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    Tossed on new wires, spare cap and rotor for the '87. Seems to be running smoother than before, so that's a step forwards. I'm thinking there may be a small vacuum leak on the booster. I can manipulate idle speed given how hard I press on the pedal, and at a certain point, a hissing noise can be heard. Lower intake may have a small coolant leak at a gasket. Coolant pooled to the right of the distributor near the water pump I think. You can see a damp area coming down from the intake area. Nick recommended I try tightening it down some more and see if that helps. I guess that'll be the job for next time. '97 got washed for a trip to Columbia tomorrow. I also got an estimate and date set for the repaint on the fender. They'll be realigning the panels and will be adjusting the bumper some beyond just painting the affected area. It goes in December 18th. Depending on how quickly it gets done, I may have it back before Christmas.
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    This happened this past Thursday. It was sort of an impulse trade. A guy posted on a Fusion Facebook group looking to trade these snowflake wheels from his Focus ST for the gloss black wheels that came factory on my car. He was semi local(150 miles away) and agreed to drive to me if I would pay to have the tires switched as he had some good year summer tires that he wanted to keep. I agreed to that and the deal was done. I think they look pretty nice compared to the black wheels that I really never cared for.
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    I don't like on the 4.6 2003+ how the oil splashed all over the steering rack fittings. Makes a huge mess. and surprisingly not the easiest to get out either. Especially if someone has "massaged" the lines. The old 5.0 is so easy. The blue Town Car rolled 228K. It's had new motor mounts installed and makes the car so much better to drive. New airbox (better sealing design) from the junkyard. 70MM tb off a Lincoln Aviator. New Motorcraft water pump, thermostat, belt tensioner assy, belt, and idler. Junkyard 50K 4.6 alternator (the old one's bearing was starting to make noise after 227K!). New drain plug from Ford in oil pan since some dumbass german torqued and stripped the threads on the bolt. New power seat motor so now I can sit where I like, not behind the B pillar. This car runs phenomenly. Next year I want to replace the exhaust manifolds, dipstick tube (has a rot hole) and the trans dipstick tube (welded on??). Love driving this car. Still need to address the mushy brakes.
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    I'm out of the SHO game. Probably for good this time. All the adventuring I've been doing lately was putting the car in jeopardy. I took all of the recommendations into consideration, I really wanted body-on-frame part-time 4WD. I was leaning toward a Grand Cherokee for literally every reason. Tech, comfort, power, offroad capability. But couldn't overcome the Chrysler aspect of it (plastic, build quality, reliability). I was leaning toward an LR4, but wanted to look at an Outback with the flat-6. Didn't like it, my parents have 2 4-cyl ones. I was hoping it would be that with some balls. But it wasn't. So I was looking for LR4's and drove past a Toyota dealer. I figured that I knew I was going to hate the 4Runner as it was just a dumb, harsh, truck and would be loud and uncomfortable. I went and looked at a Limited, as it had some of the features that I wanted but was missing the driver assistance part of it (adaptive cruise mainly). I agreed to take one out knowing full well that I would hate it. I got in it and was impressed with the quality, and then I took it out. I have never driven anything that felt so alive, so well put together, so shocking. It's quieter than the SHO at 70mph by 1.5db. The ride, while harsh over large pot holes, is smooth and controlled most of the time. It's quiet and civilized when you want it to me, and that 4.0 sings when you floor it. So, I bought a 2014 with 62k miles. 4WD, Limited. And its already found its way off road and in 4lo
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    TSOC Racing team. Just need to glue some horns to the roof for that “Bull” look.
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    Okay i'm changing threads for this! So last Monday was my final ride in the Fusion. I have been searching off and on for lease replacements for, ... well Dave would say for 3 years since I got the car, but for a few months. In searching I found a couple cars, suvs, trucks, and sent some emails and no one could get me out of my lease without trading in the car and me taking in a horrible hit because Ford gave me an insane residual of $21k. I was hell bent on a Flex but unless I went super high miles i was not getting one for the price I wanted. I thought about looking at an MKT because I could pick up a lower priced one since they are slightly uglier but i realized it just doesn't make sense with having the Explorer already. With that being said after some more auto trader searching I went back to the car hunt. Well I always comb through Fords and Lincolns just trying to find what i like. Initially i found an 2012 MKZ sport appearance but 60k on the clock so that was a little too high for my liking. After looking a bit harder I found a car that showed up on autotrader that was just taken on trade less than a week prior. I ended up reaching out to my local dealer and said help I like this. Well after getting told let me find out and hold on I'll send you info tomorrow... well tomorrow came and then Monday came and i heard nothing. Monday at 915 i get an email sorry we can't do anything for you. Well okay then so I called the dealer that has the car and said can you do this for a certain price and they said i'll get back to you. They wanted me to just come see the car but it was on the other side of the city and if they couldn't make it worth my time I was not going. So after about a half hour i get a call saying yes we can make your price point work but you have to come see it now, some one is scheduled to see it tonight. With the mileage and the price of the car i know it was not going to last at all. This dealer ship does market based pricing on their used cars so the prices are super reasonable. So with that being said i talked to my wife, who was shocked about doing it right then and there but with time frames with life and my wife being an accountant now was a better time than ever. So I took a half day, put 5 dollars worth of gas in the fusion, and ran out to the other side of the city. So okay I've avoided what I got for long enough, when i pulled up to the dealer ship the car was just freshly washed and was waiting for me, this was at 1:00pm. Weirdest thing in life was they didn't need my license didn't need any information. I've never experienced that in my life it was so weird. But I asked the dealer if i could give it some gas, she had no problems so we went rocketing down the road. Car rode awesome and had so much power, the car has a few light scratches and a couple weird interior issues with the console but they promised to fix it. Which to me isn't a big deal when i see the whole picture. So after we came back I gave the car a once over and said okay lets figure it out. So we went and did our paper work i got a 4 years, 12k a year warranty. They got me close to what I wanted to pay for nothing down plus extended warranty and tax and title. Oh and I was out of the dealership at 4:30 pm. This dealership was seriously the best experience ever. So this car had 43,300 miles on it, has Ecoboost , AWD, adaptive suspension, and adaptive head lights. That may narrow it down. Car was listed for 19,997 which to me i couldn't pass up even looking at it. 2013 Lincoln MKS Ecoboost AWD Elite Package So I said good bye to the Fusion and said hello to this beautifully fast land yacht. Looking at the sticker with the options and price alone, going a little older and having a little bit more miles was so worth it. So technically I'm back in a Taurus but the ride and look do not compare.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all. Ours is today to fit the schedule of the rest of the family. -chart-
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    I put the F150 and the Ecoboost to a real test today. My buddy smoked a deer a week or 2 ago and had to go through all the hoops of insurance before he could buy his 1999 Cherokee back since they totaled it out. Radiator was ruptured during the hit so moving the car 175 miles back to Green Bay under its own power where his dad has a heated shop was out of the question. I offered and rented a Uhaul car trailer and we were on our way. I was a little surprised at the weight of the Uhaul car trailer, I couldn't believe it was over 2000 lbs but once I hooked up to it I believed it was, its a pretty hefty trailer. The Cherokee comes it right around 3200lbs so I think I was pulling a solid 5200-5500 lbs, add in the extra few hundred lbs of miscellaneous junk and parts in the bed and I was easily moving an extra 3 tons. The F150 and Ecoboost no doubt have the power to move the extra weight and I was very impressed with how well it handled. Tow/haul held the gears longer and was very eager to drop gears when slowing down to aide in braking. The truck comfortably drove along at 70mph in 6th gear below 2000 rpm. Once I adjusted to driving with that super top heavy load I was good to go. The truck sagged a little bit but it was a pretty tongue heavy load, the 2" drop hitch wasn't the best choice for that trailer once loaded. The only adjustments I made or would have made in the future would have been to use a straight 0 drop hitch and to have better tires on the truck, once we loaded the Jeep I made the immediate decision to air my wimpy P tires (rear only) up to max 44psi. Its hard to tell but the rear tires are bulging out pretty good in the first picture, they were at ~32-35 psi. Those P rated tires are just not built to handle heavy loads, seeing and feeling the response to a real load will help push me to buy LT D load rated tires in the future. Pickup at the dealership, Madison WI. Drop off ~ Abrams Wi Oh yah average fuel economy when towing this load was 13.2 mpg. The 3.5 will pull like a horse but it comes at a cost.
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    Thanks! I agree! I couldn't figure out why he wanted to trade them. I kind of figured he'd want some boot too, but nope even swap. These wheels are like new too and had only 8k miles on them. I think I made out better in the deal, but he seemed to really want those black wheels I had badly. Jeff
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    The Sable had to be towed home today. My wife calls me up saying the car is smoking. I ask how badly and didn't seem like fire smoke, so I told her to relax, maybe oil on the car, and I went and saw. I noticed radiator fluid everywhere however on the transmission. Get it home, fill it with some water as the tank was empty I notice right away it's seeping out the top of this stupid hose (Rant coming up) This damn hose just kept disintegrating each time I touched it. It broke from the upper radiator hose connector, the top, and connecting to the engine block. This is the stupidest fucking design I have ever seen for a radiator hose. I am tired of people saying parts for an import generally cost more, when yet I don't really see imports with this multi-hose. What was wrong with a thermostat housing on the engine block? And a single hose connecting to the engine? Fucking $120 part. I think I replaced all my Endeavor's hoses for much less! Either way, I am a broke college student, and my work sucks so badly they cut my hours as I am on a contract, and allegedly they didn't approve more hours. So money is tight, holidays suck, and just pissed away money on a new hose + a bottle of radiator fluid. And of course, both PCV hoses all disintegrated as well lol. I felt anything I touched on this car just fell apart under the hood. And just hit 101k miles. Plan is to find me a stick shift econo-box (Geo Metro, Civic, Accent, Corolla/Prism, something that'll do 30+ Mpg easily) and give the wife the gas guzzling Mitsubishi, and then try and sell her car. But for now, it's fixed enough to be reliable for a bit more. The rust isn't critical yet. Also, if you're in Chicago, Redmon's Towing was awesome with towing the Sable, granted it was all done through my insurance's Roadside assistance, but they were polite and courteous.
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    A week ago Friday I took my car in to the Ford dealer to have the oil changed before winter sets in. It was chilly and overcast and I was too lazy to crawl under it myself. I had them do the 39.00 works package or whatever it is. Well yesterday I decided maybe I needed to inspect and also check the oil. Oil level was fine, but I noticed the oil filter didn't look right when I looked from above. You can just barely see it from up top. Today, I put it on ramps and low and behold look at what they put on my car and left. Left for me to drive another half a year on(or thereabouts). It may be fine internally, but there's no way to tell without cutting it apart and the can is definitely weakened. I went to my store and bought an identical fl910s and changed it out and topped the oil back up. I wasn't willing to drive it one more foot with that thing installed on my engine. I have the proper filter socket to do this with and it's like $4. Maybe I'll buy their lube tech one. The filter on this 1.5 Ecoboost really can't be tightened by hand easily as there is lots of stuff crammed around it, but I never expected to see something like this from a well respected Ford dealer. I guess I'll be crawling back under it from now on again. Im taking this filter up there tomorrow to show the service department manager. I do not want any reimbursement, but he needs to know the type of lube tech he has employed and how low his standards must be. A damaged oil filter could be catastrophic to an engine. Rant over. Jeff
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    My '98 Exploder had illuminated cruise, and same looking wheel as 1995-1999 Bulls. To further answer your question "jc_oo5", you would at the very least need to swap in clock spring with more circuits. Say from a Gen 4 or explorer or mountaineer. There is a member on here or TCCA that has reported to have swapped in an Explorer clock spring with radio controls. He had to change the wiring of the cruise switches to match. The resistor values were different and were in series appose to parallel.