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    Made it home safe and sound, and very tired. People were driving like idiots on 81. I guess everyone wants to get home before the snow starts. Called my boss and found out there's no service tomorrow. Buses and company cars are all being put inside for the night and we all get a paid day off. I can sleep and do laundry. As always, it was great to see everyone again. But we have to stop having these meets during weather events. So far we've had flood, hurricane and snow. Can't wait to see what October has in store !
  2. 5 likes
    I like those rounders They really make the car look a lot better. Now you better burn off whats left of the old tires with multiple neutral drops
  3. 5 likes
    It was great seeing everyone and meeting new folks! I hope I wasn't too loud and brash. And Kevin I apologize about your sinuses and iced tea. "You flooring Chris' SHO caused the Roadmaster to throw the Check Engine light" - Sean
  4. 5 likes
    My front yard this morning, and it's still snowing. I'll take the SC snow over this any day...
  5. 5 likes
    I will be there Sunday! I'll bring the wagon in case anyone is needing to carry anything large from the junkyard.
  6. 4 likes
  7. 4 likes
    Drove it to the crusher...amiright?
  8. 4 likes
    Sounds like your solution would be more than fitting given everything else done with that car.
  9. 4 likes
    This fucking car. Always with the random misfire, I think it might be terminal. The only solution I can see is 3.2 Yamaha. Sent from my Pocket Potato
  10. 4 likes
    The Moldmaster and I made it home! That car is a great highway cruiser. Really had a great time meeting everyone and had tons of fun. Thank you again Nick for inviting us over! Btw, +1 for having meets with good weather
  11. 4 likes
    Says who? I will put an honest attempt to make it this time. Looks good so far. Will have new mufffleersss
  12. 3 likes
  13. 3 likes
    Lol, I can't wait to see how this one turns out too
  14. 3 likes
    One of the best parts of this weekend, to which I think Kevin agrees, was when we made a young newly-licensed driver's day with the surprise of delivering his first car. And of course, Kevin finally got his hands on a SBC powered RWD giant station wagon, just like he's always wanted. This year's spring meet was a lot of fun with familiar faces (and some new ones too). Nothing but 100% responsible and legal driving was done. Honest. And the weather going home was fine... until we passed Louisville, at least. Spotting the only McLaren 720S currently on US soil was pretty cool and almost made the 5 hours of snowy driving hell worth it. Almost.
  15. 3 likes
    You drove a convertable anticipating having the top down the whole time. Clearly your fault.
  16. 3 likes
    Thanks for having us all Nick! And for letting us do hoodrat shit in your neighborhood
  17. 3 likes
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  19. 3 likes
    Definitely don't do this. This is how you get investigated/fired for sexual harassment.
  20. 3 likes
    Yes but he's just an Anthony. I am THE Anthony.
  21. 3 likes
    You can't tell me what to do, You're not even my real dad!
  22. 3 likes
    I'm still undecided. I really want to come out for saturday, but we're doing an autocross Test n' Tune that day that I wanted to run the turd at. Cause Sunday is the points event for autocross that I'm running with the fuckus. I'd like to come out for saturday and see everyone, but I also really wanted to try and eject the diff pin at auto-x I'm sure ill leave that decision to the absolute last minute
  23. 2 likes
    Here's the photos of the spoiler. Didn't get to wash the car.
  24. 2 likes
    Happy Birthday present for you Zach! wow that's yummy sounding - aged naner
  25. 2 likes
    So, as it's me, and I'm never content with anything I do, it's time to attempt to add moar power to the vulcan't. Or die trying. I had the opportunity to buy two sets of rockers from the late "rudedog" from Tcca. These are crane 1.7 rockers with studs and guide plates. To avoid the headaches of morana and machining pedestal mount ones, this is the route I always wanted to take. These pictures are from a quick test fit I did today after saying "there ain't no way in hell this is gonna work" and it might work. I have to tap new threads into the head as these studs are an SAE thread and the vulcan is metric. I'll update this as we go. Sent from my Pocket Potato
  26. 2 likes
    Took the old radio out of the '87 along with the radio bezel. The clip mount broke, so I need to glue that back on. Fun with 30 year old plastics... I have another Pioneer head unit that was laying about that will be going in. I will need to get the connector out of the '97. Hopefully I can wire the replacement in without too much frustration given the kuality wiring job done some time well before Nick or I ever got the car. Maybe I'll find the clipped wires for the door speakers later on and get that 6-speaker setup working again. For now, I'll live with the two dash and two rear cargo area speakers. Also decided to take out this old lunchbox that was under the pop up rear seats. The mistake was opening said lunch box and finding what was once upon a time banana. It was some tiny, shriveled up, blackened object with a Chiquita sticker on it and it smelled terrible. It promptly was hurled into the trash can.
  27. 2 likes
  28. 2 likes
    After much bumblefuckery around on the OTHER site, I believe these to be the "Fredness" kit. The dude who ran stuffforyourranger and rogueperformance websites for the rangers. Most of the info is over 10 years old, and all of the links are broken and all of the pictures are missing. "Build a taurus they said, it'll be fun they said" Sent from my Pocket Potato
  29. 2 likes
    You can get a complete long block at the junkyard for like $300. And I'm not worried, pushrod engines are pretty hard to fuck up Sent from my Pocket Potato
  30. 2 likes
  31. 2 likes
    Literally ZERO confidence from the peanut gallery. Don't worry, there will be plenty of bent pushrods to go around!
  32. 2 likes
    Oh dear. This will be interesting.
  33. 2 likes
    The beauty of Southern Snow is it goes away pretty quickly... Northern snow sticks around. I feel bad that the Roadmaster has been exposed to salt Also, on the topic of iced tea...
  34. 2 likes
    I cut my Nick's meet visit to Saturday so I could play in the rain today! Sent from my Pocket Potato
  35. 2 likes
    Would it surprise you if I told you the Ford part is less than $20 at the Ford dealer? I had no luck with Dorman on my Sable. I couldn't believe the dealer parts counter was cheaper than after market. Jeff
  36. 2 likes
    Generally speaking, if you make jokes like this, its evidence that you MIGHT be getting old
  37. 2 likes
    You're only coming for a half hour?
  38. 2 likes
  39. 2 likes
    Well I guess I can't make it after all. My girls car been down for almost a month, jumperd timing and messes up the valves. Last weekend I was in the process of putting everything back together only to find out the exhaust manifold was cracked as well. Sooo. I need to get it done this weekend. I haven't caught a break in awhile.
  40. 2 likes
    I think my Sable still had pollen on it from last spring at your place when I traded it in. No joke. I shall not be rolling my windows down this year. lol Jeff
  41. 2 likes
    Oh wow, it is still red under all that pollen. Is it bad out your way Nick? Btw, also committing to being there Saturday Sent from my Pocket Potato
  42. 2 likes
    I purchased a spoiler for the Fusion tonight. I originally thought about installing an OEM one, but those are quite big and require drilling(they do look really nice though). I've drilled to install spoilers in the past and while I have no problem doing so....I just really didn't want to mess with it. I settled on a lip spoiler exactly like the one mmmfloorpie put on his Fusion. It's not big or flashy, but just enough to give the trunk some class and installs with 3M molding tape. I bought it on ebay pre-painted so hopefully it will match. I probably won't have it in time for the meet at Nicks. I think now all I have left to do is drive it for a while, but I've already done more than I started out to do...so I might just keep going. I really want the ambient lighting that comes standard on Titanium. Ford sells a retrofit kit....so maybe that will be my next mod. Jeff
  43. 2 likes
  44. 2 likes
    Bonfire Saturday night - definitely. Weather permitting
  45. 2 likes
    Today was definitely worth a few weeks of waiting... impatiently. I picked up my 5.0 GT this morning from a local specialty performance shop that I contracted to install welded full length subframe connectors, a Saleen Mustang FSTB, 1993 SVT Cobra rear disc brakes and master cylinder combined with 1986 Mustang SVO/Ford Motorsport front calipers on stock sized GT front rotors, Ford Racing proportioning valve, and rebuilding the 8.8" Traction-Lok rear axle with Ford Racing 3.73 gears (versus 2.73 stock), Ford Racing HD axle bearings/seals, and a Ford Racing carbon fiber LSD clutch kit that matches what the factory included on 1999+ SVT Cobra, Cobra R and GT500 differentials. She's putting power down to the ground much better than before, and body stiffness, ride quality, cornering and braking have all improved. Of course, this car also got new front and rear suspension installed recently so it's got the whole finished package now. Kevin also brought over the 2.3L LX since that car's interior is reassembled and the brakes are repaired and functioning properly. Both cars seem ready to undertake a road trip to the Carolinas in about 10 days...
  46. 2 likes
    Dave aka Powdered Sugar( in the greatest southern drawl you can imagine) didn't get that nickname for nothin. Kodachrome could find himself with a promotion....never know. Jeff
  47. 2 likes
    I would never run semi metallic pads of the d or mkd prefix. I MIGHT use the SM series pads if the SC or C prefix pads are not available. I run the commercial sales desk at my store and I only sell the d/mkd pads to car lots. All my repair shops by the Selects or Wagner pads because you don't see near as many come backs.
  48. 2 likes
    Do you know this from experience?
  49. 2 likes
    Give me your manager's phone number, I'll handle it.
  50. 2 likes