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    Work day today for the '97. The brake shudder came back, so I went ahead and decided to see if replacing the brake hardware will eliminate it. Parts fixed/replaced: New calipers on both sides New slide pins on both sides New brake hoses on both sides New anti-rattle clips on both sides Rotors Turned Brake pads replaced with Ceramic pads (warranty swapped my basic, dusty Semi-Metallics) Brakes bled; Fluid flushed at every corner The calipers I took off looked like they finally got to the end of their rope. The boot for the driver's side piston was tearing apart and the passenger's side was folding over on itself. The hoses were very soft and quite easy to hold shut by pinching them closed with vice grips. I guess 20 years and 182K on factory parts their isn't terrible. The fluid that came out of the car was likely to be the factory fill. It came out a greenish black color and left sediment in the bottom of the tin can I was using to catch the fluid. All calipers were bled until it ran clear. I'll likely have to redo the flush in the future to get any additional contamination out. The boiling point of the oil fluid was stupid low, I could make the pedal fade to the floor holding the brakes while creeping in very slow traffic. The test drive went fine, brakes bit well, and the pedal felt great. Since I got the car, it has always been very stiff, and never felt linear like cars with brake systems in good order. The car always stopped, but the pedal feel was awkward. Now it appropriately firm and responsive, just like a brake pedal should.
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    Shot some video with my camera of them inspecting my red car. There's some confused looks and good commentary. Basically uncut, this is what happens when you take your car to a garage, which I only ever do once a year, for inspection.
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    Okay Since Nick is doing this I am too. Yesterday on my 15 Fusion i finally enabled the Digital Speedo, AWD Gauge, Auto Mirror down in reverse, and TPMS. Speedo, Mirror and TPMS all work but the AWD Gauge is just there. It doesn't seem to actually work. Its something with the firmware in the cluster. Still need to enable global close on Daves Edge along with Climate Control on the right screen. Also two weeks ago weeks ago we traded in my Wife's 2011 Kia Sorento EX V6 with 48k for a 2015 Ford Explorer XLT Sport appearance Package with 34k on it. My wife a few days prior called me saying her car smelled like plastic (which ended up being out side) so I jokingly sent her some Santa Fe's and she said no more Hyundai/Kias. She sent me one Explorer that was nice but not what i would want her to have - so i started looking and found this. She liked it and I started my deal that went on for 4 days. I made my dealer hide the keys while i drove it and brought it to my wife and we made our decision. The Explorer just came off a lease and came in from auction and I spotted it 3 days after it came in. It is a Tuxedo Black XLT N/A V6 with the Appearance grille, mirror caps, rear trunk bar across the hatch, Explorer hood badging, body colored door handles, 20 inch wheels, Black roof Rails, Suede Leather Seats and a black center stack. Also Sunroof, Nav, 2nd row buckets, Trailer Tow Class 3, Power Lift gate, Remote start and Premium Sound 9 Speakers (Which sounds better than i expected). The car is a CPO so it comes with a limited 7 year 100k Powertrain warranty and i also got an extended warranty for 8 years and 75k since we don't drive far. The 8 years was only 10 dollars more than the 7 years. Only thing i feel like the Explorer needs is HIDs which I will do soon. My wife was used to HIDs in the Sorento and these stock bulbs are like using a candle. Sad Days to see the Sorento go but i'm glad I have something reliable with another child on the way that doesn't clunk up front even after replacement suspension or that whine that the dealer could never find in the rear when it was cold. The Sorento was a solid AWD car but the quality of some plastics was just super cheap and the sunroof plastics rattled. http://www.woltzwindford.com/used/Kia/2011-Kia-Sorento-1252cc8c0a0e0ae85b8927d01926573e.htm?searchDepth=2:2 Go buy the Sorento if you like! 2004 Hyundai Sonata V6 - This car is just in the garage waiting for spring to be cleaned up and get a flex pipe put on it. On a side note I also Enabled Nav on my Dads '14 SHO for his birthday. Following instructions the job took about 45 minutes with the longest time was Sync updating to 3.8. Only problem is that when i enabled the right screen to Navigation the speed limit icons are Euro style. I will have to do more research but not that big of a deal.
  4. 5 likes
    66 - nothing new - storage locker haha 89 - Driving it a lot. Fuel pump went from barely audible to super loud - so after rolling over 190k I guess its about done. At WOT you can feel it misfiring probably from running Lean. 90 - Paul has helped me out a lot with getting the Signature seats built up with power lumbar and recline. Super happy. Kevin was nice enough to offer to help me figure out wiring and soldiering to make the seats work. They also have under seat lights - an option I think the 90-92 TCs had. So wiring that up - and seats will be done. Just have speakers, radio, amp, woofer to hook up. 03 Black - need to pressure wash carpet, then hook up factory tweeters, and reassemble interior. Gota figure out power steering EVO issues as well as why the cooling fan is always on - even hvac off.
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    Guy on YouTube, Eric O from South Main Auto in NY does a great job for automobile repair videos. He's done a couple of Tortoise ones before. Just recently he put out a couple on a 2004-7 Vulcan with vacuum leaks. He shows the common vacuum leak points. Gives you a lot of great info. Very entertaining. It's two videos, about an hour. But I'm generally glued to watching for an hour. Very helpful and useful stuff:
  6. 4 likes
    Stupid Ford, always hated to drain the transmission pan. I have a big round oil catcher and still have oil everywhere on the driveway. Why they didn't put a drain plug like Hyundai or Mitsubishi? I have changed the pan with one made by Dorman - it was on sale on Amazon for $29.99. I know that the bolt drops down some 1/2" but I am tired of this garbage. Don't need to replace the filter at every drain, if I do it more often than 60k miles like I do now. And even if I take the 19 bolts out after drain, at least I don't have to deal with the transmission fluid waterfall!
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    Well the big revel, the new vehicle. I didn't hold back on this one. 2013 F150 Lariat Crew Cab 4x4, 3.5L EB. 38,000 miles. Lariat plus package Chrome Package "Eyeball" HIDs Max trailer tow with 3.55 electronic locking rear axle 36 gallon gas tank Sony premium sound, navigation, etc. About as loaded as a Lariat can get. In Blue Jeans Metallic with Pale Adobe two tone and a black interior. The truck is in amazing shape, only 1 blemish on the tailgate. Interior is in perfect condition, already has front and rear weather tech mats. Previous owner converted everything over to LED, the tail lights are ok but I think they are going to go and I'll switch back to the incandescent bulbs. I really like the billet grill insert and will keep that in place. The hard tonneau cover is going to go though, its useless to me. It rides like a truck but honestly its like driving a luxury vehicle, its super quiet and smooth, and the ecoboost just pulls like a freight train. Its a lot of truck but I plan on keeping it a long time and it will be the right choice. The truck can haul just about anything, and with that massive interior it will make a good family vehicle in the future. I figured I better buy what I want now before I do have other commitments and can't afford it. Everyone else with other cars hangs around here so I won't wander too far away, this is a good tight knit forum and I will continue to share, plus I still have the SHO machine.
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    Got the autodimming mirror working. FWIW, it doesn't even look too far out of place inside. This also marks for the first time all the trim being in place inside of the interior. The trim that goes across the top of the windshield was out since it was being watched for water leakage, but it's well sealed, so I put everything up.
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    Having rode in Rudy's car, I can attest that his Vulcan had the ever allusive "moar powah". Rudy was a very large man and his Gen 2 Vulcan would keep pace with my tuned '99 SE Duratec.
  11. 4 likes
    My favorite part of this post is the pictures with my car in them.
  12. 3 likes
    I asked myself that question many times. And would do it again.
  13. 3 likes
    The Land Yacht needs a new starter. Apparently putting a Corvette starter in makes it sound more badass and awesome. Might do that
  14. 3 likes
    Wagon is registered and will be with Ford/Mercury Wagons. If anyone here hasn't registered their car and is considering going, Gate-N-Go ends May 1st. Gate-N-Go gets you 10% off your registration and you get your stickers mailed directly to you instead of having to go to the registration office and getting your stuff. Regular show field registration is $55. The 10% discount gets it down to $49.50 for the base price. If you add on and do the parade and such, that will increase the overall price, FWIW.
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    ^fixed that for you Leave yourself a day, a good 6 hour block of time. It shouldn't take that long but take your time. If you've never done engine work I wouldn't recommend it, This style of rocker requires manual lifter preload and its very easy to make them too tight and damage the lifters. In addition you have to re-tap the head and shavings in the oil are never good. I will say that it frees up the top end alot, you get some more useable RPM above 4800 which is nice, but it doesn't make it into a "performance" anything and hardly a sleeper
  16. 3 likes
    It happened!! Rear disc installed!! Also did the front brakes. Raybestos advance tech rotors on all 4 corners with Hawk HPS pads on front and rear! https://goo.gl/photos/ZVcuNdhzrWQCiBEo6 Best moment ever right there^
  17. 3 likes
    I'm throwing my vote for you next car as a manual trans focus or fiesta. Ford quality really has come up in the last bunch of years and they are good cars. Sorry to hear about the demise of your taurus. It's a shame to loose another Merlot car Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
  18. 3 likes
    Tossed on the replacement throttle body for the '97. Definitely helps with the low end response. Wound up goosing it out of the garage on accident since I didn't expect it to be as responsive as it is. Higher up on the RPM band, harder to tell if it really does anything. 5mm doesn't seem like a lot, but it really does help with some extra airflow when you're just driving normally or starting from a stop. I need to find someone who does gears around here. Tossing some 3.55s in the rear and re-installing my P71 ECU would put the car where I would like it to be performance wise.
  19. 3 likes
    Picked up the SHO Wednesday from the body shop. Talked to the women who handled the paperwork and it turns out that she owns a black Chevy SS with Holden badges. So we talked about cars for a while. Friday the SHO got its first oil change, 1k over the 5k mark. Tires rotated as well. Got a call about 1.5 hours later recommending new wipers, air filter, and cabin air filter, so I stopped by %GENERIC_AUTO_PARTS_STORE to get them afterwards. Engine looked fine but I changed it because why not. Wipers were due, and when I took the cabin air filter out it was disgusting. Unfortunately for whatever reason my first reaction was to turn it upside-down while it was still in the car. Well, the SHO got a vacuum that night as well thanks to my brilliance.
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    And after She drives like I never been in a accident (better actually) I replaced radiator fans, condenser, radiator, power steering pump and hoses, new spark plugs and wires, new heads new Ignition coil pack,new water pump. replaced the hood and side fender at the junkyard lucky to find a 02 Taurus same color but badly damaged from the passenger side but I worked it out but still some work to do Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. 3 likes
    Well I picked it up from the Transmission shop last night. All done. So far seems to drive just fine. Transmission wise. it pulls to left when accelerating. It's straight if coasting or braking. Both front wheels have a little play at 3-9. Gota figure out if tie Rods or lower ball joints. It was too dark and late to check which one last night. Needs endlinks. Struts and springs seem fine. Same with Control arms, seem fine. this 2000 Taurus Duratec is NOISY. So much road noise. Guess I forgot what it's like.
  22. 3 likes
    I mean, you're not wrong. That UGLY wagon that nick is selling for gary has its appeal as a gutted and caged drift missile
  23. 3 likes
    https://austin.craigslist.org/cto/6060386063.html Asking $800. Says it pukes fluid from the dipstick. Tranny shop told them the vent tube is clogged and needs the trans removed and rebuilt to replace it. I'm arranging a time to go look at it.
  24. 3 likes
    Since everyone is posting updates... My entire fleet... 89 Supercoupe, just gotta detail it, take some great photos of it, and post it online for sale. 94 Roadmaster Estate - All short circuits are now fixed. I have interior lights, power mirrors, and door locks! Was a simple fix, but took forever to find it. I still have an Opti issue at 5000+ RPM. Before I swap the Opti, going to replace the ignition control module, the symptoms remind me of my Supercoupe when it would stall out at higher RPM's... I replaced all the sensors that picked up ignition, but it all failed, was the ICM. So maybe I'll get lucky on that. The Buick forum folks are convinced I should swap it to an AC Delco OptiSpark anyway, as it is the only one that uses the Mitsubishi Optical sensor, whereas the clones use crap. 95 T-Bird - Ded. Battery finally crapped out. That battery from Meijer lasted me forever. 95 Taurus Wagon - Flooded. It's leaking water everywhere... Tailgate leaks, doors leak, sunroof leaks. Thing is asking for a mercy killing at this point. Oh and it's leaking red fluid when running. Either PS or Trans line broke. Still a storage unit. 02 Sable - Nothing really, just keep adding oil. 04 Endeavor - Nothing. Thing takes a beating and keeps asking for more. Probably the most dependable vehicle in my fleet at the moment. However, the garage is going to be torn down soon! So I'll hopefully have a real garage, where I can work on cars, and make it into a man cave. Should be big enough to fit the Roadmaster too for working on it
  25. 3 likes
    It would, no doubt. I have the '96 SHO, which I still have not put back on the road, just needs the title transferred and registered with the state. I'm gambling on the vent tube being clogged. $15 fix. If so, 44k Vulcan with a little maintenance will run a very long time.
  26. 3 likes
    It would be a good candidate for a v8 sho swap....just saying
  27. 3 likes
    The desire to do some serious roadkill shit with this in @TaurusKevs backyard with @Brian_05_SEL is overwhelming.
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    Serviced the transmission on the '97. Found that I likely may have been running around with the factory filter intact. I found the little plug at the bottom of the pan. According to my repair history, there was a transmission flush performed at around 60K, and I had one done around 120K. It's just somewhat over 180K, so I figured it was about time to change the fluid instead of just flushing it. That gray ick on top of the filter was definitely present inside of it and also made up for a film on the magnet, however it was not present anywhere else and the fluid was a healthy red color. On top of that, there was no large or significantly sized debris on the magnet, and the transmission is shifting fine at this moment in time. The transmission got a new Motorcraft filter and Motorcraft Mercon V for the fill. I also swapped the factory pan for a Dorman one with a drain plug. I had to move the magnet from the factory pan to the new one since there wasn't one included. As overkill as it might be, I'll probably put the transmission on 7,500 mile fluid changes (just pan drain and fills). As far as filter changes go, I may do it every 30,000 or 60,000 miles.
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    ^I'm not doing that much work honestly. I changed the video to unlisted, so only people with the link can see it. Which is just this thread. Cause it does have a "clickbait" title
  30. 2 likes
    You're not wrong. So be it, if iIve gotta take it down eventually, I will. Im just a nobody on the internet anyway so I don't see any problems happening. And more people here already watched it than I ever figured would, youtube is just the most convenient place to upload a 25+ minute long ramble about a shitty taurus
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    Lol! Everyone seems fascinated by it like they should be. It's how Ford should have built the Taurus in the first place
  32. 2 likes
    lol at my spelling error. Cant win them all I guess. Nope I didn't get consent, but it was clearly visible on the windshield with the red light blinking, couldn't miss it
  33. 2 likes
    Broken hose. I was hoping the squirters were just full of pollen. Oh well. Will get some tubing etc tomorrow and try to fix it.
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    I'll be there again this year. See y'all there!
  36. 2 likes
    Here's a list.. It truly is full bolt on job, everything works and everything just bolts on lol
  37. 2 likes
    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm rear disc.........
  38. 2 likes
    I'm probably not going to do the hotel this time, and only come down on Saturday. That may change if the doctor can get me some relief for my back problem that doesn't involve surgery ! This getting old really sucks !
  39. 2 likes
    That would have been the last mod I did to my Sable. U can really tell the difference! Oh well, it's gone now. It was a good car!
  40. 2 likes
    I've got the time off, so I'll be there. Coming up on Thursday and leaving early Sunday morning. I guess we will be back at our usual Days Inn unless there's somewhere else we would like to try.
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    The 2011 had its windshield replaced by Safelite, they did a good job but it wasn't Ford quality glass. At 70mph it was significantly louder - very disappointed, I won't use them again unless they agree to replace with Ford glass
  42. 2 likes
    Power antenna that i got from Thub works wonderfully.
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    The '97 got washed, polished, waxed, and the interior conditioned today. It's been a while since I've done something more than a quick wash for the exterior, and with the heat starting to ramp up, I can't risk the leather getting excessively dried out. I'm impressed that the seats have held up as well as they have for being 20 years old, since it seems like even newer cars in the junkyard have absolutely roached interiors. I also have a 70mm throttle body on order. It's coming off a 5.4 Econoline 150. It doesn't make a huge performance difference over the 65mm throttle body on my 4.6, but supposedly helps with low end responsiveness.
  44. 2 likes
    As nice as the Ecoboost would be I think I will stick with naturally aspirated. Less things to break. And yeah, I'm avoiding any auto trans Fiesta/Focus like the plague. I had the chance to ride in an auto Fiesta; the transmission was not pleasant. Letting a computer control a manual trans does NOT make it an automatic IMO. Now I need to pull some things out of the car before I get rid of it. My custom stereo setup is coming out for sure as well as the autodim mirror. Not sure about anything else. I'm going to miss it. I've learned its behaviors and habits quite well in almost 7 years and a little over 100,000 miles of ownership. I have beat this thing into the dirt the entire time and it still keeps going. I will probably go through some mild withdrawal as I have become rather attached to it what with all the surgeries I performed on it myself. And all the trips to car meets. And everything else I have done with it. Maybe I should have a memorial service............................ ok, that's going too far, lol. I am ready for something newer though. Let the car shopping commence!
  45. 2 likes
    Avoid the Focus/Fiesta with the dual clutch crap transmission. Go with a Fusion if you want Automatic transmission. But if you're willing to take manual, a Focus/Fiesta should be nice
  46. 2 likes
    Speaking of MPG, the '87 managed 21 MPG without A/C at 68 MPH a day ago. I really need to log more interstate driving at varying speeds to see what it can do beyond that.
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    I finally fix my 01 Taurus after my fatal accident I had 6 months ago I still have some work to do but progress is great Before pic After pic Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well, the SHO is out of commission for 2 weeks. While at a car wash on Saturday, it ripped the SHO emblem off the front and beat the side of the car with it. Dents, chips, deep scratches, you name it. Even got the trunk lid and the car behind me before it got dislodged. The car wash is paying for everything, including the rental up to $60/day. I found that with my corporate discount I was able to get a 4-Runner for $55/day, so of course I picked that. Imagine my surprise when they told me that the body on frame, 4WD vehicle I had selected had been replaced with "or similar". A 4CYL NA Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. I'm calling Hertz locations around Cola to see if I can swap with an actual 4-Runner. Update: No one has a 4-Runner. But I did manage to bag me a Pathfinder! At least that has a V6