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  2. Please tell me the back window rolls down.
  3. I had my mechanic check all of Third Bull's hoses last summer, and I think this is one that he replaced. I know there was a fair share of polite grumbling about how back assward the assembly was in the Duratec. I'd rather listen to his grumbling and have a new hose installed than end up somewhere on 81, miles from civilization with Third Bull smoking.
  4. Yesterday
  5. I might have tried that, but that hose's plastics were so brittle, that yeah, I did put a Dorman one on as that was only one available. Sadly also expensive. Does have 101k miles on it. But still could have been avoided with a traditional cooling system design.
  6. Jesús Gonzales, that stupid Duratec hose setup makes no logical sense. I won't lie, I helped someone with a broken one many months ago, just not as bad as that. The main portion wasn't busted, but that little return line that comes off the top did and they were losing coolant. A small straight plastic heater fitting with barbed ends that I had fit snugly in the hole where it broke. A little PlasticWeld and a little time, it set hard. Ran some new coolant hose to it, no problems AFAIK. Not recommended personally, but something tells me that fix would outlast the part given how they fail. IIRC, the replacement thing is like $120 and most auto parts stores usually stock the Dorman one, which I've heard hasn't held up well for some people in terms of longevity.
  7. The Sable had to be towed home today. My wife calls me up saying the car is smoking. I ask how badly and didn't seem like fire smoke, so I told her to relax, maybe oil on the car, and I went and saw. I noticed radiator fluid everywhere however on the transmission. Get it home, fill it with some water as the tank was empty I notice right away it's seeping out the top of this stupid hose (Rant coming up) This damn hose just kept disintegrating each time I touched it. It broke from the upper radiator hose connector, the top, and connecting to the engine block. This is the stupidest fucking design I have ever seen for a radiator hose. I am tired of people saying parts for an import generally cost more, when yet I don't really see imports with this multi-hose. What was wrong with a thermostat housing on the engine block? And a single hose connecting to the engine? Fucking $120 part. I think I replaced all my Endeavor's hoses for much less! Either way, I am a broke college student, and my work sucks so badly they cut my hours as I am on a contract, and allegedly they didn't approve more hours. So money is tight, holidays suck, and just pissed away money on a new hose + a bottle of radiator fluid. And of course, both PCV hoses all disintegrated as well lol. I felt anything I touched on this car just fell apart under the hood. And just hit 101k miles. Plan is to find me a stick shift econo-box (Geo Metro, Civic, Accent, Corolla/Prism, something that'll do 30+ Mpg easily) and give the wife the gas guzzling Mitsubishi, and then try and sell her car. But for now, it's fixed enough to be reliable for a bit more. The rust isn't critical yet. Also, if you're in Chicago, Redmon's Towing was awesome with towing the Sable, granted it was all done through my insurance's Roadside assistance, but they were polite and courteous.
  8. Congrats on the 4Runner! Looks like an awesome truck!
  9. So my parents 2006 Ford Escape had a catastrophic failure of the subframe and body due to rust, so I decided to go with them car shopping for a replacement at Carmax. I learned something, I am honestly truly impressed with the Toyota Camry. Words I thought I would never say in my life. Why? Everything under the hood looked very straight forward to service. Alternator, battery, tuneup, belt, hoses, A/C, etc. It was all in easy to access areas. Then you get inside, and it's actually made for tall people front and back. With my back, I don't need to compress my spine to get into the back of it, and I appreciated that about the car. Seeing as the Sable is getting up there in rust, a Toyota might join the consideration list of prospective vehicles... I feel I am growing up massively. Oh and my parents settled on a 2015 Ford Fusion, it is a nice car, but to me the serviceability doesn't seem as friendly as the Camry, however it isn't my car to service
  10. Last week
  11. Who told you to look at the 4Runners again ;). I havent been in one of the newer generation trucks but its a solid vehicle, its got the right amount of tech but also old school back bone with the 4.0L V6 and 5 speed trans. You'll have that for a long time. There is pretty good aftermarket for the 4Runners too, first thing I would do if you plan to go off road is get a set of 17 or 18 inch rims with some meatier tires and sell the 20s. And speaking of 4 Low, we had our first really good snow on Wednesday, I measured a solid 9 inches in our yard. I was reasonably impressed with the F150s performance in 4 wheel drive on the open roads, I had to turn traction control off though, it just messed things up and fought against me plus the damn ABS pump or whatever limits engine power under the hood makes so much noise. The truck is essentially useless in 2wd even with the rear diff locked and extra weight, but put it in 4 wheel drive and it pulls through anything. So after getting onto some unplowed back roads with curves and hills I wanted to see what it could really do and dropped it in 4low with the rear differential locked. Wow is all I have to say, the Ecoboost is a pure beast in 4low, your going 15mph with the engine turning 2500rpm or so and if you even tap the throttle its just solid torque and your thrown back. I let the truck shift on its own but I was surprised it didn't hunt for gears, it looked like Ford actually programed the 6R80 to stay in a low gear and hold the revs high, the fastest I went was right around 20mph and it stayed in 3rd gear holding revs right around 2800rpm. The little off road truck app changes too, the rear diff shows a big "X" for locked and the transfer case lights up purple instead of green, on top of 4 other warning/information lights that come on. Which may have been a bit over the top. I was also really happy I bought a truck with the 4x4 automatic mode, I have been running in that mode since Wednesday since a lot of roads are still slick with packed snow, its just that 2wd is so useless and when making a turn or trying to accelerate it just does nothing. Instead of having to shift in and out of 4 high and waiting for the front hubs to lock and unlock every time before taking off from a slick spot or on an incline its so much nicer to leave the whole drive line locked and let the clutch or whatever in the transfer case send power to where its needed.
  12. Well, that’s quite a fuck-up. What are you driving now?
  13. I'm out of the SHO game. Probably for good this time. All the adventuring I've been doing lately was putting the car in jeopardy. I took all of the recommendations into consideration, I really wanted body-on-frame part-time 4WD. I was leaning toward a Grand Cherokee for literally every reason. Tech, comfort, power, offroad capability. But couldn't overcome the Chrysler aspect of it (plastic, build quality, reliability). I was leaning toward an LR4, but wanted to look at an Outback with the flat-6. Didn't like it, my parents have 2 4-cyl ones. I was hoping it would be that with some balls. But it wasn't. So I was looking for LR4's and drove past a Toyota dealer. I figured that I knew I was going to hate the 4Runner as it was just a dumb, harsh, truck and would be loud and uncomfortable. I went and looked at a Limited, as it had some of the features that I wanted but was missing the driver assistance part of it (adaptive cruise mainly). I agreed to take one out knowing full well that I would hate it. I got in it and was impressed with the quality, and then I took it out. I have never driven anything that felt so alive, so well put together, so shocking. It's quieter than the SHO at 70mph by 1.5db. The ride, while harsh over large pot holes, is smooth and controlled most of the time. It's quiet and civilized when you want it to me, and that 4.0 sings when you floor it. So, I bought a 2014 with 62k miles. 4WD, Limited. And its already found its way off road and in 4lo
  14. Someone should buy my old SHO: https://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?listingId=472657979&zip=29223&referrer=%2Fcars-for-sale%2Fsearchresults.xhtml%3Fzip%3D29223%26startYear%3D1981%26maxMileage%3D45000%26sortBy%3DdistanceASC%26incremental%3Dall%26firstRecord%3D0%26endYear%3D2018%26modelCodeList%3DTAURUS%26makeCodeList%3DFORD%26searchRadius%3D300%26trimCodeList%3DTAURUS%7CSHO&startYear=1981&numRecords=25&firstRecord=0&endYear=2018&modelCodeList=TAURUS&makeCodeList=FORD&searchRadius=300&makeCode1=FORD&modelCode1=TAURUS They recorded the odo wrong on the paperwork which will bite them in the ass later on. They put new tires on her as well, which they wouldn't do to what I bought damnit.
  15. Tire/wheel rotation. Better treads to the sedan, on the left in pic. Two small floor jacks, my trusty clicker ratchet torque wrench = 100#. -chart-
  16. My Sable was making a really irritating knocking/clunking noise recently from the front left corner, which started soon after I had the front strut assemblies and rear shocks replaced. It turns out that one of the front left caliper bolts had worked itself out and the caliper was moving when I drove over bumps.
  17. https://24hoursoflemons.com/prices-rules/
  18. Great platform car. I have already thought of this and actually discussed this with the SWiMBO. She is not so enthusiastic. I'm just too busy to play right now and right now is the proper time to start a ball like this rolling. Who is our team if I would donate this car to the soon to be formed TSOC Bull-Team? Do we have to have a bill of sale to satisfy Lemons' minimum purchase price rules? Honestly. I could probably coax a few bucks out of my company for a sponsorship in exchange for a couple stickers on the car or so, but I think Lemons has rules about that stuff.
  19. TSOC Racing team. Just need to glue some horns to the roof for that “Bull” look.
  20. 24 Hours Of Lemons is sounding tempting...
  21. Bump. Nobody wants a winter beater? Super rare Gray V8 SHO which 'Could' be restored. Drivetrain is rock solid. $500.00 Cash, come and get it.
  22. Earlier
  23. I drove my son's Town and Country with 4.0 OHC and 6 speed. At about 65 the tach showed ~1600 or so. So it could only maintain on level road and on any grade it did not know how to downshift one gear, it went down 2 and then gained speed only to drop back and loose it again. He traded it at 100K when the aftermarket warranty expired, and the water pump was leaking. It was on it's 3rd tranny and he said only the last one shifted in a reasonable way. At least my son's F-150 / 6 speed knew when to shift, did it quick and would maintain set speed. But I am paranoid and like the old school feel of torque. My '03's DOHC will hold any hill here on the interstate at 65-70 without having to downshift. But with a full family on board there is one or two hills it downshifts and it does it well. My Lin Cont does not even notice with a load of 5 of us. It's a keeper for now . On 600 mile NC to NY state run got 25.6 mpg. If they put in 10 speed tranny it might make 26. -chart-
  24. Yes. I have contemplated Ubering and my Fusion would be off limits for that.
  25. All the newer half ton pickups are super nice to drive, very comfortable, lots of power, and besides the size they probably give you the best visibility of any vehicle on the road today. All newer cars are shift happy and want to lug, that's how all the manufactures are going to get their fuel economy numbers, using 8 and 10 speed transmissions.
  26. Pic of the last pickup I drove other than my son's recent. Pic borrowed pickup, borrowed trailer, moving my daughter. I did not like driving that junk. I learned to drive in a '48 ford 3/4 ton with 4 speed and no synchronizers. And I got a check in my test for making a slight gear grind one time. Now I have no interest in driving any more pickups, or new technology. I bet I could still double clutch with the best if I did not have bad knees now. And one more thing: that pickup was the easiest thing to parallel park ever. -chart-
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