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  1. Yesterday
  2. Will It Fit?

    I have hauled 4x8 sheets plywood and drywall. It only fits between the widest part of the opening so only a few sheets will go in. The hatch will not close. I use rope from the rack to the hitch and back to keep the hatch partly closed. But: there is a hardboard product that looks like 4' wide but it is a inch or so over. it will not go in. Best of luck with that.
  3. Gents, and Ladies ... My real question is this ... "Can I get a 4'x8' sheet in my 2000 Taurus Wagon" but I think I know better than to ask that. So, instead, I will cut the sheets in half and ask, "Can I get a 4' x 4' sheet into the back of my 2000 Taurus Wagon? The next option, cutting again to a 2' x 4' sheet is something I don't want to do, but I will if that is my only option. I would be very happy to get some 4'x4' sheets in there. Has anyone done that? Another question might be, "How do I get some 4'x8' sheets home from the store on top of the car? Is there a secret for lashing them down? Thanks much, John
  4. Last week
  5. As with any car I get, I want to know any use of oil or coolant. Been 1,200 miles since my oil/filter change. In my garage, cold, I check and note about 1/16" above the top dimple. I check along the way and see no change but at this miles I took the pic. Maybe down 1/16" so no future worries unless I see a drip under and since in the garage with cardboard under I should see that. Coolant was not to the full line when I bought the car last Jan, I topped it off. But failed to note if it was hot or cold. It is recovery tank and not pressure tank so I can add hot or cold. Now note, hot right on Full, cold down about 1/8th inch. Recovery tank can evaporate since no seal cap. And for this old coot, I fail to see the need for a pressure tank anyway. I have had several, never had a leak, but 2 caps fail, one full on dump of the tank. Buick uses the pressure cap right on a riser on the engine. Different concept for coolant pressure. When I got this from the Buick garage service, and home, the oil was way overfilled, maybe 5/8" over and a bit dark. I tried to drain out a Quart in a container but messed up and lost too much so I just changed it, and put in the spec 4.0 Q with filter. Oil change range decided by the car computer. History looks like ~4500 miles. My trips are short, average 13 miles per day, average speed ~25 mph. And as a side note: the wife decided she would not drive it any more. She is now out in the '03 Wagon for the first time. Buick as most newer sedans have poor visibility all around. When I switch to the wagon, easy to see the huge difference in visibility.
  6. Changed the heater hoses, radiator hoses, and thermostat out on the '97. I was working on borrowed time with 21 year old hoses and figured it would be wise to change them before age caught up. Topped the system off with G-05. Everything seems to work fine at operating temperature.
  7.  I think Photobucket did the right thing and fixed photo hosting again. So far they seem to be loading. I hope this stays because that was a terrible move for a car community such as ours. 

  8. My 2015 Mustang now has Sync 3 infotainment with embedded GPS navigation, Apple CarPlay compatibility, and numerous other added features the car didn’t have before including EATC and a functional drive mode selector switch (Normal, Sport +, Track, and Snow/Wet).
  9. The Official Dang Near Anything Thread

    https://www.dodge.com.mx/modelos/neon-2018/ Had no idea the Dodge Neon was brought back for Mexican Markets. Wow...
  10. Earlier
  11. So I did a rear brake job on my sisters car, 2014 Mazda CX-5. Rotors were trashed, lots of pulsing, very rusty, etc. Pretty straight forward and easy job. I take the passengers side rear caliper apart and find one slide pin is bent, and one is all full of brown goop and corroded. So I went to the Mazda dealer in hopes of finding OEM slide pins...I'll just say, don't waste your time with Mazda and their parts department, their only option was to buy a whole new caliper bracket for over $120, and apparently there are only 18 of those in the whole USA. So luckily O'Reilly had what I needed. Put it all back together and wow what a difference, that car has really snappy brakes when they are actually working. I'm not sure how many miles were on those brakes, there was lots of pad left but they were all chopped up and uneven. I read a few things online and I would have to agree with others that Mazda skimped on the brake lubricant from the factory. So I really loaded them up with the good Motorcraft silicone brake lube. New pads and rotors were Wagner TQ ceramic and Wagner Premium E-Coat. So hopefully no dust and no rust.
  12. There comes a time to let it go. Unsafe at any speed. -chart-
  13. CL, Old Taurus Folks. Body good, Roof Atrocious

    Oh damn, I’ve seen that car out driving around before. The Taurus looks awful with a landau top.
  14. The manual transmission Taurus Wagon everyone wants

    Rare bird, but rather worthless in that shape. Every panel has rust, the rear quarters have holes above the wheel arches, there's moss growing in the driver's foot well along with magical goop running down that kick panel. I'm sure the cancer runs deep through that car. Something tells me the floors aren't quite solid anymore either based on the rest of it. The engine might be the most valuable thing there, but then who needs a 2.5 HSC at this point? That engine was unique only to Taurus and Sable. Maybe a Tempo or Topaz could have one swapped in, but who's got one of those? Seeing that rear quarter panel reminded me of this gem: Personally I wouldn't give them more than $100 for that wagon. The amount of effort and money that would be required to get that thing right would be laughably high and the only real value is to an enthusiast with deep enough pockets or a lot of time.
  15. CL, Old Taurus Folks. Body good, Roof Atrocious

    Gets your demographic that never thought about buying anything lesser than a model with a landau roof, despite the fact dealers regularly whored up base models. When roaming about the junkyard, it's not uncommon to catch out 1992+ Panthers with those silly roofs (the boxy models came with factory landau roofs unless they were deleted by option). The big thing I've noticed is that most of them are GS models wearing those things, but labeled like "Presidential Package" or some other silly name. Great way to get more money out of a lesser car. Of course grandma and grandpa are none the wiser and it reminds them of all the other large cars that preceded the one they just got.
  16. Found this beauty that every Taurus/Sable owner will want in their driveway: https://utica.craigslist.org/cto/d/make-offer-rare-1987-taurus/6586056732.html Images archived here: https://imgur.com/a/sFVcjv2 For archive purposes the ad goes as followed: MAKE OFFER. This is a rare 5 speed manual transmission 2.5L Engine 1987 Taurus MT5 Station Wagon. Around 50,000 miles on a Ford dealer replacement rebuilt engine.One owner, purchased new. P/S. P/B. A/C. It had a power boost AM/FM/Cassette stereo front/rear sound system but the dash unit was removed for repair, speakers and cabling are still installed. Front bucket seats, mid split seat that drops for full "2 seater sports car" feel in a station wagon. This car rode nice, shifted smooth, and had 27mpg local and 33+ mpg on the highway. Low profile, took turns nice and tight. Wide sport wheels. Engine 2.5L Ford rebuilt replacement engine - this car had 6 year/unlimited miles warranty and suffered from the 2.5L 4-cylinder oil circulation issue that Ford had - never considered lemon law so the head gasket was replaced many times on the original engine until it could take it no more and Ford had to honor the warranty and replaced the engine at around 150,000 mile if I remember correctly. Now at a bit over 200,000 miles, but don't remember as there is a dead battery. So engine has around 50,000 miles on it. Was supposed to be a project car. Took it off the road at the beginning of winter years ago because of bad starter. Got the new starter and time to install it next season and the new starter was shorted. Got an exchange starter and never got the time to work on it. You can see by the pictures that rust has eaten it. Headlight acrylic is fogged and dirty but there is some fluid that clears old acrylic. Hood is left open because the latch was sticking due to age and didn't want it locked closed before repair. No doubt the CV boots are rotted. Front disc brakes and rear drum brakes. Rear drums are probably locked due to sitting awhile. Parked and never moved, so it is sunk in the ground. - !!!This car needs to be towed out!!! - The 5 speed was only offered for 2 years and discontinued. It can be adapted to auto transmissions by a knowledgeable mechanic.Good for a project car of your own or parting out for one you already have. I listed this as lowest rating "fair" but not salvage car, but obviously cannot be driven - yet. To filter out scammers, please respond with name, direct email, and phone# or your request may be ignored.Email through Craigslist with questions and/or your serious offer, and we can talk by phone.[/quote]
  17. https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/cto/d/1995-ford-taurus/6567254380.html Found this, low miles good body. My eyes hurt now. WHY do people do this? It's POO. But reversible.
  18. I put a hellcat spoiler on my Charger yesterday. Bought on eBay, but had a local body shop paint it for me. Total cost was about $125 including the purchase of the spoiler. I was very nervous drilling my brand new car, but it turned out really nice. Also, added a nod to the original Chargers by installing a modern Pentastar emblem on the right fender. Chrysler Did this to every Mopar product in the late 60s to mid 70s so I figured I throw one on, plus it has the pentastar engine so it's applicable. Just gotta get tint and the SRT8 wheels on it now. Jeff
  19. Panther bodies, racking up insane mileage since 1979.
  20. Finally got the car broke in. Now I need to go about another 12K and I'll have put 100K of my own driving on it.
  21. Front camber?

    Thank you all for the responses. I have replaced the LCA's (MEVOTECH "Supreme") and ball joints (Motorcraft) and did go to shop for an alignment. Nice contrast with the rusty subframe...
  22. Supercoupe is sold! :( Gonna miss it

    1. Brian_05_SEL


      Buy another Taurus! Or a Mustang. 

  23. There used to be a section titled, my other car. Could not find it. Thought I would update with a photo of my other Ford, a 2002 Ford Focus. This car won Best Focus Wagon in 2011 at the Carlisle Ford Nationals. Back then it "only" had SVT running gear (engine, 6-speed Getrag, all wheel disk brakes.) Since then have added SVT front bumper, SVT skirts, SVT interior and rear spoiler. Shown below is an updated photo of my "other" car: SVT-WGN.
  24. Done with Ford

    Wow I can't see why they wouldn't bring the Focus Active here. The Town and Country cost a little over $100 to fill the other day and gas is expected to go to around $2.00/L in BC. I couldn't imagine trying to run a pickup now.
  25. Done with Ford

    Normally I try to act mature and provide a reasoned explanation for my thoughts... After absorbing the initial shock, I thought "maybe if the Focus Active is a decent car I'll get that" (bargaining is one of the stages of grief lol), but after seeing this today: https://www.auto123.com/en/news/no-focus-active-canadian-market/64642/ All I can say is... Fuck Ford, Fuck Ford, Fuck Ford, Fuck Ford, Fuck Ford, Fuck Ford, Fuck Ford, Fuck Ford, Fuck Ford, Fuck Ford, Fuck Ford, Fuck Ford. I've totally had it now.
  26. The Official Dang Near Anything Thread

    I love old car commercials. This one being one of the most memorable making me yell "It's a Saturn!" as a youngin' every time I saw a Saturn.
  27. Electrical Issue, Please help.

    Well I cleaned up the grounds you mentioned and a few others. Now when I run the cars Eng Test Mode I get 4.3 - 4.5 volts even with the AC on MAX. When I turn on other items, radio, rear defroster, etc. the voltage stays above 4.2. So, I'm seeing a .2 to .3 increase with everything off and up to a .6 increase with items on. I'm going to stop and just drive it and see what happens. I will continue to run the tests. But would like to see if this was for sure this fix. I can't thank you guys enough for your help. Never had this type of problem and need the help.
  28. Gen 6 Taurus cyclone engine

    I would say close but no cigar. Unless you have means to alter the equipment, the ports look smaller on the Nissan and the bolts look spaced a bit closer.
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