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  1. Last week
  2. " I was caning through some back roads in the SHO" Caning ? Is that Southern speak for speeding like a madman and hoping there's no trooper lurking behind a billboard ?
  3. They brought me one of the pads to show me, I wish I had taken a picture. There was a corner of the pad, about a half an inch long that was missing from the one he showed me. He said he'd never seen anything like it.
  4. I have a spare popo speedometer. Want it? That way you don't have to buy another.
  5. Picnic table appears as if it will work across all 4 generations of Bulls, and I could put it up in my attic. Police Speedometer is just cool to have, I would probably mount it somewhere.
  6. Do you have other cars you could use those parts in? If not just sell it as is. Otherwise it will just sit in your garage for the next 10 years.
  7. took the sable over to Long Island and had a friend detail what's left of the black paint... Before. After Pretty happy with the results. Up close the paint shows its cracking sadly. But from 5 feet away it looks really good!
  8. The Taurus LX transmission cooling line rusted through, so I did a quick replacement of that. I have decided I am going to clean and fix up the Taurus Wagon and attempt to sell it. I've seen much shittier cars sell, it has cold A/C, has warm heat, it has problems, but I've again seen worse for more. I think the distributor is failing, as it stalled out, and it was not sparking. I replaced the TFI module with a new Motorcraft when it began stalling out initially. I figure I would sell it with the picnic table removed. I would love to take the police speedometer out, but I threw my OEM one out... So I guess it is going with. Rear power windows are both dead, moon roof works. Brakes need a bit of work. But it's a beater. Should be able to get some handy person a reliable cheap car to get a year or two out of it. Perhaps more.
  9. Did the brakes disintegrate during the previous hard stops? I've never heard of brakes falling apart like that before.
  10. On Thursday I was caning through some back roads in the SHO on the way home from work, upon braking from high speeds there was a small shudder and I thought nothing of it. As I continued the high speed braking the brakes got a bit softer, and once again I thought nothing of it. The final time I did it, the car started shaking violently and stunk of hot brakes. So I brought my tomfoolery to an end for the day and cruised back on home. But the hard shake was still occurring. So, it needed an oil change anyway so I brought it into the dealer and had them take a look. I get a call from them about 30 minutes later telling me that the rear rotors had heavy scoring in them and the rear pads had pieces missing out of them. Well then. I now have freshly machined rotors and new rear pads - and surprise surprise, the car stops wonderfully now
  11. I finally got around to ordering a soft roll up toneau cover for the truck. I should be done working nights pretty soon and have more time on hand to pop the plastic bed liner out and get the bed and front door sills sprayed with Line-x and then install the cover.
  12. Earlier
  13. Seems like a silly place to put Homelink buttons. You'd always be moving the mirror whenever you pushed one of the buttons.
  14. Changed the oil in the Suzi after about 1500 - 1800 miles. It was already a dark amber. The inside of the engine must have been filthy when I got it. 4 quarts Supertech 10w-30 (recommended for the car) and a Motorcraft 910S filter. Also, found out I have a brake light out so I need to get new ones (probably go with Sylvania LED's,) found out I have a hole in the muffler (at least one anyway) and discovered that I have a large amount of blow-by in the crankcase. The only thing I know of that has any blow-by in an engine is the piston rings but it's not using any oil. I'm thinking about just venting the PCV to atmo and plugging the hole in the intake.
  15. Was it deep blue? I saw a deep blue Town Car and wondered if it was yours
  16. I saw you in the sho getting on I-20 at two notch yesterday around 3:45-4pm. I was in the blue Lincoln you were in the sho
  17. I took actions to make the truck look better and make it way more comfortable to drive on a hot summer day when the sun is shining. Those massive windows really let the sun in and cook that black leather interior. With the factory match front windows and the windshield visor its so much nicer. The 5% visor is amazing on that huge windshield, no need for the sun visors anymore. I was driving straight west this evening into the sun and no need for the sun visors or sun glasses.
  18. " Then I noticed that it wasn't the compressor leaking, but the fittings on top! " Sucks how a nickle and dime part can cause big problems. . We've had a $400,000 bus out of service for 2 days waiting on $8.00 of specialty fittings for a coolant hose. $8.00 for parts, $19.00 courier service. (we only have 2 of these luxury coaches so don't stock a lot of parts for them like we do for the other 90 buses in the fleet).
  19. So shocker: a GM product is having electrical issues. The truck tried to light itself on fire. The speed control for the blower motor got too hot to touch and starting pouring smoke. Wires melted on the back of it, so I cut it off and took it to the parts store and put an aftermarket one in. Well, that must have done something to the climate control which is now on the fritz. A/C cuts in and out, if I jiggle the button I can make it work until the next bump when it promptly cuts back off again. Looks like I'm off to Pull-A-Part then.
  20. No idea if anyone has a car that they could use a 5x114.3 with zero offset rim on, but here we go: I currently have no use for a my old aluminum wheels from the '97. They've been off the car for years in a corner in my garage using space. All of them are in reasonable shape for their age. The tires on them are bald and old. I will try to get those dismounted soon. They are available for the low price of $40 for the set. Only downside is local pickup. If you're in Georgia or South Carolina, I can try and meet you about halfway. PM me if you're interested.
  21. The cheap subwoofer I had grenaded tonight. I guess now I have a good excuse to replace it with a better one.
  22. 3,000 Mile oil change. Nothing else to be done at this time to Third Bull other than fix the upholstery tear in the driver seat.
  23. So for good measure I pulled the compressor while I was in there. Glad I did. Looks like it blew up So I bought a new one, stuck it on and had the shop fill it back up again. Now I hopefully should be good for a while!
  24. So I took another look at the compressor. Then I noticed that it wasn't the compressor leaking, but the fittings on top! So I yanked them out and they look a bit rough. Gonna change them and get the system vacuumed and pressurized hopefully tomorrow, get them to throw some more dye in to make sure that nothing is going awry.
  25. Only thing I will say in the Hyundai mount is different its a lot higher than normal fords and the base is special so you would have to take the glass mount off the windshield too.
  26. I might have to take a look at the Hyundai section in junkyards. Not a bad looking mirror. And good! Thought you were playing chicken with your Hyundai lol
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