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  2. Sounds like it's time to pass the torch to someone else.... I've cut back my car collection over the past few years....both my 54 Caddy and 55 Caddy hearse have found new homes. The sale of the 54 allowed me to pay off the mortgage on my home and purchase some things I had been saving for. I miss that car, but it was the right time to get out. Jeff
  3. Nope, there is a separate Check Engine light, and it was burnt out. I ordered a few bulbs to replace the smaller burnt out bulbs, but this is what it looks like now: I find it cool that Honda put some lights above for a nice glow above: (This was bench tested, not installed in car) But the weirdest part, these look like Ford Part Numbers: Doing a quick search for a Ford cluster, I was right: Same style and everything
  4. I believe the ‘Maintenance Required’ light is the MIL, but it’s been a while since we’ve had our Odyssey, so I’m not 100% sure.
  5. This weekend, after basically sitting dormant for the past 5 months, I got a warranty replacement battery in the Sable and got it roadworthy again. It was briefly used at the end of June to transport a new 36”x80” storm door kit home from the store, but otherwise I have not driven this car since February 28th.
  6. Last week
  7. I got a project car! For my brother in law though, he bought this off his brother in law for dirt cheap, needs work, and I told him I could do it. 1998 Honda Accord, 3.0L V6, pretty damn rough, but has plenty of potential! Got into a small accident awhile back, thus they decided to just get rid of it. It's all purely cosmetic, so I might either try to straighten it out, or just find an Accord from a junkyard and fix it up. Owner had it for over 10 years before he sold it to my brother in law who needs a cheap car for commuting to and from school. Things this piece of shit needs: Timing Belt Clunking noise from CV Halfshaft when turning, so one of them sounds bad Full tuneup One of the valve covers appears to be leaking oil Maintenance Required light is on, I think for Hondas that just means it needed an oil change? This will be the first Honda I truly get my hands dirty on. Seems only 1 or 2 light bulbs remain in the instrument cluster at night, and can barely read the speedometer And possibly more, but the above should make it reliable. When I got it, the HVAC controls had no knobs, so yesterday, was at the yard and grabbed them. I am trying to minimize the amounts of times I start this car since I have no idea how old the timing belt is, but I decided to see if AC worked since it had an accident. HVAC panel was dead, only the blower worked. Apparently a common failure on Hondas, even had a coworker at Comcast who had a 2006 Civic, and his A/C button did nothing, betting similar problem. First fix on the HVAC Controller was to run a new wire: That brought it to life, but it was now flaky, and lights would flash, so I looked the board over for a good while, flexed it, noticed it worked, so I began touching up main solder points, eventually found the solder between some of the resistors on the front of the board were bad, after I resoldered those: The offending issue was a zener diode on the front, next to that open hole where the light bulb would go (R5 Resistor and the ZD1) After touching those up, the panel was reliable, I smacked it around a bit, still worked no issue. All cleaned up and ready to reinstall now. Funny how complicated a manual HVAC system is... Why manufacturers made these so complicated is beyond me. This thing has two rear plugs: the panel, then the blower motor. Makes me appreciate the Taurus's manual HVAC, very simple, 3 separate knobs for 3 separate controls, nothing fancy with them. I found a few spare of those stupid light bulbs lying around, so I was able to fix the illumination with that, but now I need to find a light bulb for the blower speed control, looks like the same one the Gen1/2 Taurus used for small illumination. This is also why I decided to fix it, this asshole wants too much for a nasty ass worn out panel: https://www.ebay.com/itm/98-99-00-01-02-Honda-Accord-HVAC-Climate-Control-AC-Heater-Panel-OEM/283037462212 seems faded too. Then for a "cleaner" one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/98-99-00-01-02-Honda-Accord-Manual-Climate-Control-AC-Heater-HVAC-OEM-AA/292639907181 Yeah, just saved $65-70 by just fixing this one, and now it hopefully will be more reliable than the others that seem to fail too.
  8. TaurusKev

    Network error with Tapatalk

    I will look into it. Thanks!
  9. Is anyone else having issues logging in with Tapatalk and viewing threads?
  10. thesavo

    2003 part out

    It's been four years and I have yet to replace the transaxle in my 2003 spruce green metallic clearcoat SES. I don't have current pictures. The vehicle is located at a friend's house. It has been started every couple of weeks to keep the engine up. The AXOD trans is shot. The fluid pump explode inside. The Vulcan engine is probably still good. It's a 2003 with 135,000 miles. I'll be headed over to the car in a few weeks to take some pictures. There was very little body rust when I last saw it. I have service records on request. It has sat outside for over four years. Before the trans failed, I had replaced the ball joints, tie rods brakes, front wheel bearings, parking brake cable and tires. The struts/springs were also less then a year old too. It's an SES, however I added the following. Keypad Autolamps footwell lights Continental shifter ignition lock shroud deleted updated coolant cap "security" flasher enabled on sunload sensor added extra light fixtures to trunk, and a cut off switch for loading replaced coolant bottle with one from a 2004. replace stabilizer bar bushings. Used clamp from a Gen 3. Extra parts that didn't get to be installed. Gen 4.5 tails for amber turn mod + associated wires Woodgrain radio trim Gen 4 Wagon Liftgate release Extra headlamp switches More parts to be added as I find them. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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  12. Well the a/c in the Fiesty is a bit colder now that I've added maybe half the can of refrigerant. It actually cools down in the sun, it just takes a while. I might add some more at some point but now that the heat has passed I no longer have a pressing need. Also, the rad fan is very, VERY loud when on high. I can hear it inside over the noise of the blower running at max!
  13. ShelbyRacer78

    24V Trans removal question

    what about the convertor bolts?
  14. Probably double that noise because I doubt the Fusion has 2 - 15 or 16 inch fans.
  15. I can never leave well enough alone with any of my cars. So, as such, I ordered rear Bilstein B6 shocks for my Charger and next week I'll order the set for the front. The rear already arrived and I'll be installing those in the morning. These are supposed to be a handling upgrade over stock, but for use with OEM springs. We shall see if my boat feels any different. Also, had the car in for its first official service at just over 3200 miles. I actually changed the factory fill about 3 weeks after I bought it. I let Glen Sain Ford service it using my supplied oil and filter(Valvoline Synpower 5w20 and Wix filter). Cost me $12 to let them do it and as a bonus it goes on the Carfax. That's really why I let them do it was for the Carfax record. Local Dodge dealer charges $49 for a semi synthetic oil change(not too sure what barrel they get their oil from). This one cost me $52 bucks all in with a good name brand synthetic oil so I'm not too upset. Also, I let a Ford garage do it because I have a really good relationship with them and they have top notch customer service. I dropped my car off on my way to work and when it was done they asked me if I wanted it delivered to my home or work. I declined and picked it up, but that says something about their commitment to customers. I may just keep paying them the $12. Saves my back and rolling around on the ground. Jeff
  16. The fans on my Fusion are crazy loud too at idle but A/C works great.
  17. Toro Loco

    24V Trans removal question

    Update: I did find that I had missed a bolt at the back of the engine down low. Unfortunately, this has not resolved my issue as the trans still will not separate from the engine. I have counted nine bolts at the bellhousing side, and three bolts and a nut on the passenger side. Can anyone tell me if this is correct? Thanks!
  18. Replaced the door speakers in the '87. Now all six speakers work and sound quality is much better. Also made up a weather barrier for the driver's door on it since the original was long gone (original stuff looks like a brown paper back with a thin rubberized coating on the back). Used some heavy plastic sheet and just cut it to cover where it should and taped it in place. Then I moved on to opening up the engine bay a little bit by using the 1990 Town Car specific air intake, fan shroud, and washer bottle. Before (not the best angle, old pic): After: Cleaned up the angry spaghetti to make it a little less angry. Not sure if the relays will remain there, but my relocation options are limited since the washer tank now lives where they use to. In the OE configuration, the coolant overflow tank and washer tank are a combo unit mounted where the air cleaner lives now. That leaves a space where the relays are normally mounted. Obviously this change moves stuff around. The '90-'91 LTD CVs and GMQs get a more modern relay/vacuum configuration that is seen in the '92-'02 Panthers. While it's possible to swap in that newer style vacuum box and relay holder vs the coffee can and tower o' relays, I'm not sure if I want to do that right now.
  19. Hello all! I have the dreaded no movement in any gear issue. I have the engine supported, sub frame removed, and the trans unbolted from the engine. (I think) I have 3 bolts and one nut on the passenger side removed, and 7 bolts on the drivers side removed. The issue is the trans does not want to separate from the engine. Did I miss a bolt or am I not trying hard enough? Thanks!!
  20. lambertini

    Rear Passenger Window Leak

    Thanks for the help. The seal at the bottom of the door had stuck over the drain. Stuck my finger under it, water drained out. Waiting to see if problem re-occurs, and if I need to get further to clean it.
  21. The F150s A/C is kinda fussy like that. Its kinda lame and struggles to produce cold air when its just sitting still or driving slow but when your at cruising speed on the highway the A/C blows ice cold. Its almost obnoxious how loud the high speed cooling fan is on the F150 too, I don't understand how a fan that big roaring that fast can't move enough air over that huge opening but I guess it doesn't quite cut it.
  22. Doesn't matter if I'm in stop and go traffic or doing 75 on the highway. The air never gets beyond a mediocre cool. If I run the engine at higher rpm's for a minute or two it gets colder but still not as cold as it should imo. The Taurus at least would get cold after driving on the highway for a few minutes. The Fiesta just doesn't seem to want to cool.
  23. My friend had an 06 Fusion with AC that acted up. Sometimes it worked good sometimes not. Turned out she had a bad evaporator core temp sensor. It finally played out and the AC stopped working all together. It was reading -41 degree temperatures even in 100 degree heat. I took her dash mostly out and replaced it. It has been great ever since. During that process I couldn't believe how dumb a design it was. They could have made this thing accessible through the glovebox, but no!! Jeff
  24. When you have your A/C on, does it help if you give it a little gas when in the sun? Some cars I notice have crappy A/C's until they move more air. I am tempted to try something on my Pontiac since its A/C is a bit weak in the heat, whereas my Mitsubishi, it doesn't seem to discriminate, it gets cold no matter what, but it seems to have a good radiator fan that moves a lot of air.
  25. I like it. Gives it some added class imo. Now about my Fiesty..... Just like my last Taurus the Fiesta a/c doesn't get cold. It gets cool but cannot bring the temperature down more than a couple degrees as long as the car is in the sun. Just like the Taurus I have to put it in the shade for 10 minutes so that the interior cools off. As soon as I go back into the sun it starts to warm up again. Anyone else can leave their car baking in the sun all day, we can go for a ride and within a couple minutes the air from the vents is ice cold and the interior cools down nicely. Can my cars do that? NoooooOOOOOOooooooo..... Of course, the a/c system charge is not covered under my CPO warranty, only the physical a/c parts. And you know Ford would want $$$ just to pull my car into their garage. So I grabbed one of those stupid recharge kits from Wally World and put some in the system. Now I just have to wait until tomorrow to see if it helps at all...... And we're in the middle of a serious heatwave too.
  26. Some of you may not like this addition, but I decided to add the retro charger badging to my Charger. It's placed roughly the same area it would've been on the early 70s cars. I'm not 100% sure that I'm keeping it, but I do think it looks alright on there. What do y'all think? Don't mind my dirty car. I did clean the area where these were applied.
  27. Local JY ~5 miles. Went for the splash shield for the Alt on DOHC '03. Number of plastic stuff missing on used car, Pepboys seemed to have tossed any plastic when they worked on this for previous owner. Anyway while going down the row, I spotted these. Lugs were not over tight and 7/32 tread. Alloys very good. Balance weights 0.5 on each side. No dry rot. $30 per, tax included. With 2 '03's all will now have the 5 spoke and the 7 spoke will be gone. And this: pressure check at home, #55 on the first one and pegged my 0-60 gage on the other. Less accurate 0-100 shows #70. Just a peak at how the rest of owner live. -chart-
  28. TaurusKev

    Rust-Free 2000 Ford Taurus Wagon (Graphite Blue)

    Better be a Panther or B-Body Station Wagon!
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