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  2. Some pictures I have taken from the past few weeks. Me pulling into the driveway and realizing how big the F150 is compared to the SHO or any normal car, or maybe its just that a normal 2.5 car garage is not designed to handle a full sized pickup. Antenna hits the bottom of the garage door when pulling in or backing out. We took a vacation to Colorado last week, had a Expedition for our rental, very impressed with the fuel economy of the EB in this SUV, cruising at 80mph it was pulling 20mpg with ease and at 8000 feet to boot. Overall a very impressive vehicle, gobs of power, smooth as hell driving down the road, and the SWB variant we had is super easy to manage in tight spaces. You didn't have to baby this thing near as much to get the good fuel numbers like you have to with the F150. This vehicle is on the top of my list if and when I am ever in the market for a family hauler. I'm just shy of 6' tall, and look at the third row leg room, my thighs are flat on the seat cushion. 85 Octane gas at 10,000 feet. I opted for the more expensive 87 for the Ecoboost.
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  5. The old garage was sinking from poor construction, and was crap, and was becoming wasp city from all the poor construction. And it was small, so going from a 20x22 to a 24x24 (largest I can get in my municipality (Can't have a garage bigger than my home ) This is always true!! I did also start buying hoses for it that it needs for oil/trans lines
  6. I asked myself that question many times. And would do it again.
  7. You can always return the starter and get Corvette one later :-)
  8. DAMNIT SEAN! All those SES lights are still his fault. Why did you tear the garage down?
  9. Soooooo... What an eventful day. I got my garage knocked down, the starter completely quit, and all sorts of electrical gremlins in the Roadmaster. I think I might just take apart all the main wiring and test it 1 by 1. The Corvette LT1 starter, which makes a cool sound, was special order, I couldn't wait for special order, so I just got the regular boring LT1 Starter for Caprice, Roadmaster, Fleetwood, and maybe Firebird/Camaro. It was cheaper with my brother's discount at O'Reillys with Lifetime warranty. Now, with my garage being gone, my jackstands, good jack, etc was all in storage... So I just used my shitty jack that I left to move the Vulcan around, lifted the RMW, and used leftover bricks to support it. Super easy to change out, I think I had that starter out and in within 10 minutes. I wish I could do an oil change that fast on my T-Bird... So I did also get the new ICM. And well, I fixed one issue, folks might remember Sean decided to WOT the wagon, and well, at high RPM, it coughed, threw a Service Engine Soon light, and acted weird. I noticed it was always high RPM. So, I changed my ICM out, and well, now I can WOT that thing all day long, but now I have 7 codes coming up... Soooooooo, that is going to be fun to fix lol. All other bugs are worked out too with the interior. And, with spring being here, no more salt on the ground, I now have the 95 T-Bird insured, and ready for the road. I find it funny, out of all the cars I own, the 95 T-Bird is the most reliable car I own. No check engines, no weird faults, just get in and go. Sure my PS Pump needs replacing, and has that wonderful 4.6L Valve stem failure. But, it still drives. I need to finish up on some things, I want to take that on a road trip, I've never taken a road trip in my T-Bird. Just such a delight to drive though. That'll be my new daily for now until the new garage is done, and I can put her under the knife to fix the remaining crap (Valve stem seals are good excuse for PI Heads)
  10. How many guys does it take to inspect a car, that has gotta be one of the most inefficient shops I have ever seen. Pretty good material though.
  11. The wagon got its passenger side front door vent window swapped in with new window felt. The old window channel felt was so tough and brittle that once I got it all out, I had reduced it into hundreds of small pieces and chunks. I also installed a vent window dew wipe trim piece since it had a healthier dew wipe compared to what I pulled off. The old one was badly cracked and had scratched the original glass very deeply. I need to clean the glass, since it has been collecting dust and grime for some time. I know Nick had grabbed the glass and vent window some time ago since I remember the driver's side having been converted in 2014.
  12. Okay i just started watching this and he sounds pissed as shit that it is now a manual and he didn't have to push the clutch down.
  13. Well I was 100% correct about the Explorer. The transmission seal was indeed leaking where i thought it was. So for that time i got an Explorer rental and then i got this 17 Escape Rental. Not a bad car but I was driving it cause my wife hated it. While the Explorer was out I made a deal with a guy on craigslist. I was able to get the OEM Explorer branded Cargo Mat for 45 dollars on Craigslist. After a good hosing it looked brand new. Next on Saturday I started on cleaning the front floor mats. During the deal I asked them to clean the mats because the script was dirty looking. Well they did one and just gave up. So I decided that now i will clean the fronts my self. The backs were fine so i didn't care to do them. I would say I did about 20 passes some with the hand tool scrubber and others with the big carpet cleaning part. I'm very happy with how they turned out. Before Dirty Ass Water: After: I also drilled out the front plate bracket, I'm still need to buff (scratch x kinda helped) and get bumper plugs. Still it looks so much better without an empty front plate bracket on it. Also on this same day I received my HID kit from Diode Dynamics. 6000K 9005 Bulbs with Smart Ballasts and Heavy duty water proof relay. Holy shit is the relay intense. After cutting the dust caps and running the wiring they were in within maybe an hour and a half. I had quite the fun time hiding the wiring. There is a lot less room in that engine bay than the Kia. Look at the braiding on the relay holy hell. First test light up on the drivers side Test on both sides And DONE ---------- Here are the Night shots! I'm super pleased with the output but i think i'm going to be adjusting these for the next year until i get the height correct. I do believe i need to send the company an email though. All in all they look great but it looks like the passenger side bulb could be bad. It doesn't light at the same time or the one time my wife thought it wasn't on when she got out of the car. The entire HID kit comes with a 3 year warranty and since i just received them I would hope they will just send me replacements without too much hassle. Car is looking great and up next I will be getting all weather OEM branded floor mats. Found them on craigslist for 30 dollars originally 100. I'm excited to get those too.
  14. He put a legit Buick grille on it.
  15. Has the right engine for it. It still isn't sporting that "custom" grille from the meet is it?
  16. The Land Yacht needs a new starter. Apparently putting a Corvette starter in makes it sound more badass and awesome. Might do that
  17. Serviced the transmission on the '97. Found that I likely may have been running around with the factory filter intact. I found the little plug at the bottom of the pan. According to my repair history, there was a transmission flush performed at around 60K, and I had one done around 120K. It's just somewhat over 180K, so I figured it was about time to change the fluid instead of just flushing it. That gray ick on top of the filter was definitely present inside of it and also made up for a film on the magnet, however it was not present anywhere else and the fluid was a healthy red color. On top of that, there was no large or significantly sized debris on the magnet, and the transmission is shifting fine at this moment in time. The transmission got a new Motorcraft filter and Motorcraft Mercon V for the fill. I also swapped the factory pan for a Dorman one with a drain plug. I had to move the magnet from the factory pan to the new one since there wasn't one included. As overkill as it might be, I'll probably put the transmission on 7,500 mile fluid changes (just pan drain and fills). As far as filter changes go, I may do it every 30,000 or 60,000 miles.
  18. I never done engine work on my own at all my father did and I watched him and helped him back in the day does that mod help Burn less gas ⛽️ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. ^I'm not doing that much work honestly. I changed the video to unlisted, so only people with the link can see it. Which is just this thread. Cause it does have a "clickbait" title
  20. Youtube has tools that allow you to blur faces and sections of videos for names and license plates (could be used on the shop name on the side of the building.) Any complaints would have no real merit if identifying information is blurred!
  21. You're not wrong. So be it, if iIve gotta take it down eventually, I will. Im just a nobody on the internet anyway so I don't see any problems happening. And more people here already watched it than I ever figured would, youtube is just the most convenient place to upload a 25+ minute long ramble about a shitty taurus
  22. I was rushing and didn't think to take the bolt out and check the thread size (metric probably). A bolt with Allen hex would be protruding only just a few 1/16 out! Not easy to find but not impossible either. I think. Now I have to wait for 30k miles or so.
  23. At the end, when he pulls it out from the bay, the engine dies in the parking lot. Clutch too tight or driver error? PS: And no, I don't think they are aware that are filmed. And anyway it doesn't matter, the consent is required to be published on Youtube. Or to film in private spaces.There is no need for consent only when files are for your personal use only and filmed in public spaces (as a dash cam on public road). As I said, don't know what the rules are in NC, but if one of the guys sees this on youtube and complains, it can be taken down.
  24. "Why the hell did he do this to a Taurus?"
  25. Lol! Everyone seems fascinated by it like they should be. It's how Ford should have built the Taurus in the first place
  26. Cam shop straightened out the header fabric, but couldn't cover up the hole. I'm going to search around for a small plastic face plate I can stick in there.
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