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  2. It’s been a year and 25k miles with the MKS. Fairly certain the PTU is beginning to whine after I replaced the missing fluid 😕. Sync is acting weird, Pandora doesn’t work properly anymore. Acquired some hail dings recently but nothing I’m gonna worry about. The MKS is really just a Mercury Sable, it doesn’t deserve a Lincoln badge. I see very few MKSs on the road, about the same number of MKTs, only slightly more Tauruses, and probably more Flexes than all the others combined. I like it’s uncommon-ness.
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  4. So, a lot has changed in a week or so. I wound up letting my Fusion go, even though, I had literally just customized it and made it something unique and very nice. I needed something larger and an elderly couple traded in a like new 2019 Flex SEL a few weeks back. They bought it new from our dealership and it had always been serviced by us. 26k miles, pretty hard loaded, one minor accident(coca cola truck grazed the passenger fender). I saw the damage before it was repaired. Put a new fender on it and it looks as new again. Otherwise, was a pristine example and in the right colors. I h
  5. I decided to do a little upgrade tonight on the Fusion. All the new Fords are coming with the iPad style screens. So, I had to go aftermarket to get one, but it uses the Ford APIM and AC circuit board so it retains all the factory options plus adds many many more like surfing the web/watching videos and is made to install and look like a factory piece. It was a little pricey, but it’s way better than the sync 3 system I had. I paid a little extra for a 3 year warranty so if it breaks or I break it, they will repair/replace it for 3 years. It responds quickly and the audio is just as crisp
  6. Well, I’ve received my tangerine and black interior kit. Here’s to hoping it looks good! It’ll probably be about two weeks before I can have them installed as we sub out our interiors. Also, tomorrow I’ll have a steeda intake kit coming to install. Today, my poor Fusion was hit with hail(up to slightly over quarter size). I have found two dents, but I’m sure there’s more. I’ll be lucky if I don’t find more. Really do not want to have to file an insurance claim.
  7. This week, I added a Steeda front strut tower brace and the Steeda 1” rear solid sway bar to my Fusion. It definitely feels like it handles much better at speed than it did. Slowly, but surely it’s coming along. My leather interior kit will be here in three weeks. I picked the final colors after I was sent samples. Tangerine body with black perforated inserts. I think it’ll be 🔥. Jeff
  8. Sounds like the camshaft synchronizer. Chirps at idle and low rpm, poor idle and occasional misfire. Buy the more expensive Motorcraft unit, or else you’ll waste your money buying another cheap one in 3 months.
  9. The plug from the head unit to the trunk plugs into one of the connectors plugged into the trunk radio unit. This is the output to the speakers. You need to disconnect the plug from the trunk radio unit and connect the new plug from the new head unit.
  10. Going to get this car out of the garage and drive it this spring (hopefully in time for the rod run in nearby Pigeon Forge). It needs a battery and I have to pull the carb and intake manifold as its been sitting for 10 years or so. Last person to drive it was my dad ~2008 and I started it the year he passed away (2010). I miss the sound of that 283, but not as much as I miss the person it reminds me of.
  11. I decided to upgrade my interior to leather. I normally have only owned cars with leather and I got such a good deal on this car with rebates that I just figured I’d update the seats. Normally I would choose something factory-like, but I’ve seen some of the new Rolls Royce cars with outrageous interiors and decided to try that on for size on my Fusion. I chose orange leather for the main body with a black perforated insert to tie it all back into the rest of the interior. I may have to have the door panel inserts done in orange too, just to make it cohesive, but I’ll decide that once the s
  12. Hi, There is a weird squeak eminating from the left side (opposite the Serpentine belt). I disappears after going above 1100 rpm. Also, the idle is rough during warmup and will even shut the engine off while stopped at a light. Once the engine is shut off the restarted, the squeak remains, but the rough idle disappears. Car has 100k miles (just rolled over). 2002 Mercury Sable Thank you in advance.
  13. I removed the Factory CD player from a junked 2002 Ford Taurus wagon, installing in a 2003 Ford Taurus wagon so I need the plug in wire harness from the RCU located behind the spare tire to the remote CD player.... ok got it! Thank You!
  14. The CD Changers in Fords required an extra harness. The harness plugged into the RCU. It'll look something like the attached photo (This is for a factory 6 disc CD Changer). 10 Disc would be more aftermarket. You may need to see if they provided the harness to go from the RCU (Rear Control Unit) to your CD Changer.
  15. Thank you sir! It really does set the car off some vs stock. I like having a car that is uniquely mine. We’ve been getting winter weather lately so unfortunately I’ve been driving it on the salty roads. We rarely get weather that requires salt. Last time was over 7 years ago. I’ll have to clean it up really well after all this moves out. Jeff
  16. I have 2003 ford Taurus wagon that I want to install the remote CD player in.. To my surprise when I looked in the access panel by where the cd player goes there was no factory installed wiring there for the player... I have a 10 cd Player and the Platter tray Is there a quick connect plug somewhere that I need to have a wiring harness for? or does a wiring harness have to go all the way back to the radio?
  17. That's a remarkably comprehensive explanation! I thank you sincerely for your post, Spridget!
  18. MAF values are usually between 0.1-5.0V. O2 values are usually 0.1-1.0V. On a scope, MAF graphed values will switch back and forth from low to high with increasing frequency as airflow increases. Upstream O2 values will also switch back and forth with regular frequency. Downstream O2 sensors should maintain a solid value. “Lazy” or old upstream O2 sensors may switch at a slower rate, but it’s fine as long as the values are consistent, switching the full range of voltages. Bad downstream sensors will show inconsistent readings.
  19. @ Thub - Yeah, anything “lifetime fill” is a bad idea. I hit a pothole a couple months ago. Bent a rim and immediately lost air pressure. Gave me a chance to weigh the stock chromies against the Vöxx wheels. OEM chrome 20” wheels weigh almost 15 lbs heavier EACH than the Vöxx 20” matte “titanium” wheels. Major difference that you can immediately feel in the driver's seat.
  20. Ford and those PTUs are a total disaster. Absolutely horrible design. Purposely designed to fail in my opinion. At least the older units on the 1st gen Escapes and other auto makers like the Mazda Cx5 have a drain plug on the PTU so you can change the fluid pretty easy.
  21. Last week I performed an oil change and serviced the PTU and rear differential. The car is currently at 58K miles. I wasn’t expecting the PTU fluid to be terrible, but guess what... it was. I believe the unit holds about a quart of fluid. I was lucky to suck out (no drain plug) about a table spoon of dark metallic paste. I was able to add half a quart of fresh fluid. I’m hoping that the new fluid will loosen up the sludge. I will drain and refill the PTU within a couple hundred miles, and repeat several times. Rear diff looked completely normal.
  22. My ‘96 SHO turns 25 this year which means it’s old enough that the State of Texas should finally disregard the issues with the title. I might finally get it legal! And it’s considered a “classic” vehicle that allows me to run special license plates.
  23. I decided to do a few upgrades to my Fusion. I upgraded the wheels to 18” TSW wheels with the factory size 235/45/18 Goodyear Eagle Touring tires. Then, I removed the front bumper cover and added the titanium grille, led fog lamps, and the chrome lower trim. I was able to figure out that my car was factory wired for fog lamps. Only thing is the instrument cluster indicator is not enabled, but otherwise they work fine. All I had to do was switch the master switch to a switch with fogs and purchase the appropriate bumper harness. I also took the time to install a dual horn set from a 2016
  24. '99 Mercury Sable Wagon 3.0L DOHC Duratec 24 valve Is there such a thing as a chart or listing showing min and max values for the Mass Air Flow sensor, and the O2 sensors? Thanks
  25. Ahhh... I'm a fool. I found the extended Ford PIDS in the Torque settings as you described. Thanks Sonic. Sadly, my '99 Mercury Sable hasn't the sensor to read the temperature of the transmission. Ford just didn't have a mature enough OBDII implementation in '99.
  26. I just bought an installation kit for my 99 Taurus and had my deck hooked up all in the front, but when it came to connecting the wires in the trunk it seemed like I had the incorrect terminal to connect to the box. It doesn’t fit in any of the three places except the one but it is a male end not a female end I guess, unless I’m missing something entirely. Can someone please help me!!!!
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