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  1. Damnit Brian you stole my theme song for the truck with the rolling stones . Anyways here's the second theme song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgTTT25K5x4
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  2. I do have a few 'theme songs' that I like to play through the SEL's Mach Audio, depending on the mood: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwL5xmhJejQ
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  3. Well I don't blame you if an exhaust mod is the first thing you think of with a Taurus SEX.
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  4. I almost hope that they do a video interview with the person(s) who put the time, effort, and money into making it so ugly in the first place. To have taken it that far, it MUST have been a labor of love. I want to see their reaction while they watch their dream shattered. Wow I'm in a dark mood tonight lol!
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  5. There are plenty of Tauruses pulling close or just above 400. It's just that many, if not all of them are SHO models. I could be wrong but I don't know of any genIII/IV cars making that kind of power barring the NESHO cars. GenII though is another story. The subframe, should handle that easily
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  6. .....i think you are the only one
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  7. A couple suspension upgrades: Shosource coilovers: Ingalls adj. rear control arms, TCE knuckle braces,ShoNut H-Brace, and ShoSource underdrive pulley: Self articulating caster/camber plates: These upgrades should make the GL's already stout suspension be ready for track duty.
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