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  1. Sold the black '99 Sable. After 15 years, I am Mercury-less. 

    1. Brian_05_SEL


      Makes room for another Taurus ! 

  2. I met Mr. Pants a few times before my 5-speed swap, he had no issues with the exhaust. The only stated issue was the reversegear-hop, IIRC he fixed that. Researce on the swap from other sources is kinda incomplete, what I mean is: even though a handful of people have done it, some things were not mentioned (like the motor mount and exhaust). Look at it this way, the only problem is the axle/jackshaft set up. If you could source a one peice axleshaft, all would be well. Then you would have torque-steer equal to that of a Nissan.
  3. I will help out as much possible. The gen 4's bank1 cat converter will be in the way of the right (SHO) axle boot. I suggest a Tempo V6 manifold / Y pipe setup or a 3rd gen setup- either way, the EGR tree and post cat 02 sensors will have to be corrected to the car. You will have to grind the cast iron rear motormount support (the area that hangs down to the differental end of the AX4N and the two bolts attach it all together). Make sure your Vulcan roll restricter is in good shape, putting the 5-speed in reverse and loading the power will cause a lot of "hop" if there is a weak area (my '87 s
  4. Just letting you guys know I'm still alive. Still modding. The 2000. The 1996. Added gen 4 ebony leather seats.
  5. Sorry I can't be there for this one. Have fun, I'll hold back the rains on this side of the mountain as much as possible.
  6. The lock on the liftgate has been punched out anyway. The window scraper seal should have speednuts on each end or the mirror holds it in place up front. One of the two. It has to come from a gen1 or 2 wagon. Old unused signs that were for staging long ago. Now crap is scattered everywhere, like a sea of cars.
  7. I can ship to Europe. Get the approval and I'll get everything wrapped up.
  8. This is from a 1988 Taurus L wagon. I'll try to get it tomorrow, it's in isolation.
  9. I can get parts, not sure how I'd ship a roof rack.
  10. Nostradamus couldn't have predicted this. I bought his '87 Taurus GL wagon and 2000 SEL.
  11. Bought another Taurus yesterday. This 2000 SEL is from a guy named Bullgeek, I heard he's a member of the club.
  12. Time for an update. Took me over a year of on again off again work, but I finally got the 1996 the way I wanted it. The list of things done: 2005 Vulcan with 54,000 miles 1999 AX4N with 54,000 miles Early build 2004 front strut tower bar Still no catalytic converters, as purchased Power antenna Vent visors 2005 black dash Modified 1996 door panels with black trim and woodgrain 16" Centennial wheels Front disc 11.5" - gen 4.5 Rear disc New balljoints New front and rear struts New front control arms New fuel pump and fuel filter New axles, swaybar e
  13. Replaced the rear struts on the '96 yesterday, replaced the radiator today. Considering I've owned it over a year and rarely ever drive it, everything on the car has been replaced now. It's a brand new car. That is how I waste a weeks vacation.
  14. Replaced the steering rack on the '96 today, then the pressure line started leaking at the rack. Thought I cross-threaded it. Thankfully a new pressure line stopped the leak. It would have sucked to pull the steering rack out again. My body is getting way too worn to crawl under cars on jackstands anymore. The getting back up is the hard part.
  15. Similar. The spoiler came off a POS Olds Intrigue. Closely matches the Taurus shape though, since the Government made me pay for GM anyway, I think I deserve something in return.
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