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  1. So its raining pretty hard down here in Socal, and yesterday my buddy decides is the day for me to change his rear brakes. It's noonish when he comes over, and I had no idea it was going to rain. He has drum brakes (even more fun) on the back, so I get cracking and pull the thing apart. The entire reason I pulled it apart was because some kid at an oil change shop basically made him freak out, saying his rear brakes only had like 4mm left (stupid retard, that's what drum brakes look like). My buddy only tells me this after the thing is completely apart, so I'm like, whatever, I'll just do it anyway cus I have the thing open. At this moment, it starts sprinkling, and I start thinking I gotta get going because its gonna rain. No sooner had I thought that than the most unholy downpour of water from the heavens opens up. So I run inside and grab a tent/awning thing so I can keep working, while all my tools are outside getting soaked. I get back outside, set the tent up, and get back to work. Drum brake springs never want to cooperate , but I get it back together and have my buddy test it before I put the drum and wheel back on. Turns out, his slave cylinder in the brake was gone, because I got sprayed with brake fluid when he tested them. After this, we get to oreillys and pick up another part, get back, and I get to work again. As I pull off the broken cylinder, the wind and rain strike at the same time in some evil coordinated manner and fling my tent into the next yard while getting me even more soaked. Now I'm thinking, screw it, I'll keep working without the tent. In the rain I get the cylinder back on, bled the brakes, and put everything back together, just as the rain stops. All this took place over the course of 3-4 hours...
  2. @Sean, You're gonna need that gel cover with that hardtail... @CJ, I know how that is! I was just window shopping for bikes a while ago, went to wally world and then my LBS, HUGE difference. The better bikes from the bike shop were like riding a cloud... I got my DH offa cragies for $500 bucks. $10 later and its working good as new haha
  3. Nice! It sounds like its definitely one of the higher quality treks. And definitely! Mtn biking is really fun and actually addictive...
  4. Treks are nice. Did you buy it at wally world or your local bike shop?
  5. Hahaha! I had a couple of beater bikes before that one. Like you said, I bought this when I had more than enough money from work and was still in high school... those were the good days... Anyhow, you got some niiiice components on that thing. Bet it shifts reeeal smooth now huh?
  6. Here's my bike: Its for downhill and I love it. Its my baby
  7. Interesting... My taurus used to do that too haha. Alright well I'll definitely avoid the white ones
  8. Haha. Could be the fact that the clutch is slipping, the diff needs new bearings and the fuel pump doesn't always work... Thanks for the info however. Aside from the previously listed, have you had any other problems?
  9. Hm... Interesting. I've done research and most people say they can coax 20-25 on the highway and something like 15 in the city. I guess it all depends. Hauls pretty good tho for a whale huh?
  10. Has anyone had one before? Can anyone vouch for what kind of gas mileage it gets? Screw that eclipse shiz, I'm going american...
  11. Haha. Its the brand new Mustang Boss 302... How I love it so No fancy independent rear drive, no forced induction ridiculousness, just good old fashioned front engine, rear drive, american V8 power. It actually handles pretty well too. Not that I have anything against forced induction, I just kind of think its cheating in a way. Like, "we don't need to tune this engine to its maximum potential, lets just slap a turbo on it and call it a day."
  12. To me, twitter seems more of a "look at me" than facebook's "lets keep in touch"
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