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  1. Nope, definitely Pacific green just bad lighting in the too small picture.
  2. [sharedmedia=garage:vehicles:181] Did this work? I don't know how to get a larger size picture to work. KBB says $1129 for fair value $1454 for good. Something around $1k would probably work.
  3. I am the sole owner since 10/31/96. Will list here but wife is looking into donating it. Local pickup only. Pacific Green with tan premium cloth seating Miles: 200,000 Duratec Engine replaced at ~130,000 with used engine that had ~75,000 Full Transmission rebuild at ~135,000 The good: brand new brakes, tires have plenty of tread, runs fine, good AC and heat, EATC, Mach audio with CD changer, moon roof. Seats in great shape (most comfortable seat I have ever had) Well maintained with numerous parts including starter, alternator, water pump, radiator, fuel pump, AC compressor, 4 quickstruts etc. Even has that expensive lower coolant hose replaced. Will throw in a 3M headlight polish kit that is unopened. The bad: Rust in doglegs and rocker panel, one spot above windshield that drips during car washes. Intermittent P1744 that seems cold weather related, comes and goes for weeks at a time but I never detected the torque converter not engaging and can see the rpms drop indicating engagement. Why selling: inherited a 2003 Taurus SES sport with 69,500 miles, and no room for an extra car.
  4. Not too bad but there is some starting. It is Atlanta built and spent it's first three years in Texas.
  5. I drove my 200,000 97 Taurus to work today in Minnesota. I may be getting rid of it since I am getting a great deal on a 2003 with 65K miles.
  6. http://www.taurusowners.com/garage/vehicle/181-ford-taurus/?tab=images Just hit this milestone on Wednesday.
  7. Just thought I would put in a good word for the 2008-2011 Focus. I have a 2008 with a manual and the rear sway bar and Sync. The car is a blast to drive, and has more room for the driver than the 2012 and up version. I put winter tires on it (Michelin X-ice XI3) and it handles the snow better than the Taurus, but I have never had a need for winter tires on the Taurus. Oh, my Taurus is a 97 with 197,000 miles on it. My Focus has 93,000 miles on it and I have yet to need to do the brakes. Overall Mpg average for the MN corn gas and winters is between 31-32 mpg. My high tanks have been around 38 mpg.
  8. Can you post a picture or verify that it has the flat connector (96-97) vs the square connector (98+), if so sounds good.
  9. The junkyard I used to go to does not let you in the yard anymore. I ordered a part and the one the gave me had the square connector of the newer models.
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