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  1. Hey Brian - Now there's a 54,000 mile 1989 White Mustang GT Convertible for sale nearby. Pix look really good. Car looks near flawless once you get past those floormats - those things hurt my eyes! Only asking $7500.00. I wouldn't let my Barney go for that and the SHO is higher miles. https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/cto/d/1989-ford-mustang-gt/6273520864.html
  2. Following up on 1986 Lincoln Towncar. Putting new Walker Cats, sourced from Rockauto.com Nice items. Would be even more nice if they fit perfect. They fit close, Blow torch and a mallet and the bends will be better. Flanges way off from square.
  3. Josh Ditch the Avatar, I know where that car sleeps now. And it will be cold. Very COLD. ;-) Nick It's a '86, not '96. First year of the Multiport Fuel Injected 5.0. I expect to finally turn 100,000 miles before the end of the month. Kind of a 'Christine' thing. Car has been in the family since mile 3. Car loves me. I saved it from a flood in 1987 at the expense of letting my 1969 Mach 1 drown right next to it. I took it to my reception after my wedding. 25 years later me and my bride went back to the same place with the same car and took pictures with the same owner. Lifetime photo on the wall of fame at that restaurant. I can get the cats off Rockauto.com for $85.00 each plus shipping, etc, but they are not OEM and I don't think I am that interested in paying for 30 yr old OEM parts... Leaning towards that route right now, car is totally intact and I hate putting in aftermarket parts.
  4. Patched a hole in an exhaust pipe on my 1986 Lincoln Towncar. Just behind the catalytic converter on the drivers' side. Not gonna hold for long. Really need to replace the cats, but would rather put in a straight pipe on both sides. Anybody sell pre-made "off-road pipes"? These would need to be flanged on both ends.
  5. I've known Andy and Kris for 15 years. SHE dragged him into this SHO thing. It is GOING to be tracked and then gone over with a toothbrush. Someday soon, the sidewalls on those tires are gonna look like rock-salt. Take my word for it. They live WAY to close to Road America.
  6. I think that car could be around for a very long time. Kris and Andy are very long time SHO enthusiasts and popular in the SHO community. They will take outstanding care of that car and be able to find anything it needs as well as anyone I could name. Car probably going into limited use and of course the occasional track day. Salt monster won't get much time with this little treasure.
  7. Bite your tongue, young man! I consider 3 as a rather good START....
  8. Hey Brian - Heads up Somebody on Chicago Garage is switching to IRS and can't use this brand new MAC 3" Catback for a 5.0 LX. He's in Streamwood - just down the road for easy pickup. Saw a bump of a thread today but it may be sold, just throwing it out there for you, Sir. http://www.thechicagogarage.com/forum/sale-automotive/159473-f-s-mac-3-cat-back-exhaust-79-95-lx-mustangs.html
  9. '93 ATX The '93 Automatic trans was more of a fuse. And that fuse blew regularly as I recall. I would be very wary if that was not a well documented replacement trans in there already.
  10. on several of my SHO's this was a problem. Once the car is running, the alternator takes over supplying electricity. Once the car is off, power comes from battery only. I cut off the battery terminals, SOLDER on new ones, and never have the problem again, plus I swear the starter cranks faster afterwards too.
  11. Howdy! Whereabouts in Indiana? We have a number of members up around the Windy City.
  12. I stumbled across your cobra header post idea about six years ago. It makes to question. What other builds have you done over the years? And would you be open to the occasional advice on my own build? :/

  13. I know you said newer V6 car, but if this happened on a late 90's V8 SHO, you would be describing the vacuum line back to the evaporative emissions area in the rear of the car. This is to put a vacuum on the gas tank to control vapor emissions from the gas tank. You helped the motor by plugging a vacuum leak, but left the evaporative emissions unserved. It reads no vacuum back there so it thinks your gas cap is off. You have to find a way to put the hose back to get rid of that fault.
  14. Happy Turkey Day! (Going back in for seconds...)
  15. Surely you jest? Nothing like this is even remotely possible without the beer First! Nicely done, Rohand901