to be raised. I hardly ever use the FM radio, but always have a cassette or CD playing. I want to be able to flip a switch and it prevents the radio from telling the antenna to be up when I'm listening to a CD. Is there somewhere under the dash I can do this? If not, where can I do this at all? Thanks!!!
  7. Want something a little different? Check out "Sean's Theme" by selecting at the bottom of the page!

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      What should I do if I don't want something a little different?

  8. Thanks, Brian! Just a heads up it looks like the addition of Centennial level is a slow process so if anyone believes they should have reached Centennial status, and after a few days it still hasn't applied, please send me a PM.
  9. A new year is bringing big changes to the Taurus and Sable Owners' Club! **PLEASE message me if your member level is incorrect or does not update!!! We have completely revamped our membership levels, leaving three simple categories. Registered Members Any member that has completed the registration/validation process Platinum Members Any member who makes a lifetime total of donations equalling $25 or more Centennial Members Any member who has been registered for 5 years will automatically be upgraded to Centennial membership for l
  10. We've been having some issues that are beyond my knowledge. If anyone has knowledge of IPS and is willing to help, please send me a PM, text, email, reply, whatever. Thanks!
  11. Who's heading to South Carolina for our October 2017 meetup??? :chili::chili::chili:

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      Yes Sandy I'm just being a jerk, thanks for asking.

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      Oh wait it IS canceled. And I'm a jerk. Win/win.

  12. Snow started for me mid-Kentucky, and continued until I made it home, but the only area bad enough to warrant slowing down was Toledo, which was two-tracks going 45mph and a FREEWAY CLOSED detour....
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