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    Yesterday I bought a place for my Mustangs and Sable to live, and it even came with a place for people to sleep! 😛 It was finally time to upgrade from my condo to a new house. The Sable wagon will be earning its keep now by hauling a lot of stuff to the new place.
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    Update as of 2019. Our original intent to have the entire car painted is dead. I ended up purchasing a 1990 with no dents or rust and that is the perfect candidate for complete overhaul. Scarlet is, of course, still running the roads. Last year I took her on a nice long trip into the upper peninsula to Ontonagon, MI. About an 8 hour drive and it was smooth sailing the entire trip for 2 weeks. Was nice to have it out and about. This last year I revamped the basket wheels and had to repaint the bumper and trim. Too much had begun to flake off and was down to bare plastic. So, with the new refreshed look she made her way through the 4th of July parade!
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    My Buick is ready for it's dash transplant. The passenger airbag cover was cracked on the original dash and it's integral to the dash and cannot be replaced separately. I found a cream puff 2005 Century that donated it's dash to the project. If that car had been console shift then I'd have taken the whole interior to swap. I had to redye the dash pad because the donor dash was gray. It is now medium dark neutral like the original. It only took about an hour or so the strip this dash out of the car. I was surprised at how quick it went. New one goes in tomorrow. Then the whole interior needs a refresh. Jeff
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    My Fox body convertible had a lock actuator and plastic speaker grilles on the doors that were broken, so I got those replaced today. The weather has been mild enough to go out and enjoy cruising in this car with the top down for most of the past week too.
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    2015 Mustang just rolled 36k miles, and got an oil change. I also mounted a new rear spoiler on the trunklid. 1989 Mustang just got a full performance rebuild on its AOD transmission. I’m picking it up from the shop tomorrow morning.
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    Man. That SUCKS. Seller MUST have known this was coming. Anyhow, I totally appreciate your attitude. Breakage just means that it is upgrade time! Shame/Blessing that it had to happen so soon after purchase.
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    Don’t have many pictures yet but I got myself a 2013 Camaro 2SS. Bought the car with the windows tinted and the mufflers are deleted... will be getting a catback, intake, wheels, tune and maybe headers. real fun to drive.
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    Decided to do some work on the wagon since I experienced a massive battery draw that killed it in a few days a sitting, something it hasn't done before. It only happened after I disturbed the relays, which had a tendency to self trigger if bumped or shaken, and of course it's the important ones for the EEC and Fuel Pump. After determining that, the next best step was to modernize, using a '90+ relay holder which uses conventional five pin cube relays versus the odd ball five pin, non-cube type ones that were originally fitted. It also gets a circuit safety feature too, a diode for the EEC power circuit. I also get to use a newer style vacuum box, versus the coffee can. I did make a mistake in attempting to use a '95+ vacuum box and holder assembly, when a '90-'94 one works better. Luckily I had the old style vacuum box for these cars, so I've just got to get the right holder, since the '95+ one sits up too high, but locks into place. Factory angry spaghetti: Updated angry spaghetti: Loomed and fitted: Now I don't have random self-energizing relays causing trouble for me. Plus, should I ever have a relay fail (all of the ones in the holder were factory Ford OE ones), it'll be much easier to get one since it's a common type, versus the more unique originals. Maybe the next job will be using an proper fuse box over by the starter solenoid. Ford used a bunch of fusible links off the starter solenoid, so it's a rat's nest on that fender. A fuse box from a '90-'94 Town Car would be suitable as the links would be replaced with proper fuses and the horn and air shock relays could be re-fitted into that box.
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    My budget wheels came in the other day and I had them installed today. These are TSW Sonoma 19" wheels wrapped in Hankook Ventus 1 Noble 2 tires in 235/50/19. Sort of an upgrade from my stock 17" wheels. I'm happy with them, although, I'm not used to the look of them yet. Jeff
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    I got some new shoes...or boots for the F150. Also replaced the cracked and rusting stock lugs nuts with a set of black locking Gorilla lug nuts. LT 275/60/R20 BFG KO2s (33s, for reference the Raptor runs 35s stock) Its absolutely amazing the difference these tires make. The truck rides like a truck now and they look awesome. I got it up to 80mph on the highway and the difference in noise compared to the Dueler street tires is barely noticeable, they are super quiet for how aggressive the tread is. I wasn't 100% sure on how the black lugs would look on the chrome rims but I trusted my gut and I think I made the right choice. Gotta like how the Gorilla locking lug nut looks like a normal lug nut too. Set me back $255 a tire fully installed.
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    I removed the fake rear valance and tips on the Charger and installed the Charger Pursuit rear valance and got some nice 4" polished stainless tips for it. The tips are just sat in place for the picture. I'll have them welded on tomorrow. Also, a while back I had a Mopar vinyl decal added to the rear quarter. One of these days I'll upgrade the wheels. The car has been great. I'll have had it one year on March 8 and I've put 6500 miles on it so far. Jeff
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    Added heated seats with new Katzkin leather.
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    Saturday, I said goodbye to my 2018 Charger after only two years of ownership and 9400 miles. I had done quite a lot to that car to make it nicer and to make it my own, but somewhere along the line I had fallen out of love with it. It sat for six months under my carport collecting dust while I drove my 98 Buick Regal GS daily. I've always wanted a truck and any time I've ever needed one I've always borrowed my dad's truck. I've always considered them as not affordable for me. Friday, a Chrysler dealer about 40 miles from me offered a 2019 Ram1500 Classic tradesman 2wd, V6 for $24,448. I figured it was a gimmick to get you in the door, but to my surprise, there was an actual truck and they were actually selling it at that price. So, I jumped on it as most brand new trucks simply aren't cost effective in my opinion. It is equipped with power group, heated mirrors, backup camera, upgraded cloth interior, bed liner, alloy wheels, chrome appearance group, keyless, 3.55 rearend, and that's really about it. So nothing special, but it was a great price! I was very surprised at how well the pentastar V6 pulls this truck. It feels nice on the road and has slightly over 6k lb towing capacity. Loved my Charger, but it was time to let it go. After acommercial paint overspray accident(water tower overspray) ruined the finish(one billion white dots on everything) and the aftermath of having all that paint cleaned off, it was just never the same. It did look near new in the end, but it literally had 2k miles on it when this happened. Just ruined my outlook on the car because it wasn't perfect afterward, tbh. All in, I'm about $28k into this truck with negative equity rolled from my Charger which I know it's terrible to do. However, I'm $7k under MSRP on this truck after the $8500 worth of rebates and the dealer offered incentives were another $1750(I believe). I don't think it was a bad deal for a brand new truck that's not totally a stripper model. So far Im getting between 18-19mpg around town. Haven't taken it on any real highway trips yet. Feels nice riding up off the ground. So that's my update!
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    Kodachrome Wolf, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Problem fixed with two products - Both compliments of Dorman. Two important points, there is a rubber hose over the fuel line to protect against chaffing. Be sure to leave as much of it as you can on the line. 2nd is to make sure the 5/16" Fuel line is fully seated into the Fuel Line Union. My first attempt I failed to get it fully in and the fitting leaked heavily. Once I pushed it the rest of the way in, it sealed nicely and worked perfectly. It might be a good idea to put tape around the line to measure how far in it goes. It would give you a visual reference to see how far in you have pushed the fuel line. I would do that if I were doing it again. That would ensure proper seating into the fittings. Then just remove the tape once it is installed. https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/dorman-help-nylon-fuel-line-unions-5-16-in.-800-191/10191248-P?searchTerm=800-191 And https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/dorman-help-5-16-in.-quick-connector-90-degree-w-18-in.-of-5-16-in.-nylon-tube-and-a-union-800-051/16140062-P?searchTerm=800-051
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    Dorman makes a nylon repair hose with those ends on them. Most parts stores carry it in the Help! section. The premise is you can either join the nylon hose together using the provided hose barb in the package and heating the nylon on the repair and vehicle with hot water until it sets (obviously difficult while under the car, but I'm not sure a open flame would be a good idea around fuel), or using a compression type fitting to join the lines together.
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    I took the suspension out of the car to resell, eibachs arent found new anymore and the sway bars are rare too.
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    A little light part removal before sending shell to the graveyard.
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    So I'm still alive and the Feisty is too. Been doing regular oil changes. Other than that nothing new with the car. It runs great and I have learned how to use the turbo so that I don't need to downshift on hills! I'm trying to drive tractor trailer for my job (UPS) and I plan on going for my permit next week. I hope I pass all the training and get in as I will be converted to full time which will give me a massive pay boost at the expense of having a life. But at this point I would rather have the money.
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    The '97 finally received its 3.55 gears. Rear end got a full overhaul with new seals, axle shafts, and bearings. The parking brake shoes were replaced while the shafts were out. Certainly more lively with the gears. I also installed my P71 ECU and swapped in the correct speedometer gear for the VSS. The car is 95% to where I'd like it. Eventually I'll get that air ride swap done, but that's not a pressing issue right now.
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    It was suspension time for Third Bull this spring. New tires, struts, swaybar links, and for good measure, a new timing belt. Rolled over to 134k not too long ago. She's still comfy to drive, and fast. ("oooh hello officer ! Do you really think this old lady in a Taurus was going that fast ?")
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    long time no see everyone! I actually got the replacement to the sable, 2011 blue flame metallic fusion sport Has every option for 2011 minus the awd. Its been a week since i first drove it and i'm in shock that its mine. Already got in and installed some clear cornering lights, and i have alot more things coming...
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    Ok. Excellent idea. I'm still finding my way around here. Thanks.
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    Perhaps starting a new thread in maintenance and repair, but it does sound like either 1. You might have air still in the system, or 2. You have a plugged heater core. Heater cores are a bit of a problem with the Tauruses.
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    That sounds like a great plan. Thanks! I'll post an update later.
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    I never knew this forum was here. My first Taurus was a 91. It had about 194k miles & was 30 mpg on the hwy with the 3.0 V6. The transmission was rebuilt at 97k miles, but made the car drive like new again. I sold it in 2001. I found a 2002 Sable wagon with the 3.0 DOHC V6. I'm still not sure whether this is what they call the Vulcan or not. This car was $2500, but is reliable & worth $25k. I found a 2003 Taurus wagon this week. It's got the other 3.0 V6 OHC (Vulcan?). It's also got a couple of problems I want to fix. The power antenna, key fob (which I got working by cleaning out some moisture), and the heat turns cold quickly when I turn the knob to heat. I'm thinking clogged heater core. Glad to find this. Thanks for being here.
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    Seems to be working perfectly now, thanks!
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    This is more of a forum operational issue, but I noticed I can’t view new member posts. Gives me a permissions error.
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    If the transmission filter was clogged, I'm thinking you'd see other issues besides the light. As far as your code reader, I know some readers will spit out transmission codes, but that's not 100% every time. A higher end scanner might be able to see if there's any issues, but your mileage may vary. With regards to these transmissions, everything I've heard points to them naturally running warmer than most transmissions, leading to the fluid eventually breaking down, and of course taking out the transmission. Since usually people aren't changing their ATF all that often, there's a good reason it's easy to find Taurii with dead transmissions with maybe 120-150K. A good rule of thumb is to do regular fluid changes on the transmission, maybe about every 15-20K. Adding a transmission cooler certainly will help extend the life of the transmission. Any licensed Mercon V fluid will work fine.
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    Figured since I put a refreshed dash in my Regal that while everything is apart I should refresh everything. GM never offered this version in a wheel, I don't think, but I quite liked it and thought it would really look good. It was originally all a similar shade to the darker color I used. The steering wheel backing cover is also the lighter color that's shown on the wheel. These colors are listed as GM Light Neutral and GM Medium Dark Neutral. Both interior colors I had left over from when I refreshed my 04 Impala and since I had the material what better to use! I have something similar in mind for the console/cup holder/console lid. These colors are not the factory offerings that the car was born with, but are similar and make the car look younger than it is, IMO. More updates to come! Jeff
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    The F150s moonroof/sunroof took a crap on me. The plastic track guides cracked and exploded all over when I tried to open the window last week. It got suck open so I was forced to make an emergency repair. After researching the job and finding out it is a major undertaking I ordered the replacement parts from the Sunroof Doctor. I wasn't going to pay $1000 or more to someone to fix this when I knew I could handle it, just super time consuming. Step 1. Tear the entire interior apart to drop the headliner...took about 1.5 hours Step 2. Get a helper and drop the track/tray assembly that is bolted to the roof. Given the size of the F150 and the huge window this piece was huge and not easy to remove from the truck. Alot of people said to remove the passenger seat and sub woofer but I left both in to save time and maybe yelled a few more curse words in order to pull the assembly out... about 45 mins. Step 3. Disassembly the track and tray assembly and clean and prep for new parts...1 hour Step 4. Install new parts, grease, reassemble, and manually test the track and adjust...1 hour Step 5. Get my buddy to help me reinstall the track assembly in the truck and bolt up...30 min Step 6. Hook everything backup, double check everything, and reinstall interior parts...1.5 hours Step 7. Test sun roof and make adjustments to track and glass alignment for final fit...30 min Step 8. Clean interior of the truck since it was a total mess from the job...30 min That made for over a 7 hour job, probably closer to 8 with breaks and other screwing around. All spread out over 3 days. Easy to see why this is a +$1000 repair when it takes a full day of labor. I didn't take many pictures since I was in total "get the job done" mode. Here's one with the headliner dropped and the track/tray assembly removed. You can see the massive side curtain airbags covering the entire cab. Here's the track and tray assembly removed from the truck. I had just drilled the rivets out holding the back portion on when this picture was taken, explaining all the metal shavings. Otherwise the truck has been doing great. I towed 6000 lbs a few weeks ago from Madison to Green Bay and it drove excellent. With a heavy wind on my tail and towing that load I got upwards of 20mpg. (Empty 2200 lb trailer into the wind got me 14 mpg)
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    I haven't posted about this car before, but about a month ago I acquired, via trade deal, a 1998 Buick Regal GS with the supercharged 3800 drivetrain, 159k miles. It's mainly sat in my yard for weeks, but yesterday I changed the supercharger coupler (was worn and causing a rattle/knock and likely why the previous owner stopped driving it), changed the engine and supercharger oil, replaced idler and tensioner pulleys as needed(three were bad), and put new belts on. Today after Easter service I tore down and put new front brake pads, caliper brackets(pins we're seized), and turned the rotors. I still need to do the rear brakes, rebuild the front and rear suspension, replace three window regulators, and get some new tires on it. Also, it's desperate for a paint job. It has that classic 90's GM white paint peel going on. I think it would look good wearing rosemist and I happen to have plenty to do it in that color so that's likely the way I'll be going with painting it. Despite its decrepit looks, It's actually pretty fun to drive! I've only taken it down the street since I've not registered it yet, but that blower noise is addictive. It has good bones and I'll have it turned around in no time, I hope. Jeff
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    got all the lifters replaced...ordered myself a diablosport tuner to disable active fuel management
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    I added to my fleet last night. We needed a newer car to replace the 09 Fusion we had as it had 150k miles on it and was still mechanically sound, but everything else was falling apart. I went to Fletcher Dodge in Jonesboro, where I purchased my 18 Charger a year ago, just to look really and dream about upgrading the Fusion. I went inside and they had a single black 2018 Challenger sitting there with a big reduced sticker on it. So, needless to say I brought it home at a decent price(I thought) just a tad over $25k. Car had 88 miles on it and is equipped with the pentastar V6, optional 3.09 gear ratio rear end, paddle shifters, super sport package, premium cloth interior w/houndstooth inserts, heated mirrors, alpine sound system, 8.4 UConnect w/nav just to name a few. No moon roof, but that's fine by me. Sad to see the Fusion go because it was paid for, but happy to not have to worry about potential problems and it's quirks. So, I guess I'm just a Mopar guy now. Still love Ford, but never had much luck at my local dealer and, even though, I like Brian and enjoyed buying from him, I told myself I was never travelling that far again to buy a car! lol. Jeff
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    Thanks Jeff. That blue jeans color has a way of hiding all the salt spray I couldn't be happier with the truck so far, no complaints in the 2 years of ownership yet with the exception for the crappy Sync 2 system. The only things on the wish list for it now are: Sync 3 upgrade Bilstein 5100 shocks (just to bump the front end up an inch or so) I'd maybe consider a 87 octane tune and an aluminum intercooler once its out of warranty but there are no mountains and the air isn't usually that hot here. Besides I am quite happy with the output of the Ecoboost where its at right now. We did have a pretty good winter here this year, alot more than the last few years but nothing to crazy. A lot more ice than usual too. The Dueler Alenzas are a good street tire but they lack any major grip in poor conditions. The KO2s tread is a little softer and grabs into the snow and ice much better, helps that the tread depth is like 16/32nds too.
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    Warped my junkyard JBL system to 2007. Now I've got AM/FM, Tape, 6-Disc CD, and Aux. This setup just breaks the signal from the CD changer and plays whatever is on the external device when the CD player is selected. I've got the jack mounted down in the passenger foot well panel. I've pulled the panel that included the optional 12V socket with the intent to change the socket out to USB and drill a hole beside it for the jack, that way there will be more convenient charging options for mobile devices versus using the barrel jacks. Some might wonder why bother trying to update my mis-mash of late '90s audio stuff, and that's because 1.) The JBL System is still nice, and 2.) I really like the factory style radio. I have no real desire for any funky infotainment, so I'll keep living in the stone age. I only wanted to add the aux jack after having had it in the station wagon.
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    Brian I love the saddle color interior. It really sets it off beautifully!
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    Call me crazy, but I love both those cars, I would take a Celebrity and a Taurus any day of the week The Taurus is a pain in the ass to work on, but it has character to it. Lot of things are on Youtube, and not that hard.
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    You can change the heater core yourself to save $$$. If yours is plugged as bad as the one in the video then you would need acid to flush it clean. I don't know if you have to drain the cooling system for this or not. I forgot that the struts can pop like that when they wear out (although 71k miles sounds premature.) The bearings might have gone bad which I believe is known to cause a popping sound or feel. And a manual from an '02 will be fine for your car. The 2002 and 2003 cars are both Gen 4 and there weren't any significant changes.
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    The little guy circled in yellow: Ford decided in '04 to go with a heated PCV valve which is why it has an electrical connector and it also costs more than a traditional valve. It twists on and locks in place with two small plastic clips. The only way to remove the old one (afaik) is to break the clips on the old one so you can pull it out.
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    This is a great mod. I just completed it on my wife's Taurus and it works great - loud audio, great quality, no fuss! The car has the CD player but not the tape player. I wanted to share a few things I did differently: 1.) Instead of removing the wires from the harness, I cut the wires and spliced into them using crimp butt connectors (original wire + new wire twisted together in one end, other side of the original wire in the other end). These provide very reliable connections as long as your crimp tool is any good (I used an Irwin 8-inch crimp tool, model #2078309). Note: if you want to cut the wires a decent distance from the harness, you will find that they are located inside a metal foil. This foil is grounded and prevents interference on the audio lines that would otherwise come from the power lines located right next to the audio lines. To keep the interference shield in place, after making my connections I wrapped everything back up in aluminum foil. If you don't put the shield back in place, you will hear a whine noise that changes pitch depending on how fast your car is revving. 2.) Instead of an audio jack connector, I just cut into an audio extension cable. This allowed me to have the wires I needed without having to solder anything to the connector. It also is great because the audio extension cable is shielded so it can help prevent interference. 3.) Since the original wires were left in place, I can still use my CD player. If I plug in my MP3 player, it overpowers the CD so that I hear the MP3 player instead. However, just to make sure that I'm not interfering with the MP3 player's signal, I created a 'silent audio CD' by burning 60 tracks that are 1 minute long and have no noise (see http://duramecho.com/Misc/SilentCd/). Whenever I want to listen to my MP3 player, I put the silent CD into the CD player. This technique is usually used when people add AUX input to cars with CD changers because they can keep the silent CD in one of the changer's slots and easily switch to that CD. 4.) Finally, I purchased a 12v to USB device (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0042B9U8Q/ref=oh_details_o06_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) and an iPod audio+sync cable (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003L13BNI/ref=oh_details_o02_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) so that I can listen to my iPod and have it charge at the same time. Thanks again for the write-up. Very detailed and helpful!
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    Ford announced a voluntary recall on all 2000-2003 Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable models with the 3.0L Duratec today. This is a recall on the throttle cable. The brackets can become disconnected or damaged, leading to a sticking throttle condition. Ford began mailing letters last week, and dealers are instructed to repair the vehicle even without the letter. Repair will involve either reinforcing the bracket, or replacing the entire cable assembly with an improved one.
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    2000 members. Dang, this club has come a long way!
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    Welcome to PTSOC, Previous Taurus and Sable Owners' Club. We still have memories of good times, but the cars aren't there anymore.
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