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  1. How do you like it? We wanted a larger size wagon with AWD, and choices were basically the Outback or this, and we didn't like the Outback. We like it, Buick reliability rates high these days, and the year end incentives sealed the deal.
  2. Hi All, It's been a long while. I hope your holidays are enjoyable! I have a situation that some of you guys and gals may be able to shed some light on. An elderly couple that are long time family friends have a 2002 Grand Marquis with a significant water leak on the passenger side of the windshield cowl area. An online search shows me that it could be debris clogging drains, the gasket for the HVAC inlet, or the right side of the windshield seal. Does anyone with a Panther platform vehicle have more insight/suggestions for me/them? They are on a limited income, and I would like to preven
  3. I don't visit too often, life happens I guess. From time to time I browse for possible replacements for our Audi A6 wagon. It's still going strong, but it's a 2000. Someday it may get too old and there are not many similar vehicles. Last week I noticed the Buick Regal Tourx. It looks like a similar size with AWD. I think it looks great, and it seems the GM 2.0 turbo is good now (2013-2014 not so much). Seems that Buick depreciation could make it a nice deal in a few years. Any thoughts?
  4. Congratsâ˜ș. Yes, I haven't been here in a year or so, but your post came up in my email. AWD Mazda Tribute w/5 Spd still going strong...
  5. Thanks for the thoughtful words. She was laid to rest today.
  6. My mom passed away early this morning after a long illness. She was 92.
  7. I applied some plastic protector on the interior of the Mazda. Looks nice. My wife has been practicing manual trans driving with it. Nothing broken so far :).
  8. Mazda timing belt kit, drive belt, and coolant change done. Lubricated the drive belt tensioner and idler too. Sure missed the Galvanized fasteners that Audi uses on their cars(that actually come apart after being exposed to salt), but it was relatively painless.
  9. Nothing! I've done nothing. But tomorrow I plan to change the timing belt on the Mazda. Should be easy-knock on wood...
  10. We shall see, it's only 130 HP. It's not registered yet, so I only drove it around the neighborhood.
  11. I saw your post, but we wanted AWD for the winter.
  12. My wife wants to learn to drive stick, so I bought a semi disposable car for her to practice on. It's high mileage (170K), but has been maintained. Runs well, everything but the power outlet in the rear works. Has a few rust spots.
  13. Auditioning to replace Chris Evans on BBC Top Gear?
  14. Dropped of the wife's A6 wagon last night for inspection. Shop calls today to say it's not due 'til November. They are correct. Oops!
  15. Just dropped in for a visit after a long time. The site looks a bit different:) The bull is doing well down in North Carolina, and the rest of the fleet has been fairly maintenance free(knock on wood). I think it's time to fix the rust at the front of the drivers side rocker panel on the Jeep. Maybe I'll get to it this fall. The family is doing well, my daughter is almost walking, and saying lots of things, but not yet in English...
  16. I recently watched the Taurus get loaded on a car carrier headed for its new home in North Carolina. It was an adventure to improve it and drive it. I learned more about automatic transmissions than I ever thought I would. I also joined 2 Taurus sites in the process, and had many interesting discussions. The car is now with my nephew. I recommended he join this site and become involved. I will still check in from time to time.
  17. Years ago I swore off repairing major rust on a daily driver. Too much effort for too little benefit.
  18. Sounds like a get together could be in order.
  19. Hey Nick! How's things? Haven't been here much. I'm actually typing with 1 hand and feeding Caroline with the other... We'll be in your neck of the woods around Christmas. A gold Taurus wagon may even be down there too...
  20. Not much car work going on here, but the baby is doing well: Taurus may be going to a new home soon, we shall see.
  21. Could be the pump drive spline stripped. Fluid level should be very high with engine off, and lower(normal) with engine idling in park.
  22. The Taurus lives again! The hose was the problem. I'm going to order the other ones and replace them as time permits. You learn something every day.
  23. Replaced ignition switch in A6 wagon to remedy intermittent no start condition, replaced drivers side valve cover gasket (again) to remedy oil leak which results in smoke when oil drips on exhaust, and flushed out secondary air injection system to get rid of CEL. It should now be useable again. One down, one to go (Taurus has brake issue).
  24. Thanks Nick. Funny thing is I bought a hose along with the caliper, but decided not to risk damage to the hard line from corrosion since the hose looked perfect. I'll change the hose and try to bleed all 4 corners with the vacuum bleeder to see if everything else is OK.
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