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  1. Hey guys sup! as the title states.. my car got hailed on by grape sized hails about 2 weeks ago when there was a unexpected hail storm. I didn't see the damage until very recently due to the damage is relatively light, but damn it! One you can see them they cannot be unseem. Do you guys know, or have used any method to get those damned dents out? most of them are small dents (dime size or smaller) and I am hoping that I will be able to do it myself without resorting to a body shop. Thanks for your help in advance.
  2. Good luck man! Best wishes for your returning to do what you really wanted to!
  3. Awesome! I bet the criminals hates to see you! But wouldn't the Beretta 92 be a bit bulky for CC? especially under the unbearable summer heat. I think something lighter in size and weight( offerings from Kahr arms, for example) will probably work even better.
  4. I have some LCA bushings sitting in my parts bin, but never got to replace them..last time I attempted on that was when we were lowering the subframe to replace the AC compressor clutch assembly that's wobbly as hell, but the LCA just wouldn't come out even after all the bolts holding it has been removed, and we had to throw in the towel on that and bolt it back together. what kinda noise does it make when it goes bad? Thanks for all you guys' help!
  5. No it doesn't speed up or slow down with the driving speed so I am guessing it's not the hub bearing or CV joint, the hub bearing have no play and is less then a year old. Basically any small imperfection on the pavement causes it to clunk when the wheel is turned right- this part puzzles me the most because I thought most suspension parts, if worn, will be clunking regardless of steering position? Oh sorry but an additional question.. could the ball joints be bad out of box? my passenger side one(a ford part, mind you) has been making the thumping noise much like the old one it replaced sin
  6. Haha I sure wish I know. I have Gabriel brand(autozone) strut top bearing on both koni front struts now since the moogs that came with them were making noise. Yeah, If I am not paying off a bunch of debt now I'd be looking into replacing them again with Ford bearings, but that probably will have to wait until next year. I will see f I can record the noise to help the diagnose the problem.
  7. Hey guys, sorry to bug you again but here comes another mystery that I can't figure out by my self. There is now a clunking sound on the driver side front that pretty much only exists when the steering wheel is turned to the right when driving at low speed, it goes away if you turns the wheel left. I've checked the end link and inner tie rod, both seemed tight. If you have ideas about when else might be causing the problem please feel free to post them up, thanks! it's really annoying..
  8. Interesting to hear you say this Bryan..being in LE I thought you would have seem enough less then stellar examples at work to make you doubt the "Why love something that can not love you back" part of argument. Not going into details but I found human being, at large, hard to relate to at best, let along "love you back". Starting from my own family..they say to love your parents but you'd find that a little hard to do after they've dumped a bunch of THEIR financial issues at you, crush what little financial security you have, and tell you to suck it up. There are other things too private to
  9. No s**t, Zorin! I've had a shop( one that I trust out of many that basically sucks, non-the-less) telling me that upon their free inspection, my clunking noise on both front ends was caused by the koni struts.. not beliving the new struts being faulty I went under the lift to take a look and it took me about 30 seconds to spot the 2 ball joints lost most of their grease. They just went like:" oops.. must have forgot to check that one." So in short yes..I do not trust shops or at least take what they say with a huge grain of salt.
  10. Sorry for your loss Jeff! I took one rear-ending like that and had to replace the bumper myself/eat the cost. I totally feel your pain. Things like this(and many others that exhibit human stupidity/ignorance) makes me wonder why do we have things such as racism or sexism..vise versa in the first place. As if one is to be discriminated for any reason it shall be due to his/her/it's inability to respect the rights of others.
  11. Here's my meager list: 1991 Daewoo Espero GS, Asian market version(Dad's second car, problematic from the start due to poor, and in some cases, dangerous construction. Learned to drive on it, we drove it until it died) 2003 Taurus SE-Current
  12. Hello, They are both Timken. Purchased from Autozone, I torqued the 3 hub-spindle screws to 75lbs/ft, and the big hub nut to 120lbs/ft, well within torquing spec. I am suspecting sloopy quality control.
  13. Brian, perhaps it's time for him to upgrade his car to rear disc? He will definitely feel SOMETHING if he left it on and proceed to drive away this time
  14. Replaced the front passenger side hub bearing for the THIRD time within a year. the rest of them all developed rattles within 3-5 months. I sure hope that's not the case with this one.
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