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    Got the HO swap done on the '87. Spirit of a Mark VII, just wearing the wrong clothes.
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    Yeah, or at least they seem to. I had a customer with an '89 Mustang complain it was acting all erratic when running, and the car was only intermittently starting. We tried to salvage his PCM since it's one of the mass air cars, but this is what I found when I got in there: The leg to that capacitor was totally rotten off. I recapped the board, but the damage was done and it had no effect on it. He had to run down one, and unfortunately those mass air Fox Mustang boards aren't getting cheaper. All my boards I've serviced varied. The '87 came with a remanned PCM in it. The capacitors on it were looking questionable and were starting to bulge out around the bottoms where the legs are. I got a PCM from an '87.5 LTD CV that was factory to it and it looked phenomenal inside. My '97 boards looked really good too, but they got recapped for longevity. The '87 Mark VII PCM looked liked it was starting to bulge, so it got recapped. Personally I'd recommend doing the work as preventive maintenance and peace of mind. Also a video featuring a slow 0-60, while trying to AOD shuffle with one hand and film/steer with the other, but I didn't lock it back in 2nd after the 1-2 shift, so it went into 3rd at 60. I've got to get my hands on a AOD HO shift governor otherwise it will shift at 4K. Great for a LoPo where it dies above 4K, but the HO doesn't fall out until 5K. Standing starts aren't the HO's forte given where the real torque comes on. It comes alive above 1800 RPM, so if stood on, the needle keeps moving steadily like it does from about 35. Reminds me very much of the '97 before it got 3.55s. Digs suck, but rolling it moved out with ease and had no problem adding speed.
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    Haven't taken any fun videos. I've certainly ran it up to the max of 3rd gear, and it'll get into the low triple digits with ease. Haven't tried letting it go into 4th since I'm already tempting fate doing silly stuff like that. It definitely has the torque to motivate that weight up to speed, as compared to the LoPo stick that had a hard time getting motivated past 80. I mean, it could get past 80, but speed added on slowly. I've got some boring shots of yanking stuff apart. Under hood looks generally the same as it has, save for the HO firing order appearing on the distributor and coolant isn't dribbling down the timing cover anymore. Nothing says trouble like having much of the engine components no longer inside or attached to the engine: Checking to make sure the Mark VII PCM isn't dead: I did install it into the correct place through the firewall after verifying it wasn't junk. FWIW, I've started replacing capacitors on older Ford EEC IV and EEC V boards. EEC V ones seem to hold up better than the EEC IV ones, but capacitors aren't forever and a car interior isn't the most forgiving place depending on the climate. A lot of the 80s ones are starting to look suspect, so taking preventative measures are the best thing to do at this point.
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    OP here So I tried 2 times to get my car looked at but everything is so busy the best they could offer was to leave it and they might get to it in a few hours…..I’m too busy to give up my car and bum rides that much. I often have to drive to another plant across town with no warning. So the ambient temp was 75F and I knew that was a sweet spot. So I decided to do it myself for the convenience. YES, I wanted to go to a pro as recommended but …LIFE. Ambient 76F. Vent temp on MAX AC is 60F. AC fan on low is 44F. Low side read 32psi with “AC PRO” nozzle – hey better than nothing. I don’t have gauges for High side L. Really not bad. Online chart says it should be 40-45psi low side. Added a 3oz bottle of PAG46 (actually 1oz 46, 1 oz mystery crap, 1 oz R134a). Since I soaked up the spilled oil with a few paper towels I figure this is plenty of oil. I estimate 1 oz after refilling the pan from a kitchen measuring cup of water to the same level as the oil lost. Then added part of a 12oz can of R134a but never could get the pressure to over 40psi. Also not sure how much went in as I later dumped the rest of that can in a Buick. Final result: Ambient 76F. Vent temp on MAX AC is 56F. AC fan on low is 41F. Low side read 39-40psi. 4F drop in MAC AC vent temp and 3F drop in AC temp on low fan. Time will tell if I estimated the amount of oil properly.
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    Bite your tongue, young man! I consider 3 as a rather good START....
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