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P0443 Solution Not In The Manual

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A google search of P0443 renders results with stories of people changing their ECU and having it flashed along with a lot of guesses with how to fix the problem. The problem is that the code is non-specific and requires specific diagnostic tools to diagnose, and even then, the proposed solution does not fix the code. While the code says that this is the problem:


After you replace it, you still have the code.

I stumbled upon the following post and it seems to work (so far)

Had same problem with my 97. Over the course of a year and a half I checked or peplace everything in the circuit with no results. found the cure last month. Under the rear passenger side door is the fuel filter. Next to it is a metal tube with a fitting in it. Open the fitting and empty the line of any fuel. Clear the code and you should be good to go.


So, if you have the P0443 pop up, you may want to try to solution above BEFORE replacing the Vapor Canister Purge Valve or letting a shop lead you to replace your ECU.

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Actually the code means that there is a problem with the purge valve. Opening and draining manually the canister does not solve anything, problem will reapear when the canister is full. Quote from here:

To cause a P0443, there has to be a problem with the purge control CIRCUIT, not necessarily the valve. Usually they are a unit housing the valve and the solenoid as an assembly. Or it could be comprised of a separate solenoid with vacuum lines to a purge valve. That said, it could be any of the following:

  • Bad purge solenoid (internal short or open)
  • Wiring harness chafing or rubbing another component causing short or open on control circuit
  • Connector worn, broken or shorted due to water intrusion
  • Driver circuit inside powertrain control module (PCM) is bad

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CEL stayed off 2 days and returned as you predicted. Bought the part on Amazon and should have it in on Wednesday. There was always wishful thinking, guess it was worth a try. :(

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