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  1. Yesterday
  2. PDR turned out great! Only one dent couldn't be totally removed, but he was able to make it 90-95% better. Also, last year I put Monroe OE Spectrum shocks on (because that was all that was available aftermarket). I know I could've put motorcraft on, but I didn't. Well, finally Bilstein released shocks for the 2g fusion that are available in the United States. So, I swapped those mediocre shocks for some very nice Bilsteins. The Monroe made noise from day one. So far the Bilsteins are good and quiet. Jeff
  3. Last week
  4. Traded the Suzuki on Wednesday. Once I have time to take pics of the new car I will reveal what I got.
  5. I just got an 07 G6 from my wifes grampa. He had it given to him last year but he just bought Ridgeline for a good price and doesn't need it. I've been driving my moms 07 Malibu for a couple weeks now and I like it quite a bit, it gets awesome mileage, rides nice and the 3.5 has a lot more power than a vulcan lol. I think I'll be happy with the G6 since they're basically the same car
  6. Motorcraft OEM Battery Warranty

    The dealer eventually got back with me and they agreed to split the cost of the battery with me. I'll take it. Thanks for the referral - I'll have to check it out!
  7. Motorcraft OEM Battery Warranty

    If you have all the booklets that came with the car, there should be one that outlines warranty coverage. I agree with your dealer that the bumper to bumper applies, not any separate warranty on the battery. You should join the 2gFusions forums. A lot of old members here who bought Fusions are on there. http://www.2gfusions.net/member.php?action=register&referrer=1392
  8. My Bull

    The parts should be here this week. In the meantime, I finally got around to wiring in the Windstar cluster. The only thing that isn't reading is the coolant gauge. Is the coolant temp sensor on the Windstar different from that of a Taurus with the digital dash? Everything else seems to be okay.
  9. Drove it for the final time today to U-Pull-and-Pay Pittsburgh. Discovered a puddle of transmission fluid when I pulled out of the driveway. My guess was the input shaft seal finally started to give out. It drove fine to the salvage yard. I forgot how nice it handled. It will definitely be missed. Final goodbye photo:
  10. Motorcraft OEM Battery Warranty

    Thanks for the input. I called Ford today and was told that the dealer should have covered it. I called the dealer back and was told that Ford was wrong. I have a case open with Ford. We shall see.
  11. Motorcraft OEM Battery Warranty

    On my 14 Fusion, I swapped out the OEM battery for a group 48 Super Start Platinum AGM battery from OReilly. It offered the most cold cranking amps available and is still spec'd to fit the 2g fusion. 3 year free replacement. Nothing was wrong with my OEM battery, but it was going on 4 years old and I changed as preventative maintenance. Jeff
  12. Motorcraft OEM Battery Warranty

    Yep, personally I have had great luck with batteries from O'Reillys, and they are generally cheaper too. Already gotten 3+ years out of a few easily.
  13. Motorcraft OEM Battery Warranty

    Yes, on an OEM battery the bumper to bumper warranty is the only warranty offered. On retail battery purchases the battery warranty applies. Jeff
  14. It's been a few years since I've logged in here, but am looking for some insight. I no longer have my 2004 Taurus (was tough to let it go), and now have a 2016 Fusion. My 12V battery recently died and I had to have it replaced. It was the original battery for the car, which has been in service for just under two and a half years. The OEM battery is the Motorcraft Tough Max battery, which has a three year warranty. My dealer told me that a replacement would not be covered because my bumper to bumper warranty expired based on mileage. I was also told that if I'd purchased the battery separate from the car, it would have been covered for three years under the battery's warranty, which wouldn't have a mileage component. It seems to me that if the battery has its own warranty coverage, car's warranty wouldn't supersede it. Does this make sense? Has anyone else dealt with this?
  15. Thank you for the part number info. I found the following video on youtube for Ford Taurus 2000. The stage I am interested in is unplugging the electrical which this video only shows the boot removal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPN_K4yZYh0 I asked a mechanic and he told me that the plug needs to be unscrewed before being unplugged. I would appreciate clarification on this.
  16. Earlier
  17. My Bull

    Yes. Moog has a write up. The mount/sleeve breaks loose in the subframe and rattles.
  18. Tried to get the exhaust fixed at a shop on the wagon but they were a bit busy. Said to come by Monday, so I went over to the mall and helped make up a beater squad. Nothing like an ex-police Tahoe, Cutlass Supreme, and a Colony Park parking together.
  19. Spotted!

    Spotted my old car. It's went from near pristine to this in a year. Also, the lady that bought it has never registered it and it likely doesn't have insurance either I'd bet. That plate is registered to an 05 Escape. It's looking pretty sad.
  20. I was going to trade my fusion in tomorrow on a 2016 Dodge Charger RT in red. I was literally ready to do it. I was approved through Chrysler Capital and everything. Then the practical me kicked in and decided I really didn't need a payment like that and to keep what I have. So, I dropped the Fusion off at the paintless dent repair place to have about 6 dings removed because they've always bothered me. All but one were on it when I bought it. The final one was a crease put in my rear door by a co-worker and he offered to pay, but there was another ding on that same door and the PDR guy charges by the panel so I told my coworker not to worry about it this time. I think my whole ordeal with Ford sort of soured me on the car, but thinking about it...I still do like the car and enjoy driving it so I'm gonna do the smart thing and keep it, and it's really cheap payment. I'll post pics of the repaired spots after I get it back. He was confident it would turn out really nice. Jeff
  21. I can tell you, a 1995 Steering wheel WILL fit on a 2005 Taurus. Now issues you might have: SRS and Cruise Control differences. Might be possible to wire the airbag in, and it might work, or it might deploy, or set an SRS error code. Best recommendation, test it all in a junkyard if you can find one that has batteries laying around. If you can power up the car, and test the SRS system in person, that's the best.
  22. I want to add lighted cruise control and radio funtions to my steering wheel. Can I find a car simular to mine and remove the clocksping and put it on my steering column to have the funtions work. If the clockspring fit can I depin and repin the connection to the airbag horn radio and cruise funtions to work in the car. If that will not work does anyone know of a Ford that has the same leather wrapped steering wheel as gen 3 sho but with lighted cruise controls and radio functions. Will a 00 - 07 taurus or a gen 5 taurus column and steering wheel fit the gen 3. Will the parts be interchangeable and or have the functions I want.
  23. My Bull

    Would that be something that would clunk when you let off the brakes? Either way, those have to be replaced, as they are original.
  24. they are leds, you get new switches when they go out.
  25. My Mustang will be undergoing some significant engine upgrades. Today was the “before” dyno pull to establish the stock engine’s baseline power output. When everything is completed sometime over the next several weeks, there will be an “after” pull to show how much of an improvement there is.
  26. My Bull

    Check the strut rod bushing and mount in the subframe. Moog made a kit to fix the issue if that’s what yours is.
  27. My Bull

    It lives! And it's still clunking in the front. I feel like by the time I find out what the culprit is, this car will have an entirely new front end.
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