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    I don't like the issues but my thoughts on "closing the thread" or "deleting the thread" are "what's to hide?". JMHO. Everyone has their own opinions and their own thought processes and not everyone else agrees with them but lack of openness (censorship for lack of a better word) is probably not the way to roll here. This is something the guys over on the dark side would do ***did***.
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    Well then, you can go ahead and relay to this uncooperative individual that his last response has just cemented my decision on the matter. The esteemed "privilege" of posting on TCCA is certainly not worth the level of hoop-jumping that he seems to be asking for. Autoguide can go bankrupt tomorrow as far as I'm concerned. Not going to lose a wink of sleep over it.
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    Sounds like some users matter less than others. Really snotty on the part of that admin. This is why I left the other place unfortunately.
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    Totally agree. Why do you think I'M here? There is not necessarily a 'lack' of censorship here, just better common sense from the staff. They know when they should step in, and if they felt that this thread was going to the dumps, it would already be closed. Far as I can tell, the majority of this thread has stayed pretty damn civil. No need to shut it down, unless the flaming and personal attacks begin, and personally, I don't think they will. We may not all get along all the time, but what family does? We are all mature adults here. Except maybe for Kev.
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    Happy birthday, guys. Enjoy 'em. Beers are on me
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    Sorry about that Brian, But word has it that I'm headed down to Phoenix tomorrow, I always try to hit up a few jys while I'm out there. There's a road named Broadway that is lined with nothing but jys for about five miles or so. I'll still keep a look out for your corner lamp though.
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    Brian, First off, Im truly sorry for what i said on FB. Second, what you just posted... your brutally honest assesment? LMFAO do you really think he Gives a s**t what you think about that? HE IS JUST TRYIN TO FIGURE OUT WTF HAPPENED. how about telling him what happened, why were here, and why we wont go back. as a member that i highly condone for knowledge, thats a low hit and we both know that. Go ahead and hate me too. i dont care. im here for the cars. Whassup. Edit. I told him what happened, and he gets it. $HAD3
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    Sam... as a one time courtesy because you're new here, I am going to spare you my brutally honest assessment of what you just posted. Only because I don't think you realize what kind of Pandora's Box you're about to open up here. You'd be very wise not to make the same mistake again.
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    As a paying member of this forum I feel that this thread should be locked/shutdown. I have seen enough trash talk over the past few days and I am sick of it being the first thing on my screen when I log in. I mean come on guys try to be a bit professional, if the first thing people see when they visit the site is a bunch of guys bickering, what do you think they are going to think of it. Breeves, let the chips fall where they may. People can make their own decisions, we're not all over on this site for no good reason, stop pushing. Now that everyone knows about you trying to make amends let all further contact be done through PMs. I hope that the heads see the point I am trying to make here.
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    Very much enjoy your new user title BTW, Brian. I would love for Qwertz to make an appearance here, he was such a wealth of knowledge.
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    At least I took the topics I felt were valuable to me, and took them here.
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    Many of the members who were shunned and even summarily banned by the current owners of TCCA are the people who worked hard to *create* that valuable information. I open it on my browser on the rare occasion that I need something listed in the Topic Finder or Encyclopedia. Additional participation is something that the Admin over there clearly doesn't want everyone to do, so... f**k TCCA. We're much better off here.
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    Well, to be fair, I disable ads myself. Edited HOSTS file, AdBlock, and NoScript. But if I go to a regular workstation, it's full of ads. But, I am home here. Thanks for the offer, but I'm fine here. The other reason, TSOC has a way better forum software. vBulletin sucks massive ass. Honestly if that new guy would have respected many old timer users wishes of leaving TCCA with the other software, I woulda stayed. But nope. Nobody's concerns, suggestions, or ideas were welcome. It was their generic way. Honestly, I remember TCCA pretty much saying in short, "f**k you, this is how it is, deal with it" when we complained. Oh well, don't expect many people here to be very sympathetic.
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    I said this to Sam and I believe that TSOC (which I'll admit is the better of the two by far) is an enthusiast club. We are a crazy community of family sedan (and wagons too) modders. This is more of a personal group that has yields a closer relationship between members. TCCA has turned into a 'HELP ME' site where a lot of people come to ask a question (which has 500000 threads on it already) and then leave. It lacks that community feel. I do participate in both, but I love the community feel here much better. I do like how TSOC is and if members want to come here to genuinely contribute, great. While this can also be a place where advice is given, it should not just be that. People should come here and become part of this community... not just ask one question and leave.
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