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  2. I am working on my 1998 Sable wagon.The engine is a 3L 24 valve Durotech. Do you know what size socket the crankshaft pulley nut requires? I am replacing the alternator  and believe that removing the crankshaft pulley will allow the alternator room to slide free.

  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1996-1999-Ford-Taurus-Clear-Front-Side-Marker-Lights-PAIR/322115565914?fits=Year%3A1997|Model%3ATaurus|Make%3AFord&hash=item4aff95795a:g:FCYAAOSwGeBXP2f8:sc:USPSFirstClass!60148!US!-1
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  5. Check the 8th character of the VIN. If it's a U then you have the 3.0 OHV (pushrod) v6.
  6. Hi, Icm a new member & need a little help. I have a '95 Taurus & the starter just crapped out. I need to figure out what engine I have & cant seem to find all the details in the owners manual. I know it's the 3.0 & it's FFV, but beyond that I'm not sure. Any way I can figure out what I have so I can get the right starter?
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  8. Update ----- It ain't over till it's over. The Dorman Press Fit Union started to leak after a couple days. So back under the car for round two. This time I used the another Dorman product, a Fuel Line Compression Union. It is designed to be used with the Nylon Fuel line. Click here to see the Dorman Part - #800-145 I think because the line had a slight arc to it, that the Press Fit coupler couldn't seal fully. If it is used on a Straight run it would probably work. But in all honesty, after using the Compression Union, I think it is a better solution. It wasn't much more work and I have a very good feeling about the quality of the repair. I included a photo of the original Filter I removed so you can see what got me into this mess. It had clearly been neglected. The original fitting broke because it was rusted right onto the filter. It was really difficult to get off. If nothing else, this should encourage folks to replace the fuel filter on a regular basis to avoid this from happening. Especially in the Rust Belt.
  9. Heater core is probably plugged. Common issue with these cars.
  10. Kodachrome Wolf, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Problem fixed with two products - Both compliments of Dorman. Two important points, there is a rubber hose over the fuel line to protect against chaffing. Be sure to leave as much of it as you can on the line. 2nd is to make sure the 5/16" Fuel line is fully seated into the Fuel Line Union. My first attempt I failed to get it fully in and the fitting leaked heavily. Once I pushed it the rest of the way in, it sealed nicely and worked perfectly. It might be a good idea to put tape around the line to measure how far in it goes. It would give you a visual reference to see how far in you have pushed the fuel line. I would do that if I were doing it again. That would ensure proper seating into the fittings. Then just remove the tape once it is installed. https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/dorman-help-nylon-fuel-line-unions-5-16-in.-800-191/10191248-P?searchTerm=800-191 And https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/dorman-help-5-16-in.-quick-connector-90-degree-w-18-in.-of-5-16-in.-nylon-tube-and-a-union-800-051/16140062-P?searchTerm=800-051
  11. Dorman makes a nylon repair hose with those ends on them. Most parts stores carry it in the Help! section. The premise is you can either join the nylon hose together using the provided hose barb in the package and heating the nylon on the repair and vehicle with hot water until it sets (obviously difficult while under the car, but I'm not sure a open flame would be a good idea around fuel), or using a compression type fitting to join the lines together.
  12. We went to replace the fuel filter on our 2003 Sable and everything was so rusted that the line would not pull off the filter. Try as we did, the connector broke and now we need to replace. Has anyone else had to do this and what did you do to repair? Thanks for the Help.
  13. I have a 1997 Ford taurus Sw outside silver inside grey. for sale in Knoxville Tn for $950. It does run and drive. you can call or text Regards Mark
  14. Getting ready to do the oil change tomorrow in my 2001 Sable Wagon. Engine, transmission, A/C, heat keep on working on my daily commute of 1 hour each way. Love my car.

  15. My 04 sable has excellent a/c but the heat is non existent...could anyone help with this?
  16. I took the suspension out of the car to resell, eibachs arent found new anymore and the sway bars are rare too.
  17. Been awhile how’s everyone doing 😃

  18. I’ve seen your new fusion but Holy hell what happened to the sable that you had to strip it out and put it on a flat bed? Engine blow?
  19. This was a few days ago but I had to get a new driver door. :/ picked it up from a salvaged 2012 SS with the window and wiring. Edge of the door a bit chipped but I’ll get some touch up paint and cover that up with some door guards on my day off this week.
  20. I had to haul some demolition garbage to the county transfer station and had to run the truck and trailer I was towing across the scales. I was pulling a 2800lb tandem axle dump trailer and the empty trailer and truck combo weighed in at 9020 lbs with a 3/4 tank of gas. That means my F150 as I have it equipped wet tops 6200 lbs! I knew that generation of F150 was pretty hefty but damn, that a heavy half ton truck. This also means that my 7200 lb GVWR truck has a legal payload of almost exactly 1000lbs, not a lot of cargo when you really think about it. Now its easy to see how people easily overload their trucks when hauling their whole family, camper, and associated gear and other cargo.
  21. A little light part removal before sending shell to the graveyard.
  22. Just an update on my old 09 Sable. Saw it sitting in front of the Dollar General today on my way home from work. Stopped quickly and snapped a pic or two. She's looking pretty rough these days. One of my friends reported that when they saw it last, the engine had an audible knock while idling. I feel bad for the car. I wish I'd have kept it now. Jeff
  23. Swapped the fuel pump out in the '97. Old one was starting to slowly go, resulting in extended cranking periods to get it to start or the occasional stumble start until it finally got up enough pressure. Starts easily now.
  24. Just had all the fluids changed out. Brake fluid is where it should be. Parking brake is released fully. The brake light comes on intermittently when the ABS light comes on. It will stay on for 15-20 mins, sometimes then it goes off. Other times it stays on. When I'm back from vacation will haul it back to the shop. Ka-ching !
  25. Red light is either parking brake not fully released or low brake fluid. I know on the V8 SHO's the low fluid sensor is a lying piece of junk. Do a visual on the fluid level and look for puddles under the car before driving off in it after the red light activates, please.
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