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  3. Couple years ago the thermostat piping failed on me when the port for the return line broke off. I replaced it back then with the Dorman part..... 40/10 DO NOT RECOMMEND. (you'll see soon enough) I finally got my hands on the proper motorcraft unit which included a new thermostat housing. Also had a chance today to replace said unit. Here's the pics from the job. Wonderful new Motorcraft unit. POS dorman removed Motorcraft installed went and got some worm gear hose clamps to replace the grenade spring clamps. This is why you shouldn't cheap out on part. I really tried to take the dorman out in one piece.... That didn't happen... All the plastic turned brittle, the hoses were able to be torn apart by hand and the return line snapped off as soon as I touched it. And of course, you all know i keep the car looking good... Might, could have a super rare mod coming in the mail soon for the car....
  4. Hyundai doesn’t use belt drive CVTs. That’s from a Honda...
  5. Sure you didn't pull a transmission out of a lawn tractor or a Hyundai Accent?
  6. could have piped it into the intake and had a supercharger!!
  7. Weight savings, yo. If you don't know what that was, it was a completely useless smog pump with Thermactor valves. There's no cats on the wagon, so there's no air lines, and nothing for the pump to do, if the pump was actually functional. Nick gutted it some time ago so it was more so a really big idler pulley. I just wanted the hoses in the way gone. They make it more difficult to get at the spark plugs and the pump itself gets in the way of the manual belt tensioner. It's a lot easier getting at the bolts to tighten them on that tensioner now.
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  9. I think out of all the cars I've owned. The Buick's concert sound is my favorite.

  10. Wondering if anyone is interested in the 96 Taurus JBL RCU that I have left over from the SHO. It still worked when I pulled it out but output seemed to be way down. Shoot me a PM.
  11. They're 14-16 year old rims? Tbh they look good for the age, and with a little work can be made to look like brand spanking new if I wanted. Sadly, the 95 Taurus will be going away very soon. So it won't get the opportunity for this.
  12. Love is parking next to another B Body I would love to take their hood
  13. And also lest us not forget Sean had them for several years. The last time I checked he was a bonafide resident of Michigan. Now everybody leave me alone I'm going to do a 0 to 60 in my 4 cylinder mustang and will obviously need at least a full week to hit 60. Somebody hand me my driving gloves
  14. Lest us not forget Brian is perfect so obviously it is my fault.
  15. Those rims were a little chewed up, not bad though. They were good 10 foot wheels, any closer and you could see the blemishes. I had them on the 2002 for a few months before passing them onto Brian. The nice "Ford" center caps went on the Centennial rims that Nick had on the SHO, and made those rims look really good. Speaking of rims, I did sent take my set of SHO Chrommies to the scrap yard. Dropped them off at Alter Metal in Green Bay and got 59 cents a pound, at 77lbs it was a quick $45 in my pocket. Watched them drop them into a big bin of other raw aluminum. I was impressed at the amount of material that they process through that place, it was a non stop line of trucks coming over the scale loaded with scrap. It wasn't really much of a loss, they were in rough shape, leaked air, peeling coating really bad, and one of them was bent. The old Yokohama tires I was able to pawn off onto a used tire store for the price of dismounting them.
  16. The cars were just as rusted in your state as Dave’s...
  17. That’s probably why the clearcoat on them looked so pitted before they got to Illinois. Pennsylvania roads.
  18. Now that I know those were Dave's rims. Gonna have to take care of em!!
  19. Seriously did not plan that one!
  20. Damn, I had forgotten how many times they have changed hands.
  21. Sad part is, I always wanted those to throw those on my 05... And now they're on a car that is a ticking timebomb.
  22. I think those rims have had over 10 owners now.
  23. Yep! Originally they were to go on the 95 Wagon after I did its conversion, but it too suffers from the brown rust
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