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  1. I primarily get gas at Chevron since most of my cars run well on it. I don't have the luxury of getting gasoline without 10% ethanol. When I had my Taurus, it ran well on Chevron, Exxon, ARCO, and Valero. It ran bad on Texaco (which is funny because it's Chevron) and Shell. The Passat runs well on all brands (maybe because it's new enough to run E85) and the Volvo hated Texaco and Gulf, but loves Chevron and Shell.
  2. It's not just *** cars that bankrupt you. Annnnnnd there's my appointment for insensitivity training...
  3. Went to another junkyard today and scored a major piece: It's a little bent near the cowl, but I'm happy that it's in decent shape, doesn't have a hole above the strut, and it's white so I'll live with it! 940s seem to be slim pickins around here. This hood came off a '94 without fog lights which I was told wouldn't line up correctly, but it did. I'm actually surprised the hood was a lot lighter than I expected it to be. I've had flat pack furniture that weighed more.
  4. Yeah, the trims pieces tie things together so well. It's nice to not accidentally stick the buckle or my finger into that hole in the button. I also happened to see this sticker on two cars at the junkyard (a gray 740 and a red 940). The 740 had DoD decals on it so that would make sense. I don't remember if the 940 had DoD decals or not.
  5. Out of the blue I get a text from a friend about wanting to go to the junkyard. She was looking for some Camaro/Firebird parts for her son's Firebird so I tagged along to get some stuff for the Volvo. The junkyard we went to had slim pickins for 900-series, but had quite a few F-bodies. Picked up a blank panel for the panel with a hole in it: The dome light was missing the lenses: Replacement buttons for the front seatbelt buckles: And a new dipstick with intact handle: Only spent $5.
  6. What RPM are you cruising at in fifth gear at 70? Is the exhaust stock-ish?
  7. Haven't heard much from the insurance companies over this since they still can't get the police report for some reason. Anyways, I figure it'd be OK to share a pic of the damage to the Volvo. The bumper filler panel was damaged, along with some slight scuffing, a slight bend in the sheetmetal under the taillight, and the exhaust was pushed forward. I stopped driving the Volvo for a couple of weeks because the exhaust leak was pretty bad (although it did sound badass). Exhaust was just coming out of the exhaust header where it mates with the cat because the impact sheared a couple
  8. For some reason I thought this was an MT5. I should have read the topic from the start. This is an impressive project!
  9. I like that stick-shift and bench seat combo. What's the shift knob out of? Did the MT5 have reverse in the lower right?
  10. When I swapped the police speedo into my Sable the needle would get stuck because it touched the clear plastic cover. I either pushed the needle down farther or added a couple washers between the cover and cluster where the screws were as spacers to make it work right.
  11. Not much damage. Just damage to the bumper and exhaust.
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