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  2. So, a week or so back my Buick was totalled by an inattentive driver that didn't wait her turn at a four way stop. I was heartbroken! I cried over this! It's the nicest car in my fleet right now and I drive it all the time! She didn't seem to care much except that it scratched up her brand new Jeep that she had just purchased. I felt judged by her and the police officer that came and took the report that my car was of no value. I've already repaired the car and hung a new fender, bumper cover(cracked in center and fog lamp bracket tore small hole near bottom), grille mount panel(cracked), horn set(bracket all smashed and one horn cracked), rocker molding cover(broke my original trying to remove it), repaired the fog lamp mounting brackets, and headlights. It looks as good as new. All in, just less than $200 to put it back using mostly used parts from a cream puff Regal GS I found in a local upull, some new rocker clips from the GM dealer, and two new aftermarket headlights. I didn't even file a claim because I didn't want the hassle. I guess I'll be painting it soon to make it all match.
  3. tripped over this. Maybe? https://chicago.craigslist.org/nch/cto/d/palatine-97-mercury-sable-wagon-117/6977781640.html
  4. All is well. Historic ABS sensor code for a new ABS module. Shop says not to do anything unless it comes up again. They cleared the code, car drives just fine. I did some back road sudden stops to see if anything felt odd,but it didn't. She still stops on a dime !
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  6. I am trying to find a trunk actuator for my 1986 sable GS, any help would be appreciated.
  7. havent posted on here in years, but i decided to take a break from facebook recently. I also had my 99 SHO totaled by someone that fell asleep and decided i'd like to swap the driveline and front bumper cover and other parts from my totaled car into a wagon. I'd like it to be an SE car with leather and a floor shifter if possible. it does not need to run it does however need to be rust free and as clean as possible. either tag me in this post or PM me if you have one for sale or know of one for sale. I would prefer a silver frost car but im flexible on exterior colors. im firm on the car having a grey interior though. thanks folks.
  8. Welp it is time for this log to end. If anyone has any questions about anything I've done to the car over the 5 years of ownership. Feel free to PM about it.
  9. Thanks Zach. Shop will check out sensor when I take it in on Friday. So far it's driving OK, and light has only come on once more. Still, I want to get it checked out and fixed before winter comes.
  10. 2012 Ford Taurus Limited 73,000 miles Randomly yesterday the yellow TCS light came in and stayed in. Car was acting and handling fine. I shut the car off and turned it back on, light was gone. Today, car did the same thing, but this time when I tried to restart the car I put my foot on the break and press the start engine button and it acted like my foot was not on the break. It kept telling me to put my foot on the break to start the car. It simply wouldn’t let me start the car. I ended up having to lock the doors using the remote (while I was inside it) and use the remote start to start the car (while I was inside it) and then I was able to push the button to keep the car going. TCS might was odd when the car was restarted. Thoughts? TCS brain dying or dead? Speed sensor dead? ABS dead? I don’t know if there is a separate ABS light on this car or not, but the only light that keeps coming back on is the TCS light. (Car icon with the two squiggly lines behind it located to the left of the temperature gauge on my instrumentation panel on my 2012 Ford Taurus Limited. Ill probably take it to the Ford dealer to be diagnosed, but thought I’d ask for thoughts here, since I have no idea when Ford will be able to get me in! thanks! U.B.
  11. Congrats Brian! Garage looks nice! I miss having a garage. I do have a large carport, but there's nothing like a fully enclosed space. Hope all has been well.
  12. Had an intermittent ABS light on the '97 a few years back. My issue was a dirty wheel speed sensor. Cleaned it off with some brake clean and haven't had that issue in several years. It may have set a code that possibly can be read on the scan tools some auto part store use. Worth a shot to see if anything comes up.
  13. Yesterday I bought a place for my Mustangs and Sable to live, and it even came with a place for people to sleep! 😛 It was finally time to upgrade from my condo to a new house. The Sable wagon will be earning its keep now by hauling a lot of stuff to the new place.
  14. First time I've seen this come on other than at startup. I know it could be anything from a bad bulb to a bad wire or solenoid. 😲 I pulled off the road. Stopped the car. Waited about 5 mins. Started up as usual with the lights flashing as they should at startup. Drove home and no ABS lights came on. Bull is going into the shop on Thursday for some other work and I'll have them look at it. I'm wondering if there's anything I can do before then to check this out.
  15. So I'm still alive and the Feisty is too. Been doing regular oil changes. Other than that nothing new with the car. It runs great and I have learned how to use the turbo so that I don't need to downshift on hills! I'm trying to drive tractor trailer for my job (UPS) and I plan on going for my permit next week. I hope I pass all the training and get in as I will be converted to full time which will give me a massive pay boost at the expense of having a life. But at this point I would rather have the money.
  16. Looking for a parts from Gen2 with column shift (full vacuum line, valve from steering column, pedal) to make auto release parking brake in gen3/4.I not sure in Gen2 pedal, it seems pedal from Continetal wil be better.Picture 3 - left - Continental, right - Taurus gen3Also looking another set of parts form Gen2 with floor shift (full vacuum line, valve, pedal) to put in Gen2 without auto release parking brake.
  17. My Sable wagon currently needs a new air conditioning compressor and a cylinder #5 coil pack.
  18. Took a picture of it...or something. Photo taken near Deals Gap, TN.
  19. In anticipation of winter (bah humbug) , have an appt at my mechanic to change out fluids. I thought I did this 2 years ago but it's been 5 years. Time flies when you're having fun or don't know what you're doing....
  20. The '97 finally received its 3.55 gears. Rear end got a full overhaul with new seals, axle shafts, and bearings. The parking brake shoes were replaced while the shafts were out. Certainly more lively with the gears. I also installed my P71 ECU and swapped in the correct speedometer gear for the VSS. The car is 95% to where I'd like it. Eventually I'll get that air ride swap done, but that's not a pressing issue right now.
  21. Not at all, the fuze has the Sony system in it, 390w. And the sync with navigation connects pretty well with my current phone.
  22. Big oof. Certainly an interesting car the handful of times I got to see it/ride in it. Taking your audio stuff for the Fusion?
  23. It was suspension time for Third Bull this spring. New tires, struts, swaybar links, and for good measure, a new timing belt. Rolled over to 134k not too long ago. She's still comfy to drive, and fast. ("oooh hello officer ! Do you really think this old lady in a Taurus was going that fast ?")
  24. I didn't really take any pictures for this stuff, but I've done quite a lot to the Buick in the last several weeks. I located a good used supercharger and swapped that onto the car and the horrible bad bearing noise it had is now gone. I also replaced the valve cover gaskets while there since the rear one was leaking. Also completed a full tune up with NGK plugs recommended by enthusiasts for the SC 3800. Car runs superb now and has great response and pulls hard. I'm a sucker for good deals and I purchased a complete suspension and steering rebuild on RockAuto(mostly). I replaced all four struts with Gabriel Gaurdian struts $9.00 each(China & discontinued part number), all four strut mounts $4-7 each(Taiwan), new lower control arms $21 each(no name no country of origin likely China), new McQuay Norris tie rods $3-4 each (and made in the USA too)!! Rear sway bar links I had left from when I bought two sets by accident for the Impala, and front sway bar links I bought local for $3-5 each. Did brakes all around including a passenger front caliper and hose, turned the rotors, and mounted 4 new cheaper Chinese tires. I'm on a budget so this car can't get the nicest of anything, but will get the newest of something. I did all the labor myself so I could do all of this very cheaply. Now, it needs a paint job and an interior detailing and an alignment. I've driven this car daily for almost a month and besides being ugly, it's a great car and it has icebox cold AC! Is it bad I enjoy driving this old Buick more than my Charger? Jeff
  25. Oh hai everybody! 

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