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  2. Finding out that on these engines with the low compressions on only one cylinder it most likely is a valve & mostly an intake valve. My 2000 Ford Tarus is proof of this as 5 are hitting even compressions but the hardest one to get to is No.6 & that is the one on my car that is low & when I romp the pedal it makes that intake suction popping sound which is an intake valve. Runs & drives still but have to deal with it & car has 111,000 original miles on it & whole car looks newer still other than the clear coat is peeling off but all power options work well, air blows col
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  4. Wanted black front floor console for column shift and drivers black carpet floor mat for 2003-2007 taurus/sable
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  6. Power steering on my car failed while driving 65mph in highway traffic, in a construction zone. Took all the strength in my arms to turn into the parking lot at work. Once I had parked, I shut the car off and restarted, steering restored. Should be covered under warranty. But damn that was a little scary. The steering wheel jerked and then got super stiff. If I had been in the middle of a fast curve, especially when wet, game over. 72K miles.
  7. My 2000 Mercury Sable LS 3.0 OHV starts fine in the mornings and afternoons. I live about 10 miles from work. My issue is if I stop after driving for more than 20 or so minutes it will not start. I have tapped on the fuel pump. I have to hold the started for 10-15 seconds several times. When it does start after several attempts it runs fine. No codes are present. Fuel psi is good.
  8. I realized I haven’t posted here for a while, and didn’t update last September when I got this vehicle. The 2015 Mustang has been updated in several ways, including a Borla catback exhaust installed this month.
  9. The F150 had a blend door motor failure earlier this summer when we were on vacation in South Dakota, finally got around to replacing the motor/actuator. Also dropped the big bucks and upgraded to Sync 3 when I had it all apart. You can see the actuator tucked in there on top of the duct work, its a pain to remove that rear bolt holding it down. And this is the easy one of the 2 actuators to replace... Sync 3 is like a space ship compared to the old Sync 2. So much faster and actually responds when you tell it to do something...including just turning the radio on or off which Sy
  10. Fixed the leaking transmission pan gasket. New pan with drain plug, gasket, filter and 6 fresh quarts of Mercon V. Hopefully that keeps the trans happy.
  11. Wipers and the backwards dashboard. Japan makes sense, Ford must have sent some over so Yamaha could enjoy the finished product. They probably thought it was a joke. Isn't Japan one of the few places in the world were the US automakers don't even bother to compete?
  12. Wow. That was faster than I would have expected. Yeah - Funny. The wipers are on backwards...? I think it started life in Japan and found its way to New Zealand. Super rare. Word in the day when we paid attention to stuff like this was they only made a handful in early 1996 and the world total was something like 91 cars for export only. I wanna say the Japanese nickname for them was 'Whales'.
  13. Nice RHD Eric. Aussie Spec car?? That has gotta be a rare car.
  14. Its back on the road! Had a few bumps to get it there but with patience and some expert advice and help from Eric the car is up and running great. Full tune up and intake cleaning, new coolant hoses and complete flush and refill with MC gold or G05, new PS reservoir, new water pump, and new IMRC box. Some slight modifications to the emissions system too...Purrs like a kitten.
  15. Yeah yeah - Another V8 SHO in Eric's driveway. Never seen THAT before. 🙄 When you see it, your head will explode. 🚢
  16. Haven't been on here in forever. How's everyone been? Still driving my '14 Fiesta, now just shy of 91,000 miles. The little 1.0L Ecoboost still pulls strong and gets 40 mpg with ease. Recently replaced the blend door actuator for the fresh air/cabin air control. The internal contacts on the old one failed which meant that the computer had no idea what position the door was in and would run a default reset every time I started the car. Pop pop pop pop pop...... yeah it was very annoying. I've also found youtube to be a bad influence as it has gotten me into collecting vintage air condition
  17. Sounds like its slipping under acceleration if it starting to neutral out on you. Hows the fluid level and how does it look/smell?
  18. I have a 4th gen 07 sel. When driving it i can't go over 2200rpm-3000rpms. Otherwise its like I go in to nutral. Happens in all gears. Not sure if the whole tranny is junk or if its the torque converter. Please helllllp
  19. My 2005 Taurus SEL has a 6 disc CD player and it has been showing “CDE2” on the radio display. Does anyone know what this means? It still functions, but what I notice is if it is on CD 1 Track 5 and I turn the car off the next time I turn it on the car will display CDE2 on the radio and change to the next Disc (in this case it will change to Disc 2). Even if it is on Disc 2 it will change it to Disc 3 . It will do this even if I change it from CD to radio and then back to the CD. I did open the 6 Disc CD player to clean it because it would skip when playing a CD at times. It hasn’t done that
  20. Buddy of mine got a '99 Crown Victoria a few weeks ago. Of course, it was in desperate need of attention. Showed some signs of sitting, signs of neglect, and signs of age. Great combo! It was not safe to make it to Washington County from where we got it in Richmond County (~90 mile trip), so instead it managed ~30 miles back to my place. Tires and shocks were ultimately trash (amongst so much else). I told my buddy to drive my car while I drove the '99. At about 25 MPH, it wanted to show me it had no desire to keep traction on a damp on-ramp. Wiper motor wa
  21. Check most of the rubber stuff. Currently going through a car that sat for at least a year or two. Many of the bushings are showing signs of age or are seriously deteriorated. Also, as funny as it sounds, check idler/tensioner pulleys. Those really don't like sitting either apparently. I wound up with a squeaky accessory drive after about an hour of run time on this particular vehicle, and after taking off the belt, the pulleys were very worn and sounded like maracas if you shook them. Nice to hear a SHO is coming back! Definitely an uncommon bird these days. Keep us posted a
  22. I serviced the 6f50 trans on my Flex last weekend. This weekend I swapped it to the new Motorcraft Yellow coolant from the Orange Dexcool. Ford says this yellow coolant dramatically increases water pump longevity in the 3.5/3.7 engines. Only time will tell, but for $30 and a few hours of time I feel like it was worth it. Currently at 27654 miles. I don’t regret my purchase at all. Now I know why the folks who have them, keep them. Jeff
  23. Nevermind I see the problem now that I took off the access panel under the steering wheel. The throttle wire did break off the top off the pedal. It's going to be a pain to replace it as I'm a big dude and the driver seat is stuck and won't move. If anybody has any tips on how to get a good position to get access to the top of the pedal area, I would be greatful.
  24. Recently purchased a 92 SHO from a guy who had it in his barn for 5 years... got her running, and back home. besides the obvious stuff (oil,brake fluid, coolant, Power steering fluid) what else is common to go bad from sitting around too long? planned maintenance Fluids Clutch/TO bearing/pilot bearing flywheel fuel filter air filter
  25. How many cables are there? I only see one thick cable attached to the accelerator pedal and it's not broken from what I can see.
  26. I had a throttle cable lose the end piece on the end under the gas pedal. Same symptoms. Get a look down under the pedal and see if something is out of sorts on that end.
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