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  2. Well we're pretty sure the damn oil pump on the TnC. It will be close to 1000 bux to get fixed even with my wifes discount. It wouldn't be bad if I just got the parts through them but I just don't have time to it myself. Looks like the ol Taurus is getting revived to pick up the slack again as usual.
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  4. Taurus Steering Wheels

    Email me [email protected] if interested
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  6. Taurus Steering Wheels

    $25 each. All in great condition. Part number picture corresponds to wheel.
  7. 1989 Ford Thunderbird Supercoupe

    It’s weird, the video link you included would only reopen this exact TSOC post. Here it is in case anybody else has the same problem. Bump!
  8. 1989 Ford Thunderbird Supercoupe

    Hey all, I thought I posted a for sale, I was wrong, just gonna copy everything from TCCoA Hey everyone, Due to financial constraints, I need to get rid of one of my birds. The one that was my grandmother's, that has to stay with me, I can't see myself selling that, but the fun and exciting SC, I need to sell. This SC has 130k miles, it drives amazingly well with its 5 Speed manual transmission. The previous owner had put on the Cervini's fiberglass hood, had the supercharger rebuilt, lowered it, put a custom exhaust on it, had some ignition components replaced, belt tensioners replaced, motor mounts replaced at one point in time. The things I had done to it in my ownership: New Alternator (2016) New rear calipers, parking brake cables (All 3 pieces, the handbrake cable, and 2 cables going to right and left rear caliper) (2016) Repaired electric seatbelt for driver side (2015) Fresh oil change as of 6/1/2017 at 130k miles 5 Quarts Motorcraft and Motorcraft Oil filter Replaced power driver seat base (2017 - This came from a 1997 Mercury Cougar from a junkyard, it functions beautifully still) A/C System - Replaced O Rings for compressor as old ones were leaking. Fully recharged with R-134A And runs nice and cold (2016) Replaced camshaft position sensor (2015) Rebuilt Ignition Control module (2015) Mirror Switch (2017) It does have a Kenwood CD, AM, FM, and Auxiliary input stereo in 50x4. Just a basic head unit. It does not drip any oil anywhere. Carpet is in good shape, seats are ok, typical wear for an 89 leather seat. It does have some rust for being an 89, rockers probably have it the worst, but still solid. Undercarriage is pretty clean with minor rust here and there. Strut towers are good and solid. Front tires are good, the rear tires need replacing. I did make a video highlighting the car for those interested: Additional pictures can be viewed here: http://imgur.com/a/flusO Make a fair offer and it is yours! I am located in Streamwood, Illinois.
  9. My check once every couple years and when starting out with a used vehicle. I punch a hole in the end of the filter and let it drain out. Cut it off with snips. Look for what settles there. Also cut out a section of the filter and dip it in mineral spirits and put it between paper towel sections to remove the liquid oil. I look at it under 30X magnification and look for what is in the inlet side of the media. Prefer to see no shiny things there. I will guess this one at ~150K when this was done. 169K now and still purring. Engine will outlast the body by ~2X. Just did the Buick Lucerne I bought and it looks cleaner than this filter. -chart-
  10. I changed out the factory fill oil in the Charger today. It had a week and 320 miles on it. When drained, it had the fine metallic debris you expect from a brand new engine during break in and I didn't want the circulate all of that for 3-6 months. I went back with a Mopar oil filter MO-349 and 5w20 Quaker State Advanced Durability conventional oil. It is one of only a few that had the proper Chrysler spec printed on the packaging and I want to adhere to the guidelines set by Dodge. I'll likely run this for 1500-2000 miles and then change it again. I change my oil often so I may stick with conventional on this car. Even though I work for a parts house, I purchased everything at Walmart because it saved me over $10.00 on the exact products I bought. Ten bucks is ten bucks. Jeff
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  12. There are a few stragglers yet, lol.
  13. Third Bull is still doing well. (Knock on wood). At 124K miles I'm hoping to get a bit more life out of it. Major tuneup coming up so we'll see if anything shows up.
  14. On Sunday I ripped out the '87's single diaphragm booster. It was on it's way out giving me an awkwardly stiff pedal and constantly hissing when depressed. Ratty, rusty thing: I really don't know who was in charge of harness routing on these cars, but they routed three major harnesses, two important vacuum lines (cruise and reservoir), and the cruise control cable across the booster. Vacuum lines are easy since they just pull apart. The cruise control module unplugs and can be swung out of the way. The harnesses, not so much. It takes some unique maneuvering to get those where you want it. And to top it off, the booster can't be pulled straight out because the wiper motor is in the way. You got to pull it forwards as much as possible, then take the right hand side and pull that forwards and keep turning it, angling it, and turning it until it slides out from all the harnesses. Getting the bolts out under the dash were less annoying than the physical removal. Anyway, the replacement booster resolves all of those issues. It's one spec'd for a '92 Panther, but it's better all around. It's half the diameter, but a dual diaphragm setup. It offers greater effort than the original one. Even though it sticks out a bit further, it easily just slips in between the harnesses and such. If you look above the main harness that goes over the booster, you can see where the plastic cowling has a rounded edge where the old booster would have fit into. The brake pedal feels so much better now and gives a more confident feeling when slowing down. Anyway, that's crossed off the to-do list. Still need to get the exhaust system finished up. Duals are in place, but over the axle pipes need to be welded up along with some appropriate hangers. It also is awaiting a top end refresh since it's believed to have a burned valve on cylinder one (the exhaust will suck in paper when held a 1/2" away). I'm recording 10 PSI on that cylinder and it runs with a dead miss. But, since the heads are coming off, there's no sense in not giving it a small power bump. Another 302 around here that's getting it's own top end refresh will be donating some parts along to fix another 302. Once that's all said and done, maybe I'll start driving it again. I've been very limited when I take it out since I don't like driving on seven cylinders and it's absolutely killing the gas mileage. I've driven it so little the last time I put gas in was January, and it was finally low enough to fill up on Sunday.
  15. Nice Charger Jeff, of all the FCA vehicles I think the Charger is one of the best. Too bad the Fusion did pan out for you, its a decent car but I really don't fully put all my faith in that 1.5/1.6L platform. It has reached the point where everyone has pretty much said goodbye to the Gen 4 cars. I would have kept mine longer, it was running great, it was just at the point where I would have driven it into the ground and let it rot out. If things had panned out a little different in my life I probably would have kept that Forester and drove it until it blew up (the head gaskets would have gone again or the timing belt). Really I was driving that thing around 300 miles a week and it was reliable. I really like the F150 though, its super comfortable, powerful as hell, and drives down the road effortlessly. I just wish it was a little better on fuel.
  16. Recently, my new car got some cosmetic and functional upgrades. New wheels and tires, a spare tire/tool kit to replace the inflator mobility kit that comes standard, LED interior and reverse lamp bulbs, door latch striker dampers, and hood lift struts. And I stopped by so another TSOC member who recently bought a car could see it too.
  17. Did my first mod to the Fiesta today. LED license plate bulbs. Looks a lot better compared to the incandescent lights that were in there.
  18. Seeing rust and expecting the worst. I treated the inside of the wheel well Fall of 2016. Drilled holes in the inner fender and used a wand on tube and coated all inside. Today took the Dremel and sanding drum and knocked off the paint and it is rusting from the outside. No hole. Paint cracked, likely from when the tree fell on it in 2011. I sanded out to clean metal and used a file folder with a hole cut in it as a shield and primed it. Hope to do more when weather warms up. The rusty rocker to dogleg was rusted and treated back in '16 but nothing for cosmetics. Two winters in the north country as a daily driver takes a toll. 15 year old car. 169K miles. It is a survivor. Bought as repro, totaled by tree fall, patched up and it keeps on ticking. -chart-
  19. DTC P0740

    Until I shut the car off...
  20. DTC P0740

    Wonder if the solenoid is faulty or there's some communication issue. I'm wondering what the internal parameters are for it to set the code. How long does it blink at you?
  21. A code 12 I see is a loss of voltage, I would check with Fuse 24 under the dash for the RCM. If you have a multimeter, the easiest way to check a fuse is with Key on, test for 12 Volts on both sides of the fuse by probing the top of the fuse on the metal part and test all fuses for a complete circuit.
  22. DTC P0740

    Flashed at me on saturday. TC unlocking and locking as it should be, even when the light is flashing in the cluster.
  23. Does anyone have any troubleshooting tips for a code 12? I have heard it's due to a loss of voltage, but can't find any Gen 4 SRS wiring diagrams or SRS air bag fuse info. My fathers 2002 Taurus has had this code blinking for years. Thanks for any ideas
  24. "many" but not all. My 2 '03 Sables will hopefully be reliable for several more years. Just starting on my '11 Lucerne and it is nice. -chart-
  25. DTC P0740

    I did a pan drop with fluid change and it's still happening randomly.
  26. DTC P0740

    Weird. I’d try some fresh fluid and see if anything changes.
  27. Yeah, I think it’s reached that point where 2007 and older Tauruses and Sables are no longer the most reliable or cost effective choice of transportation for many of us.
  28. DTC P0740

    The thing is... The convertor is still locking and unlocking as it should be! Even when the transaxle light is flashing at me!!
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