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  1. Michelle and Adam more of the V6 SHO crowd type. Glad she came home.
  2. Good Riddance 2020 Best hopes for all in 2021 !
  3. While it is apart, have them throw in a TransGo shift kit too.
  4. Right in your neck of the woods - I got 6 cars plated and insured right now or this would be the base car for my old SHOMAD idea. I got NO room. https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/cto/d/arlington-heights-97-ford-taurus-wagon/7181865516.html Body super clean if it is a Chicago local car.
  5. Old school test for charging system. Disconnect battery when car is running. Does it die? Alternator related Stays running? Battery related Have you done a thorough cleaning of the battery cables and terminals? You may just have oxidized connections preventing proper chargeback.
  6. Don't blow your hands off!
  7. The horn warning sounds like alarm related, like a hood plunger not going down all the way. That was a problem with the Gen 3 SHO's (96-99) so maybe your car has a similar switch? Battery drain - Does the dome lamp interior light stay on after closing the doors? Other than that, the GEM module - once again in the SHO model - has caused a bunch of really weird phenomenon in my experiences. It is on the back of the interior fuse panel in the SHO's. Your mileage may vary.
  8. Chicago area. Just posted today. Somebody jump on this. 42k needs some skilled hands but for only $750.00 ? ! ! ! https://chicago.craigslist.org/nch/pts/d/gurnee-1998-ford-taurus-wagon-42k/7122240084.html 1998 Taurus wagon 42k original miles. Clean interior. New heater core and radio. Needs a fuel pump, 2 ball joints and an oil pan gasket. I have the parts. Parts or whole. Call with needs. Might trade
  9. in my experiences with the Gen 3 SHO's. I find when this happens, I go to one of my parts cars and take the whole headlight switch assembly out, change it over, and the problem goes away. Probably junkyard visit time for a headlight switch.
  10. Where is @Chart? Totally in his wheelhouse
  11. Oh, a couple of us still have a couple of 'em. But you're right - it is a dwindling crowd.
  12. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1996-1999-Ford-Taurus-Clear-Front-Side-Marker-Lights-PAIR/322115565914?fits=Year%3A1997|Model%3ATaurus|Make%3AFord&hash=item4aff95795a:g:FCYAAOSwGeBXP2f8:sc:USPSFirstClass!60148!US!-1
  13. A little light part removal before sending shell to the graveyard.
  14. Red light is either parking brake not fully released or low brake fluid. I know on the V8 SHO's the low fluid sensor is a lying piece of junk. Do a visual on the fluid level and look for puddles under the car before driving off in it after the red light activates, please.
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