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  1. Yesterday
  2. Oh I'm always the real deal it's just you folks who can't handle it.
  3. Aww I was just about to say I was going.
  4. Damn! See you all in the spring!
  5. Damn. At least there's always next time.
  6. Last week
  7. Thanks for the confirmation. Wasn't sure if Dave's comment was just a flippant remark or the real deal.
  8. Meet cancelled - sorry. Just not many folks showing up - we'll try again in March or so.
  9. Sold!
  10. Parked outside my ER last night. This is the type of clientele we get in west Austin. Young woman in her 20's with a cough. Just parked in the fire lane with hazards on for about 2 hours before it got moved.
  11. So, some of y'all may know that I purchased a 78 Chevy C10 SWB Custom Deluxe several months ago. Well, it was delivered Friday finally. The truck runs and drives, but has absolutely no brakes. Further investigation revealed a truck as tired underneath as it was cosmetically which I expected. I did the brakes and bearings( short of plumbing them in) on Saturday with all new parts, but the state of the chassis and suspension parts gave me pause so I ripped it back apart today and started over. All the control arms will be rebuilt and new everything for the front end too. I purchased everything just about on RA at a substantial savings on closeout items. So, while the truck may look terrible right now, it should drive as new. This is where I'm at right now... Still a long ways to go and then rinse and repeat on the other side. The truck is pretty complete minus a dash and some severely hacked wiring that I'll need to sort out. Overall, for an impulse purchase...I'm relatively happy with it. Jeff
  12. Dropped the F150 off at the dealer to hopefully get a new rear window and door latches adjusted under my CPO warranty. I tried to use the rear defrost and heated mirrors the other day when everything was all covered with dew in the early morning hours and nothing worked. A quick search found that a lot of 2013s got rear power sliding windows with bad contacts for the defroster element. The door latches seem to have a common "double pull" issue that is intermittent. Of course I then walked around the lot a bit and there were a few new 2018 F150s there, I quickly made my exit after admiring a white FX4 with the black accents.
  13. Adjusted the clutch cable on the Suzi so that the clutch disengages/engages closer to the floor. So much easier to start it rolling now, especially on hills. Still makes a horrible metal grinding noise while coasting in gear though. A small oil leak has started up front. The timing cover looks to have blown out right below the crank and that is where the oil is coming form. I hope it's not the front main seal. Probably started because of me redlining it pulling out on the highway. 97 horsepower sucks ass. I probably won't do anything about it. Hoping to sell or trade soon.
  14. Decided to start the bull today as I haven't touched it in something like 4 months. Battery was deader than dead. Gave it a jump from the Suzi and let it run for a while. Took it for a short drive too. Damn do I miss this car! It rides so nice, the seats are big and cushy, it has some power when you push the gas, all the speakers work....... If only it could average 38 mpg for every tank of gas like the Suzi it would be perfect. Going to order new wheel bearings for the front. I would rather go to the new U-Pull-n-Pay in Wilkinsburg but I know from experience that the wheel nuts on these cars don't come off without a large impact wrench and the U-Pull doesn't have power outlets for the air compressor. Oh well. I will just pay the $90-ish for new ones. Hopefully I can get them replaced this weekend. Then I just have to change the oil and repair the small hole in the passenger floor pan and I can put it up for sale. Then I can sell or trade the Suzi and buy a Focus or Fusion.
  15. Earlier
  16. Cool off to SHO peeps!
  17. Adam and Michelle Hartlmeier.
  18. Who da new owner?
  19. As many of you may know I parted ways with the 1997 SHO yesterday. The new owners took it back home to Richfield WI, a northern suburb of Waukesha and Milwaukee. It was a great car and I'm sure they will enjoy it for many years. Its already registered and bearing Wisconsin Collector license plates.
  20. Looks like they are screwed in... dang it.
  21. Those vents usually are snapped into place - may need to see if you can find used vents on eBay to see if screws also hold them in
  22. How do you usually remove those vents? It's a Hyundai, but I assume they are all similar...
  23. I was looking at taking the dash out, it's an extensive job. Is there a recommended glue for this? Maybe I can reach with a long vacuum tube attached to the nozzle - if doesn't solidify too fast?
  24. I'm going to miss this car. It still is a hot looking ride and with a background like this, its perfect.
  25. Take out windshield. Take out defrost grill. Reglue the dash trim down. Put heavy sandbag down to hold it. Then put back together. Or try to work with it without taking glass out - maybe take dash out. check out a 2000-5 DTS they are bad
  26. KYB Monomax on the four corners of my Explorer (AWD V8).
  27. I have an 01 Taurus and an 02 sable but I want to tan 07 steering wheel cam that be done ?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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