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  1. Yesterday
  2. Volvo wheels on a sable
  3. I have. I'll post a picture of it tomorrow. Paint matches perfectly. I'll have to wash the car. It's all dusty and polleny now. Jeff
  4. Happy Birthday present for you Zach! wow that's yummy sounding - aged naner
  5. You do need a 5.0 Fox.
  6. I don't even know if its about the gains anymore. I don't think there's actually any to be had with the boat motor of a vulcan. But I couldn't let these parts go away, they were gonna get tossed in the bin if I didn't pick them up. The one set is brand new and never even been run. And if this doesn't work, im sure they will be fine collecting dust on my shelf until a 351W or a 302 rolls into my life as im sure it will eventually. They are the same parts after all
  7. I like those rounders They really make the car look a lot better. Now you better burn off whats left of the old tires with multiple neutral drops
  8. Hmm don't know that the gains are worth the risk...but interesting non the less. Hope it works out.
  9. Took the old radio out of the '87 along with the radio bezel. The clip mount broke, so I need to glue that back on. Fun with 30 year old plastics... I have another Pioneer head unit that was laying about that will be going in. I will need to get the connector out of the '97. Hopefully I can wire the replacement in without too much frustration given the kuality wiring job done some time well before Nick or I ever got the car. Maybe I'll find the clipped wires for the door speakers later on and get that 6-speaker setup working again. For now, I'll live with the two dash and two rear cargo area speakers. Also decided to take out this old lunchbox that was under the pop up rear seats. The mistake was opening said lunch box and finding what was once upon a time banana. It was some tiny, shriveled up, blackened object with a Chiquita sticker on it and it smelled terrible. It promptly was hurled into the trash can.
  10. Welp, it happened
  11. Last week
  12. I'll take that red G3 on the bottom...Make it a convertible.
  13. :popcorn:
  14. Bumblefuckery... excellent word ! Might have to use is now and then.
  15. Those Volvo wheels turned out great. With the SVT center caps, you would think those were newer Ford wheels. Maybe it might be worth undercoating the car to protect your replacement patches.
  16. Sounds like a lot of the old builds on CVN. Go to see something that sounds cool and the page is rendered generally useless. Just going based on the text only gets you so far. I feel your pain there. They're either reliable or bitchy. Hopefully it'll act nicely once you're done.
  17. Oh and I got some rear disc parts in stock and on order. Can't wait to frisbee the old drums across the yard when I have everything.
  18. Tab modded when i changed out my bad inner tie rods. Air hammering the passenger side spindle back up into place lead to it cracking and breaking. Along with tearing the CV axle boot making me need to replace it. Got a "new" spindle and replaced it. "New" spindle got the few month old timken hub and a new moog ball joint i had in stock. Took me less than 24 hours to do the job. Also soft modded the new spindle to let the strut slid up and down in the spindle easier. Will more than likely do the same to the driver's side when i replace that side's ball joint. BTW, there's no dust shield for the rotor on the passenger side. Didn't survive the removal of the new spindle's OG hub Got a chance to take care of some little things when that stuff broke. I'm happy its all fixed now. Car was slammed when it broke lol. I loved how low it was hahaha
  19. Bumper be like, OOOOOOoooh Hell knawl I'm staying here!!!!
  20. After much bumblefuckery around on the OTHER site, I believe these to be the "Fredness" kit. The dude who ran stuffforyourranger and rogueperformance websites for the rangers. Most of the info is over 10 years old, and all of the links are broken and all of the pictures are missing. "Build a taurus they said, it'll be fun they said" Sent from my Pocket Potato
  21. You can get a complete long block at the junkyard for like $300. And I'm not worried, pushrod engines are pretty hard to fuck up Sent from my Pocket Potato
  22. I was fortunate to not hit any bad weather going home. But a lot of people were driving hell bent for leather to get home before the storm hit. Got home at 4, snow started at 9.
  23. Poor Rex. Gone to the great Taurus afterlife. Rex served you well all these years.
  24. Just remember this one thing from my experience trying to install roller rocker arms on a Vulcan... $938. Know that there are at least 938 good reasons to take your time and assemble those heads properly.
  25. I hit rain just past Atlanta and pretty much rained all the way home from there....except in Tupelo. I managed to find a break in the rain and took the opportunity to see where Elvis was born. Then got back on the highway bound for Memphis.
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