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  1. Yesterday
  2. Parking area needs to be repainted - NO PARKING EXCEPT TAURUS WAGONS
  3. I need to replace the rear brakes on the Mitsubishi. Rear caliper is sticking, might be why my fuel economy has sucked terribly in it. For 185k miles, appears to be original. I have had more issues with disc brake than drum... Thankfully since no snow, I am back in the Roadmaster for now with its ABS Light. I suspect the sensor for the rear wheels, as that is what the B Body people say is common.
  4. I kept forgetting, but here's the last photo I have of the Wagon. Going to miss that thing.
  5. Last week
  6. Tossed on new wires, spare cap and rotor for the '87. Seems to be running smoother than before, so that's a step forwards. I'm thinking there may be a small vacuum leak on the booster. I can manipulate idle speed given how hard I press on the pedal, and at a certain point, a hissing noise can be heard. Lower intake may have a small coolant leak at a gasket. Coolant pooled to the right of the distributor near the water pump I think. You can see a damp area coming down from the intake area. Nick recommended I try tightening it down some more and see if that helps. I guess that'll be the job for next time. '97 got washed for a trip to Columbia tomorrow. I also got an estimate and date set for the repaint on the fender. They'll be realigning the panels and will be adjusting the bumper some beyond just painting the affected area. It goes in December 18th. Depending on how quickly it gets done, I may have it back before Christmas.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Ours is today to fit the schedule of the rest of the family. -chart-
  8. Hi guys - I have a '96 SHO I just don't use anymore. Daughter used it for years but went away to college and I need the parking spot. Plates expire end of the month and I don't want to renew them. Here's the deal. Car is street legal, passed emissions last year but will need Cats to pass again. Has old snow tires on it right now that would get you through last year winter but not 20" of snow. Never burns oil, engine welded, strong tranny. I want my cloth interior out of it but don't know if I have 2 gray leather front seats. I have plenty of tan seats. Great winter beater. Plenty rusty. Very dependable. In Lombard, Illinois. I want $700.00 for the car as is and no callbacks two weeks later with some bullshit wanting your money back. That is why I am selling it as a engine/trans combo with a full car attached. One can get plates for the car, I don't expect it to pass emissions, and whatever breaks, Breaks. JBL sound system is just a plus.
  9. I put the F150 and the Ecoboost to a real test today. My buddy smoked a deer a week or 2 ago and had to go through all the hoops of insurance before he could buy his 1999 Cherokee back since they totaled it out. Radiator was ruptured during the hit so moving the car 175 miles back to Green Bay under its own power where his dad has a heated shop was out of the question. I offered and rented a Uhaul car trailer and we were on our way. I was a little surprised at the weight of the Uhaul car trailer, I couldn't believe it was over 2000 lbs but once I hooked up to it I believed it was, its a pretty hefty trailer. The Cherokee comes it right around 3200lbs so I think I was pulling a solid 5200-5500 lbs, add in the extra few hundred lbs of miscellaneous junk and parts in the bed and I was easily moving an extra 3 tons. The F150 and Ecoboost no doubt have the power to move the extra weight and I was very impressed with how well it handled. Tow/haul held the gears longer and was very eager to drop gears when slowing down to aide in braking. The truck comfortably drove along at 70mph in 6th gear below 2000 rpm. Once I adjusted to driving with that super top heavy load I was good to go. The truck sagged a little bit but it was a pretty tongue heavy load, the 2" drop hitch wasn't the best choice for that trailer once loaded. The only adjustments I made or would have made in the future would have been to use a straight 0 drop hitch and to have better tires on the truck, once we loaded the Jeep I made the immediate decision to air my wimpy P tires (rear only) up to max 44psi. Its hard to tell but the rear tires are bulging out pretty good in the first picture, they were at ~32-35 psi. Those P rated tires are just not built to handle heavy loads, seeing and feeling the response to a real load will help push me to buy LT D load rated tires in the future. Pickup at the dealership, Madison WI. Drop off ~ Abrams Wi Oh yah average fuel economy when towing this load was 13.2 mpg. The 3.5 will pull like a horse but it comes at a cost.
  10. Yeah, I can see that being the case. What color was the ST?
  11. Thanks! I agree! I couldn't figure out why he wanted to trade them. I kind of figured he'd want some boot too, but nope even swap. These wheels are like new too and had only 8k miles on them. I think I made out better in the deal, but he seemed to really want those black wheels I had badly. Jeff
  12. Those look fantastic on that!
  13. This happened this past Thursday. It was sort of an impulse trade. A guy posted on a Fusion Facebook group looking to trade these snowflake wheels from his Focus ST for the gloss black wheels that came factory on my car. He was semi local(150 miles away) and agreed to drive to me if I would pay to have the tires switched as he had some good year summer tires that he wanted to keep. I agreed to that and the deal was done. I think they look pretty nice compared to the black wheels that I really never cared for.
  14. Thats kind of odd. My moms old 03 had the ring gear wearing out as well. She sold it a couple years ago though and I think it's junked now Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  15. Earlier
  16. My gear was worn in the 3 placed where the starter usually engages. Maybe a lot of starts for the miles. "back in the day" lots of issues with ring gears but today's starters are better. As a DOHC, it uses the same starter as the V-8's. -chart-
  17. You don't hear of flex plates going bad very often. Only vehicle I know of that has a flex plate issue is the early 99 Ford Super Duties with the 7.3L PSD. They start to rattle and eventually shatter, when my friend had his F250 that was one of the 1st things he replaced, installed a performance billet flex plate in the stock ones place.
  18. All along, especially Chambersburg there are huge truck docking buildings, like Target where they must have at least 100 docks filled with trucks at one time. And then with crossings at PA turnpike and I-70 down the way and it is a transport corridor. Goes from Canada border to near Knoxville where you can get to I-40 & I-75. Now, if they could get a good way to get from Williamsport to Harrisburg it would be nice. Happy motoring. -chart-
  19. Got my '03 sedan (164K) from a local shop. New flex plate and TQ. Starter gear damaged and starter failing to engage. Everything looks good. I put the air dam back on and found a heat shield bit loose and vibrating as speed. Hose clamp around it and it is silent. And I actually found the bolts for the air dam. ? Has any one else had a flex plate gear wear out? Starter was fine. Of course symptoms began when I did the ABS/TC module and upper rad hose assembly. New battery because it was time and it was out. Then the starter which I switched out with my spare and it was no better than the other because it was the ring gear. Getting to the ABS was like, removing lots of stuff and putting it back, then having to do it again to get to the top starter bolt/ground. Ring gear that came off looked bad. And for the good news, I found the ABS/TC module at the JY with ~70K miles and the exact one, $11. Just proves you can't loose them all. -chart
  20. The trucks are a serious problem on 81 around here. They're working to widen 81 to 3 lanes. If the trucks would just slow down a bit, things might be better. Unfortunately the drivers are bound to schedules that are set for optimum road conditions and don't allow for delays. The end customer is the problem as well. Places like Walmart, Lowes, etc. set appointment times. If a driver is 10 mins late, he risks being refused. I'm glad I'm out of that part of logistics and supply chain. I didn't get to SC this fall for a meet since it was cancelled - lack of interest. Hopefully things will pick up and we'll be able to meet in March.
  21. I was through your part of PA last week. Down 22/322 to I-81 and south on Thursday, back Sunday. Been to NC for a wedding. Things have not changed much since the 90's when I traveled to WV on a regular basis. More trucks on I-81 if that is possible. -chart-
  22. Forgot to add that I had a new rear windshield installed. about 80% of defroster wires quit working this past year. I'm not going to spend time chipping off ice at oh-dark hundred when I leave for gym/work anymore. $240 at local glass dealer (Not Safelight ) includes pick up and delivery service .
  23. Switched over to the Blizzak tires mounted on my other set of alloys to prepare for the impending winter weather. Mileage on the Sable wagon is over 124,000 at this point, and she’s driving as well as the day I brought her home from Kentucky almost 3 years ago.
  24. Here is a copy of the original ad’s text: 1996 Volvo 850R fuel: gas title status: clean transmission: automatic For sale is my 96 Volvo 850R turbo station wagon. Don't be fooled by its super aerodynamic square shape, this wagon hauls ass. It's the kinda vehicle that says "I'm responsible but after I spank your mustang GT I'm coming for your girlfriend". This vehicle literally has a powerband that comes on like a 125 2-stroke, one second of turbo lag then you're stuck to the seat like glue. It really has a lot of personality and makes hilarious spooling and wooshing turbo sounds. I love to drive this car and I'm going to be sad to see it go however I'm in a relationship now and I can't have women just throwing themselves at me when I drive this thing anymore. This vehicle has a lot of storage space, my 250 Ktm fits in back with the bars off, I've actually gone to a race like that and gotten some good laughs. Go on and ask your sister about how roomy the back is, she'll tell ya. I brought this vehicle to the drag strip just to see how fast it was and it's a consistent 14.8 at 98 which is pretty quick on the street. She won't run with the LS or the coyote but everything else on the road is your b*tch. The odometer stopped working at 157,000 so your guess is as good as mine on mileage, but don't be worried this wagon is strong like a bull on viagra. So if you're tired of everything on the street smoking your civic step into the world of Swedish boost machines and go get them balls back. This vehicle will change your life, I have gray hair and my girlfriend is super hot, 100% from the Volvo because I know my personality is shit. This is the fastest 2000$ vehicle for sale in America, if you don't believe me come grab a lane on river rd and bring your pile.
  25. This is my last week at home on medical leave. Back to reality on Monday so figured I'd take care of Third Bull. No snow or ice in immediate sight, but I know it will happen. Winter service at the garage - check all filters, fluids, hoses, rotate tires, oil change. Put away camp chairs & umbrellas. Got out snow shovel, de-icer spray, scraper. Cleaned inside, put down heavy duty mats. Had the outside hand waxed. (I'm still limited as far as bending over, stooping etc for 3 more months. )
  26. Good to see you back here Chart !
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