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  1. Hey Brian - Heads up Somebody on Chicago Garage is switching to IRS and can't use this brand new MAC 3" Catback for a 5.0 LX. He's in Streamwood - just down the road for easy pickup. Saw a bump of a thread today but it may be sold, just throwing it out there for you, Sir. http://www.thechicagogarage.com/forum/sale-automotive/159473-f-s-mac-3-cat-back-exhaust-79-95-lx-mustangs.html
  2. '93 ATX The '93 Automatic trans was more of a fuse. And that fuse blew regularly as I recall. I would be very wary if that was not a well documented replacement trans in there already.
  3. on several of my SHO's this was a problem. Once the car is running, the alternator takes over supplying electricity. Once the car is off, power comes from battery only. I cut off the battery terminals, SOLDER on new ones, and never have the problem again, plus I swear the starter cranks faster afterwards too.
  4. Howdy! Whereabouts in Indiana? We have a number of members up around the Windy City.
  5. I stumbled across your cobra header post idea about six years ago. It makes to question. What other builds have you done over the years? And would you be open to the occasional advice on my own build? :/

  6. I know you said newer V6 car, but if this happened on a late 90's V8 SHO, you would be describing the vacuum line back to the evaporative emissions area in the rear of the car. This is to put a vacuum on the gas tank to control vapor emissions from the gas tank. You helped the motor by plugging a vacuum leak, but left the evaporative emissions unserved. It reads no vacuum back there so it thinks your gas cap is off. You have to find a way to put the hose back to get rid of that fault.
  7. Happy Turkey Day! (Going back in for seconds...)
  8. Surely you jest? Nothing like this is even remotely possible without the beer First! Nicely done, Rohand901
  9. Illinois does too, a little bit. Painted mine flat black high temp. No one noticed. Hypothetically, of course.... Those EPA inspectors are no smarter than the double digit IQ TSA folks. If it looks OEM, they won't notice it on physical inspection.
  10. I just made my own, for off-road testing purposes only (of course), and somehow the CEL did not come back..... O2 sensor extensions - http://www.uspmotorsports.com/Exhaust/Sensors/Spulen-Billet-O2-Sensor-Extender-SE-080.html?gclid=CjwKEAiAu6DBBRDDr6-e_6698E0SJACvuxny5y6JU-jEmr8evQI3wPku9WQEk2bLaRXkehp6hX30jxoCB1_w_wcB
  11. Home again. SHOFORUM works. Crazy Hotel server. Like I said, happened before, but not often. Does SHOFORUM need a Java update or something? In my experiences a ban on a non violent/ non porn site is usually out of date securities.
  12. Probably the hotel I'm at then. Weird refusals from time to time. I usually see this stuff outside the country. Try again when I get back home.
  13. Can't sign on to SHOFORUM. Can't get in without even signing in..... Anybody else got issues? I have been treated, errrr, POORLY by SHOFORUM elites in the past, but that was a long time ago. We've been getting along good lately and I fear something is wrong with the site. Any input is appreciated.
  14. Well Done !
  15. Broken spring did that. Seen it several times. (I've owned a LOT of Gen 3 SHO's). Look up at the top of the spring, near the landing. You will definitely see the broken section, perhaps 2 breaks. This throws the rear end out of balance for camber and the tire gets into the strut formation. Very common in my rust-belt world. Strut might be ok, but yeah, I'd change spring and strut on both sides of the rear at the least. NEVER change just one side of the rear springs.