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    Work day today for the '97. The brake shudder came back, so I went ahead and decided to see if replacing the brake hardware will eliminate it. Parts fixed/replaced: New calipers on both sides New slide pins on both sides New brake hoses on both sides New anti-rattle clips on both sides Rotors Turned Brake pads replaced with Ceramic pads (warranty swapped my basic, dusty Semi-Metallics) Brakes bled; Fluid flushed at every corner The calipers I took off looked like they finally got to the end of their rope. The boot for the driver's side piston was tearing apart and the passenger's side was folding over on itself. The hoses were very soft and quite easy to hold shut by pinching them closed with vice grips. I guess 20 years and 182K on factory parts their isn't terrible. The fluid that came out of the car was likely to be the factory fill. It came out a greenish black color and left sediment in the bottom of the tin can I was using to catch the fluid. All calipers were bled until it ran clear. I'll likely have to redo the flush in the future to get any additional contamination out. The boiling point of the oil fluid was stupid low, I could make the pedal fade to the floor holding the brakes while creeping in very slow traffic. The test drive went fine, brakes bit well, and the pedal felt great. Since I got the car, it has always been very stiff, and never felt linear like cars with brake systems in good order. The car always stopped, but the pedal feel was awkward. Now it appropriately firm and responsive, just like a brake pedal should.
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    The only trouble is if either of you try showing down on the street no one will think you're racing, just attempting to briskly accelerate.
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    Made it home safe and sound, and very tired. People were driving like idiots on 81. I guess everyone wants to get home before the snow starts. Called my boss and found out there's no service tomorrow. Buses and company cars are all being put inside for the night and we all get a paid day off. I can sleep and do laundry. As always, it was great to see everyone again. But we have to stop having these meets during weather events. So far we've had flood, hurricane and snow. Can't wait to see what October has in store !
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    Well I'm back in a SHO! Picked it up Saturday from Performance Ford in Charlotte. 2014 Sterling Grey Metallic. 401A Package with the Navigation, Massaging seats, Moonroof and the upgraded not flower wheels. Picked it up with 15,000 miles, forgot how great they are!
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    Just letting you guys know I'm still alive. Still modding. The 2000. The 1996. Added gen 4 ebony leather seats.
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    More mods! Found the part number for the OEM black Charger emblem, so I did a swap. Yes yes, I could have plastidipped it, but this was just as cheap, and won't peel over time.
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    He's the latest former Taurus owner to see the light and defect to the glory of the Panther platform
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    Starting a new business with an old friend. He currently owns and operates a small auto repair shop in south Austin. His current location is too small to meet demand so he has been wanting to expand. He couldn't think of anyone better to help, and it's something we have discussed for years, so he asked me to take control of the new location. He signed the lease on a 7500 sq ft building last week. We purchased 5 lifts from another shop which is closing. He has already started building out the office and lobby. We will have about 6000 sq ft of work space. This is a major leap for me. I'm leaving a career of almost 20 years in healthcare, where I have developed an excellent reputation, vast experience, and maintain several licenses and certifications. However, I have worked myself into a corner where I can't make more income unless I go into management with a big healthcare system. I have absolutely no desire to deal with the bureaucracy of big hospitals. The American healthcare system is a giant, broken s**t hole right now. I have zero experience managing an auto shop, but my buddy has a lot of faith in me or he wouldn't have asked for my help. He doesn't believe he could take this step at this time without me. His father gave me my first legit job at 17, sweeping bays and changing oil in his shop. This is a major leap for my friend as well. He's funding everything, chips all in. So we both have serious reasons for making this succeed. The new job will match my current salary until we begin making a profit. I will continue to work 1 day a week at the ER to supplement my income. Assuming we succeed, there is no limit to my salary, unlike healthcare. Our goal is a 3rd location in a couple years. We plan on opening our doors for business February 1. I gotta admit, I'm a little scared.
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    Well, I did it. I bought a truck. I was trying to find something for under $1k and kept finding trash, either with the truck or the sellers. So I relented and upped my budget to $1500 and came across this: 1997 GMC 2500, 3.43 HD rear, 350 Vortech engine. 110K miles on the engine, 50k miles on the transmission, 354k miles on the body. From the bed forward, this thing is fucking mint. But the bed is pretty beat up, which is fine. It is a truck... So, Lemons tow vehicle?
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    Spare parts coming in handy!! ive been on a cleaning spree. Thrown out tons of junk. Still lots to go in garage. also cleaning inside the house too. Thrown out a ton in there. i also bought another town car - picking it up in a little over a week. will be looking at another this weekend/next week. Both will be replacing some current vehicle fleet members.
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    Alright, I've been working through some of the bugs on the swap and figured i'd update. The stock dogbone/torque mount thing is really shitty. like really super shitty. Its only decent in stock form because the ax4n shifts with all the firmness of.....custard on a hot summers day or perhaps sour cream... So the issue I was having was a "bang" on every shift as the engine/trans combo rocked back and forth and bottomed the mount out, and I was basically unable to get it rolling in reverse without a horrendous shudder from the engine/trans combo rocking back and forth like 3 inches in the mount. (read back up, Jeff told me this would happen) The common fix in the ricer tuner world is to replace the torque mount with polyurethane. Which I've done, no thanks to our expansive awful aftermarket support. Burned the stock bushing out, made a mold, filled it with 90A polyurethane, fixed all my issues. Car feels awesome. I purchased a similar mount for the focus some months back and it made all the difference as well. - - - I may do the small one on the other end of the dogbone, but seeing as how this car has poly and aluminum bushings erry'where else, a little vibration damping is my friend, and it seems to be fine with just the one.
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    Finally looking at a job "upgrade", at least for me. Got a conditional job offer from O'Reilly Auto Parts making considerably more than what I do now at Zaxby's with the added potential of being able to make some advances internally, even just working part time since I will be going back to class come fall. I'm happy with how that worked out, and my hours will be similar to what I work now.
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    Red push button for many extra horsepowers.
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    Bought another Taurus yesterday. This 2000 SEL is from a guy named Bullgeek, I heard he's a member of the club.
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    Time for an update. Took me over a year of on again off again work, but I finally got the 1996 the way I wanted it. The list of things done: 2005 Vulcan with 54,000 miles 1999 AX4N with 54,000 miles Early build 2004 front strut tower bar Still no catalytic converters, as purchased Power antenna Vent visors 2005 black dash Modified 1996 door panels with black trim and woodgrain 16" Centennial wheels Front disc 11.5" - gen 4.5 Rear disc New balljoints New front and rear struts New front control arms New fuel pump and fuel filter New axles, swaybar endlinks New sensors and TRS Adjustable brake and gas pedal Floor shift conversion Front turn signals modified SHO rear painted trunk reflector New rack & pinion New radiator Keypad entry / security system 1997 SHO front swaybar 23mm, original rear swaybar Front frame mount upgrade, bushings 1999 front bumper cover 1999 tailights Factory gen 3 rear spoiler Front chin spoiler modified SHO wiper arm Duratec dual exhaust Factory gen 3 mudflaps Folding mirrors More was done and forgot about.
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    Sleeper mode installed. Bland look achieved. Legally I can pass traffic in the breakdown lane now.
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    AP News Flash St. Louis - Single adult male was pulled over today and arrested for doing 120MPH in a Mercury Sable. Police suspected the driver was elderly and unsure what they were doing based on the car color. Imagine the surprise when he was pulled over and they saw a young adult in the driver seat. Police assumed it was his grandmother's car.
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    Maybe try a better camera? That image is really grainy.
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    I hate both political parties for this reason.... Look guys, you're both pretty...now stop fighting over politics on a car forum.
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    Tossed on new wires, spare cap and rotor for the '87. Seems to be running smoother than before, so that's a step forwards. I'm thinking there may be a small vacuum leak on the booster. I can manipulate idle speed given how hard I press on the pedal, and at a certain point, a hissing noise can be heard. Lower intake may have a small coolant leak at a gasket. Coolant pooled to the right of the distributor near the water pump I think. You can see a damp area coming down from the intake area. Nick recommended I try tightening it down some more and see if that helps. I guess that'll be the job for next time. '97 got washed for a trip to Columbia tomorrow. I also got an estimate and date set for the repaint on the fender. They'll be realigning the panels and will be adjusting the bumper some beyond just painting the affected area. It goes in December 18th. Depending on how quickly it gets done, I may have it back before Christmas.
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    Shot some video with my camera of them inspecting my red car. There's some confused looks and good commentary. Basically uncut, this is what happens when you take your car to a garage, which I only ever do once a year, for inspection.
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    66 - nothing new - storage locker haha 89 - Driving it a lot. Fuel pump went from barely audible to super loud - so after rolling over 190k I guess its about done. At WOT you can feel it misfiring probably from running Lean. 90 - Paul has helped me out a lot with getting the Signature seats built up with power lumbar and recline. Super happy. Kevin was nice enough to offer to help me figure out wiring and soldiering to make the seats work. They also have under seat lights - an option I think the 90-92 TCs had. So wiring that up - and seats will be done. Just have speakers, radio, amp, woofer to hook up. 03 Black - need to pressure wash carpet, then hook up factory tweeters, and reassemble interior. Gota figure out power steering EVO issues as well as why the cooling fan is always on - even hvac off.
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    I like those rounders They really make the car look a lot better. Now you better burn off whats left of the old tires with multiple neutral drops
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    It was great seeing everyone and meeting new folks! I hope I wasn't too loud and brash. And Kevin I apologize about your sinuses and iced tea. "You flooring Chris' SHO caused the Roadmaster to throw the Check Engine light" - Sean
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    My front yard this morning, and it's still snowing. I'll take the SC snow over this any day...
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    I will be there Sunday! I'll bring the wagon in case anyone is needing to carry anything large from the junkyard.
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    heres another video of a car noone cares about and I hate:
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    I'm calling it good. It made it out of the garage and to the gas station and back. Didn't even catch on fire. Still a few things to button up eventually, but its totally driveable again - Last bit of fab was tricky, running the exhaust around the damn shifter body, I tried to keep it tucked up as far as I could because the car sits pretty low -
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    So I got this beauty back in January and been on and off working on it since. Haven't really touched her in months though. When I bought it, essentially all there was to it was a running engine, but barely. All of the interior was out of it and in boxes, and most all the wiring, dash, vacuum lines, ac, etc was taken out and in boxes. So I have a complete car but in pieces lol. Ive installed the lights and the flip doors and had to figure out the vacuum lines for it, still working on the sequential turn signals, got a lot to do but my next step is to rebuild the engine, because finding the few parts I'm actually missing is expensive and rare! But ive always wanted this car and I couldn't be happier to have found it.
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    Today, between showers, I reinstalled the impalas rear bumper cover sans molding. We will install that once it's wet sanded and buffed as it just snaps into place. The color is more vibrant than the 12 year old paint that it butts up against, but he said buffing the whole car will make it look much better than what it does now. Hopefully the front half will come together before too long. I'm also having the spoiler resprayed while he has it as well since it's always had a more silver hue than the rest of the car. Not sure what year car it came from, but its always bugged me. I'm pretty happy with it so far. Looks nice with its rear end back together. It's definitely going to be a pretty nice 12 year old car. This bumper cover is a Keystone Platinum CAPA unit and seems to fit pretty well.
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    I finally saw this baby in person on I43 just south of Green Bay. They really did a good job on that car, it looks good in person. I don't think they can use it for patrolling but it is registered in Wisconsin State Patrol License plates and features all the necessary items needed for patrol or pursuit. I believe it also won a national award for its design.
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    Finally upgraded my detailing game to the next level. Got me a Torq10FX Polisher, a set of polishes and pads from the Chemical Guys and their M-sealer and carnauba wax: Did a full detail on the red turd, stripped it all down, clayed the car, Cut the Paint with V32 Compound, Polished with v36 Polish, 2 coats of M-Sealer, and 2 coats of carnauba wax over that. Its cold down here in NC, the wax should last all "Winter". Started with 10 years of ugly: Ended up with alot of this: Took me three whole days to go over every square inch of paint on this car, but I'm super happy with it. - ITS LIKE GLASS! - As for appearance, these pictures are with the car on lowering springs. - - - - - - Thanks for following along! #AllPicturesTakenWithAPotato
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    Installed 1997 SHO front springs, a gen3 SHO front license plate frame (modified), tinted the taillights, added LED front turnsignals, rear subframe bushings on the front and washed the '04.
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    Well short of two trim pieces that I need to have painted (the left hand side of the ICP Bezel, and the defrost grill), and sprucing up the shifter with a leather wrapped one and a chrome shaft, and after 35 hours of cleaning, removing, stripping, reassembling, and modifying, I finally have the interior I have wanted all along... -2003 Dark Charcoal door panels (they lack the stupid plug in the rear doors behind the handle) -2003-2007 Dark Charcoal/Ebony Black dashboard -Early 2003 center console in Dark Charcoal with rear seat ventilation -Sable Platinum edition shifter surround and radio bezel, and gauge cluster surround -SES Sport Cloth seats (from a 2004) -New "Taurus Sport" floor mats I bought a few years back -Dark Charcoal carpet -Power passenger seat with manual lumbar (robbed from a driver's seat and installed -Dark Charcoal rear seat belt trim surround, Lower B pillar surround and kick sill for rear, as well as front kick sill, and rear dark charcoal parcel shelf cover with 3rd brake light delete from a 00-03. -2003 Dark Charcoal leather wrapped steering wheel (thanks duraSEL) -2004+ seat belts with upgraded buckle/receiver design. Still need to get rear seat belts in black from an 04+. Still irked that blackout sold me seats with cigarette burns in the fabric after saying they had no burn marks, so I had to source another set of 03+ dark charcoal seat bottoms for the front, and have the sport trim stitched into place where the normal black pattern insert would be - that wasn't cheap. So thank you to everyone that helped me in either getting parts, helping me swap out said parts etc: Sean T, TaurusDailyDriver, Brian 05 SEL, duraSEL, double negative and MagicMike. And as a welcoming present to having 03 door panels, the rear driver door insert fell off when I closed the door this morning
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    *writes that insult down for future use*
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    My favorite bad parking note is "They way you pulled in makes me wish your dad had pulled out". I've never used it, but I know people that have lol.
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    Remind me to never buy a car Sam had...
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    I bet the Essex would handle with such grace and power in said areas Shortly after I will be limping home to change her head gaskets
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    This is TSOC, not TCCA. Youre not a dictator here! Anyways... You are allowed to have your car in the picture, so long as it is not the only one. Another wild untamed bull must be in the photo.
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    yes! I'm not the only black guy here!
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    I think it's time I step in here. First off, JW, you call us immature here, yet you are the one who is making duplicate accounts to bypass your suspension with random, anonymous emails. That's very hypocritical of you. Second, I ask of any member who has an issue with something on our forums or something that they are unhappy with, please, email or PM me. I would like to make things better for you in any way that I can. Third, we are an open forum, meaning you can openly post your opinions. What is not allowed is the behavior in which JW has brought to the forums these past couple of days. This thread has begun to get a little out-of-hand. If the arguments continue to grow or the bashing doesn't stop, this thread will temporarily be closed to give some people time to calm down. While I'd rather not do this, as we value your opinions, some things need to be taken care of before anything too serious starts.
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    This is ridiculous. All of it.
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