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  2. My Sable wagon currently needs a new air conditioning compressor and a cylinder #5 coil pack.
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  4. Took a picture of it...or something. Photo taken near Deals Gap, TN.
  5. In anticipation of winter (bah humbug) , have an appt at my mechanic to change out fluids. I thought I did this 2 years ago but it's been 5 years. Time flies when you're having fun or don't know what you're doing....
  6. The '97 finally received its 3.55 gears. Rear end got a full overhaul with new seals, axle shafts, and bearings. The parking brake shoes were replaced while the shafts were out. Certainly more lively with the gears. I also installed my P71 ECU and swapped in the correct speedometer gear for the VSS. The car is 95% to where I'd like it. Eventually I'll get that air ride swap done, but that's not a pressing issue right now.
  7. Not at all, the fuze has the Sony system in it, 390w. And the sync with navigation connects pretty well with my current phone.
  8. Big oof. Certainly an interesting car the handful of times I got to see it/ride in it. Taking your audio stuff for the Fusion?
  9. It was suspension time for Third Bull this spring. New tires, struts, swaybar links, and for good measure, a new timing belt. Rolled over to 134k not too long ago. She's still comfy to drive, and fast. ("oooh hello officer ! Do you really think this old lady in a Taurus was going that fast ?")
  10. I didn't really take any pictures for this stuff, but I've done quite a lot to the Buick in the last several weeks. I located a good used supercharger and swapped that onto the car and the horrible bad bearing noise it had is now gone. I also replaced the valve cover gaskets while there since the rear one was leaking. Also completed a full tune up with NGK plugs recommended by enthusiasts for the SC 3800. Car runs superb now and has great response and pulls hard. I'm a sucker for good deals and I purchased a complete suspension and steering rebuild on RockAuto(mostly). I replaced all four struts with Gabriel Gaurdian struts $9.00 each(China & discontinued part number), all four strut mounts $4-7 each(Taiwan), new lower control arms $21 each(no name no country of origin likely China), new McQuay Norris tie rods $3-4 each (and made in the USA too)!! Rear sway bar links I had left from when I bought two sets by accident for the Impala, and front sway bar links I bought local for $3-5 each. Did brakes all around including a passenger front caliper and hose, turned the rotors, and mounted 4 new cheaper Chinese tires. I'm on a budget so this car can't get the nicest of anything, but will get the newest of something. I did all the labor myself so I could do all of this very cheaply. Now, it needs a paint job and an interior detailing and an alignment. I've driven this car daily for almost a month and besides being ugly, it's a great car and it has icebox cold AC! Is it bad I enjoy driving this old Buick more than my Charger? Jeff
  11. Oh hai everybody! 

  12. long time no see everyone! I actually got the replacement to the sable, 2011 blue flame metallic fusion sport Has every option for 2011 minus the awd. Its been a week since i first drove it and i'm in shock that its mine. Already got in and installed some clear cornering lights, and i have alot more things coming...
  13. The girlfriend picked the replacement to the Impala last week. I snagged one decent picture at time of purchase. I've been too busy with work to really go through the car for her and adjust a few things with it yet. 2016 Mazda CX5 Grand Touring AWD. 2.5L with just shy of 32k miles. I went and test drove a lot of cars with her and the CX5 is definitely the sharpest looking and best driving vehicle in that class. It came down to obviously picking a quality vehicle, but the interior and exterior looks, and handling sealed the deal for her. The CX5 looks great, handles great, has way more room than you would expect. This GT has every option except the lane keeping, and radar cruise control. I personally do prefer Mazdas application of a larger displacement NA 4 cylinder instead of the smaller turbo charged setup.
  14. Well holy crap, I didn’t realize that it had been a year since this topic got a last update. 😯 This morning I changed the Sable wagon’s transmission fluid and filter, and swapped pans for a new one with a built-in threaded drain plug for more ease and cleanliness when draining it in the future.
  15. I check in every now and then to see what the old regulars are up to. Like Kev say, many of us have moved on to different Fords and even different makes. Given that the Taurus is no longer made, and even when it was made sales over the last several years have not been great, the need to a dedicated Taurus forum is going to decline. Not sure what the answer is, unfortunately.
  16. I just got a 2003 Taurus SE wagon. The heat is warm at first, but cools off quickly. I had the coolant flushed & a new thermostat put in. It seems better, & will heat up again after turning the fan off. I think the heater core is ok, but the blend part of the vents is messing up the air temp. What happened with yours?
  17. My 2002 Sable wagon is such a great car, and my wife likes it so much, I went and got a 2003 Taurus wagon.  The Sable has the 3.0 DOHC.  It's got fog lights, a floor shifter, the 6 CD changer (which doesn't work), leather upholstery, auto temp, & the electric mirror.  The Taurus has the 3.0 Vulcan OHV. I actually prefer its flip style mirror with no wiring.  Then I can dim bright lights from other cars on demand.  

    So I'm changing spark plugs in the Taurus.  They look burnt to almost nothing & are probably too hot from charts.  Advanced Auto gave me plugs for the 3.0 DOHC.  Gotta get them switched.  This car gets 17 mpg.  The Sable averaged about 28 mpg on a 1600 mile trip I took a month ago. 

    So I'll be looking for ways to improve gas mileage with the Vulcan.  ERG?  I'm checking into that next. 

  18. Some days I think I own about half of them....
  19. Some day I'd like to get a Gen I/II Taurus or Sable, but that'll down the road. Two cars are plenty and they can do most any task I ask of them. I'm still here because of the community; I've met some wonderful people from here. I'm active with Panther communities, but even though those cars are aged, we still have plenty of people picking up later model ones trying to do small mods or inversely people picking up the oldest ones trying to make a cheap classic cruiser. Obviously the Taurus falls into a more-so forgettable realm to non-car people/enthusiasts, and I'm sure most people picking them up are on competitor forums. Maybe we could change towards "Regular Cars Everyone Forgot About from 1979-2007". Attract all the odd ball and regular cars that most people wouldn't give a second look at that come from the end of the Malaise Era that eventually became catalysts into "modern" styling.
  20. Everything under the hood looks exactly the way I left it. Including the same Duralast battery! Interesting how the new owner isn't posting close ups of the rear like I Did. I wonder if they did a hack job trying to fix it.
  21. To my knowledge, it was already converted to R-134 before I purchased it.
  22. I dont know anymore When the dash began to act up it erased its memory. If i had to guess, its probably sitting around 61K By the way. Do you know if this ever was changed over to R-134? Planning on taking this for a week when we vacation on Lake Michigan and we have a friend that can recharge AC. Would be nice to have AC in this again!
  23. Perhaps trailing off topic a bit... Im not sure what I am going to do myself if I ever have to replace my current driver. Hopefully the old sedans hang on for many years. I absolutely hate any of the SUV or crossover type vehicles. I find them difficult to see out of, i dislike not being able to "feel" the road, I don't need to sit high up, and for the most part I dislike the styling. One of the greatest things I love about my Marquis is the no nonsense of it in an era of everything electronic. Simple controls, no screens, no need to touch the brake and press a button to turn it on, no goofy sensors opening doors and the like. My parents got into a small business recently of selling "totaled" vehicles....they all pretty much had minimal damage and low mileage but the insurance companies just find it cheaper and easier to total the vehicle. Some cars being less than 2 years old had so many "sensor" issues that ate up customers time basically because dealerships simply couldn't find the issue, or would correct it only to have it come back shortly after. Anyways.... I know many think the first gen Taurus and Sables to be a pretty cool vehicle....especially when you learn of their backstory and how they totally changed the game. Alas, most find them ugly (the Sable in particular) and just scratch their head as to why anyone is even hanging on to one. Most of the time I just keep my interest in them quiet. I had a lot of strange looks when I entered the parade this year....in all reality it was mainly to advertise the business but I figured the Sable would be more interesting than another Marquis which are still dime a dozen around here. And to add to the actual topic....I could care less myself if this site was funded by advertising if need be. Still plenty of info that should be kept around and if the admin is happening to make profit from it, i guess i could care less. It allows me to freely use the site and the person running it actually has incentive to keep it going.
  24. I’m pretty sure this was your car... https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwi/cto/d/portage-1989-thunderbird-supercharged/6936337991.html
  25. Car is having pains of guilt for never paying me for the rear springs?
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