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  1. Wish I could make it. Maybe next year!
  2. Wanted a life change. My best friend took a job there, and I decided to go with him. No more snow, no more salt, no more 92% humidity. Sunny days are the norm and we'll have a pool and hot tub right behind our apartment. I haven't landed a job yet, but I don't see how I wouldn't be able to find one.
  3. I'm moving to Chandler, AZ next week! Who's around? Going to need to meet new people when I get there, since I will have zero friends there.
  4. Nope, already have a set from last winter. Stock 18" wheels off a 2006 Charger R/T, painted black, with Firestone Winterforce tires. My old stock wheels will be listed for sale since I don't really have room to keep them and no real use for them.
  5. New wheels on the Charger! Decided to go with the "Brass Monkey" wheels off the Charger Hellcat. Staggered setup with 9" wheels in the front, 10" in the rear. OEM 245/45R20 Eagle RS-A 2's in front, and two new 275/40R20 Nitto Invo's in the rear.
  6. After 9 days, she's back! You'd never find where the blending begins and ends. I'm so happy with the results.
  7. Not really, since I allowed them to leave. Since Royal Oak was the wrong city/police department, and the Pleasant Ridge PD only had one officer on duty who would be 45 minutes to an hour before being able to take the report, I told them they could leave. The police report is really only for myself, since I'm making a claim. They're not. I only will not pay the deductible if the statement I made to my claim adjuster matches the police report (which it should, since I made it) and I'm deemed not at fault. They'll be calling the woman who hit me for her side, so that's what is worrying me, since obviously she'll try to push blame off of herself. However, being that they were both high (which I told the officer) they'll probably take that into consideration if she tries to claim she is not at fault.
  8. Here's the easiest way to explain what happened. I made my turn, and the other car made their turn after me. I had my signal on, but they must have thought that I was going straight at first, cut it wide, and boom. Called 911 and said there were no injuries, but needed an officer out. They asked if the cars were drivable, and when I said yes, they told us to come to the station to file a report. They didn't have any officers who could come out at the time. We get there, and I was told it wasn't Royal Oaks jurisdiction, but Pleasant Ridge's. They called PRPD and they had one officer on duty for the night, and he was out doing a DUI arrest. He would be tied up for the next 45 minutes to an hour. The two women didn't want to go, and they weren't filing a claim since they had a single scuff on their bumper, so they decided to just go home. When we exchanged info, as they left I could smell weed coming from the car, so they were probably both high. They also didn't give me any insurance info, so they probably didn't have any. (Not that it matters in Michigan. No-fault.) Car goes in Monday. Needs a new door skin (assuming no internal damage), fresh paint, and then blending into the adjacent panels. Also working directly with Mopar on getting another decal kit, since this was a limited run package (1 of 50). As long as the police report comes back good after their investigation, I pay no deductible and will be deemed not at fault.
  9. New sticker! Oh, and new dent! Thank you ladies, for hitting me while you were both high as a kite.
  10. Devin


    Yankee, Please post replies in your existing thread. Making a new thread means we don't know the context of your question. I've merged them now. You can reply at the bottom of the page.
  11. Devin


    Welcome to TSOC! I'm sure somebody will be able to chime in and help you with this. Sounds like you may have a vacuum leak! You may want to get it smoke tested and look for leaks.
  12. More mods! Found the part number for the OEM black Charger emblem, so I did a swap. Yes yes, I could have plastidipped it, but this was just as cheap, and won't peel over time.
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