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  1. Aw man! That sucks about nosho! Glad you came out unscathed though! - could have been alot worse!!!!
  2. start the car and unplug the neutral safety switch / Transmission range sensor. This will lock the PCM into overdrive (you will have no reverse lights but all gears will work). go take it for a drive with this unplugged and see if your shuddering / bang shifting is gone. If so likely culprit is the TRS/NSS. Went through this myself with the SHO...
  3. Sean, u still haz rear bumper? how much for that and shipping? (shipping would be to 32038). Thanks
  4. That is extremely disappointing!!!! Can't get away from the junk compressors!
  5. do the idiot lights on the cluster illuminate when you turn the key to the run position? Can you hear the fuel pump buzzing. (probably more to it than just this).
  6. Shouldn't need to replace the airbag computer. Sensors up front in the bumpers can sometimes go bad though after an impact. (that's if you're speaking of just putting new 97 airbags in a 97 year car.). My 97 was in a bad frontend collision before I got it and all I did was replace the front sensors since the brackets were mangled and replaced the bags and good to go.
  7. I've got both the driver and passenger airbags out of my 97 in storage collecting dust Shame you can't ship these legally except with a service like ups hazmat. (people ship them usps all the time but that's prohibited).
  8. I own an old ford NGS and figured i'd mention that 1996+ cars OBD-II EEC-V support the same self test modes and extra body DTC's. The trick is getting at them without an NGS...
  9. Lol i thought something similar. Damn, I want those rocker panel runners!
  10. I don't like the precedent here. Yeah, Disabling brakes is a _very_ bad thing to be able to do but I see other motivations here such as encryption of the can bus which would make dealers and dealer shops gobs of money.
  11. Multiple issues perhaps? Initially it sounds like there is a common ground for some of the items which was left disconnected. Another thought, does the contour use a GEM type box to control things such as the power windows? Could be pin changes inside the body control / GEM module mismatched with the wrong harness. what I mean here is a 97 GEM being wired with pinout X and a 00 GEM being wired with pinout Y then (hypothetically) they didn't make the connectors different between the years of the contour so BOTH harnesses (97 or 00) will plug in to either GEM / fuse box even though each harness is setup pin wise for use with their respective year fuse box / GEM. No idea if the contour even uses a GEM though - need to look at my FSM's. Just some thoughts to ponder. I know for a fact when dealing with tauruses that in 98 or 99 they changed the sensed resistance on the wiper circuit so while you CAN swap say a 99 GEM into a 97 taurus you CANNOT do so and have your wiper delay settings work without changing the MFS (multifunction switch) out for one from a 99. (I have this setup in my 97). (just another example of what i'm talking about).
  12. buy a rust free car and swap the good parts in. then sell the rusted out chassis for scrap
  13. Check for packet loss as well http://www.dslreports.com/linequality
  14. Also check your DNS server settings - your router or computer could be set to one that is unresponsive sometimes. DNS basically == internet phonebook. https://code.google.com/p/namebench/
  15. http://images.autoshopper.com/fullsizephoto.aspx?state=NJ&dealerid=8392ℑ=J5153310262010121338PM-P4.jpg "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community" - REALLY? Mercury Villager 1999 -2000 ??? Do i Get a Cookie? Still doesn't explain these Nissan quest clusters being associated with that photo.... lol
  16. Hmmm.... and the mystery deepens!!! WTF! I had no idea FORD made a NISSAN instrument cluster !?!?!?!?!? http://www.ebay.com/itm/CL1133-99-00-NISSAN-QUEST-SPEEDOMETER-CLUSTER-129K-XF5F-10C956-A-/360551795220?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr&hash=item53f28fca14 Check out the pic of the circuit sheet.... says FORD....
  17. if it were a PATS issue car would crank over but not start due to lack of fuel / ignition and the cluster should be blinking the theft light rapidly. have you checked the condition of the spark plugs / ignition wires? it is also important to get a fuel pressure gauge tester hooked up to the schrader valve to see the actual line pressure.
  18. I'd imagine if you were going to cut the access hole a dremel would do a great clean job of it. I'd imagine Shade used what he had at hand - sometimes you gotta improvise Edit: HMMM What do I spy in shade's pics there - a dremel type tool? Wierd. I wonder why those edges came out so rough!
  19. I think it would honestly take ALOT to get water in through there. (fuel tank would basically have to be submerged - driving though flood waters) etc. but the risk is still there for gas to spray in - again though it would take a major rear end to get that to happen. Only reason this even came to mind was that I remembered the panther platform (Crown Vic) cars having a suspension bolt come through the side of the tank and having the tank explode in a rear end collision. - Pretty sure ford fixed that in later model CV's though.
  20. No, you have to drop the tank (some people have cut an access hole - but you won't catch me doing that - water intrusion plus a place for gasoline to come into the cabin in the event of a severe rear end collision.)
  21. looks like he listed 4 more sets. be forewarned though, he says he ships UPS but he actually shipped priority mail and he took two days to lift a finger to ship. Will advise further when they arrive.
  22. I would say go get the part from the junkyard if not in bad shape and use it as a template to build a new part out of stainless tubing.
  23. no vin listed? Wondering how close this car was to the last taurus sequence wise.
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