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  2. Hello Everyone, I have a 2004 Ford Taurus SES with DOHC engine and would like to know if the Starter is: Located underneath the battery compartment? If not, where is it located? Can it be accessible fully from the top for replacement? At this point I just would like to reach to the power lines to examine if they are ok. I have seen a couple of clips and one accessed it from the bottom and one from the fender. Can you post any correct clip that does not involve unbolting from the frame? Thank you in advance.
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  4. most common is the gas cap itself
  5. WITH CURRENT FINANCES! TSOC will only be available for one more month. After that, we can't pay for hosting and the service will cease to exist. 

    1. Brian_05_SEL


      It has been a good run, I suppose. 

    2. Brian_05_SEL


      How much $ is hosting for another 6-12 months? 

    3. TaurusKev


      Hosting for a month is roughly $6. So $36 to $72. Our domain is good until June 2023. That's just $12/year. 

  6. Large EVAP leak code. Any common failure areas to check?
  7. In the past few months I sold the 2002 Jeep Liberty to a private party buyer whose kid needed a first car, traded in the gray 2015 Mustang coupe for a 2016 Explorer Limited, and still have the red 2015 Mustang convertible I bought last summer.
  8. With the parking brake warning light in the far right hand side of the dash cluster and somewhat blocked by the gear shift handle, I sometimes (sometimes more than sometimes) forget to release the parking brake. I would like to modify the wiring so that the chime that sounds when the door is not shut also sounds when the parking brake is set. I am comfortable making minor to mid-range repairs and mods. The closest thing I could find on YouTube is how to do something like this on a Kubota tractor. Can someone point me in the right direction about how to do this on a 1999 Ford Taurus SE? Thank
  9. Kinda makes me think perhaps a relay is failing. The other thing I can think of, if you restart the car after opening/closing the door, sometimes wires go bad in the door jam harness. These are getting older.
  10. 2004 SEL, Vulcan. Start the car, none of the power windows work, restart the car and they all start working normally. This happened yesterday, and also about 5 months ago. Any ideas why?
  11. I agree, since the domain is valid for a bit longer, maybe redirecting it to the official Discord if donations don't pour in. That is awesome to know, I started setting up one for TSOC. If anyone wants to start joining, I created a link here, https://discord.gg/VaDtU2M2kY If you wanna help out, I'd appreciate any help. Sadly, without investing tons of money to try to get TSOC to outrank TCCA, which means more money, more donations, this place won't go too far. It's always been a nice little community though.
  12. Been working on everything over the last few weeks... Pulled the carpet out of the D-150 and patched up the floor. I've got a whole A/C system ready for install since none of the old R-12 equipment plays with the aftermarket replacement parts. Had the QuadraJet rebuilt by a co-worker. If I can get the interior buttoned up soon, it'll be time to get the mechanical bits fixed and see about getting a TorqueFlite working again. Marquis needed the front brakes replaced. Old pads wore unevenly despite no sticking slide pins or other caliper trouble. Cut the rotors and tossed in a
  13. So Discord ain't bad since you can offer real time information to people rather quickly. I presently help moderate CrownVic.Net's Discord server. It's definitely different than being on the forums, but I guess the issue here is presence. CVN has been around for over 20 years as a Panther forum and I know as despicable as TCCA is now after they got bought out, they still manage to catch more folks than we do. I dunno what presence they have on a more mobile platform, but there might be a good spot for folks needing some information for the platform right now if no one is filling that vo
  14. I would check fuses and also even pressure.
  15. Hi everyone. So, when I was made admin, I had more time on my hands, I could take care of the forum, fixed a lot of issues. But, like all things, life is always in my way. With that said, I apologize for downtime. Our host doesn't have auto bill, but it is because our forum has always run on donations and we pay with Paypal to them. With that said, in our account, we have $2.90 left. That will not pay for another month of hosting. I will pay for a few more months out of my pocket, but if we don't see donations, I am sad to say we will have to say goodbye to TSOC. I don
  16. Hello.. I have no power at my ac relay, or the low pressure switch. Any help....
  17. 1-3 should be on the firewall side, 4-6 should be on the radiator support side. "Front" of the engine faces towards the passenger side.
  18. Hi Guys ... I have a 2000 Taurus Wagon with the DOC 3.0L 16V engine, vin code "S", and I am trying to determine which cylinder is No.4. Are the cylinders numbered in the same order as the firing sequence? Could I then say that the odd numbered cylinders are nearest the firewall and the even numbered cylinders are nearest the radiator, with 3 and 4 in the middle? Thanks John
  19. Some of you may know, but I bought a vanity plate from Arkansas for my truck. It took a while to get, but finally got it! Truck Norris is official! Also, I decided to do a projector headlamp conversion on it as well. After buying some OE style DEPO CAPA headlamp units, I purchased a conversion harness that was supposed to make them work. It didn’t. After more research I reached out to retroshop.us to inquire about their harness. They assured me that it would make my lamps function as factory so I dropped the $160 for their harness. It indeed worked! Now, I have factory projector lamps
  20. Station wagon came home earlier this month. Also came back with the TorqueFlite for the Dodge. I decided today would be a good day to get started working on various tasks the truck needs and just happened to run into several roadblocks, but nothing I can't mitigate. So I need to drop the HVAC box out from the dash. It was damaged by crackheads working on the truck years ago since they tried cutting a hole in the floor and instead set the carpet and dash on fire over a select bit. Well, it seems the windshield gasket covers several screws that must be removed to properly get the HVAC
  21. I have a 2000 Sable with 24-valve and AX4N transmission. The valve body separator plates are "03" and "92". From info online, the "03" is correct for 2000 Sable with 24-valve and AX4N but I can't find any confirmation about the "92". Does anyone have more info? Photos attached.
  22. Nancy is back in full granny car guise, I swapped her sneakers for her original dress shoes and we went to a doctors appointment. Been having a noise from the rear end for a while, but I usually keep the volume turned up and ignore it. Her health insurance expires at 100k and she’s currently at 94k. The dealer found a failing left rear hub bearing. Nancy got a hip replacement. I had the coolant replaced while she was under. Paid the deductible and she’s back on the road. Sneakers need some new tread, so she’ll be wearing the chromies on newer Michelins for a little while. Gas mileage drops 1-2
  23. Still rollin' in my Fiesta. 104,xxx on the odo now. Just had the thermostat assembly replaced as it was weeping coolant for the last few months. Prior to that I replaced the coolant bottle and the coolant hose from the turbo to the bottle. The flex pipe is broken for the second time.... ugh. I really want a second vehicle, specifically a truck. I want to do some work around the house that will require hauling stuff so a pickup would really come in handy. But with the truck market the way it is right now there is no way I can afford something even half decent, even if it's 30 years old.
  24. I can not seem to find anything that will give me the location of the keyless entry antenna on my 2010 Taurus Limited. I suspect that is where my key fob troubles are.
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