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  1. Sean T.

    Rust-Free 2000 Ford Taurus Wagon (Graphite Blue)

    It's time for something new.... spread the word!!! I'll bring it to Illinois if you find a buyer! (maybe) LOL
  2. 2000 Ford Taurus Wagon 112,000 Miles COLD a/c and HOT heat! Was in Georgia until 2015, and oil was applied before first winter in MI, so rust is none-to-minimal. Priced at $5,500 due to lack of rust (rare for Michigan), low mileage, and all the modifications and extras. Very reliable. Driven regularly for road trips, and around town. Has made several trips between MI and SC. Repair History: https://www.taurusowners.com/topic/5489-seans-graphite-blue-2000-ford-taurus-wagon/ Clean CarFax, no accidents on record. 3.0L V6 “Vulcan” Engine. “AX4S” Transmission (appears to have been replaced recently before I purchased it in 2015). - Dealer-installed remote start. - Keyless entry keypad on driver’s door. - 3rd row seating that folds flat into the cargo area. - Flip/fold front row center console, can be a 3rd seat or a cupholder/console/armrest. - Dual sun-visors with dimmable lighting. - 6-Disc CD Changer in trunk and Cassette deck in-dash. - 6-way power driver’s seat. Interior was originally leather, and in great condition. Swapped leather seats (excluding center console/armrest) for cloth seats. Entire cloth and leather interiors are in great shape, and both are included with the vehicle. Additionally, a second set of leather cushions for the front seats are included. Included: - (2) chipped keys and two keyless entry remotes. - Newer tires with a good amount of tread. - OEM vinyl cargo shade. - Original factory floormats for first and second row. - Additional color-matched carpeting cut to fit the front footwell similar to WeatherTech mats, to protect original carpeting and make cleaning easy. - Factory touch-up paint from dealership. - Aluminum spare wheel “donut” (originally from a Thunderbird Super Coupe) with a recently replaced tire (I believe the tire is a 2014) Modifications: - Silicone applied to rear wheel well lip to prevent rust formation. - Front and rear mudflats, rear are body-molded mounted behind standard flexible flaps, front are only flexible flaps. - Air bags installed inside rear springs to raise rear to proper riding height. Leaving the hoses uncapped provides enough resistance to give proper ride height. Hoses can easily be capped and pressurized when under load (access through CD-changer panel in trunk). - Custom, body-color front bumper lip/chin spoiler. - SHO Wiper Arm on driver’s side. - Keyless entry keypad added. - Amber LED running lights installed behind grille. Wired into fuse under-hood, they come on automatically when ignition is on. Easily disabled. - Heated side mirrors. - All interior bulbs replaced with LED. Chrome turn signal stalk cap and lock-pulls on all doors, to match chrome interior door handles. - Custom-painted instrument cluster with silver gauges and silver trim. All LED bulbs as well. - Center dash surround from a Platinum Edition Mercury Sable (brushed aluminum finish). - Custom painted rims from a Thunderbird Super Coupe. - Plasti-dipped C-pillar and all window trim (easily removable). - Tint on all windows excluding windshield. Dark enough to look nice, but light enough that I’ve never got a citation for it. - Centennial-edition headlights purchased NOS OEM with SunTek film applied, so they will never get UV damaged, nor chipped (film is self-healing). Additional OEM chrome (original style) headlamps included, also with SunTek film applied to them. - Front and rear bumpers painted in 2017. SunTek film also applied to entire front bumper, majority of rear bumper, and a patch for the gas cap to rest on. Work done by AutoShield Columbia, SC. - Full exterior detail and CQuartz application done in October 2015 by Michalski Detailing in Columbia, SC. - Woodgrain vinyl applied to license plate surround, original black panel (treated with CQuartz) also included. The not so great… - Very small chip (about size of a dime) dead center on the windshield. Happened several years ago and has never spread. - Power locks only work on the passenger’s side. Not sure why, didn’t do a lot of investigating. - Has a couple small dents and door dings from before I had it, improper color touch-up paint was applied by previous owner, not highly visible.
  3. Yeah, they sell spray paint specifically for fabric. If you use that, it should work out fine. You could probably find it at JoAnn Fabrics or Michaels... both of which ALWAYS have a coupon available online, and you can show it on your phone at check out, you don't need to print it. http://www.joann.com/coupon/ https://www.michaels.com/coupons/ Or, since I see you're in Chicago... there are a TON of art supply stores there (at least near downtown), you could call up one of them and see what they suggest.
  4. Ok, that was how I was hoping it worked. That's what I plan on doing, just wasn't sure where that wire was, and if it ran up to the dash or not.
  5. You shouldn't need a resistor. I did the exact same thing on my Gen 3 (although using an LED brake light off a miscellaneous spoiler) Just like Kevin said, wrap some electrical tape around one socket and just wire up the other socket to the LED strip. If you have the wiring connector from the Gen 4, it's super easy just power to power, and ground to ground. Here is a pic of mine, before, and after I painted it flat black to blend in better...
  6. Hmmmm crap. I was worried I would have to do it way back there.... Yeah I have a little toggle switch that I put into the adjustable-pedal delete plug, so I'll have a master "Off" switch on the dash that prevents the antenna from going up. From what I understand, the antenna gets a power signal to stay up, and when the signal is off the antenna goes down. So if the switch I install is on (connected) the antenna will work as normal, and when switch is off (interrupted) the antenna will stay down no matter what.
  7. I am wanting to add a switch on the dash that cuts the signal for the power antenna to be raised. I hardly ever use the FM radio, but always have a cassette or CD playing. I want to be able to flip a switch and it prevents the radio from telling the antenna to be up when I'm listening to a CD. Is there somewhere under the dash I can do this? If not, where can I do this at all? Thanks!!!
  8. Want something a little different? Check out "Sean's Theme" by selecting at the bottom of the page!

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      What should I do if I don't want something a little different?

  9. Sean T.

    New Membership Levels

    Thanks, Brian! Just a heads up it looks like the addition of Centennial level is a slow process so if anyone believes they should have reached Centennial status, and after a few days it still hasn't applied, please send me a PM.
  10. A new year is bringing big changes to the Taurus and Sable Owners' Club! **PLEASE message me if your member level is incorrect or does not update!!! We have completely revamped our membership levels, leaving three simple categories. Registered Members Any member that has completed the registration/validation process Platinum Members Any member who makes a lifetime total of donations equalling $25 or more Centennial Members Any member who has been registered for 5 years will automatically be upgraded to Centennial membership for life, without the need of a donation! Centennial membership supersedes Platinum membership and includes identical benefits. All members now have the following features: Can create and vote in member polls. Can give other users ratings, and change ratings at any time. Personal profile with profile photo up to "200 x 200px" and 2MB size, and cover photo up to 2MB size. Unlimited private messaging with attachments allowed in messages. Registered members receive the following permissions: Cannot change display name 60-second search flood control Signatures: No images allowed, 2 lines of text with one hyperlink. Attachments: 20MB total storage, with 2MB limit per file, with ability to delete attachments. Can edit user's own content up to 5 minutes after posting. No post limits, however flood control prevents multiple posts within short amounts of time. Platinum and Centennial members receive the following benefits: Can change displayed forum name once per 30 days. No flood control for searches Signature: 1 image up to "600 x 200px", 8 lines of text with 5 hyperlinks. Attachments: 150MB total storage, with 2MB limit per file, with ability to delete attachments. Can edit and hide user's own content at any time Bypass flood control, meaning multiple posts are allowed without delay. Never expires! Only requires a one-time donation! Click HERE to make a donation today! ** All members who were part of a paid member group as on 01/01/2018 were automatically upgraded to a lifetime Platinum membership.
  11. I think Kevin may have fixed it!!!
  12. We've been having some issues that are beyond my knowledge. If anyone has knowledge of IPS and is willing to help, please send me a PM, text, email, reply, whatever. Thanks!
  13. Brian - Do you still have the images from this how-to?
  14. Who's heading to South Carolina for our October 2017 meetup??? :chili::chili::chili:

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      Yes Sandy I'm just being a jerk, thanks for asking.

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      Oh wait it IS canceled. And I'm a jerk. Win/win.

  15. Sean T.

    Southeast Spring Meet March 11-12, 2017

    Snow started for me mid-Kentucky, and continued until I made it home, but the only area bad enough to warrant slowing down was Toledo, which was two-tracks going 45mph and a FREEWAY CLOSED detour....