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    Our fleet, from left to right, 97 GL, my 00 Sable, my dads new as of today 99 SE, and my moms 07 SE. Not pictured is my 89 SHO. The new 99 is as basic as you can buy a Taurus pretty much, has 88k miles on it. Zero rust (came from a repairable place that buys almost all of its cars from new jersey) its in very good overall condition, could use a new radiator support and a header panel. It also has a sable airbag in it... And an ax4s..... Hopefully this car is a little more reliable than the 97 it is replacing.
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    Thunderbirds are very well lit on the inside! I was actually planning on considering those to put into my old Contour GL, because I was obsessed with well lighting that car. From the factory it had horrible lighting... Light next to the visors, then 2 footwell lights for the front. I later added the rear light from the Mystique, then the center light from 98-00 Contours. I never got to that phase. I miss my Contour too. And Nick reminded me of my Contour with those brochures from Brian. Thanks Nick. Really fond memories of my 95 Contour... The car I regret to this day on selling
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    Since the PO of my car removed the CD changer and the brakets I finally got the Gen 4 center console mounted cd changer mounted in the trunk.It took some work but it now fits.First off the screw holes on the Gen 3 bracket do not line up at all with the cd changer,so I had to drill new holes in the bracket.Then it wasn't long enough so the one bracket didn't come close to fitting.I ended up using some 1X3 pine board I had and made spacers for both sides of the cd changer.I had to get longer 10-24 machine screw,1 inch was the right length.here is the results I also installed two Gen 4 trunk lights one above the cd changer and the other one on the oppisite side of the trunk then I installed everything Ford decided to delete after 1997,Dash lights,glove box light and soft open glove box.Even added a mint condition Gen 3 sable black leather shifter and Gen 4 Sable chrome button.
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    Got my shifter cable adjusted after work. It's perfect now. No double detent feel. 2000 shifter conversion 2 bolts short of being done. Worked on replacing the valve body this weekend in the 87 Vulcan wagon. Got it installed last night as well as a new tv cable. I now have a firm 2-3 shift and a very firm 2-1. Otherwise seems to work well now. Torque converter locks up when hot. Will give it a couple thousand miles and see what it does.
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    Glad you're okay! On the other hand, how many accidents have we had this year in the Taurus community? 2012 was dreadful for everyone, but we're already 3 months in and I [think] this was the first really bad one!
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    Oh dear, I've started a run on Continental shifters! You know...if you mounted that thing on a steel pole, that would make one sweet cane!
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