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    Got the Marquis back from the shop today. New A/C compressor and a properly charged system means things are back the way they were. Icy-cold A/C just in time for the heat to really start ramping up.
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    I sold my 54 Cadillac Coupe DeVille today. A factory AC car with all the options. It was between 70-80% done. Haven't touched it since 2011 or 2012. Kept saying next year....it was time to liquidate it. Buyer got a great car for a great deal. Over $17k invested. Let it go for $10k was asking $12k....didn't really have to sell. I promptly bought a 78 Chevy C10 SWB 6 cylinder truck to replace it. It needs just about everything, but parts are cheap. Will be doing a 5.3/4L60E swap on it. Otherwise will be stockish in appearance. I owe $2k on my mortgage so I'll probably go ahead and pay that off while I'm at it. Jeff
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    I saw you in the sho getting on I-20 at two notch yesterday around 3:45-4pm. I was in the blue Lincoln you were in the sho
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    I took actions to make the truck look better and make it way more comfortable to drive on a hot summer day when the sun is shining. Those massive windows really let the sun in and cook that black leather interior. With the factory match front windows and the windshield visor its so much nicer. The 5% visor is amazing on that huge windshield, no need for the sun visors anymore. I was driving straight west this evening into the sun and no need for the sun visors or sun glasses.
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    Installed my old tach into the Suzi. It took me a while to get the wiring right but it's in and functional. The only issue is I can't get it to dim with the dashboard lights. It works in reverse of the dash for some reason. My reasons for the install are simple: 1) so that I know when I'm about to blow it up and 2) so that when I'm not driving like an idiot I can maximize my fuel economy by shifting sooner. I didn't realize I was revving to 3k on my 1-2 and 2-4 shifts.
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    So, I bought yet another vehicle. I surely didn't need it, but I didn't buy it because I needed it. I bought it to help someone out. My coworker is in his late 60s and recently got custody of his grand kids due to issues with their parents. Now he and his wife are raising a 3 year old and 13 year old. He needed to make some money rather quickly so I purchased the truck from him. He bought it new and was his daily driver until about a month ago. It needs the paint freshened up, but otherwise everything works...even the AC. It's a black 1995 Ranger standard cab, 2.3 w/ manual transmission 139k miles AND OBD2! Now, I'll be able to haul a few things. I've ordered all new lenses and assemblies for the whole truck. One fender will need painted (OReilly delivery driver hit with delivery truck twice and he replaced it twice but never painted the second one. Body is super straight....runs good. No check engine light, but I did buy a tune up for it for peace of mind and will be servicing the gearbox in the next week. I'm going to have the fender painted and have the upper cab and hood painted....then put a pinstripe on it. Got a set of black plastic Westin bed caps to tidy up the bed rails and a tailgate cap to match. My plan is to use it as much as I can and daily it in winter months. If I find I'm not using it then I'll likely sell it on and hopefully make a little money. I tend to try and fix them up as close to new as I can so if I lose money at least I helped out a great friend and co-worker when he really needed it. Jeff
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    Put in a temporary heater hose for the wagon on the show field . The heater hose that ran under the intake apparently got a pinhole leak at the 90 degree bend (right at the front above the water pump area), which shot coolant into the radiator fan and sprayed it across the engine bay. I came up with this ugly fix until I can get the proper moulded hose: The zip ties are holding it inline without kinking the hose I got. I didn't want the hose just flopping about in the engine bay, nor did I want it resting up against the hood, so for now, it's braced against the low pressure A/C line and the A/C compressor bracket. Usually I also don't carry coolant, but since I haven't taken the wagon on a really long trip, I did, and that definitely helped here. I filled up the overflow tank outside of Columbia, SC, which took maybe 1/3 of a gallon, if that. Refilling the radiator and some of the overflow tank took the rest of that gallon. I'm going to pickup more coolant tomorrow to top off with. I don't know when the hose went, but it did make a bit of a mess. Luckily it didn't run me dry.
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    Your truck is powered by soft rock and roll, bald eagles and grunts of "Murica!"
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    Picnic table appears as if it will work across all 4 generations of Bulls, and I could put it up in my attic. Police Speedometer is just cool to have, I would probably mount it somewhere.
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    took the sable over to Long Island and had a friend detail what's left of the black paint... Before. After Pretty happy with the results. Up close the paint shows its cracking sadly. But from 5 feet away it looks really good!
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    I finally got around to ordering a soft roll up toneau cover for the truck. I should be done working nights pretty soon and have more time on hand to pop the plastic bed liner out and get the bed and front door sills sprayed with Line-x and then install the cover.
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    " Then I noticed that it wasn't the compressor leaking, but the fittings on top! " Sucks how a nickle and dime part can cause big problems. . We've had a $400,000 bus out of service for 2 days waiting on $8.00 of specialty fittings for a coolant hose. $8.00 for parts, $19.00 courier service. (we only have 2 of these luxury coaches so don't stock a lot of parts for them like we do for the other 90 buses in the fleet).
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    Oh my mind has been going long ago lol.
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    I was already typing when you heckled poor Kevin..
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    Just because I posted doesn't mean YOU have to post. Terrible.
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    Finally pulled the Garage queen out and got a new battery and oil change. She is going back to DD duty while the Explorer gets to sit in the garage. I need to get a stubby antenna so i don't have to remove it from the Explorer to make it fit. Either way my wife would never even attempt to pull it out because she is afraid of hitting the mirrors but still. I am now working on getting the Sonata back to working order totally. A new flex pipe is getting ordered since the old one has a pin hole. Only thing that sucks you can't just order the pipe you have to order back to the cat. Luckily eBay has them for only 120. Which is shocking but I’ll take it. Nick has offered to find me some parts since there aren't any good junk yards around Pittsburgh. So I will be getting fog light bezels (missing), radio (screen is failing on the old one), Rear passenger taillight (at some point years ago it took on water and i had to clean it). After that is just brakes and rotors in the rear especially the pads aren't touching the whole rotors in the rear. I did find the Auto Dim mirror with Home link that Sean and Dave got me at the October Meet. So i slapped that on but now need to figure out the wiring. There are four wires which initially confused me but this morning while showering i had an epiphany, one wire is for constant power for the Homelink, one is for switched auto dim, the other is reverse wire (who cares) and the last is ground. So once i find my wiring in the front sunroof/map light I should be good. I wonder if my wife will notice this morning if anything is different. But in 3 years we've put maybe 3000 miles on it. Since I have only some time before baby number 2 comes I want to get some shit done. So the Explorer now sits until we need the space, the Sonata now gets driven 3-ish miles a day to my wife's work and back, and my Fusion gets the beating it deserves at around 12 miles a day. EDIT: She noticed first thing this morning and called and asked if its been here for years and she never noticed. She said the mirror feels much closer haha. It is a lot more plastic around it.
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    You forgot why you loved it? Aww... I'm so sorry to hear about your mind starting to go! Might I suggest some ginkgo biloba? I've attached a coupon just for you, it may help. Stay strong.
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    It was good to see everyone Saturday night at Chili's. God willing and my hip survives, I'll be there next year as usual !
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    Replaced the spark plugs in the Suzi today. I had a hunch that my misfiring issues under load were due to bad or worn plugs and BOY was I right! All the old plugs looked the same. Uniform wear with no signs of combustion issues in any cylinder. The insulator on one plug looked like it got rather hot at some point, might have been combustion gas slipping past the threads. Anyways, the engine runs MUCH smoother now. No more misfires and is a lot quieter. Now about those motor mounts......