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  1. Nick had this car treated with a permanent paint protection system, CQUARTZ Finest, that I applied personally in November.
  2. Hey everyone, As some of you may know, BullGeek (Nick) decided to keep his SHO, and wanted to see what I could do with the paintwork. We opted for a paint restoration "correction" which consists of compounding and polishing steps. After the paintwork was restored to our liking, Nick choose to have CQUARTZ Finest ceramic paint coating lock in the freshness! Enjoy!
  3. If you putting in the 'Tec.... Cool project... Vulcan (waste of time)
  4. What temp is the car running at now? I now before you said it was in the 2xx's degrees
  5. Those instrument cluster panel is so old, they made it using wood
  6. You say... "Pile of JUNK!" I say.... ol' skool "Chick Magnet."
  7. Thing sounds AWESOME pulling up to my house. One would NEVER think that the noise emanating from that car, is a Taurus.
  8. I would change the thermostat... see if it behaves any differently. If not, like Zen said... Rock 'n' Roll!
  9. That SHO is FanTabULos. It sounds great, engine runs smoothly. That V8 souns SOOOOOOO Good...
  10. I look at cars all day long, an LKQ rear door assembly and 1/4 panel, and that gem is back on the road... Although I would check out the rear suspension as well...
  11. Hey Kev! CONGRATS on the ride. It looks pretty cool with the "digi-dash". With some bodywork she'll be as good as new It's funny as Nick has an '87 Taurus (wagon), you just bought an '87 Sable, and I recently bought an '87 IROC-Z, 87 must have been a special year.
  12. I debaged the '11 Taurus.... purely for the fact that it gives the rear a cleaner look. To each their own.
  13. Debadging has nothing to do with "being ashamed" of what car it is. Just sayin'.
  14. Dump all the letters. I would dump the V6 on the fenders as well. I like how the "Powered by FORD" looks on the doors and rear...
  15. Strong! Must ride nice too!
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