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    My budget wheels came in the other day and I had them installed today. These are TSW Sonoma 19" wheels wrapped in Hankook Ventus 1 Noble 2 tires in 235/50/19. Sort of an upgrade from my stock 17" wheels. I'm happy with them, although, I'm not used to the look of them yet. Jeff
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    I got some new shoes...or boots for the F150. Also replaced the cracked and rusting stock lugs nuts with a set of black locking Gorilla lug nuts. LT 275/60/R20 BFG KO2s (33s, for reference the Raptor runs 35s stock) Its absolutely amazing the difference these tires make. The truck rides like a truck now and they look awesome. I got it up to 80mph on the highway and the difference in noise compared to the Dueler street tires is barely noticeable, they are super quiet for how aggressive the tread is. I wasn't 100% sure on how the black lugs would look on the chrome rims but I trusted my gut and I think I made the right choice. Gotta like how the Gorilla locking lug nut looks like a normal lug nut too. Set me back $255 a tire fully installed.
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    Decided to do some work on the wagon since I experienced a massive battery draw that killed it in a few days a sitting, something it hasn't done before. It only happened after I disturbed the relays, which had a tendency to self trigger if bumped or shaken, and of course it's the important ones for the EEC and Fuel Pump. After determining that, the next best step was to modernize, using a '90+ relay holder which uses conventional five pin cube relays versus the odd ball five pin, non-cube type ones that were originally fitted. It also gets a circuit safety feature too, a diode for the EEC power circuit. I also get to use a newer style vacuum box, versus the coffee can. I did make a mistake in attempting to use a '95+ vacuum box and holder assembly, when a '90-'94 one works better. Luckily I had the old style vacuum box for these cars, so I've just got to get the right holder, since the '95+ one sits up too high, but locks into place. Factory angry spaghetti: Updated angry spaghetti: Loomed and fitted: Now I don't have random self-energizing relays causing trouble for me. Plus, should I ever have a relay fail (all of the ones in the holder were factory Ford OE ones), it'll be much easier to get one since it's a common type, versus the more unique originals. Maybe the next job will be using an proper fuse box over by the starter solenoid. Ford used a bunch of fusible links off the starter solenoid, so it's a rat's nest on that fender. A fuse box from a '90-'94 Town Car would be suitable as the links would be replaced with proper fuses and the horn and air shock relays could be re-fitted into that box.
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    Thanks Jeff. That blue jeans color has a way of hiding all the salt spray I couldn't be happier with the truck so far, no complaints in the 2 years of ownership yet with the exception for the crappy Sync 2 system. The only things on the wish list for it now are: Sync 3 upgrade Bilstein 5100 shocks (just to bump the front end up an inch or so) I'd maybe consider a 87 octane tune and an aluminum intercooler once its out of warranty but there are no mountains and the air isn't usually that hot here. Besides I am quite happy with the output of the Ecoboost where its at right now. We did have a pretty good winter here this year, alot more than the last few years but nothing to crazy. A lot more ice than usual too. The Dueler Alenzas are a good street tire but they lack any major grip in poor conditions. The KO2s tread is a little softer and grabs into the snow and ice much better, helps that the tread depth is like 16/32nds too.
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    Warped my junkyard JBL system to 2007. Now I've got AM/FM, Tape, 6-Disc CD, and Aux. This setup just breaks the signal from the CD changer and plays whatever is on the external device when the CD player is selected. I've got the jack mounted down in the passenger foot well panel. I've pulled the panel that included the optional 12V socket with the intent to change the socket out to USB and drill a hole beside it for the jack, that way there will be more convenient charging options for mobile devices versus using the barrel jacks. Some might wonder why bother trying to update my mis-mash of late '90s audio stuff, and that's because 1.) The JBL System is still nice, and 2.) I really like the factory style radio. I have no real desire for any funky infotainment, so I'll keep living in the stone age. I only wanted to add the aux jack after having had it in the station wagon.
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    The little guy circled in yellow: Ford decided in '04 to go with a heated PCV valve which is why it has an electrical connector and it also costs more than a traditional valve. It twists on and locks in place with two small plastic clips. The only way to remove the old one (afaik) is to break the clips on the old one so you can pull it out.
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    2000 members. Dang, this club has come a long way!