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  2. To my knowledge, it was already converted to R-134 before I purchased it.
  3. I dont know anymore When the dash began to act up it erased its memory. If i had to guess, its probably sitting around 61K By the way. Do you know if this ever was changed over to R-134? Planning on taking this for a week when we vacation on Lake Michigan and we have a friend that can recharge AC. Would be nice to have AC in this again!
  4. Perhaps trailing off topic a bit... Im not sure what I am going to do myself if I ever have to replace my current driver. Hopefully the old sedans hang on for many years. I absolutely hate any of the SUV or crossover type vehicles. I find them difficult to see out of, i dislike not being able to "feel" the road, I don't need to sit high up, and for the most part I dislike the styling. One of the greatest things I love about my Marquis is the no nonsense of it in an era of everything electronic. Simple controls, no screens, no need to touch the brake and press a button to turn it on, no goofy sensors opening doors and the like. My parents got into a small business recently of selling "totaled" vehicles....they all pretty much had minimal damage and low mileage but the insurance companies just find it cheaper and easier to total the vehicle. Some cars being less than 2 years old had so many "sensor" issues that ate up customers time basically because dealerships simply couldn't find the issue, or would correct it only to have it come back shortly after. Anyways.... I know many think the first gen Taurus and Sables to be a pretty cool vehicle....especially when you learn of their backstory and how they totally changed the game. Alas, most find them ugly (the Sable in particular) and just scratch their head as to why anyone is even hanging on to one. Most of the time I just keep my interest in them quiet. I had a lot of strange looks when I entered the parade this year....in all reality it was mainly to advertise the business but I figured the Sable would be more interesting than another Marquis which are still dime a dozen around here. And to add to the actual topic....I could care less myself if this site was funded by advertising if need be. Still plenty of info that should be kept around and if the admin is happening to make profit from it, i guess i could care less. It allows me to freely use the site and the person running it actually has incentive to keep it going.
  5. Iā€™m pretty sure this was your car... https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwi/cto/d/portage-1989-thunderbird-supercharged/6936337991.html
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  7. Car is having pains of guilt for never paying me for the rear springs?
  8. Ok. Excellent idea. I'm still finding my way around here. Thanks.
  9. I agree about sticking to the same name, i.e. Camry. I've said so fir years, too. I do, however prefer a wagon to a higher sitting vehicle. My Sable wagon is low enough that it's not going to flip upside down in the middle of the road the way I've seen "SUVs." I don't need a ladder to get my kayaks on & off the roof / kayak racks. My wife loves driving it, too. So we found a 2nd wagon, the '03 Taurus. It's a smooth ride, the engine & transmission seem strong, but the heater isn't working correctly. I hope to fix that soon. I'd hate to see the Taurus eliminated. It was #1 from 92 - 96, wasn't it?
  10. I Rebuilt my alternator personally on my Buick Roadmaster, it's working, but the lights flicker when I am driving. Of course, I don't suspect a ground issue as I did replace my ground wires, but I do need to go over the whole car's wiring system one day. The auto parts store tester said it was a good alternator. Kinda wish I just splurged and bought a whole new alternator for it now. However, rebuild shops have better tools, better test equipment, and better knowledge than the crap testers they have at the auto parts stores. Those machines, I know AutoZone and O'Reillys has them, are pure junk.
  11. Perhaps starting a new thread in maintenance and repair, but it does sound like either 1. You might have air still in the system, or 2. You have a plugged heater core. Heater cores are a bit of a problem with the Tauruses.
  12. Yeah, it is sad, because even then, I think with the Taurus moving from a regular sedan to that massive boat didn't help the Taurus nameplate. The Taurus was an affordable, reliable, and safe car. Not too big, not too small. Then the Gen 5/6... Was a bit large, but lacking the space that people of today wanted in a large vehicle, did no favors to the Taurus nameplate. There was a reason people quit buying Crown Victorias, it's a big car, but considered small. At that point, people went to the SUV market as is true of our police officers today. I see more Explorer Police Interceptors than anything. The space is nicer for a large vehicle. Sadly, what should have been the Taurus (The Fusion) also will be dying off soon as cars aren't desirable anymore. I am kind of guilty of it too. My favorite vehicle to drive is my Mitsubishi Endeavor because it IS higher up, it has tons of space, and also has the best air conditioner. I honestly cannot see myself getting anything that does not have a tailgate. The Taurus wagon was perfect, but, nobody wants station wagons. Maybe with the Taurus and Fusion both being discontinued... Down the road Ford might reintroduce the Taurus as a proper midsize platform. However, I think the Taurus nameplate will just end up like the Chevy Lumina - Long gone and one day forgotten. I am sure that any Lumina enthusiasts who wanted to see the Lumina come back have stopped. I give credit to the Japanese for being consistent with their naming schemes as I am one who likes things with history behind the name.
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  14. I had the coolant flushed & changed in the 03 Taurus wagon. Vulcan 3.0 V6. It still starts out blowing warm air, but cools off in 60 seconds in heater mode. New thermostat, too. Does this sound like it needs a heater core replacement? Thanks!
  15. Update as of 2019. Our original intent to have the entire car painted is dead. I ended up purchasing a 1990 with no dents or rust and that is the perfect candidate for complete overhaul. Scarlet is, of course, still running the roads. Last year I took her on a nice long trip into the upper peninsula to Ontonagon, MI. About an 8 hour drive and it was smooth sailing the entire trip for 2 weeks. Was nice to have it out and about. This last year I revamped the basket wheels and had to repaint the bumper and trim. Too much had begun to flake off and was down to bare plastic. So, with the new refreshed look she made her way through the 4th of July parade!
  16. I check in quite rarely....mostly because it seems the first gen followers are all but dried up pretty much everywhere I go. Im still an avid follower (even picked up another one last year) but it seems like fewer and fewer are interested.
  17. I had my 91 Taurus alternator rebuilt by a local repair shop years ago. They made it better than the refurbished auto parts store, didn't have a core charge, and were very reasonable on price. If you have a place that rewinds electric motors & alternators, that may be your best course. It was for me.
  18. OHV. Got it. It seems to leak a little oil. I read that it'll still run, so I will look into gaskets or something to see if it's a fairly easy fix. šŸš—
  19. Welcome!!! I am glad you found this place! If you have the DOHC, it's a Duratec, if you have a 3.0L and the valve cover says OHV, it's a Vulcan. There were no single overhead cams in any of the Tauruses.
  20. Aw man, I completely forgot about doing the Gen 3/4 antenna. However, it's very similar to the Gen 1/2. It sounds like your cable has snapped somewhere, and once it gets passed a certain point, it can't push it further, or pull it. You can try using ebay to find a power antenna mast, but make sure it doesn't say it is compatible with a ton of other vehicles, if it is, it probably won't fit. (If it starts saying, Fits: Nissan, Isuzu, Chevrolet, Toyota, Saab) It probably won't work.
  21. I never knew this forum was here. My first Taurus was a 91. It had about 194k miles & was 30 mpg on the hwy with the 3.0 V6. The transmission was rebuilt at 97k miles, but made the car drive like new again. I sold it in 2001. I found a 2002 Sable wagon with the 3.0 DOHC V6. I'm still not sure whether this is what they call the Vulcan or not. This car was $2500, but is reliable & worth $25k. I found a 2003 Taurus wagon this week. It's got the other 3.0 V6 OHC (Vulcan?). It's also got a couple of problems I want to fix. The power antenna, key fob (which I got working by cleaning out some moisture), and the heat turns cold quickly when I turn the knob to heat. I'm thinking clogged heater core. Glad to find this. Thanks for being here.
  22. I picked up a 2003 Taurus wagon, but the power antenna only works part way. I can make it go up & down the rest with help by hand. I think the mast is stopping at the 2nd smallest diameter section. Below that it won't grab. Any tips about whether it's more likely gears or mast that need replacing? Thanks! Tim.
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  24. Seems to be working perfectly now, thanks!
  25. Try it again, should be fixed. Appears that Centennial Members did not have access to view the forums for that, but they had access to the actual forum itself, creating some weird issue that I tested and appears to be resolved now.
  26. Ah I love Ford Tech Makuloco's videos, even though I don't own any other Fords other than my T-Bird anymore, he has a great delivery and content method. Him, others like him like South Main Auto Repair, they do a fantastic job, but even then, I just prefer the environment of a forum for discussing automotive stuff and general stuff. Can you PM or screenshot the error for me?
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