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    Update as of 2019. Our original intent to have the entire car painted is dead. I ended up purchasing a 1990 with no dents or rust and that is the perfect candidate for complete overhaul. Scarlet is, of course, still running the roads. Last year I took her on a nice long trip into the upper peninsula to Ontonagon, MI. About an 8 hour drive and it was smooth sailing the entire trip for 2 weeks. Was nice to have it out and about. This last year I revamped the basket wheels and had to repaint the bumper and trim. Too much had begun to flake off and was down to bare plastic. So, with the new refreshed look she made her way through the 4th of July parade!
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    The '97 finally received its 3.55 gears. Rear end got a full overhaul with new seals, axle shafts, and bearings. The parking brake shoes were replaced while the shafts were out. Certainly more lively with the gears. I also installed my P71 ECU and swapped in the correct speedometer gear for the VSS. The car is 95% to where I'd like it. Eventually I'll get that air ride swap done, but that's not a pressing issue right now.
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    It was suspension time for Third Bull this spring. New tires, struts, swaybar links, and for good measure, a new timing belt. Rolled over to 134k not too long ago. She's still comfy to drive, and fast. ("oooh hello officer ! Do you really think this old lady in a Taurus was going that fast ?")
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    Ok. Excellent idea. I'm still finding my way around here. Thanks.
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    Perhaps starting a new thread in maintenance and repair, but it does sound like either 1. You might have air still in the system, or 2. You have a plugged heater core. Heater cores are a bit of a problem with the Tauruses.
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    Call me crazy, but I love both those cars, I would take a Celebrity and a Taurus any day of the week The Taurus is a pain in the ass to work on, but it has character to it. Lot of things are on Youtube, and not that hard.
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    You can change the heater core yourself to save $$$. If yours is plugged as bad as the one in the video then you would need acid to flush it clean. I don't know if you have to drain the cooling system for this or not. I forgot that the struts can pop like that when they wear out (although 71k miles sounds premature.) The bearings might have gone bad which I believe is known to cause a popping sound or feel. And a manual from an '02 will be fine for your car. The 2002 and 2003 cars are both Gen 4 and there weren't any significant changes.
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