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  2. The Panther benefits from that truck power train, I would be more worried about simply overloading the car's GVWR and not having enough brakes or horrible handling with all that weight in the back. Luckily car dolly trailers don't have much tongue weight. Motorcraft also makes a cooling system iron remover...VC9 that is probably similar to that Thermocure. I used the Motorcraft VC1 cleaner in the SHO earlier this summer and it cleaned up the cooling system very nicely.
  3. This is more so What Did You Do To Your Friend's Car than mine, but it was plenty involved. This is all on the gray '99 Crown Victoria I've spoken of that I helped my friend get several months back. There's been two things that had gone somewhat un-repaired after getting the car as roadworthy as possible. That was the cooling system and the heater. Originally the cooling system smelled awful, looked like pond water, and the heater core had been bypassed for sometime. I've flushed the cooling system with water on no less than four separate occasions. I've never gotten it to stay clean
  4. Is your 2000 a OHV Vulcan or DOHC 24V Duratec? God help you if you have the single year produced 2000 Duratec.
  5. I’m confused by the diagnostic process here. Please elaborate. So you’ve started the engine. The engine is running and voltage is normal. With engine running at normal temp, you disconnect the battery terminal and engine dies. What voltage did you see at the battery before disconnecting the terminals with the engine at normal temp? Did the voltage decline as the engine warmed up? As Kodachrome describes above, I’ve also seen alternators that fail as they warm up.
  6. And finally had the windows tinted. 5% on the rear, 35% front, and 70% windshield. Makes a big difference with the Texas summer.
  7. The PTU exploded. No warning, driving down the highway. Heard a loud BANG rattle rattle from underneath the car. A moment later I began smelling gear oil burning on the exhaust. Stinky!! Thankfully, this was a CPO car and still under warranty. $100 deductible and the local Ford dealership replaced the PTU. I asked the service advisor what might have caused the unit to explode. I suspect they’ve seen more of these than he let on. He said there was no apparent reason. No help there, but the dealership had it repaired quickly. I have recorded a solid 5% improvement in my fuel mileage si
  8. Worked the '97 a fair bit yesterday. It was supposed to only move a light trailer, but my plans to move a vehicle fell through with more adequate equipment so... ...I moved my '86 D-150 40 miles one way with it. Kinda arduous working up and down the hills between Augusta and Waynesboro. I maxed around 50 MPH with it in tow as the rear tires on the truck were questionable at best and I wasn't going to push my luck. I planned on dragging the combo down into the building, however after walking in and opening the garage door, I realized there'd be no room to turn my car
  9. That is one gorgeous truck and I hope you resurrect it. Looks like it'd be a sweet ride once done.
  10. I ordered from 4D tech. Its expensive but otherwise you need to do all the programming yourself. You enter your vin, they send you the programmed unit and all the parts you need...bezels, wires, etc.
  11. I have a unique set of problems, and apparently saying no is one of them. Hello 1986 Dodge D150 Royal SE with 360 V8 Luckily I don't think I'll lose too much money (if any) if I try for a re-sell on this. Got it for $400 (within CVN Pricing) since the owners wanted $1000 and the scrap man offered $250. It's cheap because the transmission is in the bed. The skinny on this is the original owner gave the truck to his daughter and her husband about 11 years ago. The husband was driving it several years ago and so found it wasn't catching in drive and had issues engaging in low gear
  12. I actually came here looking for this -- I need to do a sync 3 conversion (I have the 4.2" display on my 2018 F150 XLT). Any suggestions on where to find the display and bezel?
  13. SHO got the leaky crank seal replaced and a new belt. Hopefully that solves the oil leaking issue.
  14. Ooooh, a manual in a Colony Park would be amazing! Sucks that the transmission is being a pain, but glad to see it still around ❤️
  15. In July, Nick helped me swap the tailgate out on the '87. Huge PITA job there getting everything lined up and working. Much of the electrical equipment from the damaged gate had to be swapped into this one since it had sat for so long. Once I got it home, I tried to address a weepy transmission pan that had appeared after I got the car back from the shop a few months ago. Fitted a new pan, gasket, and filter... and it had the gall to puke it out the bell housing while I was re-filling it. Holds fluid running, pukes it out when shut off. Considering what I'm going to check o
  16. I'm going to kindly say please don't go yanking battery cables off the battery with the car running. If you did get a voltage spike or some large flux, the battery acts a bit like a capacitor in that instance so you don't toast your electrical equipment. Plus, yanking the cable's isn't a guaranteed way to verify alternator integrity. If you yank the cable on my '87 wagon, it shuts down, but the alternator is fine. I'd hate for anything on your car to get damaged outside of the scope of what you're working on. Now, all things considered, I have dealt with failing alternators that di
  17. 1998 Sable wagon with 3.0 24v DOHC engine. Starts fine and shows around 14 volts at battery when warming up. Can disconnect positive cable at battery and still runs fine until reaching normal operating temperature. As soon as temp guage reaches normal, (middle of guage) engine dies as alternator apparently loses output. Since alternators are underneath and a pain to remove, was wondering if something may be signaling the alternator to shut down. ECU?? Anybody have ideas? Thaks
  18. Finding out that on these engines with the low compressions on only one cylinder it most likely is a valve & mostly an intake valve. My 2000 Ford Tarus is proof of this as 5 are hitting even compressions but the hardest one to get to is No.6 & that is the one on my car that is low & when I romp the pedal it makes that intake suction popping sound which is an intake valve. Runs & drives still but have to deal with it & car has 111,000 original miles on it & whole car looks newer still other than the clear coat is peeling off but all power options work well, air blows col
  19. Wanted black front floor console for column shift and drivers black carpet floor mat for 2003-2007 taurus/sable
  20. Power steering on my car failed while driving 65mph in highway traffic, in a construction zone. Took all the strength in my arms to turn into the parking lot at work. Once I had parked, I shut the car off and restarted, steering restored. Should be covered under warranty. But damn that was a little scary. The steering wheel jerked and then got super stiff. If I had been in the middle of a fast curve, especially when wet, game over. 72K miles.
  21. My 2000 Mercury Sable LS 3.0 OHV starts fine in the mornings and afternoons. I live about 10 miles from work. My issue is if I stop after driving for more than 20 or so minutes it will not start. I have tapped on the fuel pump. I have to hold the started for 10-15 seconds several times. When it does start after several attempts it runs fine. No codes are present. Fuel psi is good.
  22. I realized I haven’t posted here for a while, and didn’t update last September when I got this vehicle. The 2015 Mustang has been updated in several ways, including a Borla catback exhaust installed this month.
  23. The F150 had a blend door motor failure earlier this summer when we were on vacation in South Dakota, finally got around to replacing the motor/actuator. Also dropped the big bucks and upgraded to Sync 3 when I had it all apart. You can see the actuator tucked in there on top of the duct work, its a pain to remove that rear bolt holding it down. And this is the easy one of the 2 actuators to replace... Sync 3 is like a space ship compared to the old Sync 2. So much faster and actually responds when you tell it to do something...including just turning the radio on or off which Sy
  24. Fixed the leaking transmission pan gasket. New pan with drain plug, gasket, filter and 6 fresh quarts of Mercon V. Hopefully that keeps the trans happy.
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