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  3. After several tanks of 87 octane without issue, I switched to 91 and uploaded the 91 performance tune. 1000 miles on 87 I recorded 22.8mpg (includes some light towing and idling). Definitely an improvement in acceleration. Torque comes on earlier and remains flat to a higher redline. Shifts are deliberate without being overly firm. Sport mode is very quick. I never got the opportunity to gauge the performance next to another car 😒. Fuel mileage remained essentially the same, averaging 23.4mpg over roughly 1500 miles. I have returned to the 87 tune for now. I got a package from H&R. 🤫 I was sitting behind an EcoBoost F-150 at a stop light which sounded nearly identical to the MKS, only slightly more “boom” from the shotgun exhaust tips. 😄
  4. The horn warning sounds like alarm related, like a hood plunger not going down all the way. That was a problem with the Gen 3 SHO's (96-99) so maybe your car has a similar switch? Battery drain - Does the dome lamp interior light stay on after closing the doors? Other than that, the GEM module - once again in the SHO model - has caused a bunch of really weird phenomenon in my experiences. It is on the back of the interior fuse panel in the SHO's. Your mileage may vary.
  5. Hey all. I have TRIED profusely to try and get an answer y searching the web for these issues. Replaced the temp sensor and the gauge sensor. No difference. Checked the orange fuses, I do not see a break on the orange fuses. Replaced the CCRM (which has the lower speed relay and upper speed relay) from the junk yard and my car was worse off so I switched it back. Supposedly an electrician said that the fans do seem to be turning on @ 105''c, so does that mean the lower speed relay is working? The car overheats, not by much, but enough to smell Radiator Fluid and see small streams coming from the cap of the reservoir. I filled it up once since I bought it a month ago and its not like its spewing all of it out as the fluid in the reservoir is slightly above the max line still. The needle hangs above mid line, between 20 and 25 MPH mark on the speedometer. The fans do eventually kick it and bring it slightly below mid point but it then goes back up. If I turn on the AC the needle on the temp gauge goes all the way down. This is because the fans are on. If I want to use this car I HAVE to constantly turn on the AC to cool the car down to way below mid point otherwise it will hover above mid point and eventually you will smell the radiator fluid. You also feel the heat coming into the cabin through the vents. I thought about replacing the low speed relay with another 12v 40m relay but I suck at soldering! The other issue, while not as serious, sort of annoying as I have to disconnect the battery every time I turn off the car for an extended time like overnight. When I turn the car off and remove the key, the car BEEPS BEEPS BEEPS continuously as if I still had the key on the ignition. Even though the keys are NOT in the ignition, I can still turn on the radio, lower or raise the windows, use the 12v port etc. This started happening 2 weeks after I bought it. Other than this the car runs GREAT. No major complaints, it has 140k on it and I recently replaced the rear suspension/struts. I am hoping you guys can help me out!
  6. I have a 2004 Mercury sable and I’m having problems with the ac. It seems like it works when it wants to. Sometimes when I get it the car and start it the ac condenser kicks on and other times it won’t. Any ideas? When it kicks on the ac is super cold.. so it’s holding a charge. I’ve replaced the relay and it didn’t help any.
  7. Kevin, Donation made. It should be enough for another year. Let me know if it came through okay.
  8. Misfire on 1-5. You have 3 coils in the pack. 1 & 5 share the same coil. Highly likely bad coil, one coil or connection. Fix what is wrong first, then look for other issues. -chart-
  9. Usually when I think of a weird, loping idle, I'd start looking at the idle air control valve being dirty or sticking, along with a throttle position sensor being out of range. Another thought could be the EGR valve sticking open at idle. That'll also cause the engine to run poorly since it should really be only doing its thing at cruise.
  10. I just checked the sparks on the coil and they all look strong.
  11. I have a 2000 Taurus (OHV). Description of the Problem: When the gear is in park, the car bounces up and down and the RPM fluctuates between 600-1200 and sometimes revs to 2200. When I press on the gas, the bouncing and fluctuation is not noticeable The exhaust muffler and tailpipe makes popping sounds (no smoke visible). The computer gives a P03101 and P0305 fault codes (cylinder 1 and 5 misfire). The OBD readings are attached. Maintenance history: March 2014 - Replaced the camshaft synchronizer December 2018 - Replaced spark plugs and wires (did NOT replace coil) March 2019 - Replaced water pump, radiator, and transmission fluid The car is 5000k miles overdue for an oil change. Any suggestions on where to begin?
  12. Could flip it for some cash... Or keep coming back to wagons.
  13. Hello! Do you have the digital climate control? If so, it could be your sunload sensor on your dash.
  14. So replaced headlight switch as auto lamps aren't working for the headlights. Parking lights come on though? Do I need to replace the sensor in the dash?AC system was fully redone. But, at times I have to bump the radio/dash and the compressor kicks on dont know what this does or why it works. For some reason my system doesn't like to stay on. Been like that since I bought the car. Happens mostly on really hot days. System works mostly when it's cooler out. Replaces the radio thinking there was a climate control issue. Any thoughts on this? Appreciate the help.
  15. Recipe for LED puddle lamps You’ll need: • 30-31mm LED festoon bulbs • small pry tool, small knife, etc • clear silicone sealant After removing the puddle lamps from the mirrors, bake the lamps at 200°F for 10-15 minutes. Carefully remove from the oven and gently pry the clear plastic lens from the black plastic housing. Remove the lamp and replace with the LED bulb. Test the lamps for correct polarity prior to sealing the lens. Use a small amount of silicone sealant around the rim of the lens to secure it in place. Repeat for the other side.
  16. Installed the SHO Performance Package from Unleashed Tuning. I’ve worked with Torrie in the past, which is why I chose him over Livernois. Installation was fairly simple. Plug swap is surprisingly easy on the EcoBoost (compared to a Duratec or 3.4L SHO). Thermostat was also straight forward. MAP sensor swap takes 15 seconds. The reprogramming process takes a few minutes using the X4 device. I’m currently running an 87 octane tune. First impressions: throttle is remapped for better response. Shifts are about the same, maybe slightly quicker/firmer. Redline is slightly higher. Overall improvement in driving experience, but no change to fuel economy. I’ll update after I try the 93 octane tune. Oh, and too bad I didn’t have the X4 prior to hacking the hole at the intake snorkel or I could have provided before and after results, however, the X4 reports intake temps at around 5°F above ambient.
  17. Good thing it’s so far away. I’d be all over that 😅
  18. Chicago area. Just posted today. Somebody jump on this. 42k needs some skilled hands but for only $750.00 ? ! ! ! https://chicago.craigslist.org/nch/pts/d/gurnee-1998-ford-taurus-wagon-42k/7122240084.html 1998 Taurus wagon 42k original miles. Clean interior. New heater core and radio. Needs a fuel pump, 2 ball joints and an oil pan gasket. I have the parts. Parts or whole. Call with needs. Might trade
  19. It sounds like a loose wire at the ICP. Pull the ICP and check integrity of the connectors and the wires in the connectors
  20. Every G-4 of mine had the autolamp fail. The sensor in the center of the defrost panel is the failed part. That is 4 vehicles that had that fail. Fairly easy to replace. For what it worth, the sun load sensor also quits but you will likely not notice, it will just not adjust to sun or shade. -chart-
  21. Well. Changing the switch didn't fix anything just a waste of money. The auto headlights still won't turn on. Something else is wrong. If anyone needs a headlighr switch I have one.
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