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    Saturday, I said goodbye to my 2018 Charger after only two years of ownership and 9400 miles. I had done quite a lot to that car to make it nicer and to make it my own, but somewhere along the line I had fallen out of love with it. It sat for six months under my carport collecting dust while I drove my 98 Buick Regal GS daily. I've always wanted a truck and any time I've ever needed one I've always borrowed my dad's truck. I've always considered them as not affordable for me. Friday, a Chrysler dealer about 40 miles from me offered a 2019 Ram1500 Classic tradesman 2wd, V6 for $24,448. I figured it was a gimmick to get you in the door, but to my surprise, there was an actual truck and they were actually selling it at that price. So, I jumped on it as most brand new trucks simply aren't cost effective in my opinion. It is equipped with power group, heated mirrors, backup camera, upgraded cloth interior, bed liner, alloy wheels, chrome appearance group, keyless, 3.55 rearend, and that's really about it. So nothing special, but it was a great price! I was very surprised at how well the pentastar V6 pulls this truck. It feels nice on the road and has slightly over 6k lb towing capacity. Loved my Charger, but it was time to let it go. After acommercial paint overspray accident(water tower overspray) ruined the finish(one billion white dots on everything) and the aftermath of having all that paint cleaned off, it was just never the same. It did look near new in the end, but it literally had 2k miles on it when this happened. Just ruined my outlook on the car because it wasn't perfect afterward, tbh. All in, I'm about $28k into this truck with negative equity rolled from my Charger which I know it's terrible to do. However, I'm $7k under MSRP on this truck after the $8500 worth of rebates and the dealer offered incentives were another $1750(I believe). I don't think it was a bad deal for a brand new truck that's not totally a stripper model. So far Im getting between 18-19mpg around town. Haven't taken it on any real highway trips yet. Feels nice riding up off the ground. So that's my update!
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    Welcome to PTSOC, Previous Taurus and Sable Owners' Club. We still have memories of good times, but the cars aren't there anymore.
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