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    I got my hands on a pair of used fork lift tires for the F150 to use as ballast weight this winter. They weigh over 100lbs each. They stick to the lineX like glue and don't slide around and for the weight they don't take up much room, plus I can roll them around and stack them when in storage.
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    With the correct rear end gearing the LT1 will pull very well, even in those heavy cars. The Impala SS would go 0-60 in ~7 seconds. Pretty fast for a car like that in 1994, today...not so much. I think my F150 runs 0-60 in under 7 seconds which isn't bad for a 6000lb 4x4 brick. Thanks to Ford and their CPO warranty the F150 has a new rear window. Normal customer cost = $1300, my cost $100 deductible on the CPO warranty. So now I have working rear defrost and heated mirrors.
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    So... I have to commute about an hour to my university, and the Endeavor has no A/C. I can't be mad as I spent $100 on it. So, I am driving the Butanic, pure perfection Won't suffer in here Even with the large footprint, I can still park within the lines. Yet people with smaller cars suffer to do this.... People were a bit shocked when I passed them up in that as I hate being in the on-coming traffic lane, so my natural reaction is to press the throttle wide open, and that LT1 flies. It's amazing. Sad part is, with me being in school, repairs are going to be very minimal, so it's gonna look like a turd for quite some time
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    Sure you didn't pull a transmission out of a lawn tractor or a Hyundai Accent?
  5. 2 likes
    could have piped it into the intake and had a supercharger!!
  6. 2 likes
    Weight savings, yo. If you don't know what that was, it was a completely useless smog pump with Thermactor valves. There's no cats on the wagon, so there's no air lines, and nothing for the pump to do, if the pump was actually functional. Nick gutted it some time ago so it was more so a really big idler pulley. I just wanted the hoses in the way gone. They make it more difficult to get at the spark plugs and the pump itself gets in the way of the manual belt tensioner. It's a lot easier getting at the bolts to tighten them on that tensioner now.
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    They're 14-16 year old rims? Tbh they look good for the age, and with a little work can be made to look like brand spanking new if I wanted. Sadly, the 95 Taurus will be going away very soon. So it won't get the opportunity for this.
  8. 2 likes
    The cars were just as rusted in your state as Dave’s...
  9. 2 likes
    Now that I know those were Dave's rims. Gonna have to take care of em!!
  10. 2 likes
    I bought a table for my car. Greatest purchase ever. Goes on the bottom of the steering wheel and it'll support a heavy laptop. Also, for those who remember the Buick, it no longer smells inside. Smells like a normal leather car. And I've been too busy to pull the interior and do a full detail on the interior. Think it just needed some good airing out. I generally leave the windows cracked in the parking garage too for extra airing out.
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    I got the entire front suspension and steering rebuilt on the truck. New inner and outer tie rods and sleeves, new pitman and idler arms, new LMC truck reproduction lower control arms(only ones available anymore), one new upper control arm that I couldn't pass up for 14.00, and one rebuilt upper control arm using new bushings and ball joint. I also installed the rear shocks as well. I just thought I'd get away cheaper by rebuilding all the control arms, but unfortunately the lowers were both bent and couldn't be rebuilt. All in all, I'm about 465.00 in parts rebuilding the front end. I did the labor myself so not too bad to have a 100% new front end. I received my new proportioning valve in the mail yesterday. I'm going to start running the new lines tomorrow and then rebuild my rear brakes on the weekend. I should have it stopping sometime early next week. I also swapped those 10" wide wheels and drag tires for more appropriate rally wheels with decent roller tires. Here's how it's sitting now. Nice and proper. I'll update more as I go. Still need to rewire the truck, pull the rear axles, install bearings and rear seals, and service the diff, and finally install the dash(I found a complete unit about 2 hours away for $100 and I pick that up next Saturday) before it's really road worthy or really worthy of being road tested. Jeff
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    Aww I was just about to say I was going.
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    Parked outside my ER last night. This is the type of clientele we get in west Austin. Young woman in her 20's with a cough. Just parked in the fire lane with hazards on for about 2 hours before it got moved.
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    So, some of y'all may know that I purchased a 78 Chevy C10 SWB Custom Deluxe several months ago. Well, it was delivered Friday finally. The truck runs and drives, but has absolutely no brakes. Further investigation revealed a truck as tired underneath as it was cosmetically which I expected. I did the brakes and bearings( short of plumbing them in) on Saturday with all new parts, but the state of the chassis and suspension parts gave me pause so I ripped it back apart today and started over. All the control arms will be rebuilt and new everything for the front end too. I purchased everything just about on RA at a substantial savings on closeout items. So, while the truck may look terrible right now, it should drive as new. This is where I'm at right now... Still a long ways to go and then rinse and repeat on the other side. The truck is pretty complete minus a dash and some severely hacked wiring that I'll need to sort out. Overall, for an impulse purchase...I'm relatively happy with it. Jeff
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    Brought her home a little baby brother: Also did this yesterday so they'd match:
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    I think those rims have had over 10 owners now.
  20. 1 like
    Yep! Originally they were to go on the 95 Wagon after I did its conversion, but it too suffers from the brown rust
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    Those rims look familiar...Brian?
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    I'd stay away from a Jeep with air suspension and all that fancy stuff, its going to cost a fortune if that stuff gives out and I just don't trust Chrysler quality, even though the new Grand Cherokees look amazing. I hate to promote a foreign vehicle but go take a mid to late 2000s 4Runner with the V8 for a spin, you won't be disappointed. That 4.7L V8 is a beast in the lighter 4Runner chassis, and you won't have to worry about the biggest problems with those trucks since you live down south and nothing rusts. Its a real SUV and can do real SUV things, and its got the muscle under the hood. I test drove one last year and I was very impressed with the handling and power, and to be honest its a higher quality vehicle and will have less problems than any Chrysler product. All of those 4runners are imported from Japan so the build quality is much higher than USA built Toyotas. This body style with the facelift (projector headlights), like 05-09 I think. Only go for the 4.7, the 4.0 V6 just doesn't do it. Don't get me wrong I really like the F150, but I really like SUVs too. I enjoyed the 2002 Explorer a lot and I think that's why in a few years depending if Ford does things right, I'll be looking at getting a Bronco.
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    Honestly Jeff a truck like that is a great candidate for a big 454 or a 5.9L Cummins. Reg cab short box RWD tire roasting machine.
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    The 350 drivetrain I'm putting in was free. My dad bought this van 8 years ago and it runs and drives great and is super nice, but he never could get the title to it and refused to spend the fees associated with a bonded title. After I take what I want it's going to the crusher. This thing has the dining table, seat that folds into a bed, TV, window shades, the works. Shame to see it go, but it's time to move on and part of it will live on in my truck.
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    I've disassembled some more stuff on the truck. I've also got most of my hard lines ran for my brakes. The front cap needed to come off anyway since it was rusty. It also helped facilitate finishing the brake lines without having to kill myself doing it in cramped quarters under the truck. I also purchased a donor cab that was super rusty. It's from an 85 Silverado, but was complete minus seat...so it will donate the dash, complete wiring harness, auto column with tilt, all interior trim, power window and lock parts, and AC parts to retrofit some amenities into my heater only base model custom deluxe. Doors are the same internally from 78 up so everything in the rusty doors should swap to my doors relatively easy just gotta drill the holes for the wiring to pass through.. Also, before I put new sheet metal on, a good running donor 350 engine and auto trans out of a 84 GMC Vandura will be bolted in the place of that mighty 250 I6 which actually runs really well...so I'm a tad conflicted on that, but really want that V8 sound.
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    Oh I love the looks I get when I pass people. People also assume it's a slow tank, so I notice people will always go into a lane next to me. Only to see that I can haul ass. Since the road I normally commute on is a 1 lane road with passing in the oncoming lane. I have to pass quite often, and the scary part is the wagon will take off like a bat out of hell when I give it moderate gas, and I think people can't believe they got passed up by a rotten looking wagon due to the neglected woodgrain. Also, with the way I drive, I got a modest 19 Mpg with 80% of my drive maintaining about 60/65 with stops here and there. So 1 Mpg better than the Endeavor
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    It is really amazing how people lack the confidence or are just poor drivers. Parking a car you drive every day should be easy. I was a little uneasy the first week or so but after enough time in the truck I gained a feel for its dimensions on the road and where and how it can be maneuvered. I wouldn't want to take it into a big city and try to park it but I have no issues anywhere around Green Bay. I will admit I had to set up the good old tennis ball hanging from a string in the garage though. I need to stop at the exact right spot for the door into the house to still open all the way and be able to close the garage door without hitting the bumper of the truck. Its tight enough that I can't leave a hitch in the truck or the garage door would slam into it or I would have to squeeze myself between the front of the truck and the door into the house, and I'm about as thin of a person as you can be. Height wise its close too, every entry and departure from the garage is accompanied by a nice loud metallic clang as the antenna hits the lowest part of the garage door. Needless to say when I buy a house I'm going to try and find one with a longer garage and 8' high doors.
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    Oh I'm always the real deal it's just you folks who can't handle it.