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    Oh I've done something alright. Meet my new ride, a Lightning Blue Metallic 2017 Ford Fusion Sport AWD. 325HP, 380TQ. The car was on the lot for 162 days, so they discounted the price a bunch, and they were able to get me 0% APR! Dad is taking over the remainder of the loan on the Sable (it's not much) and Betty White is becoming my sister's car.
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    Josh Ditch the Avatar, I know where that car sleeps now. And it will be cold. Very COLD. ;-) Nick It's a '86, not '96. First year of the Multiport Fuel Injected 5.0. I expect to finally turn 100,000 miles before the end of the month. Kind of a 'Christine' thing. Car has been in the family since mile 3. Car loves me. I saved it from a flood in 1987 at the expense of letting my 1969 Mach 1 drown right next to it. I took it to my reception after my wedding. 25 years later me and my bride went back to the same place with the same car and took pictures with the same owner. Lifetime photo on the wall of fame at that restaurant. I can get the cats off Rockauto.com for $85.00 each plus shipping, etc, but they are not OEM and I don't think I am that interested in paying for 30 yr old OEM parts... Leaning towards that route right now, car is totally intact and I hate putting in aftermarket parts.
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    My wife names all the cars. Here are Heinrich and Heidi.
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    Ahahahah some 95-7 Executive Town Slab. I love the stick on badges, the score in the airbag for centering the logo. poor car.
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    Almost all of the lamps are working in the Impala again. Very rare to see one with this many lamps still functioning. Climate control module went dark several years ago, but still functioned. Lately recirculate mode was intermittent and so tracked it back to an issue with the control module. Instead of going junkyard part, I opted to buy a reman unit so that I could get the illumination back. This nugget was a pretty penny, but really looks sharp all lit up. Now, if I can only find some good stereo buttons to replace my dyed ones. One day I'll have the lamps replaced in the radio too, but for now I'll just have to deal with the one that's out. I'll likely upgrade it to a factory radio that has retrofitted Bluetooth w/handsfree calling and aux port...seller on eBay has these available relatively cheapish and retains the stock look and access to the vehicle settings. A few weeks ago I treated it to new lower control arms, inner and outer tie rods, sway bar links, and an alignment. This car is still doing great...I've put about 5k miles on it since repairing the engine and just really enjoy driving it. I'm 99% sure it's faster than my Fusion too and way more comfortable with that cloth bench seat! Jeff
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    The Vulcan engine is practically bulletproof as long as you keep up with the maintenance. I beat the crap out of mine for 107,000 miles (current mileage 177,xxx) and it is still running strong. Saggy Ass Syndrome (SAS) is a common thing on gen 3 and 4 cars. The only way to fix it is to put heavy duty springs in the rear.
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    The truck is averaging 16 mpg with my mixed city and highway driving, I try to drive for economy but its really not my style, I just have a more spirited driving style. I've been going around 250-275 miles between fillups, I won't run much past half a tank on that thing, its sickening to pay to fill that 36 gallon tank up from empty. So 500 or so miles on a full tank is pretty good. Max range is supposed to be around 800 miles on a tank and I can believe that because when you drive it really nice it will pull 20mpg easy. So I drive the F150 to work and then I hop in the same year of Chevy Silverado equipped the same as my truck, crew cab short box 4x4 with the 5.3L V8. Now it is a work truck so it takes more abuse but the power, handling, steering control, feedback, its like night and day. I could be a bit biased but I honestly don't know why anyone would have bought a GM truck during the 2011 to 2014 period because the F150 is superior in every single aspect hands down. Last year I really kinda liked the Silverado and thought it was pretty decent, thank goodness my senses took over and I test drove an F150. I think GM let that GMT900 chassis drag out 2-3 years too long it was not competitive at all in its final years, I think it only sold due to the (GM fan factor) and GM knew that, how else could you explain a refresh and then a total redesign 9 months later. The GMT 800 was definitely better than the F150 of that era, but once Ford ditched the Trition engines things changed. I think GM has tried really hard to catch back up but using that same chassis for 8 years without any major updates really cost them, meanwhile Ford and even Chrysler were cooking up a lot better ideas. I didn't want that to seem like a rant but its almost hard to explain how 2 trucks that compete head to head from the same MY can be so different.
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    Back to school! Decided IT sucks, and I have applied to many IT type jobs in the last few months with zero bites. So rather than going forward with IT and going deeper in, going in for a degree in history with teacher licensure to become a teacher. I start Aug 28!
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    I put my two week notice in tomorrow at work.
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    Please respond within if you're planning to attend. These meets continue to be fun, enjoyable and people are traveling long distances to attend - let's have another one! Saturday 10/7/2017 General plan is for those arriving Friday Night/Saturday, we can hang out at the house, tinker with cars and what not, general BS. Maybe go downtown for a pic next to the worlds largest fire hydrant. and hang out there. We'll find some local BBQ place to eat. Maybe even go to a bonus junkyard if time permits that's 30-45 min from my house! Sunday 10/8/2017 Sunday 9-930AM, meet at the junkyard. Pull A Part. 5702 Monticello Rd Columbia, SC Then cruise back to my house. Get some pizza, and other assorted food/drink and hang out. Tinker with cars, BS for the remainder of the afternoon. Go to Lizard Thicket for dinner Sunday night (a local only chain restaurant with at least a dozen locations around Columbia). Anyone whom has attended the meet before has enjoyed. There are hotels all near me that are in very safe locations, very near to me, and very near the interstate. The Days Inn is not recommended per others that have stayed there before. The Comfort Inn and the Holiday Inn Express are however just fine. If you have any food or drink or anything you want to help out, chip in on or contribute - it would be really appreciated :-)
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    Ack... too easy! Yes. We found her a 2010 X5 xDrive35d Sport. iDrive gave it away. The diesel engine is louder than expected for a "luxury" car. Only during acceleration, cruising is silent. But it sounds like an F-350 at times. Very responsive... for a diesel and a BMW. Virtually no turbo or throttle lag. Handles great. I thought her Volvo XC90 handled well for a tank. The BMW feels like it has a lower center of gravity. Cornering is nearly flat. This iteration of iDrive isn't terrible, and fairly similar to the Mercedes COMAND system she is already used to. Moonroof is massive. Power liftgate. Navigation without the high end audio system. Tow hitch. 92k miles. All services performed by the dealer. Local car, former lease. Paid $15k out the door, about $1500-2000 under blue book. We looked at another with the same mileage, about $500 more, with a couple additional features. It was gross. The dealer claimed it was "mint". It had a leaky AC condenser, bald tires, bad paint, worn buttons, and the dealer didn't even bother to detail it. He wouldn't budge on the price either. We found the car we bought about 3 hours away. Very nice salesman. Very clean car. I couldn't find many complaints or mechanical concerns for these cars. Seems like a pretty good value considering this was a $60k car in 2010. My friend owns a 535d with a JBD tuner. Claims to add 60hp and 100hp. Already know what the first mod is gonna be.
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    I've known Andy and Kris for 15 years. SHE dragged him into this SHO thing. It is GOING to be tracked and then gone over with a toothbrush. Someday soon, the sidewalls on those tires are gonna look like rock-salt. Take my word for it. They live WAY to close to Road America.
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    Whew! AC in the Contour is working again. It's summer in central Texas and it doesn't appear very professional showing up to work with massive sweat stains covering your back and legs. Perforated leather doesn't really help. I was changing into my work clothes (scrubs) once I got to work. I recharged the system about a year ago. I barely used the AC through the cooler months, only long enough to defrost the windshield. The temperature control, despite the hot/cold color gradient on the dial, has only two settings.... hot or cold. The system took 1 can exactly and now it's freezing me out on my way to work. And with my windows rolled up, I can actually enjoy my stereo again.
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    Today was the first day my fiancee drove the Sable... I think she likes it more than the wagon, she even admitted to taking a bit of backroads and just driving for the hell of it. And honestly, I can't blame her. It's quieter, they used better plastics so it didn't squeak so badly, and the previous owner did have suspension work done so it probably rides and absorbs more road noise. I just hope she doesn't start looking at the wagon as inferior...
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    Never thought I'd see the day, Kev in a 'tec. I'm gonna laugh when the alternator dies.
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    congrats! Nothing like a short commute. Hope all goes well for you.
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    Congrats!!!! My boss isn't too happy, as we are going to be 3 people short with an already understaffed IT department. My commute is now from 30 minutes to an hour for school. Quite frankly, not my problem. Had the company taken better care of me, and offered better incentives to stay, I wouldn't have thought about leaving IT, but when you got someone who can fix virtually any issue, and pay em as much as the guy who can't even use a Windows Registry or do simple hardware diagnostics... Means I was doing double duty... Thankfully, with me commuting and having my wife's insurance, my tuition isn't terrible. By the end of school, my student loans will be about the cost of a brand new base model Ford Taurus SE. Not terrible thankfully. Hopefully I am able to locate a good part time gig, or go back to doing side IT setup for businesses.
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    Following in the footsteps of @TaurusKev I handed in my resignation letter - last day is September 8th at the current job! Very excited, my new commute is 5 miles round trip!
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    I have a big road trip coming up next week I'll keep track of how the truck does but I doubt a 6" piece of plastic has a big effect on that 6000lb big brick of a truck.
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    Can't beat that hopefully it continues to do its job.
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    I got one of my new rear shocks installed on the 14 Fusion this evening. I waited too late to start so I didn't tear down the other side as dark would've overtaken me. I bought Monroe Sensa Trac shocks and bought the upper mount from my local Ford dealer. My only symptom really was a squeak from the rear shock during turning maneuvers and also at highway speed the rear of the car seemed to want to wonder some. I'll swap in the other tomorrow after work. The LH shock looked fine once removed....however my noise is coming from the RH side so we shall see if this fixes my very minor issue. It wouldn't be an issue if I drove with my radio up more often, but it's usually turned really low which is how I heard the noise. The wandering or loose feeling I noticed a while back, and it seems others have experienced this and new shocks fixed the issue. For less than $120 I'll take the gamble. The car now has 47k on it and is probably close to the suspension needing some attention to keep it riding like new anyways.
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    The '87 has got me right here: The other day I really was able drive it. That pesky rough idle BS came back. Today I tried blocking off the EGR using a penny, just to confirm that wasn't the root cause. Car still ran stupid. So of course I'm running through ideas with the folks on GMN. Someone mentioned to me to check to see what the alternator is putting out when it starts running poorly. An interesting tie in to that theory is I swapped out the dash lights for LEDs. The grounds on that car aren't super, so if you have the turn signal on, the dash will brighten and dim a little with each blink. When I was driving it back to storage, and I halted at a light, the dash was flickering hard when it started chugging and loping, and I couldn't tell if the headlights were flickering too. The rough idle also doesn't come on hard right away, it actually gets worse the longer you remain stopped. Now I'm really curious if my junkyard 3G may be junk. I'll break out the multimeter when I have enough time to run over there and look at it, weather permitting. Since it's the worst in drive, I'll set the parking brake, chock the front wheels, and try to depress the brake by shoving a handle or something between the seat and the pedal, so I can be outside of the car measuring output. I could see a low voltage condition be high enough to not trigger the AMP light, but be low enough to throw off the electronics. Frustrating thing.
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    Managed to haul the tailgate out of the wagon by myself. I didn't want to leave the seat folded down much longer since the seat belts would likely start leaving indentations in the seating surface. I know the rear back cushion isn't perfect, yet I don't want it to get abnormal wear. I really need to wash it since it hasn't been done since June and spending a month under a lean-to, it's gotten rather dusty. I also installed the under dash insulation panels. The interior was mostly complete when I got it, save for some minor trim things that needed addressing, like the busted ash tray flip doors and other small bits. I'd say now the only real things I need done inside would be to find a carpeted mat to go over the pop up rear seats, find an un-cracked dash pad, and eventually get the head liner pulled and redone. Sound deadening would be added to the roof at the same time since it would benefit from it. Anyway, it's running again and I'll be using it for some light, in-town stuff for a little bit.
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    Finally got a better in dash music sounds way better and balanced Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    An hour south of me. And yah they live 15min from Road America. Sheboygan is a nice area, a little too much Milwaukee influence for me but outside of the city its good old rural Wisconsin farm land.
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    Its strange. We tested all the circuits and components. Everything was correct and all had correct amperage draw. Tested for grounding etc. Nothing. The shop manual had an extensive troubleshooting list on these all of which resulted in "Replace EIC" if everything else checks okay. The picture shows one of the many odd behaviors it had. It would consistently blink, ghost, beep, display codes, varying speeds, shut completely off. Sometimes it would operate but without any lights. Very erratic.
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    Replaced the EIC and works like a dream. The gas/temp gauge also works again. Not sure what the issue was, but when the shop manual says "replace EIC" after every complication listed there must be no fix for these once they go out. Only problem is, I lost the true mileage. Once it started to fail it reset the car's mileage to only 56...hah.
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    https://columbia.craigslist.org/cto/d/rolls-royce-phantom-kit-car/6198362664.html Someone needs to put this poor thing out of its misery.
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    Well that's good to hear it went home. your car was cross posted in a lot of places Josh. Price was reasonable too. its going to a good home - and at a certain price point on obscure, rare cars - for car people, that's more important sometimes than squeaking an extra few bucks out of a sale. So congratulations on the sale :-)
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    I think that car could be around for a very long time. Kris and Andy are very long time SHO enthusiasts and popular in the SHO community. They will take outstanding care of that car and be able to find anything it needs as well as anyone I could name. Car probably going into limited use and of course the occasional track day. Salt monster won't get much time with this little treasure.
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    Finishing life....it's the great white North. We all know what happens to the cars that live in the North. Jeff
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    I will seriously have to think about this for this year.
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    Got the a/c service done today. First time the a/c has ever needed work. Then took it in for wash n wax. Of course it rained later but at least the inside is clean. Week after next will get the tear in the driver seat fixed. It's being done by the company that repairs our bus seats. I had to pass on leather - 75 cents an inch ! He's got vinyl that matches the side panel. Good enough for me. Went for a long back roads drive before the storm came in.
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    There she was a few weeks ago with the 150.
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    can anyone tell me why when i put my new key that i just had made in and turn the key it starts then dies right away, but i put the original key in and theres no problem, thank you for any answers
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    Washed the golden girls today. I.... uh mean the the cars.
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    Ironically Kevs wagon will rust to pieces before the head gaskets pop or the trans gives up.
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    Lol Kevin. I think I'll haunt Kevin by txting daily with ebay listings for duratec alternators and how-to videos. Just because I'm that nice of a guy :-) :-D
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    I quote your dealership saying the following: "This is the Sable LS with the Duratec 3.0L. This is the only engine to have a service free everything, and that's guaranteed! Just change the oil, and you'll easily exceed over 500,000 miles in no time! The only car that is more reliable than a Mercury Sable is any Hyundai. But for the price and performance, you can't beat a Sable! And you will be pleased to know that over 75% of Sable Owners actually have a fixed address."