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  1. Oh I've done something alright. Meet my new ride, a Lightning Blue Metallic 2017 Ford Fusion Sport AWD. 325HP, 380TQ. The car was on the lot for 162 days, so they discounted the price a bunch, and they were able to get me 0% APR! Dad is taking over the remainder of the loan on the Sable (it's not much) and Betty White is becoming my sister's car.
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  2. Ack... too easy! Yes. We found her a 2010 X5 xDrive35d Sport. iDrive gave it away. The diesel engine is louder than expected for a "luxury" car. Only during acceleration, cruising is silent. But it sounds like an F-350 at times. Very responsive... for a diesel and a BMW. Virtually no turbo or throttle lag. Handles great. I thought her Volvo XC90 handled well for a tank. The BMW feels like it has a lower center of gravity. Cornering is nearly flat. This iteration of iDrive isn't terrible, and fairly similar to the Mercedes COMAND system she is already used to. Moonroof is massive. Power li
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